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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 4, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered showers More data on Page 2a 88th year a no. 298 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A monday afternoon september 4, 1972 24 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2181 daily acc sunday 25c-2051 for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every amp elephants o. How did the republicans get the Symbol of an elephant and the democrats the Donkey . A. The originator of both Thomas Nast a political cartoonist. In an 1870 Issue of Harper s weekly he first used a Donkey As a democratic party Symbol. The Donkey labelled a Copperhead papers a pictured kicking a dead lion representing the Hon. E. M. Stanton. The copperheads were Northern peace democrats who opposed Lincoln a administration during the civil War were against political arrests and military draft and favored Compromise to end the War but you a have to read a few chapters of an american history Book to understand the full meaning of the cartoon. Nast used the Symbol of an elephant for the republicans in an 1874 cartoon. Labelled a the Republican the elephant stampeding animals labelled a new York times a a new York Etc., and tearing up pieces of lumber variously named a inflation a a Reform a a Southern claims a a chaos a a drum a which you a also have to read a few chapters Etc., Etc. Nast said to have based it on the old fable of the ass that dressed in a Lions skin and amused itself by frightening the other animals. A a a Snake food 0. Is there any kind of food you can feed a Snake besides rodents and i have seen this done in pet shops and i think it is sickening and a disgrace to our Community and would like to know what you could feed snakes so they would not have to eat rodents and my son Tommy owns one. The Snake eats White mice and rats and can you feed them other things thank you. Anon. A. We be got to keep in mind that what May be a sickening diet to us humans May be the filet mignon to a reptile. Rodents Are among their favorite fare although food preferences May vary according to the variety of Snake. King snakes eat Many kinds of rodents and other snakes. Bull snakes like rabbits squirrels rats and mice. Racers prefer Small mammals Birds insects frogs lizards and other snakes mud snakes eat fish and frogs Black rat snakes prefer As their name implies rats. If you want to appease the appetite of a Python it could handle a too Pound mammal. Healthy snakes can do without food for Long periods but they usually eat often and store up extra food As fat. Zoologists say snakes Are no More closely related to each other than men Are to cattle they eat so although snakes May eat snakes they done to eat their own kind. Live food is usually needed and Only a few will eat Well in Captivity. How Many votes 0. I am 14 and am int Rastad in politics and would like to know How it is de Tarmino How Many votes Tach state gets in an election j. R. A. Each state has As Many popular votes As there Are registered voters. Of course All who Are registered done to always vote. Each state gets As Many electoral votes As the total number of its senators and representatives in Congress. A a Arlington cemetery q. Is Tho Arlington National cometary close to Richmond if not what is it Closa to thank you. Do. A. It is hard by the Potomac across the Arlington memorial Bridge from Washington. The land originally the estate of George Washington Parke Custis grandson of Martha and father of Mary Custis who married Robert e. Lee in the House there. The land once a part of the District of Columbia until 1847 when Arlington county returned to Virginia. Lee wrote his resignation from the army Here in 1861. The House became a military Headquarters and confiscated by the government. It restored by the supreme court to the Legal heir grandson of the builder and he sold it to the government in 1883 for $150,000. It established As a National cemetery on june 15, 1864 a a re action to the person who called about witnessing an arrest of a 20-year old boy on saturday. August 12 and wished to Lodge a formal complaint against the officers the police department spokesman says a we have a report on file from the officers involved in this incident. However in View of the Many questions raised by this party it would be very hard to answer All of them. If she will Call the operation Bureau office at the police department Telephone 885-0101, ext. 28, or come by the office we will be Happy to enlighten her on the actions of this a regular boy. Because it is so irregular the operations Bureau would also be most interested in knowing who a dared her to come to the police department when she attempted to find out about this a a a sound off q. We who Are involved with the a meals for the elderly would like to encourage others to begin the program