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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 31, 1976, High Point, North Carolina No constitutional right Given for the Pursuit of happiness try Rohrt Herzberg women i new service a three judge Federal District court in Montana has just found that americans have no right under the Constitution to the Pursuit of happiness you remember from High school the declaration of Independence t a we hold these truths to be self evident that All men Are created equal that they Are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that among these Are life. Liberty and the Pursuit of at Issue was the Pursuit of happiness by out of state people Weking recreation while the Case involved discriminatory nonresident fees in Hunting it is Clear the Issue was All stale controlled recreation even in instances involving Federal land in Short if the decision stands out of state people must stay second class citizens As Many states now make them their ability to Hunt. Fish. Hike Camp boat or ski can be controlled through discriminatory License fees or through just about any other scheme states come up with. While residents Are free to enjoy the same activities for years now a kind of madness has been sweeping through state Legislatures called Quot sock it to the Oul of state outdoor people a some nonresidents believe All Are in violation of their constitutional hights. As the Cost of providing outdoor recreation has gone up and the need for services and facilities has increased it has been the out of state users no voters that have had their activities limited and have paid the Tab of extra Cost in the Montana Case state statute required nonresident Elk Hunters to Purchase a combination big game License which in 1976. Permitted the taking of one Elk. One Deer one Black hear Upland Birds and fish a nonresident could not Hunt for Elk without the combination License priced at $225 hut a resident can Hunt Elk Only by purchasing an tit Elk tag and a $1 conservation License out of state Hunters had to buy a total Hunting and fishing License to Hunt for a few Days the Cost to the resident for All privileges for All year amounted to just $30 four nonresident citizens and the Montana outfitters action group composed of licensed outfitters and dude ranchers took the discriminatory nonresident fees to the Federal District court of Montana the group of Quot plaintiffs challenged constitutionality of the statute on grounds of discrimination in violation of the privileges and immunities clause and the equal Protection and due process clauses of the u s. Constitution the court rejected their contentions one of the three judges dissenting in a 2 to i decision the court found that about 75 per cent of the Elk killed in Montana Are taken on Federal Public lands and that a Cost ratio Between nonresident and resident licenses of 2 5 to i could be justified the current ratio for Elk Only License is 28 2 to i. If Elk Hunting alone is considered nevertheless the court held that plaintiffs asserted right is Quot recreational and not a fundamental right Quot such As voting a protected under the privileges and immunities equal clause of the equal Protection clause of the nothing was said about the declaration of Independence s a unalienable rights including the Quot Pursuit of acclaimed author can t sign his name Waco. Tex Wensi an unusual Book autographing party was held Here for a Man who can t even sign hts own name Braz Walker highly acclaimed author of Quot oddball fishes 6 other strange creatures of the deep. 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The court held that neither the state nor the Federal courts were required to scrutinize the discrimination strictly the court had Only 4o determine whether the discrimination bore some rational relationship to legitimate state purposes the court further found that a state could rationally conclude that equal treatment of residents and nonresidents would destroy residents motivation to underwrite management Hee t i Multi vitamins with minerals. Buy two and save 91 buy 2 Ano save is is 2 Boul of 144 in twin pack $19 90 value Only $10 99 buy 2 Ano save 2 Boma Olsi in twin pack $5 90 value Only $4 29 buy 2 Ano save s4.b1 2 bottles of 72 in twin pack Sii 30 value Only $6 49 Nderson drug 2401 English re. A Call 882-9828 vow to plat specially designed for f \ people who want to play j Organ now without hours of practice or i lessons. Hammond presents. 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