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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 1, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy Moro data on Page 3a 88th year a no. 295 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., Friday afternoon september i 1972 22 pages Call us circulation. 182-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c i Miami photographer testifies second watergate break in indicated for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every Security o. Could you find out How much was paid in to the social Security system last year and How much was paid out is it True that part of social Security goes into the general Treasury of the . For other purposes i keep hearing that the social Security administration is broke and if it is i d like to find out Why. Or. H. A. The local social Security administration office says that the total receipts from All sources amounted to $49,278,221,000 in 1971. This includes contributions taxes transfers from general revenues to pay for some programs administered by social Security but not paid for with social Security Money interest paid by the Federal government for Money borrowed from the social Security Trust funds transfers from the Railroad retirement account to pay their share of medicare Hospital insurance benefits Premium income paid by people signed up for medicare supplementary medical insurance and transfers from general Revenue to pay the Federal governments share of the medicare supplementary medical insurance premiums. The Money went into four separate Trust funds old age and survivors insurance Trust fund. Disability insurance Trust fund. Hospital insurance Trust fund and supplementary medical insurance Trust fund. The total expenditures from these four Trust funds in 1971 amounted to $46,819,015,000. This includes monthly Cash Benefit payments rehabilitation services for the disabled transfers to Railroad retirement account administrative expenses. Hospital and related service benefits and medical service benefits. The total assets in the four Trust funds As of december 31. 1971, were $43,917,555,000. This includes investments in u. S. Government securities. And Cash balances. As an example the old age and survivors insurance Trust fund for 1971 looked like this receipts net contribution income $33,722,571,000 transfers from general revenues 487.546.000 net interest 1,666.735.000 total receipts $33,876,852,000 expenditures Cash benefits payments $33,412,713,000 rehabilitation services for disabled 1.642,000 Transfer to Railroad retirement 613.026,000 net administrative expenses 514,241.000 total expenditures $34,541,624,000 assets at end of period invested in . Government securities $30,686,119,000 Cash balances 3,102,936.000 total assets $33,789,035,000 the Treasury of the United states borrows Money from the Trust funds and uses it for whatever expenses the Federal government has. To get this Money the Treasury Sells securities to the social Security Trust funds just As it Sells savings Bonds to individuals and it pays the going rate of interest. Private business men. University professors and other highly knowledgeable persons Are members of advisory committees who study the social Security Trust funds and their financing. None of their reports has Ever suggested social Security is going broke. It is says the social Security office financially and actually sound. A a Volunteer for George q. I am interested in working for George Mcgovern end whet is the phone end address of his heed quarters thank you. A. Shall we sign you a head quarters citizens for Mcgovern Are temporarily located at 1141--South main. Hours Are to to 4 on week Days and maybe to to 2 on saturdays if they can get volunteers to staff it. The Telephone is 886-5056 the Post office Box is 1562. A a de waxing it o. How Cen you get Wax from a Candle out of a White knitted shirt thank you. Up a. Place a paper Towel under and on top of tile pot and press it with a warm Iron. It should absorb the Wax and remove the stain better than Michael Richardson Miami a state atty. Richard Gerstein of Miami says the testimony of a photographer Points to a second break in of the democratic National Headquarters where correspondence Between party leaders was secretly filmed. Gerstein said thursday that a Miami commercial photographer had testified he developed prints of what appeared to be hand written letters Between democratic leaders one week before five men were arrested inside the party a Headquarters at the watergate Complex in Washington . Photographer Michael Richardson identified the men who paid him for the a special Rush jobs on june Ioas former Cia agent Bernard l. Barker and Frank Sturgis. Both were Japan to buy More goods made in . Honolulu a president Nixon and japanese prime minister Kakuei Tanaka wind up their mid Pacific Summit today