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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 1, 1976, High Point, North Carolina 2e High Point Enterprise wednesday september i 1976 personal Juke boxes new trend Gastonia apr Paula Jones having tired of getting her records ripped off at parties plunked Down $350 for a used Jukebox and joined what has become a popular trend. Is. Jones 30, an administrative assistant at adventure knits Here found the gleaming Chrome and plastic music machine a perfect addition to her apartment it fit right in with her yellow Mailbox and Orange upright piano Linda Patterson. 23, is Jones Roommate decided to join suit and purchased her own Jukebox also for $350. Now the women Rock away their evening hours having discovered a it s fun just to be Able to punch up a song anytime you want to a is. Jones said. Once the prime source of entertainment in truck stops and bars across the land jukeboxes Are finding their Way into the most respectable of Homes and apartments at prices ranging from a few Hundred dollars for used machines to $2,000 and More for new ones. Besides offering entertainment at the owners fingertips jukeboxes also have their practical Side according to Chet Smith Smith 33, general sales manager of a Gastonia car Dealership bought a $400 used Jukebox and installed it next to the Pool table in his Den. Smith said he saves Money with the machine because he is no longer forced to buy a record album just to get one song he likes. Instead he buys a 45 . Record for about $1. Dealers and manufacturers say one reason for the Jukebox Boom seems to be nostalgia for decades past Dan Collins manager of South Atlantic distributors in Raleigh said people often buy 50�?Ts-Model jukeboxes from him even though they Don t work. A they just want them for decoration a he watch Federal government seeks consumer opinion they la do it every time Quot hts a Quot a Miracle pimping a wo0< a an Yod Cam a Ffora i the Sipes of the front St eps Neep be Puc no the rest is Okay till Cost he s ret Pep a Hij t he just likes a f the other estimate to kelp bus /-1 we got was$300ahd Srab him it was prom Shahly go prop has Maki ii have him Price goes to Art Woop 7cob Tell pfc lame t3cxxviue, vary Laho by Louise Cook associated press writer Uncle Sam wants your advice. The government is looking for Consumers opinions on everything from Chicken hot dogs to air conditioners. Here Are some of the proposals made by various Federal agencies and information on How to make your views known poultry sausage the agriculture department at the request of the poultry Industry is trying to work out standards for cooked sausage a hot dogs Bologna and Knock Wurst a made out of Chicken Turkey or other poultry. The Usdan a proposal would set a maximum amount of fat in the finished product a 25 per cent a and a minimum amount of protein a 12 per cent. It would require manufacturers who use giblets to include this information on the Label. A listing of the binders used such As dried skim milk soy protein concentrate and vegetable starch also would be required on the Label. Oct. 25 is the deadline for comments. Write to hearing clerk agriculture department Washington d.c., 20250 air conditioners the Federal Energy administration has proposed a set of test procedures to measure the Energy efficiency or Energy consume examination caution required when dealing with sales pitch by John Cunniff a business analyst new York a salesmanship is an Art that moves goods and thus helps to keep our Economy moving but it is also an Art that demands our closest examination and caution lest we become its victims. Here Are two situations in which you could become involved Over the next few months. The Stock Salesman a a if you had bought a dollars Worth of Stock during the depth of the recession late in 1974. As represented by the Dow Jones Industrial average you could sell it today for More than $1.50. A but if you had put your Money into Gold As so Many of addicts were encouraging you to do you would have lost almost the same amount the Dow went up but Gold went if you Are presented with this argument which is commonly used these Days you might consider asking in your most naive manner these questions How do i buy a Dollar s Worth of Stock How do i buy the Dow Jones average have you deducted commissions Why do you compare a specific investment Gold with stocks of which there Are thousands the truth is you cannot invest in the Industrial average As such. You might Purchase equal amounts of the 30 shares that make up the average but to do so would involve costly commissions. Neither of course can you invest in a the