in nearby sections such As Jamestown Oakview. Allen Jay Etc. If you know an elderly person unable to prepare meals or if you would like to Volunteer to help with the program in these sections please Call 431-2363.Thieu takes new Powers Saigon apr president Nguyen Van Thieu has decreed the death penalty for hijacking and a number of other offences and abolished court trials for military men and civil servants accused of major crimes. Now Thieu or his chief appointees will judge and sentence them. The edicts Are contained in two More decree Laws issued under a six month Grant of special Powers Thieu obtained from the Senate in june when government forces were reeling from the North vietnamese offensive. As reported today by the government news Agency Vietnam press the second of the two new Laws gives the president prime minister other Cabinet ministers and the chairman of the joint general staff the right to judge and sentence 1. Civil servants accused of treason or cooperating with the communists. 2. Military men accused of desertion rebellion unauthorized surrender or violations or orders in the face of the enemy. 3. Civil servants or military men accused of such crimes As murder rape corruption embezzlement of Public funds and theft or Sale of government supplies and equipment. Tile Only restriction on the exercise of these summary Powers is that each Case must be investigated and accused persons have the right to make pleas in their own behalf. For lesser charges against military men and civil servants regular court procedures remain in effect. Thieves make huge Art heist in Montreal Montreal a _ paint Ings and jewelry valued at $2 million to $5 million were stolen Early today by three armed burglars who broke into the museum of Fine arts without setting off the burglar alarm and surprised and tied up the watchmen. Police were alerted to watch for a panel truck containing three men described As a very dangerous a and about 40 paintings which police said a made up the bulk of the value of the the break in occurred at 2 a m. And police were called an hour later when the watchmen managed to free themselves. The watchmen described two of the three As Long haired men about 5 feet 6 inches tall. What s inside amusements. 6b Bridge. 4b classified ads. 9b comics. 7b crossword. 6b editorials. 4a obituaries. 2b sports 3 5b television. A women s news. 4-9a weather 2a Campaign formally opens Mcgovern and Nixon Appeal to american working Man welfare program at Issue by Frank Cormier associated press writer san Clemente Calif. Apr president Nixon has pictured himself on this labor Day As a Champion of the a work ethics while suggesting that sen. George Mcgovern his democratic challenger for the White House favors a Quot welfare in an election oriented Holiday statement taped and released to radio stations sunday night Nixon also criticized Al Cio president George Meany who has said he will vote for neither Nixon nor Mcgovern. Nixon said Clear choices must be made by the voters in november. A if the working Man does not see the danger if he decides to sit out this election the choices will be made without him a Nixon said. In the catch All statement the chief executive also reaffirmed his opposition to busing to achieve school desegregation and Laid claim to achieving record employment curbing inflation and bringing work stoppages to a six year Low. Although he never mentioned Mcgovern Nixon s intent Clear As he said a we Are faced this year with the Choice Between the a work ethics that built this nations character a and the new a welfare ethics that could cause that american character to Nixon argued that what he termed the welfare ethic a says that the Good life can be made available to everyone right now. And this can be done by the he said it envisions redistribution of National wealth to guarantee Money for everybody. The president made no mention of his own welfare Reform proposals Long pending in Congress that would guarantee a minimum annual income for welfare recipients. A the Choice before the american workers is he said. A the work ethic builds character and self Reliance the welfare ethic destroys character and leads to a vicious Cycle of dependency. The work ethic builds Strong people. The welfare ethic Breeds weak labor Day often has marked the official Kickoff of presidential campaigns but both Nixon and Mcgovern got off to a head Start this year. The president s schedule today confined to holding an evening reception at his Oceanside Home for the newsmen and photographers who will be covering his Campaign. Gov. Scott meets Mcc governs at Hilton head reception East night a War to it Hoto Southern governors give Little help to Mcgovern by William l. Chaze associated press writer Hilton head Island . Apr Dixie governors have told sen. George Mcgovern he faces a Steep Uphill fight to carry the Smith against president Nixon and May count on some of them to