reaching Accord on a one shot japanese Effort to ease the plight of the Dollar. The agreement to be spelled out in a joint communique envisions japanese orders for an extra $1 billion plus of american goods with the bulk to be paid for in Advance. American officials had hoped to leave Honolulu with a similarly specific meeting of the minds on longer Range solutions to a chronic and growing deficit in . Trade dealings with Japan. Such matters however Are being left largely to future negotiations. Nixon and Tanaka were said to have spent a third of their time in private talks thursday discussing Trade matters. Sitting in on their initial discussion were Henry a. Kissinger the presidents foreign policy adviser and Nobuhiko ush Iba Japan s ambassador to Washington. While they met at the Kuil Ima hotel on Oahu s North Shore Secretary of state William p. Rogers and japanese foreign minister Masayoshi Ohira presided at a companion conference of other officials from the two countries. They were joined for an hour by Nixon and Tanaka before All Summit participants took a break prior to an evening working dinner at the hotel. After the dinner. American sources disclosed that Tanaka has been invited to visit the under states Mainland. He May go to Washington Early next year. The dinner lasted two hours and in what was described As a a private and very informal Nixon paid tribute to Tanaka in terms of baseball a a sport popular in Japan. Likening the new japanese prime minister to a Pitcher Nixon said he and his team Are a in the big adding. A the has All the pitches. He has a fastball a curve a Slider and a an american official who was present said Tanaka talked of handling problems in a a family spirit at the Summit and declared All difficulties Between the two nations could be solved by Frank and constructive talks. After a final meeting and issuance of the communique. Nixon flies Back to his san Clemente. Calif., Home Friday night. Before departure he will participate in a ceremony marking the retirement of adm. John s. Mccain or. And his replacement As commander in chief of . Forces in the Pacific by adm. Noel Gayler. While her husband spent All thursday conferring with the visiting japanese and getting a Vietnam report from Ellsworth Bunker ambassador to Saigon. Mrs. Nixon did some touring around Hilo on the Island of Hawaii. From the standpoint of the americans Trade was the key Summit topic in View of pressure on the Dollar resulting from Japan a currently estimated $3.8-Biilion surplus in see Japan in 2a olympics bulletins Munich a Ruth Fuchs of East Germany won Tho Gold Model in the women s javelin throw Friday with in olympic Mark of 209 feet 7 inches. Another East German girl Jacqueline Todten won the Silver modal and America s Kathy Schmidt captured the Bronze. Miss Schmidt of Long Beach calif., became the first american woman sine 1932 to win a javelin medal and the first . Girl to get a medal in any Field a vent since 1956. Pie 100-meter dash today by winning the Gold medal in 10.u seconds. Robert Taylor of Houston was second in 10.24 and Lennox Miller of Jamaica was third in 10.33. Munich a Richard Meade of great Britain won two Gold medals in Tho grueling three Day equestrian event Friday watched in the final jumping contest by Princess Anne with whom his name Bai Boon linked romantically. Munich a the United states registered a lop sided 96-31 Victory Over Egypt Friday to move within one game of clinching a playoff spot in the semifinals of Tho olympic basketball off on line 8-20-72 noted the English Road it a Street intersection was being sup Ereie to prevent vehicles from slipping under j pavement conditions. It would appear signers were working toward a High Speed a traffic controlled intersection Between it blocks in the business District Maxi eed 20 will this development of for running the English Road grand prix a with the frequent unscheduled running Emerywood 500 which is run on an unt rack there Are those who feel the prix will be run on a half fast track As to a half slow track. . Munich apr american swimming Star Mark Spitz strained his Back slightly Friday while lifting himself out of a make believe race car up in the olympic Village to entertain the athletes. The injury apparently was not serious and Spitz said he would be read to swim the 100-meter free style sunday and in the 400-meter Medley relay monday. Charged with the june 17 break in at the watergate. Gerstein said. A the Only conclusion you can reasonably draw is there was another break in at the wat Gate or somewhere else where these people came into possess i o n of documents they have had a said Gerstein. A Democrat who is running for re election this tall. Gerstein said his investigation of the watergate affair is a continuing a but declined to say if formal charges would be filed. He said the probe was a totally Richardson was subpoenaed by Gerstein and gave a sworn statement last week Gerstein said the 29-year-old photographer passed a 2�?