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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - September 1, 1976, High Point, North CarolinaThe High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor a conservative View postcard registration will Rise again 4a wednesday september 1, 1976 flourishing rip off medicaid a program begun with great expectations has proved to be so ill organized that those smart enough to take advantage of its Many loopholes have become principal beneficiaries. The original intentions of the medicaid and medicare programs to provide health care for those who cannot afford it Are Good ones. But they Are forgotten As time goes on and the list of abuses grows. We must finally begin to wonder if the liabilities of the program Don t far outweigh its merits. It was earlier this year that a National television news program set up a phony medicaid clinic in Chicago hoping to expose some of the All too frequent misuses of Federal Money. The Crooks nearly tripped Over each other trying to get in the door. In contract negotiations with area medical laboratories the clinic personnel found that As a routine matter such firms offered kickbacks often in the form of rent in return for medicaid business referred. The More referrals the clinic offered the More the clinic was Given in return. The news show went on to reveal that some laboratories were then charging the government for unnecessary lab work and even some tests that were never done. Just As shocking Are the recent revelations of the Senate subcommittee s eight month investigation of medicaid. In the course of the study sub committee chairman sen. Frank Moss a Utah posed As an indigent medicaid patient visiting medicaid clinics and complaining of having a cold. Even though congressional doctors had Given Moss a clean Bill of health before his visits the clinic doctors in most cases preceded to diagnose a variety of illnesses in the process doing numerous unnecessary tests and then to prescribe unneeded medicines. In one Case Moss said the clinic told him to take his prescription to the drug store next door. The subcommittee investigation has also shown that much of the medicaid Money is going to pay the rent of doctors rather than to pay for treatment of the needy. As much As 60 to 80 per cent was estimated As going to businessmen who hold the leases on intercity clinics. The landlords also pressure clinic doctors to see More patients and spend less time with each one. Too often such abuses have gone unnoticed with too few investigators try ing to cover too Broad an area. There has also been Buck passing Between Federal and state authorities whose responsibility it is to police medicaid programs. Obviously the taxpayer is suffering from this misuse of his tax Dollar. But perhaps More importantly the Many indigent patients particularly the elderly who must depend on medicaid clinics Are suffering As Well. They Are the ones that medicaid and medicare were sup posed to help. Instead of being aided however they have become pawns in the profit making schemes of doctors businessmen and drug firms. The time has come for the current medical assistance programs to undergo very Basic changes or at the very least substantial investigation. Our govern ment is not so big that it cannot control its own programs. At least not yet. By Jas. J. Kilpatrick Washington Star Syndicate Bear with me if you will while i flog a dead horse. The postcard registration Bill which passed the House on August 9, has stumbled on its Way through the Senate. Majority Leader Mike mans Field says he won t even try to get it passed. On to the glue factory. The Bill might be interred without Benefit of comment but for one thing it provides a useful and time y example of what the presidential Campaign domestically speaking is All about. It is All about the big Federal brother. Virtually no one perhaps would object to the ostensible purpose of the postcard Bill. The idea was to make it easier for americans to Register and hence to vote. Such an idea As an abstract proposition ranks with Safe driving Law Day and the United fund. It is the kind of idea that editorial writers write about when their Well runs dry. The actual purpose was not quite so lofty. The actual Pur pose was to Register droves of prospective democrats i ii u Kun 101 in m september song Washington merry go round alive or dead. It was not a Prospect that had great Republican Appeal. Let us put the invidious motivation to one Side. Of greater concern Are the attitudes pro and con with which the Bill was approached. The thinking of the Liberal proponents went this Way the level of voter participation in America is deplorable. This november will see 150 million persons eligible to vote it is probable that Only 57 per cent of them about 85 million actually will get to the polls. This situation results from the failure of the Stales and localities to make registration Quick and easy. Because the states have failed the liberals reasoned the Federal government must step in. We will create within the Federal election com Mission a new bureaucracy to be known As the voter registration administration. We will direct it to Send Post card registration forms to every household in the land. We will reimburse