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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 3, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy mild temperature sunday and monday 88th year a no. 297 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A sunday morning september 3, 1972 110 pages Call us circulation .12-171$ classified ads 15-2177 All other departments. Ss5-2h1 daily 10c, sunday 25c 8@ for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Army surplus q. Where is the nearest place i can surplus property would you know if they have Leeps for Sale . A. The defense Supply Agency recently issued a bulletin to answer the Many inquiries and rumours they receive about the availability of surplus property for Sale to the general Public. It states that although they do sell items such As motorcycles and jeeps on an individual basis they Are rarely sold in drivable condition. They Are never crated. The reason for the relatively poor condition of jeep vehicles is the departments utilization program that transfers excess material throughout the government until it is no longer useful. The letter did not state this policy applies to personnel. Often by the time it reaches the a Sale Cycle it is nothing but scrap. There is a single Contact Point for any firm or person interested in buying surplus personal property the defense surplus bidders control office defense logistics services Center Battle Creek Mich. They maintain a computerized bidders ust which records and selects each persons buying interests by the class of surplus property wanted and by geographical area. Those interested in having their names placed on the bidders list should write the following Dod surplus sales . Box 1370, Battle Creek Mich. 49016. They will mail a bidders application to be completed and returned. When the property wanted is available for Sale in the areas specified sales Cata logs which contain detailed information will be mailed. Surplus personal property is sold by ten defense surplus sales offices in the country and bids Are submitted directly to the sales office conducting the Sale. Choo Choo tour q. I would Liko to know Mort about Tho steam locomotive trip from Winston to chariots on Sopt. 17, what tim it will leave and return and How do you tickets and Tho Price for adult and child . A. The train leaves Union station in Winston Salem sept. 17, at 8 a.m., arrives in Charlotte id 12 30 . Leaves Charlotte at 2 30 . And returns to Winston at 6 30 . Adult fare is $13.50 children Ages 5 through la Are $9.00. There Are no reserved seats and ticket sales Are limited to the capacity of the train. You can address your order Well in Advance to Nuhs excursion . Box 5857, Winston Salem . 27103, or pick up at Kurtz Oil amp Glass co., 817 n. Cherry st., Winston Salem. Make Check payable to Nuhs excursion and enclose a stamped self addressed envelope. We too Mony Quot ifs Quot q. It Fotr a limit an Haw much a wife can Tarn h bar husband draws a Hundred Par cant Nan Sar Vica Canna Ted disability from Tho v.a.? thank you. A. The Guilford county veterans service office says there Are so Many a a ifs to this depending on whether the Veteran is receiving a pension under the a old Law or the a new Lawit would be better for you to come by their office for an explanation As it applies to your particular Case. If the vet is receiving pension under the old Law he does no to have to report his wife a income if under the new Law and if she has no income from any other source she can earn All she wishes of she shows any More income other than wages a he is allowed Only $1,200 of her earned income or the a will total All income and reduce it by $1,200, whichever is More advantageous to Hie vet. Rubber buggy shoes o. I am looking for buggy Wool tiros it is a lift la rubber Tiro that goos on top buggy wheals and cannot find Thorn any Placo in this arca and would Liko information on How to find them thank you. A. If every logical local source can to help you can go to the Library and look up the manufacturers of the Type of buggy wheel you need. A Large set of volumes called the Thomas Register lists every manufacturer in the country. The reference librarians can show you How to find the right volume for the product. Once you find the names of the manufacturers you can write a few and inquire where the nearest dealer is. A under condemnation o. I am calling again about Tho filthy House in Thomasville on Jarratt Street is it does not seem possible that any human being could survive in such a filthy Nasty old House and would like it to be put in action line because i lived on Jarratt and that is one of the reasons i moved because i could not stand to Liva beside such a Nasty Hole. Preasa see if something can be done about it. A. Housing inspector Bobby Hall of Thomasville reports that the House on Jarrett is under condemnation and As soon As All Legal Steps have been completed the House will be demolished. Gartley Elias Charles families Are overjoyed by the associated press a i done to know just what ill say to him when we meet a said Olga Charles wife of one of three american prisoners of War the North vietnamese say they will release. A maybe Well just hug each other for a Long time without saying Navy it. . Norris a. Charles 27, of san Diego Calif., a radio intercept officer was captured after his plane was shot Down dec. 30, 1971. Hanoi a official Vietnam news Agency reported saturday that North Vietnam in the near future will release Charles and two other airmen Navy la. Hereditary disease . Markham l. Gartley 28, of Dunedin fla., and air Force maj. Edward k. Elias 34, of Valdosta a. The time or place of the release was not Given. But mrs. Charles said she was told by Cora Weiss co chairman of the committee of Liaison with families of servicemen held in North Vietnam that her husband would be Home in a few weeks. The committee is an Antiwar group based in new York City. Mrs. Charles