~z-hour lie de Tector test thursday a with flying however the state attorney refused to say How Richardson s Story came to his attention. Martin Dardis Gorst Ciao a chief investigator said or in that Richardson a role Cam j Light with a tip from an Unish it / tidied third party. In his statement Richardson said Barker and St i came to his fathers firm. Rich photos on june to. He said he two men described the photographs As a Legal documents and notes stuff like but Richardson said when lie began to develop the 8x10 prints he started to suspect a some sort of the commercial photographer told investigators the 38 pictures from two Rolls of 35mm film showed what appeared to be personal correspondence Between Lawrence f. O Brien then chairman of the democratic National committee and other democratic leaders. He said Many of the Jetters were signed simply. Larry Richardson testified he first thought the onion skin spies were being held by a deformed hands a on a a deep shag rugs background. He said he la or realized that the hands actually were ill fitting surgical gloves. Richardson said when he finished the Job. A they were Happy with the results. Seems like they said somebody was going to be Happy to Sec Barker paid him $93 30 for see second on 2-a Richard Gerstein employment joblessness to a m show Rise Fischer captures Washington a the i Abor department today reported a substantial Rise in the nations employment boosting the total number of americans with jobs to 83.5 million. At the same time the unemployment rate Rose from 5.5 to 5.6 per cent the Bureau of la Bor statistics said. The report said actual employment Rose 61,000 but on a seasonally adjusted basis the Bureau figured the Rise at nearly 300.000 and called it a continuation of Strong growth evidence since the Middle of last year. The number of unemployed actually fell 316.000 but since it normally drops More in August the Bureau figured the slight Rise in the unemployment rate on a seasonally adjusted basis. The Bureau also reported average wages of some 50 million rank and file porkers Rose two cents an hour to $3 64 and $1 12 per week to $137 23. In the past year the report said average pay has risen $8 20. Or 6,4 per cent per week. Living costs have risen three per cent Over the same period the Bureau said the nations total employment has increased by 2.6 million in the past year. Virtually All of the August Rise in jobs was among women working part time the report said. Over file past year the Rise in the number of Job holders included la million men. I million women and 500.000 teenagers. The total unemployed included 1.738.000 men with a jobless rate of 3 9 per cent 1.772.000 women for a rate of 5.5 per cent and 1.347.000 teenagers for a rate of 169 per cent the Bureau said. In a racial breakdown the Bureau said the jobless rate or White workers edged up from 5.0 to 5.1 per cent with a total of 3 894.000 while the unemployment rate for other races mostly Down from 9 9 to 9 7 per cent with a total of 963,000 world chess title Reykjavik. Iceland api american challenger Bobby Fischer won the world chess championship today when Boris Spassky of Russia telephoned his resignation in the 21st game which had been adjourned overnight. Max Ewe. President of the International chess federation said Spassky had telephoned Lothar Schmid match referee shortly before the game was to resume with Spassky in a probable losing position. It is the first time an american has Ever held the title although Paul Charles Morphy of new Orleans who lived from 1837 to 1884 dominated play in the 1850s and came to be known As unofficial world Champion the title match Here had a limit of 24 games. Today s Victory gave Fischer 12points to Spassky s 8 z. Fischer won seven games each Worth a Point. Spassky took three including a forfeit thus he actually won Only one out of to games at the playing Board each of i draws was Worth half a Point to each contestant. Fischer who is 29. Is from Brooklyn. He stood to win $156 000 in prize Money counting a Bonus put up by a British fan. He will reap further thousands in Book royalties and other fees before he has to defend his title in 1976 Spassky who is 35. Is to receive about $100,000 As runner up he had won Hie title in 1969 from Tigran Petrosian a fellow russian indeed russians have Bobby Fischer almost monopolized title play most of this Century. Referee Schmid announced on the stage where the players were to have resumed their 21st game at 3 30 pm. That Spassky had telephoned his resignation at 12 50. Schmid took the Call and informed Hie american Camp. But the americans initially refused to accept the resignation As official. Schmidt a announce ment made it official. Fischer arrived at Hie playing Hall 15 minutes late after Ewe