the states for handling these forms we will specially Reward states that adopt this plan for their own no Federal elections. And if this civic minded Ven Ture costs million or million the taxpayers Money will be Well spent the conservatives in opposition thought this Way the machinery of voting historically has belonged to the states. Congress has Power to act against discrimination by reason of race or sex or poll tax or the age of 18 Congress has a reserved Power rarely exercised to make regulations governing the time places and manner of choosing senators and representatives. Otherwise the writing of franchise Law is a slate responsibility. The states should keep it. Further in a free society it is debatable whether any particular level of voting participation is there is no demonstrable correlation Between High percentages and Good government. The charge that the states have failed is a phony charge. Here and there especially in thinly populated Rural areas registration opportunities May be limited but the record on the whole is Good. Still further 17 states already Are experimenting with postcard plans. The experiments have indicated a poor ratio of Benefit to Cost. In the District of Columbia postcard registration flopped. In the nation As a whole 70 per cent of the eligible already Are registered. At heavy Cost the scheme might attract a few million More but the probabilities of fraud Are self evident. Let us rely on voluntary get out the vote campaigns and avoid the Burden of new bureaucracy. On those conflicting views the two sides went at it. Conservatives succeeded in knocking out the mailing of individual postcards but they lost on every other amendment they offered. The vote on passage was 239 147 for the Bill. Of the 122 republicans who voted Only 11 voted Aye of 264 democrats recorded Only 36 voted would be president Carter strongly favored the Bill. President Ford opposed it he would have vetoed the Bill if it had passed. Now time is running out on Capitol Hill. The Bill is dead in this Congress but the Bill will be born again next year its Fate will depend on what a happens on election Day. Driving in to work the past couple of mornings has served As reminder that the kids Are out again. And As we made the mental note to say something about the need for extra traffic precaution the thought occurred As Well that this is a double sort of thing. Each june we feel called upon to re mind that with school out for the season extra precaution is necessary because kids will be out whiling away the hours and they Don t always remember mama s warning to stay out of the Street. And then each fall when the opposite condition exists we need to re mind ourselves that the Advent of school Days Means a new measure of concern for their safety. In Short there s no end to it. But in september at the least the dangers Are readily apparent. There Are a lot of Little tiny Folk standing at the bus stops who Haven t done that sort of thing projecting the news before. As the groups grow in numbers the activity increases. We re regularly observing one Busy Corner where youngsters cavort Unher Edingley off the curb unaware of the dangers of speeding cars a hairs breadth away. There Are newly permission Ned Bike riders teen agers with the thrill of their first cars and even neophyte school bus Drivers to be concerned with. Such elements Combine with foggy or misty morning windshields to create the seeds of real tragedy. So we d say to the mamas the repetition of safety warnings is needed and to the Drivers take that extra minute to clean off windows and windshields before taking the Short drive to work. All the Good safety records in the world Are meaningless statistics in the Wake of an ambulance s scream a Parent s tears. Story behind the no fault Sid tracking jobs and the election the . Bureau of labor statistics will release its employment and unemployment figures for August on sept. 3. If president Ford and Jimmy Carter were to hold a debate today on the Economy Ford no doubt would assert that More americans Are currently employed than Ever before Carter would retort that 7.8 per cent of the nation s work Force is unemployed and that the joblessness rate has risen for two consecutive months. And both men would be absolutely Correct. The reason Why employment and unemployment can Rise simultaneously is that the size of the labor Force those people either working or actively looking for work varies from month to month. In july for in stance More people were employed than in june. However the labor Force grew by 690.000 people with the result that the unemployment rate increased from 7.5 to 7.8 per cent such Are the Pitfalls and the advantages of citing government employment statistics in an election Campaign. The Overall picture often is sufficiently ambiguous to allow for sharply different readings. Economists Are no More in agree ment than politicians on the meaning of the government s figures. A major difficulty in measuring unemployment is the changing nature of the labor Force. Adult women accounted for 36 per cent of the total Force in the first half of 1976, As against 29 per cent 20 years earlier. In the same period the proportion of teen agers in the labor Force Rose from to 9.5 per cent. Adult males in