Mother of a 3-year-old daughter Kirsten added that a a they re getting my husband Home. That Sall i a a in a so Happy a said Georgia Charlotte woman watches As her family is dying Charlotte . A mrs. Mildred Jones is watching her family die. First it was her husband then her daughter. Now she looks at two of her five sons and sees the same thing happening to them. They have been stricken with the fatal disease Huntington a Chorea. Once her husband began to show the Jerky nervous movements that eventually mean deterioration of the brain cells it was inevitable that half of their six children would have it too. Mrs. Jones first husband James Eugene Laney died of Huntington a Chorea in 1964. Her daughter Shirley died of the same disease earlier this summer. Mrs. Mildred Jones a w it photo now mrs. Jones 24-year-old son and his 20-year-old brother Are starting to exhibit the same feared symptoms that signalled the disease in their father and sister. Mrs. Jones other three sons Ages 23, 26 and 30, show no signs of the disease. That would Bear out the genetic prophecy. But she keeps a close Eye on those untouched offspring not quite sure the disease wont strike again. Meanwhile she tries to Deal with the reality that two of her sons must die for there is As yet no known cure for this killer. Her 24-year-old son is in Huntersville prison Camp on a conviction of driving while his License was revoked. The charge did not Surprise mrs. Jones. A when he wants to go he goes a she said. The 24-year-old has tried twice unsuccessfully to kill himself mrs. Jones said. The prison Camp has become More a Hospital Home for him than a prison. The youngest age 20, began to show signs of the disease two years ago. At six feet one tall he has withered to 120 pounds. He no longer works and cannot do simple tasks like washing dishes. His have already started to twitch too much a hand moving sporadically to pick at an Elbow. The jerking movements keep him awake at night so he sleeps Well into the afternoons to make up for it. Mrs. Jones who has already survived two deaths and now faces two More unless a cure is found Hopes for answers. A a that a what we re fighting for now a she said. Anti War group gets pow task Elias whose husband was captured last april 20. A we prayed for this and god has answered our when Elias gets Home he also Wilt find 3-year-old son Michael waiting for him. Mrs. Gerald Gartley contacted at Daytona Beach expressed regret that a every Mother and family does no to have the same her son was captured aug. 17, 1968. Quot i wish the War was Over and must urge the american people to redouble their efforts to end this Slaughter in Southeast Asia so All prisoners of War can be reunited with their families a she added. Paris a two Antiwar activists announced Here saturday they personally will escort Home a in a matter of weeks three . Airmen being released from North vietnamese prisoner of War Camps. The activists Are David Dellinger a defendant in the Chicago seven conspiracy trial now under Appeal and Cora Weiss of new York. They Are co chairmen of the committee of Liaison with families of servicemen held in North Vietnam. Earlier in the Day a North vietnamese broadcast had said the three airmen would be handed Over to a . Antiwar group. It did not say when or where. The broadcast identified two of the men As Navy lieutenants Junior Grade Markham Ligon Gartley 28, of Dunedin fla., and Norris Alphonso Charles 27, of san Diego Calif. The third airman was listed As Edward Knight Elias 34. An air Force major from Valdosta a. Gartley was captured aug. 17, 1968 Charles last dec. 30, and Elias last april 20. Dellinger and mrs. Weiss had conferred with the North vietnamese and Viet Cong peace talks delegations in Paris before the announcement came from Hanoi. They then met with newsmen and reported that the prisoners would be handed Over to their organization. Mrs. Weiss said in an opening statement a David Dellinger and i As co chairmen of the committee of Liaison and representing also the Peoples coalition for peace and Justice will escort the men Home in a matter of weeks. We Are needless to say honoured and joyous for the men and their a we Hope the men will not be kidnapped by the military in route a Dellinger said adding that the men were to be turned Over directly to their families. Mrs. Weiss claimed there was . Government a a interference with nine servicemen previously released and that they were returned to military duties including training pilots to bomb North Vietnam and planning raids there. A the net result of that behaviour was the Complete suspension of releases a she said. Dellinger said the release Date of the three men a could be delayed by the danger of floods in North Vietnam interfering with transport possibilities. Quot so if the Nixon administration wants to find one sure Way of delaying the release of these three prisoners it will be the continued bombing of the North Vietnam has charged that . Warplanes have been bombing dikes purposely to bring on flooding in populated areas. The United states has denied targeting dikes. Mrs. Weiss said she understood the three men to be released Are in a Good she added that the release of prisoners had not been possible for the past three years a because of the manner in which be anti War on 7a president pleased by Hanoi s action san Clemente Calif. Apr the White House said saturday president Nixon was pleased with North Vietnam a announced intention of releasing three prisoners of War but described the three As Only an a infinitesimal portion of the pos held in Indochina a we have been pressing for release of prisoners in every form private and Public a said White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler. A we will not rest until Thoro Ricord returned from Paraguay new York a handcuffed and under heavy guard alleged heroin smuggling Kingpin Auguste Joseph Ricord was brought Here from his Refuge in