ruled that he would have to appear to claim the title. Fisc her walked on stage and stood hiking at the chess Board with one hand on his hip then Schmid stepped Forward and declared him the new Champion tile capacity crowd of 2.500 icelanders cheered and some began a slow handclaps. Fischer walked off and the ceremony was Over Spassky did wit appear. Frank Skoff. President of the . Chess federation said Fischer had not Lieen informed of Spassky s Telephone Call and see Fischer on 2-a o Brien will stay declares Mcgovern what s inside amusements Bridge. Classified ads comics crossword editorials financial obituaries sports television women s news weather i 9a 12b 4-11a so 12b 4a 2a 6b 3 46 9a 6-7a 3a Washington a Laurence f. Of Brien will stay on As one of the top strategists in George Mcgovern a Campaign the democratic presidential candidate said today. A ooh yes. There a no question about Mcgovern told newsmen when asked if the former chairman of the democratic National committee would stay on with the Mcgovern Campaign or quit As he indicated he might do in an interview with Knight newspapers published thursday. Mcgovern and his running mate Sargent Shriver held a Brief news conference in Mcgovern s front Yard following a i hour. 45-minute meeting Mcgovern said everyone agrees with of Brien that there is still some disorganization in the democrats Campaign a we want to get that cleaned up this Mcgovern said. He added that of Brien and Gary Hart Mcgovern a Campaign manager were meeting this morning and a i done to have any doubt at All that Campaign problems bothering of Brien a will he worked out a Mcgovern added in response to questions however that Hart will remain As the Campaign manager and that of Brien will not assume any new responsibilities. Of Brien whose title of Campaign chairman is generally considered More impressive than his actual authority within the Campaign serves chiefly As a Mcgovern Liaison with democratic governors state party chairmen and other so called old line party leaders Mcgovern said he and Shiv see o Brien on Page 2a draft numbers to 95 will be called Washington api selective service announced today that men with lottery numbers through 95 will be drafted this year. About 15 900 men will to called during the last three months. Setting hic Yea rend ceiling a no. 95 assures a almost three fourths of the men who faced induction during 1972 that they will not tie called this year a the announcement said. The ceiling was raised from no. 75 being used for the August Ami september callus. The 15 900 will raise the years tidal to the 50.000 that Secretary of defense Melvin r. In gird said the army would need this year to fill its ranks. This compares with More than 94.000 men inducted during 1971 and 163.500 in 1970. The Peak Vietnam year was 330,000 in 1966 elderly respond to food Aid plan Munich a Russia s Valery borzoi ended America s recent domination of the gym by Tom Seppy assorted press writer Washington api a government project to seek out elderly americans who qualify for food assistance programs is meeting with unexpected Success. Officials say. Some 1.4 million individual requests for assistance have been received since the program started on aug. 2. Letters of gratitude also have been received. A i was so deeply surprised. Tears came out of my eyes a wrote an elderly woman from Philadelphia. A it was the Only offer i had making me feel he a human being that someone really looked me up to offer me called project find it is headed by or. Arthur s. Flemming chairman of the White House conference on aging and a former Secretary of health education and welfare. A this program will open new worlds for the older americans who have been isolated from society Quot he said in an interview. The purpose is to locate older persons who Are eligible for either food stamp or commodity programs but who have not applied. Flemming said the government also Hopes to locate people eligible for social Security benefits transportation services and Home repair assistance. Of the first 7,531 inquiries received at welfare offices in 15 states shortly after the program was announced 2.591 persons were added to food assistance roles. Brochures explaining eligibility for the food programs a re enclosed with August social Security checks mailed to 20 Mil lion older persons. A stamped postcard was enclosed for those requesting assistance. To Date Flemming said 461,-000 of the 1.4 million postcard replies have been processed. He said these Are being sorted and returned to local chapters of the red Cross which is participating in the program with four government agencies. The red Cross is training 30.-000 volunteers under a Grant from the office of economic Opportunity and these volunteers will personally Contact those persons who sent in cards. Arthur s. Fleming

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