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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 1, 1972, High Point, North Carolina To your Good health he wants or. T. To write More about . By George c. Thosteson . Dear or. Thosteson please write More on venereal disease. It May help a lot of Young people. Question if a person has . When Young and it is cured will it cause things like diabetes and arthritis i am 68. A . . Does no to cause diabetes. But if left uncured it can cause arthritis As Well As a lot of other things. However if the Case is treated promptly and adequately there a no need to fear complications later in life. As to writing More about . For the Sake of Young people a in be tried it. In be warned of the con sequences of . A which Are considerable. In be quoted figures on the present epidemic of . A More than 2 million cases a year. In be warned of the various risks of a t tempting self medication. In be urged Young folks to get pamphlets from their health departments. I be offered if they want More detailed in 679 receive Asu degrees Boone a degrees were conferred on 679 students recently during summer commencement exercises a t appalachian state University Here. Included among the graduates were Brenda Carter Harris and Judy Gayle Teer. Both of Thomasville Gary Floyd Ball Lunda Ann Bowers Charles Keith Frank John Douglas Myers to Lynn Tysinger and Sharon Jackson Winebarger All of Lexington Janice Leigh Miller of it. 2, Trinity and Barbara Ann Lowe of Asheboro. Formation my own Booklet on . For 35 cents and a Long. Self addressed stamped envelope in a beginning to doubt that any of this has made any great Dent in the Youthful ignorance about and How to avoid it and what to do if they suspect they have it. The fact seems to be that too Many just done to care. Or they take the a it can t happen to me attitude. That is Don t care until they begin running into the consequences of . And by then it can be a Little late to Start learning. Of ill keep on answering questions about wd., and keep on feeling sorry that More of the kids lots of them 15 and 16. And some younger i won t spend an hour learning the Basic facts instead of getting into messes because they Don t know any better. But the truth is that you can t Force information Down anyone a Throat until he or she realizes that there a some Point in learning. Dear or. Thosteson my daughter la is going through hell because of the shape of her nose. Children and grownups make remarks about it and it is going to do too much harm to her. She is becoming withdrawn. I believe plastic surgery could help her but at what age and whom do i consult her nose is very Flat Over the Bridge. A mrs. . Re is Luj Mai igh7 Cine theatre i of it. Shopping f to w.�?~shks�.-, d. Is b i i. A Acari or Rnic Parmac Quot Snow Job Quot pm and a Quot abnormal female Quot i i continuous showing from 7 pm weekdays from 3 pm sat. Amp Suk special automotive edition a a Aiu ing a a Cimo. News omon news micmac of news news about fuds i olt Ign c a of is Ioc at Auto it Otto Newl a Cassity news c Ai can of Newi when tour ploy. So a it Adf w�9 Tiff a a a a a by a it t where in the High p0int Enterprise Why to furnish a focal Point of automotive interest immediately Tot lowing the first showing of 73 tors to allow Consumers to compare Oil new ears and accessories before purchasing \ a / who�?T1 Ben Ltd a a a a a a it a Ivy min Ane a a Wax a a la set cd Al automotive edition advertisers. Cali is it i to Reserve your space fhrw�mtheeitf"1 i gym sobotto Itao held Over limited engagement a undoubtedly the Best gangster film Ever made a masterful lob of storytelling. It merits becoming one of the most seen films of All Mil Vincent. The Tow if inuit i t a the Best picture of the year one perhaps to eventually rank up there with a gone with the wind. A stunning Brilliant perform Ance by Marlon Brando. Truly a Milestone Stoa proof i i awl it it Earp a a powerhouse film whose title should be written in letters of fire Brando gives an unforgettable j its Cost a in fori oui the Arr to Nevi min 0 Ping tearing blockbuster of a movie As charged with excite is a hoodlum using a machine gun As shocking As the St. Mess Day massacre a hit is Anaf is Tai yet moving film a gangster epic terribly brutal and a men of or Chi the m ,t1 f those movies that makes you want to go outside and whoop y when its Over. Just because its so Damn Good. Three Glori of w 71> sorry no passes this attraction open 8 00 show at dusk a a godfather Quot plays twice., reconstructive or plastic surgery must be performed after growth has ceased. This Means past puberty to around the late teens. Hence age la is somewhat too Early. Whom to consult have your regular physician lot the county medical society refer you to a qualified plastic surgeon. I would not put it off. Even though he May and probably will postpone the time of operation he in All likelihood can help considerably in overcoming year daughter s psychological problems. After All. He a seen other patients with similar problems and seen them get Over them. Explaining what sinus trouble really is and encouraging sinus sufferers to do something about it. For a copy write to him in care of this newspaper enclosing a Long self addressed use zip code stamped envelope and 25 cents in Coin to cover Cost of print ing and handling. Or. Thosteson is Happy to receive readers questions and whenever possible uses them in his column. However due to the great volume of mail received daily he regrets he cannot answer letters individually. A you can Stop sinus trouble a is the title of or. Thos tesone a newly revised Booklet adult entertainment saturday night Only 11 30 . Love Boccaccio style Quot Boid raw exciting Quot $900 doors open a. 11 00 . All seats $0 Towne theatre Hind k rated Brian s song has nothing at All to do with it will make your heart sing inspiring Plis Knighr log from Tsi i in a a Nan j to Ana will