contrast now represent 54 per Cint of the labor Force or 10 per cent less than 20 years ago. Some economists believe that the High rate of unemployment is attributable in Large part to the growing number of working women teen agers. These two groups they reason tend to Lack work experience and thus must spend a Long time searching for jobs. The congressional budget office stated in a recent report women and teen agers May be willing to search longer for the right Job because they Are frequently secondary earners in the households. If this interpretation is accepted a Given Overall unemployment rate today is equivalent to a rate nearly one percentage Point lower 20 years organized labor would reject such an interpretation out of hand. Union leaders con tend that the government s statistics under state rather than overstate the True level of unemployment. They want to broaden the definition of unemployed to include discouraged workers those who have left the labor Force and Par time workers who would like full time jobs. On the other hand some economists argue that the unemployment rate for Heads of households is the Best measure of joblessness for such persons often Are the sole support of their spouses and children. The unemployment rate for this group Rose from 5 1 in june to 5.4 per cent in july. The labor department said the greater part of the increase was among female Heads of households. In a political sense the debate is academic. All persons of working age know their employment status and most of them Are eligible to vote. Their collective Choice for president May Well which candidate they consider Best equipped to preserve existing jobs and create new ones. By Jack Anderson with Les written United feature Syndicate Washington the White House and the trial lawyers joined forces behind the scenes it can now be reported to Block no fault insurance. The official record shows Only that the Senate by a 49 to-45 vote recommitted s 354. But the Story behind this routine development dramatizes How the people get their pockets picked by their own elected officials. Senate Bill s-354 would provide Quick compensation for Auto victims and would lower insurance premiums for under no fault each insurance company would simply pay off its own policyholders without going to court. This would Cost the trial lawyers an estimated billion in Legal fees. The lawyers loss would be the customers gain since the Cost of litigation is passed on to the policyholders in the form of higher premiums. But the trial lawyers had no intention of losing All that Money. They hired the lobby ing firm of Timmons and company which has More connections on Capitol Hill than the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone com Pany. Its stars Are two former White House lobbyists William Timmons and Tom Korologos who used to pull wires on Capitol Hill for sex president Richard Nixon. When Nixon departed the White House in disgrace Timmons and Korologos hastily shifted allegiance to the new occupant. Timmons so ingratiate himself with president Ford that he they said it by Basing our policies on equitable principles rather than playing favourites among other nations we shall be displaying the essential Quality of leadership. Excruciating problems will remain but no help in dealing with them the world will have a sense of Community it has not had former . State dept. Attache Charlton Ogburn speculating on future american foreign policy. Became the president s convention manager in Kansas City. Korologos also enlisted in the Ford cause at the Kan Sas City convention. The pair earn their living however lobbying for the special interests. Indeed Timmons is known in the Backrooms of Washington As the because he has been Able to produce a downpour of benefits for his clients. It looked Bleak for the trial lawyers before they hired Timmons and company. By private count 56 senators were expected to support no fault insurance. The Bill therefore appeared to be headed for certain passage. It also had the support of transportation Secretary William Coleman whose experts had concluded that the legislation was great for but something funny happened to s-354 on the Way to the Senate floor. President Ford ignored the advice of his transportation Secretary and dispatched White House lobbyist Joe Jenckes to Capitol Hill to work against the Bill. Jenckes and Korologos quietly huddled together compar ing notes and discussing strategy. Jenckes draws his salary from the taxpayers and Korologos was paid by the trial lawyers. Yet they worked together in perfect har Mony to Benefit the trial lawyers at the expense of those taxpayers Ai least who pay automobile insurance premiums. Jenckes acknowledged that he had lobbied against no fault insurance and that he had conferred with Korologos but Jenckes insisted that the White House and trial lawyers had not coordinated their efforts. Jenckes Korologos and Tim Mons nevertheless pulled the switches that sidetracked s-354. The Best Way for the special interests to show their appreciation for members of Congress of course is to contribute to their campaigns. With this in mind the trial lawyers collected in pledges to pass out to their friends on Capitol Hill. Another in pledges was available if More Money was