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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - September 1, 1976, High Point, North CarolinaIda High Point Enterprise wednesday september 1, 1976 trim time democratic presidential candidate Jimmy Carter gets his hair Cut monday in Atlanta by stylist Betty Grey. The photograph was made through the window of the Barber shop since photographers were not allowed inside. Lawu photo the Nashville sound Bob Lum ctn Back again after Nashville. Term. A Bob Luman s greatest hit let s think about sold More than a million copies Back in 1960 ironically. Luman has been thinking lately about living. He suffered a near fatal blocked artery earlier this year while travelling in Texas and was hospitalized almost five months. He just recently resumed his career. I feel Luman 38, said during an interview at his grand Ole opry dressing room 1 feel Strong like a 13-Yearold stud it s the Best i be Felt since i was a teen nevertheless his physical appearance has changed drastically. He s gone from a rather husky 235-Pounder to a slender 75-Pounder and at one Point during his hospitalization weighed Only 156. The blocked artery occurred under his diaphragm. I could feel it gushing in Side Luman recalled. The doctor said it was like a River stopped up with no place to go. It could have happened to Luman seemed an unlikely Prospect. He was a 200-Pound High school athlete in Kilgore. Tex., and once was offered a baseball contract by the Pittsburgh pirates. Moreover he had never been hospitalized before. It s let me Settle myself and prepare myself. I be Learned to control my Ner Vous Energy and adjust to a new Way of he s Able to joke about his ordeal. He told his audience at the grand Ole opry House i was out about five months i did t feel any pain they did a lot of whittling and Cuttin and did some More than i got a Bill for they sure did a lot of whittling Bob Luman resumes his career suffered blocked artery Early this year when it first hit it was like my stomach was full i started vomiting blood. I got to Parkland Hospital in Dallas the same Hospital where was taken. I first realized How serious this was when i lost four pints of blood and they could t get it to Stop. I was Lucky i had five doctors there at once the doctor said i was Lucky i did t die end was museum looking for wild panthers Raleigh a wanted posters " will be distributed by the . State museum of natural history which is trying to determine whether any wild panthers Are left in the state. The Long tailed recluses often called pumas cougars Mountain Lions and catamounts were believed to have largely disappeared from North Carolina and most of the East by the Early 1900s. The posters Are part of the museum s first statewide Effort to determine whether recurring reports of Panther sightings in the state s Moun Tain forests and coastal swamps Are True. Officials say dozens of sightings have been reported but no conclusive proof such As a photograph or carcass has been presented Lucky gangrene did t set in after nine Days hospitalization in Dallas he was transferred to Nashville where a operation was performed in which two arteries were tied together. He turned 38 while hospitalized but was no heavily drugged he does t remember a party Given for him. I remember three Days later i saw this Box and it said Happy birthday and i asked what it was. My wife said i had been talking to everybody during the party but i Don t remember any of his ordeal has increased his appreciation of life he said. Limited engagement 2 big hits sensuous vixens plus. Master of rated x it show Bingo elks Lodge Hon. Elm Street Friday night . Marines being trained for Mountain fighting Pickle Meadows Calif. A thousands of marines have been prowling through the High Sierra this summer As part of a recently resurrected Mountain War fare training program. By summer s end the Marine corps expects to have trained about marines and Marine reservists in Mountain Man skills such As scaling sheer Granite Cliffs and crossing River Gorges by rope. Base for the activity is the Marine corps Mountain warfare training Center located in this Meadow just North of Yosemite National Park. The austere base first . Firm allegedly gave bribes Annapolis my. A Alford r. Carey sentenced to three years in prison earlier this year for embezzling funds while head of the state school construction Agency has been indicted on charges of receiving in bribes from a North Carolina construction firm two other men who allegedly served As Maryland agents for Globe industries a firm based in research Triangle Park ., which until 1974 held Maryland classroom construction con tracts were also indicted monday by a special Anne Arundel county grand jury. John Owen Bishop was named in six counts of one