make you laugh and make you cry like you never have before. Because Brian s song is twice 2x As Good As any 10ti0n picture you have Ever seen a Columbia Picht has Ivr Iii a the management James Cava Hilly Dee Williams Iii Briana a song in Jack War Dix Sill Fah Judy pack pm Lump lev Paul Jungck Witt directed by Buzz Al Cik a Rcck Phi by i Sci am Bunn no a Babysitter Patricia r a of opus f Carty a Ann by Llama weekend u with the Babysitter r f color of t uni a i or a kit in a Jami i a Mah aft a i j aft St Kopfh a plus super hit no. 3 at la 15 . The biggest. Barest. Baw Diest. Romp. Since eve started wearing pants \ Mai. \4t/ Al we Pai he color Box office opens at 7 45 . I St show at 8 15 rated if under 18 requires Parent a not recommended for pre teenagers a the i High Point Enterprise Friday september to 1972 9a % $ television log Vaughn and the Vietnam War by John t. Wheeler associated press writer new York apr two decades ago. As America wound up an unpopular and Victor less War in Asia Hollywood was shivering in the gales of what became a Long Winter of fear and political discontent. Mccarthyism was the hottest Public topic and the House in american activities committee was soaring toward unprecedented Power. Actors writers directors and producers suddenly found themselves before harsh footlights and withering criticism for political beliefs and associations. Careers were destroyed and blacklisting was common. Social comment on celluloid was sometimes equated with treason Robert Vaughn had yet to begin knocking on the doors that would open his Way to stardom As Napoleon Solo in tvs a the Man from u n c but the mood of the times so impressed him that the actor wrote his doctoral thesis on the effect of political assaults on the american theater. Is it a period to be repeated As America 8 00 via satellite summer olympic games Munich Germany seeks to end another unpopular War in Asia again without military Victory a there Isnit a sign of it a Vaughn says. A factors have More latitude now than Ever before a and without repercussions. Jane Fonda can sit on a North vietnamese antiaircraft gun and still get work. Story lines can explore any political or social Point of what a the difference in the Early 1950s and the 1970s? Vaughn feels a major Factor is heightened Public sophistication that probably extends to any who might want to create and then ride a communist or right Wing scare to political prominence. But there Are some limits on Point of View and subject. Permissiveness and open mindedness have yet to extend themselves to penetrating looks at the Vietnam War. A that Issue is too hot now for a Tough show on Vietnam. Maybe after passions in a very in Solo mood Vaughn says he not Only would spurn a role in such a production. A i done to even want to hear the word again. In be opposed the War so Many places and in so Many ways in a we hey v or j a my Greensboro j a Btu Charlotte 41 Wunch University station f a Gap High Point is soc Charlotte id Wols Roanoke go Wujs Winston Salem 4 00 . 21 news weather sports j news 4 what s new .8 Abc news 41 eyewitness news id 6 of clock news 4 30 . Go lbs news to to Tell the truth a t�3d Abc news 7 00 . 2 Andy Griffith 5 news 4 evening edition a to Tell the truth 18 to truth or consequences go news 7 30 go beat the clock 0 Loots make a Deal 141 images amp things 8 Mayberry had 5 Hee Haw to to Tell the truth go Green acres 1 00 . Do of Hara. Ust of Washington week of olympics go project to go rolling on the River 1 30 . 4 youth drug Ward sxid3d football 9 . A cd Friday movie 9 30 . 4 Bellota 10 30 . Go Rifleman 11 00 . Dod news is news to news go news weather. Sport 11 30 . T Dod movie is Dick Cavett j news ski tonight is esd pro football 8 30 pm Baltimore Colts / Detroit Lions saturday 4 30 . 10 now 7 00 3 summer semester 3 Kirby in friends of Popeye to insight 11 farm report 7 30 j Tom and Jerry 0 capt. Noah j make room for daddy to profile go cartoon carnival 1 00 . 5/3 bugs Bunny a 10 go or. Doolittle 8 real Jerry Lewis 1 30 cdg3 Scrooby Doo f Road runner �10 1d Deputy Dawg 9 00 . 2j 31 Harlem globetrotters 81 Funky phantom �10 to Woody Woodpecker 9 30 5 3 the hair Bear Bunch 5 04 32 Pink Panther 8 Jackson five 10 00 . 5x3 pebbles and bamm bamm 8 bewitched Fogo a the Jet sons 10 30 21 3 Archie a to funnies 8 lids Vilie 5 g0 go Barrier reef 11 00 3 0j Sabrina teen age Witch gds take a giant step 8 curiosity shop f to to children a theatre t1 30 . ®f3 Josie and the pussycats ii noon do tile monkeys Ogo id or. Wizard of Johnny quest 12 30 . 0x3 you Arr to re 8 Lancelot link 9 happiness is to id Buga Loos 1 00 2 3 children a film of american bandstand of rolling on the River a wrestling 1 30 . 5 sports Challenge of olympics 2 00 . 3 untamed world j lets talk to gds a baseball 2 30 . 3 Golf for swingers 3 survival go i spy 3 00 . 3 roller Derby 3 wrestling 3 30 i . Amateur Golf 4 pm 3x3 . Open Tennis 4 30 . Of survival 5 00 pm f olympics 5 untamed world to Wilburn Brothers 12 wild wild we 5 30 . 9 Simon Locke m i to Arthur Smith capsule views of today s evening programs 7 30 p. M. 2 beat the clock a soupy sales is the guest. I Mayberry red Goober volunteers his services As a guide so the Junior woodsmen can explore some nearby caves then he gets lost. 12 Green acres Oliver and Lisa Are called upon to solve the love problems of be and Arnold the pig. I p. M. J o Hara u. S Treasury of Hara takes a Job As a dealer in a desert Casino to Gam evidence against t h e owner a gambling tycoon. A summer olympics a coverage of the games from Munich Germany 1 30 p. M. 12 football an american football con Ference pre season game Between the Baltimore Colts and Detroit Lions at Tampa 9 p. M. 2 Friday movies a on the double a with Danny Kaye and Dana Wynter. Kaye portrays a dual role an unimportant private and an important general in a special assignment for British intelligence. 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