needed to win friends and influence congressmen. Sen. J. Glenn Beall r. Md., for example supported no fault insurance the last time it came up in the Senate in 1974. He voted for it again this year inside the Senate Commerce committee. Then he had a talk with Korologos. Suddenly the senator had a change of heart followed by a change of vote. Not Long afterwards Korologos clients the trial lawyers sent Beall a Campaign contribution. A spokesman said Beall still favors the no fault concept but thinks the Regula Tion should be left to the sen. Robert Stafford r. Vt., also voted for no fault insurance in 1974, but voted to sidetrack a similar Bill this year. The trial lawyers were so touched that they sent too a Campaign contribution. The senator told us that he was visited by Korologos several weeks after the vote. According to Stafford s account Korologos asked whether he would accept a contribution from the trial lawyers the senator gratefully assented and the duly arrived. He changed his mind about no fault insurance he told our associate Gary Conn because of its spotty record and because his constituents showed no interest in it. Footnote a White House spokesman said president Ford believes no fault insurance should be left to the states to decide. Neither Timmons nor Korologos returned our Calls. Jury juggling we recently exposed the Justice department s practice of secretly checking internal Revenue service files to Weed out potential jurors who might be unfriendly to the government in tax cases. Now an enterprising defendant in a celebrated new Orleans Case is using our revelations As a basis for his Appeal. Former Louisiana Highway director Lewis Johnson convicted of filing false tax in formation demanded to know whether the govern ment had snooped on the jurors. To his astonishment the Justice department admitted it had. Johnson is hop ing this prejudiced his Case enough to get an appellate reversal. He Drew a year and a Day sentence the Art Buchwald column the tourist s prayer Art Buchwald was so disappointed he was t chosen As president Ford s running mate that he has decided to take a few weeks off. He left behind some of his All time favorite columns according to the times of London the greek orthodox Church has just issued a new prayer asking the lord to protect the greek people from tourists. The prayer which is to be said by monks and nuns every morning and every evening goes like this lord Jesus Christ son of god have mercy on the cities the islands and the villages of our orthodox fatherland As Well As the holy monasteries which Are scourged by the worldly touristic wave. Grace us with a solution to this dramatic problem and protect our Brethren who Are sorely tried by the modernistic spirit of these contemporary Western now it s Only fair if the monks and nuns Are beseeching the lord with anti tourist prayers that the tourists get equal time. So i have written a prayer for tourists which they must recite when they get up in the morning and go to bed at night. It goes like this heavenly father look Down on us your Humble obedient tourist servants who Are doomed to travel this Earth taking photographs mailing postcards buying souvenirs and walking around in drip dry underwear. We beseech you of lord to see that our plane is not hijacked our Luggage is not lost and our overweight baggage goes unnoticed. Protect us from surly and unscrupulous taxi Drivers avaricious porters and unlicensed English speaking guides. Give us this Day divine guidance in the selection of our hotels that we May find our reservations honoured our rooms made up and hot water running from the faucets if it is at All we Pray that the Telephone work and that the operators speak our Tongue and that there is no mail waiting from our children which would Force us to cancel the rest of our trip. Lead us dear lord to Good inexpensive restaurants where the food is Superb the waiters Friendly and the wine included in the Price of the meal. Give us the Wisdom to tip correctly in currencies we do not understand. Forgive us for under tipping out of ignorance and overtopping out of fear. Make the natives love us for what we Are and not for what we can contribute to their worldly goods Grant us the strength to visit the museums the cathedrals the palaces and the castles listed As musts in the guidebooks. And if perchance we skip an historic Monument to take a Nap after lunch have mercy on us for our flesh is this part of the prayer is for husbands dear god keep our wives from Shopp ing sprees and protect them from bargains they Don t need or can t afford. Lead them not into temptation for they know not what they this part of the prayer is for wives almighty god keep our husbands from looking at foreign women and comparing them to us. Save them from making fools of themselves in cafes and nightclubs. Above All please do not forgive them their trespasses for they know exactly what they together and when our voyage is Over and we return to our loved ones Grant us the favor of finding someone who will look at our Home movies and listen to our stories so our lives As tourists will not have been in vain. This we ask you in the name of Conrad Hilton Thomas Cook and the american express.

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