Stock the new York Stock Exchange alone has More than a thousand issues listed and that is Only a fraction of the total never has anyone had an interest in the total Market. When somebody tells you that you would have earned a pile of Money if you had invested in the Market at such and such a time ask him to which Stock or stocks he refers. And then ask did you recommend them at the time the automobile Salesman a a sure the Price is higher than last year but what Isnit but look at it this Way you won t pay a Nickel More per month that a because we can get you 60-month financing instead of 48 or 36. A look Fella if you had to pay off $5,000 in 36 months at 12 per cent you cd be sending the Bank a Check for More than $166 every month. This Way you la Only have to Shell out a bit Over $111. Can to you see that a it in t hard to see at All of course and it shouldst be difficult to foresee the problems either. Ask the Salesman How much More you a have to pay by extending the terms to five years. The answer is nearly $700. In the first instance your $5,000 loan becomes $5,976, in the second $6,660, or thereabouts. After seeing these calculations you still might feel the 60-month loan is Worth it but now comes this question what Are you going to do if your car needs to be turned in before that any car buyer runs the risk of having his car Wear out before five years. And that could mean that instead of a Down payment toward your next car you la have a debt that never got paid off. Lion of room air conditioners. These test procedures worked out with the National Bureau of standards will be used by still another Agency the Federal Trade commission in determining product Labelling rules. The proposed procedures measure Cooling capacity in British Thermal units bus per hour under certain conditions the proposal sets various formulas for figuring out estimated annual operating costs and Energy consumption. Sept. To is the deadline for comments. Write to executive communications room 3309, Federal Energy administration Box in Washington d.c., 20461. Put a room air conditioners a proposed test procedures on the Label. Recalls the food and drug administration is describing a for the first time a the responsibilities of Industry in dealing with products recalled under Fra jurisdiction. The list includes foods prescription and Over the counter drugs for humans and animals cosmetics and medical devices. Some of the practices spelled out in the regulations already Are followed on an informal basis. Here Are highlights of the formal guidelines a manufacturers and distributors Are expected to assume responsibility and expense for removing defective or harmful products from the Market. The Industry also is responsible for follow up checks on the effectiveness of the recall. A companies should develop contingency plans for product recalls so they can put them into effect rapidly. They must notify the Fra As soon As they remove a product. A companies should keep records for use in tracing the distribution of a product and should use codes that identify specific batches of recalled products. The original deadline for comment was aug. 30, but it has been extended to sept 29 at the request of the american Bakers association. Write to hearing clerk food and drug administration 5600 Fishers Lane Rockville. Md., 20852. Engineer study draws females Nashville Tenn. Apr Vanderbilt University a engineering school has a greater percentage of female students than any other such school in the nation a University Dean says Vanderbilt engineering Dean Howard Hartman says about 20 per cent of the schools current engineering majors Are women a a a deliberate Effort to recruit them was made beginning about 15 years ago he said a girls were at first reluctant and Only a few stayed but then it began to be socially acceptable for women to be engineers and now we have gotten to that Point a Hartman said. Some newly enrolled female freshmen engineering students said they were attracted by a combination of Vanderbilt a academic reputation and the schools efforts on their behalf a a it a the Best engineering school in this area and it does More for women a said Vicki Vanpoucke Siloam Springs Ark. A other schools have men to women ratios of 15 to one a Cheryl Mezies Jackson Tenn., said a there it s lower. I think they Are really trying a she added. I rack records Washington a Texas has the greatest mileage of Railroad line in the United states. The association of american railroads says Texas has 13.306 Miles of Railroad tracks followed by Illinois with 10,572 Miles Pennsylvania with 8,020 Miles Ohio with 7.727 Miles Kansas with 7,616 Miles