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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 5, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Mother reveals secret of Success dear Ann a Young neighbor of mine has six children under 12 years of age. I have always admired this Young woman and marvelled at the Way she handles her growing family. The children get along beautifully. They Are cooperative and mannerly. Yesterday i Learned her secret. She told me she makes it a Point to spend at least ten minutes each Day engaged in a personal conversation with each child. This makes them feel it adds to their self esteem and reduces the sibling rivalry that most children grow up with. A child does no to resent a brother or sister who gets parental attention if he gets his share. Will you please find room in by Erma Bombeck All you people Over 30 out there. And you know who you Are. Are taking a beating these Days from the Crayon and Coke crowd. A pre teen in Philadelphia is writing an advice column for the daily newspaper. A 16-year-old in the East made a bundle on the Stock Market until someone thought to ask his age. A youngster testified before a government committee protesting Vitamin commercials on saturday morning children a shows. And a 17-year-old Tennis player from it. Lauderdale beat a 30-year-old Champion. I done to know what you were doing Between the Ages of to and 17, but i spent puberty scraping Bubble gum off my upper lip and Basting my acne. In Denmark an organized group headed by a 10-year-old and an eight year old have even issued a civil rights manifesto. I thought manifesto was an italian greeting for a a How a your Mother a in it they demanded a four Day school week More to movies the right to eat Only dishes they liked and not having to kiss relatives who did not Appeal to them. If that Isnit enough to make you take the training wheels off your shopping cart nothing is. As i was saying to my neighbor. Margaret. A your kid got a hit record going or anything a a a he a unemployed this sum Mer but in the fall Buster is getting ready for the space a and aeronautical science fair sponsored by the pee wee nuclear physicists. Last year he won the Wehner von Braun award for perfecting a fuel for submarines in the a year old division. What about your boy a a the spent the morning sex at wits end oldsters taking a beating planning a Woody Allen Joki to me that i understand a i said. A Karen t kids nowadays incredible a she asked. A i mean the Way they Are actively involved in our society at such an Early age. I suppose you heard about Juanita a boy he a directing a movie that is supposed to be released a i bet Shell be so proud to go to the premiere with a ooh he can to go. He Isnit old enough to see As we sat there drinking Coffee it occurred to us the it youngsters held their own Art exhibits race car Competition had their own Beauty pageants outnumbered adults on juvenile jury 5-1, recorded their own records and knew More about sex than any 30-year-old had a right to know. A you know Margaret a i said a a we a better watch out we re going to become obsolete. After All we re More experienced older and smarter than kids. Maybe we should think about a a a Mother a Fine a she said biting her lip a a it a the kids in a worried your column for this Little Nugget Ann lady across the Road dear lady Hera s the Nugget and my thanks tor allowing me to put it in a showcase for other mothers to see. Of every Mother who reads your letter will make a special Effort to act on your suggestion today til bet they la be astonished at the results. Dear Ann i just read the letter from the girl who signed herself a a Chickadee and its after Midnight but i wont sleep tonight unless i write her this letter. She said her Fiance has a hot temper is very suspicious and constantly checking and accusing her of everything under the Sun. She closed by saying she can to live with or without him. I Pray that Chickadee will take your advice and ditch the bum. Of she has a brain in her head Shell run for her life in the opposite direction. It May Hurt for awhile but better to have a few weeks or months of agony than a lifetime of it. Hot tempers done to fade. They get hotter. 1 know what i am i talking about because i married the same kind of Lunatic and i have the scars to prove it. So Many girls think they Are going to make a Man Over after they Are married but it never works out that Way. I realize this is a pretty tired tune in a singing but some people have to hear something see the exciting new Wall covering patterns a Scenic a Burlap a grass cloth a Vinyl Fuff Uffman Pic a a we Lum nos Cal 76? n mum sith 887-8147 Lovely lady Beauty Salon 3335-b s. Mom St. Archdale a 431-5906 Coll about our we by to Pool. Something exciting is happening Al Ellis it company. See i k Era Davad. Us i it portraits 8x10 color per i Pound How much does your child Weichun believable super special 4 Days Only 8x10 color portrait Quality Kodak prints croup pictures a i of per person extra children in family 3.95. All pictures must be picked up by Parent. Wed. Sept. 6 thru sat. Sept. 9. Photographers hours 11 . To 7 . Daily Highway 311 South we fair ecu plaza�?rmon8 431-1141 Carolina owned a Carolina of ratio d i s _ cent 40 times before it soaks in. So. I say to All you chickadees out there Call me a bore but do yourselves a favor and listen. Learned Way the hard Dar Learned Here s your letter and if just one person gets the message it was Worth staying up an extra 30 minutes to write. Can drugs be a Friend in time of stress if you keep your head together can they be of help Ann Landers new Booklet a straight dope on drugs Quot separates the fact big Sale american cigarettes Are popular in Hong Kong some 3.8 billion u. smokes were sold there in 1971. From the fiction. It today. For each Booklet ordered Send a Dollar Bill plus a Long self addressed stamped envelope 16 cents postage to Ann Laners Box 3346. Chicago 111. 