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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 31, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Us High Point file reprise sunday october 31, 1976 House of the week ranch is surprisingly by Andy Lang a jetting rid of the rain that Falls on the roof of a House is the Job of gutters and downspouts when they do not operate properly the water collects at the foundation of the House causing basement leaks damaging plants and shrubbery eroding soil and fostering dampness. Overflowing of the gutters the result of clogging can also Send water under roof shingles and cause the rotting of fascia boards there Are some areas in the country where gutters and downspouts Are not mandatory provided that the roof overhang meets certain specifications in Many of these cases Home owners add the equipment at a later Date after discovering that the overhang deposits the roof water into the ground just a Little away from the House rather than very close to it. A somewhat dubious advantage. How Well water moves away from the Bottom of a House depends on several factors including How Well the soil is sloped away from the Structure and whether or not there is drainage tile around the base in the former Case the slope moves the water away before it has much of a Chance to sink immediately into the ground in the latter the water settles into the ground Falls into the tile actually piping with openings at the top and is carried away. You can Tell How Well your Gutter downspout system is operating by observing it during a heavy rain of the gutters Are not overflowing and if water is pouring out of the downspouts into splash blocks and moving away from the Bottom of tile House quickly you have no problems should the water come out of the Bottom of the downspouts in a triple or not at All. The gutters and or the downspouts Are clogged probably with leaves and other debris the cleaning of the gutters must be done mostly by a ladder and with Waterproof gloves pulling out the junk in some cases the Flushing action of a Garden Hose will help this is a Job not to be taken lightly by anyone not used to working with a ladder most roofers and Many other professional handymen will undertake this chore for anywhere Between $20 and $40 for an entire House if a Gutter is not clogged but there is an overflow of water at a particular Point the chances Are that the Gutter is sagging this occurs when the Hanger holding it to the House has come Loose it can be renamed or if necessary replaced when a House is located in an area with a lot of Leaf shedding Trees gutters get clogged very often in that event it might pay to install or have installed one of several varieties of open meshed wiring that runs along the length of the Gutter even if this cud is not utilized the tops of All downspouts should be fitted with Leaf strainers Kven these need cleaning once or twice a year. By Andy Lang the newest House of the week features an unusual floor plan for a ranch House. Most ranch houses Are designed with the length primarily in one dimension the layout of design r-192 is almost As deep As it is Long permitting the placement of a Large rear Patio that is accessible to both living and sleeping areas. Brick and rough sawn vertical siding Are combined on the facade giving texture to Walls and Gable ends. A prominent Chimney is an important ingredient of the front Entrance design. Architects Herman York and Raymond Schenke have set Back the foyer a location that reduces the Hall areas since the bedrooms Are closer to the Entrance. The dining and living rooms Are away from the traffic allowing for excellent furniture placement. A family room forms a Buffer Between the Kitchen and living room providing a separate informal area near the Kitchen with Access to the rear Patio. Multiple use is created for the Patio. It can serve As a lounging or outdoor dining space As Well As outdoor sitting area for the owners bedroom. Design details of Ealy America predominate in exterior of three bedroom ranch the family garage the Between room and Kitchen forms the Central control area for the homemaker. The Kitchen counters and appliances Are in the Quot Pullman configuration which places All items in convenient relationship with each another. A serving shelf near the sink is designed for passing through food service from Kitchen to Patio. There is a laundry next to the Kitchen with its own rear door plus doors leading to the garage and a toilet room. In addition to the storage space available in the garage an outdoor closet room is near the laundry. In the bedroom Wing. There Are three bedrooms and two bathrooms one private for the main sleeping room. This area of the House is Well Back from the Road even on a plot of modest size and will provide quiet nighttime surroundings for the owners. R-192 statistics design r-192 has a living room dining room family room Kitchen three bedrooms two bathrooms and a foyer totalling 1442 Square feet. A laundry room lavatory and storage area Are behind the two car garage. The Overall dimensions of 61�?T8�?