indictment with either bribing or aiding transmission of bribes to Carey who was named in 12 counts. John Edward Hayward these cond Globe agent was named in a separate nine count indictment on charges of per jury obstruction of Justice and endeavouring to obstruct Justice by falsely testifying before the grand jury. According to the charges Carey allegedly received three separate bribes total ing and in 1972 and 1973. The indictment also alleged that Carey demanded an additional 000 from another Globe official. Carey s first indictment on july 22, 1975 charged him with embezzling in state funds forgery false pretence and larceny. Built in 1951 after . Military setbacks in rugged sections of Korea resumed full time training last May after a nine year break. It is the Only facility of its sort in the Marine corps and one of Only two run by the . Military services in this country. The army has a similar base in Alaska. It. Col. George Knudson commanding officer says the training in t designed to build up an elite fighting group within the marines or to Deal with some impending conflict in Mountain regions elsewhere in the world. We just want to build up the All around capability of the Marine says Knudson 42, who runs the base from a spruced up quonset hut. Marines should be Able to go anyplace. We have never been Able to pick where we go to War. Somebody else picks that for what marines get Here is a crash course in Mountain fighting training runs year round from two to four weeks for each group sent Here. The marines scale Cliffs both by rope and with Bare hands make rope Bridges so they can crawl across ravines and learn land navigation so they can find their Way across trackless Mountain stretches Seldom seen by anyone but backpackers and Hunters Marine reservists get Quick courses in Mountain Towne eld to s a hilarious outrageous Road race. Now showing 1 it run Midway Supe survive in color plot at Don t look now coming for. Lit run squirm an experience in pure fright Dixie dynamite it coming sept. 17th where hits Are a Haiti r Royell Eine ii Zorr mob Pmj i a apr or phone 885 99i 1 Short from 10amu 12pm the Story of Eloise plus rated xxx sue Prentiss in escorted ladies admitted free new shows Start each wed. 6 a.m.-8 . 6 a.m.-9 . . Sunday restaurant featuring delicious Home cooked meals country Ham sausage biscuits Gigantic salad bar 3 meals daily also carry out orders Welcome no alcoholic beverages 454-4818 727 w. Main St. Jamestown below tip top bakery e91 6 survival learning How to to make shelters build fires without matches snare animals and survive on available vegetation. One instructor will even pop a Lizard into his Mouth occasionally just to show the trainees there is Morr than just Pine nuts or berries to Chew on. During Winter months marines will learn How to Camp in Snow and below Zero temperatures and to Snowshoe and ski while carrying rifles packs and other gear. Knudson says the Marine corps Hopes to run about 000 trainees through the program each year Knudson says Many of the trainees have never been in mountains before and there Are Many cases of pulled Muscles they did t know they he says there have been a few cases of sprains and broken Bones but no one has died or suffered major injuries As a result of the arduous training. He says the marines seem to like the training. The units really tighten up when they get Here. They seem to get a lot More Prosperity brings friends and adversity serves to prove them. Pc Southeastern Tom Center Jackson county jail he a acts Itadio laugh Stock thunderbird i3 Rihm Qto Toap j Clint Eastwood outlaw Josey Wales and a a Flag he high1 movie ratings for parents and Young people pm for o vhf Robin go n to i Loim Foj about it c no Foi by the Emden All Ages admitted All Ages admitted por enrol guidance Sugg vim far restricted quire accompanying r adult guardian one under 17 and mitts ago limit May vary in cerium All is a. Ako s films revive this Seal of the motion picture code of self regulation the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise j color a starts Friday twin 1101jestchester see lie exc singly erotic photos of Sarah and Kris 11 in july pm Lybov tomorrow is thursday fillet of flounder served with French Fries hush puppies Cole Slaw All you can eat 99 3-8.30 dining room Only riverboat restaurant 1718 n. Main 888-9956 take outs 6 Al the you can eat for it s our a you can eat monday through thursday special. Bring your gang by for the Best tasting country Fried Chicken dinner you can buy including French Fries Cole Slaw and Cornbread Sticks. And Well serve All the Chicken you can eat for Only per person. The offer s Good in our dining room Only. Parker s Barbecue College Village shopping Center High 887-2124 ioi23.8

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