do no More than vote for the South Dakotan. The democratic presidential candidate met sunday night for almost three hours an hour longer than he had planned with 15 of the governors at a private dinner held on the eve of the opening session of the Southern governors conference. He said afterwards he did not seek endorsements and received none. North Carolina gov. Boh Scott however a vocal critic of Mcgovern at the democratic National convention announced later that he would serve As chairman of Mcgovern Star Heel Campaign South Carolina gov. John West previously a Fence Sitter. Said1 he would vote for the attack on Mcgovern renewed by Meany Washington a Al Cio president George Meany still proclaiming neutrality in the presidential race has called democratic nominee George Mcgovern an a apologist for the communist meanwhile United Auto workers president Leonard Woodcock said that Mcgovern had asked him Early in july to consider the possibility of becoming the democratic vice presidential nominee. Speaking sunday on cd so a face the nation a Meany said a frankly when i read the things that George Mcgovern stands for and i find out that Ranger Camp overrun 150 defenders missing by George Esper associated press writer Saigon a North vietnamese forces overran a Ranger Camp in the Central Highlands today and about 150 of the defenders were reported missing. The Border Camp defended by an estimated 200 men most of them montagnard tribesmen trained by the . Green berets who once ran the Camp. Field reports said 54 of the rangers had been accounted for and it believed a number of the others had escaped and would turn up at other government posts later. The plei Deering Camp had been surrounded and under artillery siege since saturday. Its Only two i05mm howitzers were damaged in the initial attacks and it could not return the artillery fire. Hundreds of rounds of 130mm artillery shells rockets and mortars hit the base before a ground assault before Dawn finished it off. The . Command announced the loss of three Neli copters in other areas of the Central Highlands and said two americans were killed and to were injured in the crashes. Hundreds of South vietnamese rangers also began a new drive into Southern Cambodia seeking to Block North vietnamese infiltration into the Western Mekong Delta but Only Light scattered fighting reported. Typhoon Elsie hit South Vietnam a Northern coastline after bringing . Air operations to a virtual standstill on sunday. With gusts up to 80 Miles a hour Elsie moved Inland More than 50 Miles below Danang and began losing steam in the mountains to the West. It dumped several inches of rain on Danang and the coastal Region. There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage. The . 7th Fleet As a precaution kept All its planes aboard the carriers in the Tonkin Gulf sunday and no missions were flown in North or South Vietnam for the first time in months spokesmen said. The Navy reported that air operations had resumed monday but gave no details. A spokesman for the 7th air Force said its operations also were seriously curtailed sunday. Air Force said that on saturday its f4 phantoms wrecked one of North Vietnam s biggest air bases at Phuc yen to Miles Northwest of Hanoi and set Ranger on 2 a he a become an apologist for the communist world my goodness does t this Man know there Are no countries in the world where people chose communism a and Meany said his labor organization could not support Mcgovern despite a too per cent voting record toward labor in the past year because a this whole record from my Point of View toward labor is not a Good As an example. Meany said the Nixon administration a behind us on the supersonic transport set which the labor Leader said would have meant thousands of jobs. But he said a Mcgovern. You just name the whole crowd of Liberal democrats and they were All against it set a appearing on abcs issues and answers a Woodcock said a i asked to seriously consider the possibility of the in socratic vice presidential nomination and not to close my mind to it and that Early in july by the senator himself and at that Point i amazed a Woodcock said that during the convention he asked to keep a the option open but said a i did convey very strongly that i thought i could be of More assistance continuing As a full time president of the Caw than As part of a National asked about Meany a statement that Mcgovern is an a apologist for the communist world a Woodcock replied a it disturbs me when any american hangs that appellation on any other american particularly when it is not supported by the facts. Trying to say that George Mcgovern with his military record and his record of americanism is an apologist for the communist world is something that escapes my ticket. But he added a my recommendation is that each voter study the issues and the candidates and make his decision according to the dictates of his own with