� by 50�?T include the garage and a Large rear Patio. There is a basement under the bedroom Wing. The rest of the House is designed to be built on a slab. The entire bedroom Wing is raised two Steps above the living area resulting in a Quot dropped living room. This defines and separates living and sleeping resulting in a More interesting relationship of spaces i Oththo Usefof the week name of newspaper i City Ano state enclosed is $1 each for of design no r 192. Near the Entrance foyer. Also this change in level gave an added reason for the architects to design the living room with a Cathedral ceiling a device which places such a Large room in scale with its dimensions. I baby Blue prints enclosed is $150 Tor ranch Homes Booklet enclosed is is 50 for your Home Booklet enclosed is is 50 for practical Home repairs name Straer l City state zip j Here s the answer by Andy Lang a news features q a we Are thinking of getting a garbage disposer the kind that is attached under the sink but we Are completely confused by the conflicting opinions about it can you Tell me something about disposers9 we have a Ces Sprx that has been working very Well since we got it cleaned out six months ago a. A the newer garbage disposers Are excellent when used according to the manufacturer s instructions it is no wonder though that you Are confused by what you hear about them since some communities forbid them while some others make their installation mandatory in new houses in the past year or two. Many cities and towns which previously prohibited them changed their regulations to permit them unfortunately for you. Garbage disposers generally Are not allowed in houses with cesspools even when otherwise approved Check with your local authorities q a some time ago you advised a Reader that one of the Best ways to select a Good contractor was to get a recommendation from somebody who had a similar project done properly let me Tell you of my experience. I hired a paint contractor to paint a1 the rooms in our House he sent Over two men who did a Beautiful Job w Hen a neighbor wanted the same Job done he asked me Tor the name of my con tractor i told Hun and he arranged to have his rooms painted. A few weeks later he took me into his House to show me what a Sloppy Job they had done lie was right and i Felt bad about it because of my recommendation As we discussed the matter. I Learned that the two men who had painted his rooms were not the same two who had painted mine How does a person avoid this sort of thing9 a. A your neighbor ran into one of those situations where he happened to get a couple of men who were inf everything you be Ever wanted in an a Frame or vacation Home All styles and sizes of a Frame and other vacation Homes Are attractively presented in this new and helpful Booklet. You get 24 different plans for Only �$1.50. Send a Check or Money order to this newspaper the High Point Enterprise p o. Box 1009, High Point n c. 27261 r i a frames amp other vacation Homes the High Point Enterprise p o Box 1009. High Point n c. 27261 enclosed is Send me copies of a frames amp other vacation Homes name address City state up make checks payable to the High Point Enterprise Focient or had no Pride in their work or both i Hope he complained to the contractor because a reliable one would take some Steps to satisfy the customer. How to avoid something like this sometimes a Home owner can ask that specific workmen do the Job. Although this May mean waiting awhile until those workmen Are available it is a Good idea to get it into writing ahead of time that the contractor himself will inspect the finished Job or at least guarantee a result satisfactory to the Home owner. The advice still stands to hire a contractor who has performed Well for someone else which will place the Odds very much in the customer s favor More and More communities Are passing Laws designed to a Tsuro that Hind workmen Nave a proven competence but there s still a Long Way to go a contractor s integrity remains the key Factor. Q two of the sinks in our House Drain very slowly As does the Bathtub Drain i have been told that the clogging can Only be eliminated by removing the clean out plug in the main line and unclog my that pipe i have located the clean out plug in the basement. How do i go about loosening the blockage9 a a after removing the clean out plug i keep a pail underneath it i use an Auger or plumber s Snake the same As you might in an upstairs fixture that is clogged if the obstruction is farther along the pipe than the length of your Auger you la need professional help since a heavy duty Power Auger will be required q a we have decided to wallpaper the ceiling in the master bedroom in our House we also plan to paper the Walls which should be a done first9 a a the ceiling and remember to hang the paper across the Width of the ceiling rather than the length q a in Reading about mixtures for making Concrete i sometimes see the term a Fine aggregate and sometimes Quot coarse aggregate i know that the aggregate refers to the ingredient that is mixed with get top Dollar for your car. Sell it yourself with a want and. Just dial 885-2177 the Cement but How do i distinguish Between