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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - September 1, 1976, High Point, North Carolina12a High Point Enterprise. Wednesday september 1, 1976 Capitol letter Campaign finance Law May change by Robert b. Cullen associated press writer Raleigh a the 1976 state primary provided the first full test of North Carolina s new Campaign finance Law. Predictably the Law had a major Impact on the Campaign and the elec Tion results. Two of the most noticeable innovations were the limit on contributions by individuals and the limit on total Media spending by a candidate. Both shapes the course of the Campaign. The spending limit made the three gubernatorial candidates who approached it George Wood. Jim Hunt and Edward o Herron. Plan their purchases of advertising carefully none of them complained however thai it impaired their ability to get their messages to the Public. Even More important was the limit. For Hunt it was no trouble. He had an extensive Campaign Organiza Tion and there were hundreds of people anxious to give 000 or More to the Man they figured would be the next governor. He got More t san individual contributions. But for o Herron and Wood it caused problems. Neither could rely on a few wealthy friends to finance their efforts. Both had to borrow in excess of s500.000 to personally finance their campaigns. Such Loans to los ing candidates generally turn into debts which both Wood and o Herron will now have to pay off. In the future it seems Likely that gubernatorial candidates will have to have extensive organizations like Hunt s to raise Money or they will have to be personally wealthy enough to borrow the Money needed for a statewide Campaign. The alternatives Are to abandon the contribution limit or go to some Type of Public Campaign financing. The primary Campaign also showed some areas where the Law is vulnerable to efforts to bypass it. One is the reporting schedule. It was changed by the 1975 legislature so that no reports Are necessary from january until 10 Days before the primary. This year that was a saturday so the deadline was extended two Days. Some reports were Only mailed on that Day. That left the Campaign staffs and the press less than a week to pore through the reports and try to Analyse who was giving Money to whom. With the multiplicity of candidates running that was not enough time. One reason More time was needed was the Law s failure to require contributors to Dis close their occupations As the Federal Law requires. This meant that one reporter for example spent three Days ferreting out the names of Highway contractors who had Given to the gubernatorial campaigns. Had the reports been filed on Federal forms the task would have taken three hours. Another loophole lies in the reporting requirements for Loans. A candidate car get a personal loan from a Friend a Bank or wherever he can find it. Then he can con tribute the Money to his Cam prize no use West Hartford Conn. A Patrick Curley an 80-year-old retired subway Motorman won a car in a raffle at a High school Here but he had no use for it. During 45 years of driving subway trains in new York City Curley never Learned How to drive an automobile. I wish i won it 30 or 40 years he said. I m too old now to fool around with that kind of he arranged to sell the car. Pain. The Law allows him to name himself As the source of the Money and avoid Dis closing where it really came from. Harlan Boyles for example listed himself As the donor of to his Campaign. Reporters wondered where Boyles a career state employee had gotten that much Money. It turned out he had borrowed of it at the prime interest rate from first citizens Bank and Trust co. Of Raleigh an institution he will have to Deal with if he is elected state treasurer. Similarly there were no listings of the Banks and individuals from whom o Herron and Wood borrowed their Money or whether they got favourable interest rates. Hargrove Bowles the 1972 democratic gubernatorial nominee found and used another loophole in helping out his Friend. Wood. Bowles spent of hit own to make and show some ads endorsing Wood. The total did t count against Wood s limit because Bowles acted As an Independent individual the Bowles ads would not have pushed Wood Over the limit anyway but they raise the possibility that in some future Campaign candidates could evade the limit with the help of wealthy friends. Bowles himself says he had no intention of evading the spirit of the Law. He just wanted to help a Friend and he does t think it would be constitutional to Tell an individual he cannot buy time and speak his mind on television. Changes in the Law will undoubtedly be introduced in the 1977 general Assembly. Their chances for passage will probably depend on How onerous the legislators themselves found the reporting requirements in their own campaigns. Gate Crasher this Bull decided to go Over the Wall Rodeo but was coaxed Back into the sunday at the 92nd Payson ariz., Chute with an electric prod. A wire photo int Blu printers 2060brenlwoodsl. High . 27261 . Box 2103 phone8b5-4034 have a cup of Coffee on us while you wait you May not have time to finish. Fast Quality offset printing single or Mulit color offset up to Sheet Xerox copies and Blue line prints made any time the High Point of service and savings phone 885-4034 in the Freeman Assoc. Bldg. Post office pact reached Washington a Cori Gress appears ready to give the postal service an extra billion in subsidies without re imposing tight budgetary control Over the deficit Ridden mail service. Senate House conferees agreed monday on a Bill that provides an extra million for the postal service for each of the next two years. Agreement came after the House conferees yielded to the Senate and dropped a requirement that the postal service be brought Back under the regular con Gressional appropriation process. A 1970 postal reorganization act abolished the old Post office department and established the postal ser vice As a Semi Independent Agency to be operated much like a private corporation. The reorganization was billed As a Way to make mail service profitable but the postal service has been plagued with losses. The Compromise Bill is intended to provide Stop Gap financing pending recommendations of a study commission. The Compromise provides that the commission would be composed of seven voting members. It would have until next March 15, instead of feb. 15. To submit its report. The Bill would bar postage rate increases or service Cut backs until Congress and the president receive the com Mission s recommendations. 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