his faint endorsement. West joined a growing list of Southern governors who say they could do no More for Mcgovern than cast a democratic ballot. Making similar statements after the meeting were goes. Warren beanies of Missouri Jimmy Carter of Georgia and Daie bumpers of Arkansas. Some of the democratic governors interviewed after the meeting a Bill Waller of Mississippi for one said they had not yet made up their minds whether they could even vote for Mcgovern. Mcgovern made no speech to the governors. Hearties who has bitterly criticized Mcgovern for dumping sen Thomas Eagleton of Missouri As his running mate said no issues were discussed he said the conversation focused on organization. The senator s Only Public remarks of the evening came when he held a Brief news conference before flying to Akron and Dayton. Ohio on his so Southern on 2 a pocketbook is Center of Appeal by Gregg Herrington associated press writer Akron Ohio apr George Mcgovern formally opened his full time come from behind bid for the presidency today echoing his party a traditional labor Day Appeal to the working of hand a pocketbook. The South Dakota senator who trailed president Nixon by 34 Points in the latest Gallup poll told labor gatherings in the Akron Canton area the administration favors Oil millionaires Large corporations and other a special but the american Public Mcgovern said got a the economic Black magic invented by Richard Nixon when he gave us recession and inflation at the same Mcgovern a speech for the labor Day crowd a rally and a picnic heavy on the so called a bread and butter issues of jobs and taxes and very Light on the Issue that first brought Mcgovern to National prominence the Vietnam War. The democratic candidate also praised former democratic presidents Harry s. Truman John f. Kennedy and Lyndon b. Johnson for their support of pro labor legislation. Mcgovern had been buoyed by the cheers and Wall wishes of a crowd of about 2.000-bv newsmen s estimates a that greeted him on his arrival at the Akron Canton Airport Early today. A a it a fantastic. And at 1 30 in # the morning a Mcgovern said. Mcgovern broke his party a Long standing tradition of opening the Campaign in Detroit a Cadillac Square and opted instead for appearances at a labor Day Parade and rally in Barberton Ohio and a United Auto workers picnic in Chippewa Lake Ohio. Later in the Day he planned to Fly to the West coast for an of Lucio picnic near Oakland Calif., and an overnight stay in Seattle. Mcgovern said in remarks for his labor Day audiences he celebrating the Holiday of those a who earn their living the hard Way with sweat and strength with the skill of their hands and the Pride of honest but he is also determined Mcgovern said a to end. The Long and involuntary Holiday of five million workers who have been unemployed under Richard Shriver blasts safety in mines Beckley w a. Apr Sargent Shriver said today that the nations Coal miners a have had to suffer and die needlessly because president Nixon entrusted a political Hacks to enforce mine safety Laws. A the Nixon administration pats big business on the Back while the miners take it in the neck added Shriver the democratic vice presidential nominee. Shriver remarks were prepared for delivery during a visit to victims of Black lung disease a a lung condition associated with inhalation of Coal dust a at the appalachian regional Hospital in Beckley. Shriver flew into Charleston w. Va., sunday afternoon on Board the first fully equipped Campaign plane of his month old candidacy. The plane s name a Lucky seven a refers to the fact Shriver George Vic govern a seventh Choice to replace sen. Thomas Eagleton d-mo., As his running mate. At a dinner sunday with 130 democratic politicians and labor leaders at a downtown Charleston hotel Shriver assailed As a typical of Republican mentality a what he called Nix on administration plans to Cut Back sharply on Federal health education and Job training programs. He criticized specifically reports that Deputy Treasury Secretary Charles e. Walker had told a private meeting of the american Bankers association executive committee that Many a great society programs would be trimmed or ended if Congress enacted the $250 million spending ceiling president Nixon wants. A a George Mcgovern and i believe we should be spending the Money exactly where the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury says we re wasting it a Shriver said. He said the current administration wants to spend for defense programs and is willing to Cut the budget but has no intention of helping people in any meaningful Way. At the Hospital in Beckley Shriver said the Coal mine health and safety act of 1969 has failed to be effective in Large part because president Nixon entrusted its enforcement to a Long time gop Campaign aide who a had never been near a Coal mine in his

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