60654 end denture misery Iott j Autv is Kim nut Miracle plastic Dent Hite refits i Oom denture in Fie min ate. Thu a Cushion of comforts Eam sore . You eat anything. Laugh talk even sneer without embarrassment. No More food particles under plates. Dental write lasts for month. End daily bother of powder pasta or cushions. Just remora when refit it needed. Tasteless. Odourless. Money Back guarantee. At All drug counters. Read the want ads shape spa announces Money Back guarantee lose 5 inches minimum in 90 minutes or no charge read what the saturday evening Post summer 72 says about the Quot staggering results Quot the wrap has been another Boon to the spas. A mysterious mix of astringents in which elastic bandages Are heated and soaked Carne like everything else one does t want to take the blame Lur from the enigmatic East. It has put such spas As the old Home Lawn now called Diamondhead in sleepy Martinsville Indiana Back on the map. For years this pleasant slightly dowdy spa had eked out an existence As a sanitarium plunging some folks into the Mineral Baths and drying others Hulthen the wrap went around a few ladies. A few men. Results were so staggering that the management Felt Justi hed in guaranteeing five inches off or no charge. Usual fee,s30for the first wrap at the More serious spas they wrap your stomach your hips Ingi arms Chin. You name it. In five minutes you re wound up Idee something in the egyptian Wing at the metropolitan and when the wrap comes off about two hours later part of you docs too. A what was it boy or girl a asked an amazed Man As his wrapper unwound him and about eight inches. A twins a a what we try to do is put the cart before the horse a a says the owner of one of California s newest spas. A a it a very discouraging when you diet for four months and done to lose so much As a Caraway an attractive Blond woman waiting tor a wrap complained. Her husband a Midwest radio personality was there too. In his thirties Nice looking with a double Chin. They wrapped ii an hour was gone. They wont wrap you ii you have circulatory trouble a hiatal hernia or heart rouble. And at reputable spas they re very silk i on this. Consult my your doctor ii you done to happen to remember a we get a lot of airline stewardesses Down Here a a wrapper in a Southern resort spa said a they lose their jobs you know if they get fat. We get a Pound off them maybe two. And live to ten inches. The Kitchen gives them a High protein diet. Putting extra inches under wraps. Mysterious astringent bindings tighten skin and press wafer irom subcutaneous tissue. She murmured having heard it ail Many Many times before now that a number of these places Are wrapping a Hundred people and More per Day. Hollywood and Broadway stars have known about the wrap for years. Quot a it got us into costumes so shop to j i pc fedutes could he met 7 said a Veteran movie Man of the late forties the decade act himself. A and it stayed off few about a the wages of culinary sinning melt away in a 200,j Sauna. And with the inches off already they Teel like keeping them off. We try to motivate people to diet Quot she went on. Quot and what better motivation than 5200 inches that a what we got off in one Day we be never had a failure a when the news got out about the wrap the quaint Little switchboard in the lobby of an antique ablution Palace Iii the Midwest equipped to handle ten Calls a Day was swamped with 4200 alls the phone company sent a Man to the pseudo Tudor hotel to see what was wrong i heir lines were backed up for hours wrappers Weic hooked solid for six months. A and tins is the Slat k season the owner exclaims. Where docs it All go to Tome subcutaneous underground. A the strips soaked Iii the solution Are secured around flabby parts of the Anatomy a la Joseph Gibbs Lull time physician Iii an Indiana spa ays. A compressing the Pei piety of Lite skin. Which moves the is. Ess Hinds in the tat it Ells under the skin into the body tor excretion a Quot Well its just like pressing hog tat ii you ask me a nobody had a Farmer elaborated the varieties of people waiting to he wrapped amaze in the world wants to be fit a Alice Hussey a spa manager wants to know. She herself is a walking advertisement for the wrap since she dropped from 225 Pound to i 50. A that was the diet. The wrap kept my skin taut and knocked off the inches a a from i Sie 2 i dress size to it it a i 2 f you just push Down on the fat Quot Farmer Brown went on his name actually Wax Brown a and water pure water Comet out Quot most of the loss conies off in half inches arms calves upper Abdomen lower Abdomen Waist thighs hut it adds up. Your clothes Teel looser Kou fee i it in arc re any doubts there a a Short walk to snowy sheets mountains of pillows an hours rest end a models figure. The tape measure with the careful Marks on your body. And even if nothing has happened you feel better. You feel important. You feel you re Worth taking care of. I he wrap a Miracle maybe. But perhaps the real miracles inside you. These places just help to bring it out will it last of you make it most of the people at the spas Are old customers. And the spas have been making people feel Heller tor a Long tune Diamondhead tor eighty eight years i he Greenbrier for nearly 200 years. Lose 5 to 15 inches with each slim wrap. It really works exclusive in North and South Carolina by shape spa. First come first served shape reshapes it phom today Fok appointment. Durham 489-4824 Lakewood shopping Center a Chapel Hill re. Greensboro 272-5653 Lawndale shopping Center a Lawndale or. Highpoint 883-i4i8 College Village shopping Center a e. Lexington ave. Winston Salem 765-6835 Sherwood Plaza shopping Center a Robinhood re

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