Fine and coarse aggregate a a when the expression a knee aggregate is used it usually refers to Sand a coarse aggregate Means gravel and Stone both materials should be free of foreign material the some goes for the water used in the mixture Salt water should not be used for either of Andy Lang s helpful booklets. Quot Wood finishing in the Home Quot of a paint your House inside and Send 30 cents and a Long stamped self addressed envelope to know How. To Box 477, Huntington n y. 11743 it #-/9.2 fill Odd containers with plants if you be got an old aquarium laying around in the basement doing absolutely nothing a or wooden shoes that you brought Back from Holland a Don t let them gather dust a fill them with plants that s the new craze sweeping the country. Collect All kinds of unique and interesting containers put a Plant in them a and voila a you have instant decorations which Are both inexpensive and alive Container gardening is cheap which is quite a draw in itself these Days but it s also easy to do first you simply pick a Container. Any kind will do. Make out of any material you overseas costs zoom overseas production costs were once far below those in the United states but no More they have jumped faster than those in the u s. During the last three years the conference Board finds. Despite these trends few u s companies Are moving their plants and offices out of foreign locations most Large u s firms say they must maintain their overseas facilities in order to stay competitive. Choose if there is a drainage Hole on the Bottom cover it with a piece of broken Clay pot. To keep the soil from spilling out. And your Container is All set if your decorative Container does t have a drainage Hole there Are three Basic things you can do. First simply insert the Plant pot and All into your Lovely Container then cover the pot with Moss bark or pebbles to camouflage it the second technique also involves putting the pot inside the decorative Container but this time you fill it with a Loose medium like perlite or vermiculite to retain moisture adding a Little charcoal will help keep the cabinets water smelling Sweet and once again appropriate coverings will hide the pot inside w Ith the third method you Plant the Plant alone in the new Container. But since there is no drainage Hole you must also place Fine gravel on the Bottom to catch the drainage in addition you can insert a plastic tube with dipstick into the soil to Check for excess water this Way you won t give your new decorative object too much. Ifs As easy As that instead of wasting those interesting a Antiques hidden away in the Corners of your Home make them the talk of the neighbourhood and win Praise for your marvelous creativity agriculture has come a Long Way by Bill Humphries Nusu agricultural information Raleigh u. S. Agriculture is highly productive today but it has not always been so. In fact practically All of the development in scientific agriculture has come during the latter half of the nations 200 years of Independence and most of it in the past 50 years. In 1776 about nine of every to americans lived on farms. Most farm families did Little better than produce enough food clothing and shelter for their own use and in unfavourable years they did no to do that Well. Shortages of food and other products occurred from time to time. Typical farm livestock of 200 years ago was rather puny compared to today a standards the of of that Day was Small and ill shaped according to one report. The average Gross weight of cattle on one new England livestock Market was 370 pounds and that of sheep 28 pounds. Little Hay or fodder was stored for Winter feed and livestock looked quite emaciated when Spring arrived one report states that the settlers neither a housed nor milked their cows in Winter having a notion that it would kill them along with poor and profitless cattle were poor and inefficient tools poor and meager crops and poor and miserable ideas of farming. One writer said there were no agricultural journals and few books. But there was some stimulus for change. Agricultural societies in the major cities came into being after 1784. And an a agricultural exhibition the first in the country was held in 1810 Whitney a invention of the Cotton Gin in 1793 and the granting of a Patent for a cast Iron plow in 1797 were 4 followed by a series of mechanical advances the mowing machine Hay Rake a reaper and Grain separator were All developed in the first half of the nineteenth Century the first improved a a livestock were imported in 1819 and by 1850 Breeding had become a tool for improvement of both crops and livestock following passage of the Morrill act by Congress in 1862, Many states established land Grant colleges to provide training in agriculture and the mechanical arts. Also state agricultural Experiment stations came into being Federal support for the stations was provided by the Hatch act of 1887 creation of the agricultural Extension service under the Smith lever act of 1914 provided an effective system for disseminating research results a to Farmers in every county. 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