and Iowa with 7,587 food town labor Day savings Tomato a Sci i to cock Tau Gardin peas in a food Stamps Welcome of you Are unable to find any item advertised at a reduced Price ask cashier for rain Check Liza Minnelli describes singers of bygone Era by Bob Thomas associated press writer los Angeles a it s not the company a said Liza Minnelli As she yawned deeply. A it s just that when i sing a lot without warming up my Throat i have to Yawn a she had been singing a great Deal that morning portraying a band vocalist circa 1946. She performed endless versions of a tense rehearsal scene with Robert Deniro who plays the band Leader husband in a new York. New York a each scene was different As director Martin Scorsese encouraged the stars to Supply their own words in the marital breakup they had been working in the Rococo Gold ballroom of the downtown Biltmore hotel now1 Liza was in an upstairs suite testing costumes with Theordora Van Bunkie a Bonnie and Clyde i and hair styles with Sidney Guilaroff who designed for Garbo. Garland Carson and other Mem Queens the superstar treatment for sure but Minnelli does things that belie her super Star status like yawning in an interview i in tired but i feel great a she said of the morning a s work a Marty encourages us to improve a a and it s much harder Man just Reading lines. You have to think exhausting a exhausting a Guilaroff had devised a hair style that marked right Back to the forties Well coiffed Bangs and a Long fall gathered in a snood Liza looked like a fourth Andrews sister. We be tried to make everything authentic about this picture a she said. A the hair styles the clothes the music i even developed a new voice for the songs i studied the singers of the period and borrowed a lot from Lee Wiley Doris Day and Una Horne a band singers had their own style in those Days Thev used a lot of vibrato and pronoun cd All the b s they were want to sing the lyrics dearly without too much style she demonstrated by belting the morning s song Harold Arlen s a taking a Chance on la give. In familiar Minnelli style then toning it Down in a manner that smacked of Helen of Connell and Marion Hutton she also showed Oil a singing gesture she had picked up from old movie watching a Palm up cupped hand moving outward from the Chest. Liza said that Scorsese had mentioned a new York. New York to her More than two years ago. A at that time it was All the Man s Story How he went from band Leader to record producer in the Early years of Rock and Roll a she said a there were two girls in the script singers who had worked for him i said i would be interested in the picture if the woman s role could be developed to show what happened behind the bandstand a i saw dozens of musicals of the period All of daddy a and lots of others i saw orchestra wives three times a daddy of course is Vincente Minnelli with whom she made her last film. A matter of time a a it was really interesting working with him for the first time a she said a i found out things i never knew before. For the first time i saw him blow his top. A not at me or Ingrid Bergman the lab in Italy decided not to work before the holidays and they ruined six Days film other movies lost their film too. Daddy was beside himself How can they do such a thing a he demanded it s not so hard on actors to do retakes they feel they can improve their performances anyway. But for a director and a cinematographer to recapture the mood and the look of scenes is next for Liza a stage musical. A in person a which Shell play next year in an Francisco los Angeles Anu new York pixies by Wohl food town granulated sugar foe Pau the so 11 Mil Jami total tells the truth to or instant Tea. J 49 195 Lipton instant Tea 119 149 Barbecue sauce. .67 .75 iced Tea mix. .83 .99 iced Tea mix. 149 179 chunk Light tuna .65 .75 self rising flour. 179 199 Martha White flour. .69 .99 stuff. Green peppers 107 119 Luzianne Coffee. 145 165 Luzianne Coffee. 189 209 Fantail shrimp. In 177 Lemon pie filling .57 63 red band flour. 69 113 Gold medal flour .69 109 red band flour. I65 223 Thompson s White seedless grapes u s no i size a round White potato s 38 a min tu5p Pascal celery i a Moe stalks in Tim Mush i Kish yellow apples Corn 79< to $1 a ave 1l� on Del Monte save on Del Monte save of on Oei. Monte stewed tomatoes cd 33c Cut Sauer beets 4 a amp St Kraut 3 89 quart size 7-up or or. 6 bottle Carton Pepper a 39 $1 Why Pav ii 79 Jit smooth Peanut r butter >.o, of a 07 Why pay is 07 open 8 00am t0 10 00pm at these two locations in High Point a 2625 South main Street a 2300 North main Street beside k Mart

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