Paraguay saturday night. The Short White haired suspect wearing an Orange jacket and Blue trousers was hurried through the pan american world airways terminal by narcotics and customs agents. In Washington Secretary of state William p. Rogers hailed the Climax of the 15-month . Effort to extradite Ricord As a a major step Forward in the administrations fight against illicit drug inside in it a lint modular housing politics Cates on Rock editorial women a news sports television Page 1811 entertainment obituaries. Page 51 classified is a Complete accounting of All missing in action and release of All prisoners held throughout Hanoi a official news Agency announced the a intention to release the three captured airmen but gave no details including Date and place of their release. The North vietnamese claim they hold 383 prisoners. American officials put the total number at 539, with about 1,000 More missing in action throughout Indochina. Mcgovern warns of erosion Washington a democratic presidential nominee George Mcgovern says the Nixon administration is eroding the fundamental personal liberties guaranteed citizens by the Constitution. Mcgovern issued what he called a Campaign White paper on civil liberties saturday. In a statement accompanying his position paper Mcgovern said a the watergate espionage incident Only Points up that under Richard Nixon the privacy of the average american is threatened by government by military spying on civilians by computerized official data Banks that have inadequate safeguards and by Justice department intrusion into citizens Bank Sargent Shriver vice presidential nominee of the democrats issued a statement saying the republicans plan to introduce a value added tax which Shriver said is a National sales tax that will Cost the average american family another $200 a year. Shriver was at his summer Home in Hyannis port mass. Mcgovern was at his Washington Home. I n his position paper Mcgovern said the Nixon administration a has proposed measures which subvert civil liberties but which do not effectively serve their intended purpose. Aftermath of chess championship Fischer is determined Spassky is hopeful London a Bobby Fischer said saturday night he wants to be the world chess Champion a for the rest of my life a a a that goal a said the 29-year-old american who won the title Friday from Boris Spassky of the soviet Union. Fischer was interviewed for television by the British broadcasting corp. In Reykjavik Iceland where the championship match was played. Fischer said he wants a rematch with Spassky whom he called a the Best player in be a the gave me a real fight a Fischer said. A fall the other players in be played crumpled at a certain Point. I never Felt that with asked if he could beat Spassky again Fischer laughed and said a Titi beat him easily next Fischer said the soviets who had monopolized the world chess title since 1948, were a using chess As a propaganda weapon. Now its turned against them. A they had it a for the last 20 years. They talked of their military might and their intellectual might. Now the intellectual thing. Ifs Given me great pleasure. As a free person. To have smashed this Fischer added a i done to think its a Good thing the Way the russians have used chess As a propaganda weapon. They be used every trick. They probably feel sorry now they Ever started playing he said he plans to keep playing a a lot of chess and emphasized a i must play a return match against Spassky. A but that depends i three things its a question of Money will the russians let Spassky play and does he want to Spassky said in an interview in Reykjavik that he wanted to play Fischer again. Fischer was asked where he would like a return match to take place. A i close the door to any place a he said. A but the United states is a Good place. They have the facilities there for television. No the interviewer ask whether Fischer a repeated complaints about playing conditions St Fischer on 7a Reykjavik Iceland a a Bons Spassky wants to play Bobby Fischer again for the world chess championship and feels sure he can beat him. The russian denied a Reykjavik newspaper Story that he is planning to defect to the West. A a that a just journalism a Spassky said. The tabloid visit reported a very Strong re Morse that the Defeated soviet Champion would seek political Asylum in a Western country rather than return Home in disgrace. Spassky dismissed the report with a laugh during an interview saturday at the Seaside suburban Villa where he had remained secluded for much of the match with Fischer. Spassky said he had Felt a quit confident of beating Fischer until the very last Day of the 53-Day match when he adjourned his 21st game in a losing position. Fischer leading Uva-8, needed Only one Point one win or two draws to end 26 years of soviet monopoly of the title. A i had a Chance to win in that game a Spassky said. A but i made a mistake. Fischer found the right defense and i lost my interest in playing. I was quite confident that if he lost just one game he could not have fought Spassky said he was a very relieved to no longer be Champion but had a plans to fight Bobby in the his remarks set up the possibility of a Fischer Spassky rematch. Fischer a aides have denied reports that he plans to play Spassky again next year but the new Champion says he wants to defend his title often and against russians. A Bobby is stronger than me now a Spassky said relaxing in an armchair shoes off. A but i am sure i can beat him. I feel inside me enough strength to beat him. I will not repeat my mistakes on or off the chess Spassky looked tired and said he needed to a sleep and sleep and sleep before trying to understand Why his game collapsed in the first half of the match. He said he had been disturbed by Fischer a delay in reaching Reykjavik to Start the match and by his temperamental behaviour. St Spassky on 7a

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