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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 31, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Tuesday is judgment Day for Carter and Ford an a news special by Walter r. Mears a special correspond pm Washington a Gerald r Ford who never sought the presidency until he held it and Jimmy Carter the driving self started democratic challenger come to judgment on tuesday by the Standard measurements. Carter leads narrowly with signs of erosion and of a late Ford Advance however this is not a Standard election this contest to restore the Seal of voter approval to a White House that has lacked it for 27 months and the measurement that counts awaits two last Days of campaigning by the appointed Republican president and by the democratic nominee who lifted himself out of obscurity to the Brink of Power it will be registered on tuesday in the polling Booths of 178 77 precincts from the Maine Dawn to the California evening it May be registered by Only about half the americans who could vote if they chose thus the Winner will probably be the Choice of Little More than one Quarter of the nation s voting age citizens that May not be a compelling mandate from the people but it will nonetheless return the White House to voter custody be it Carter or Ford who is chosen to take office next Jan 20 the electoral College arithmetic leans Carter s Way and Ford is confronted with a list of must states sudden death contests Ary one of which could be his undoing a presidential election is not one contest but 51, in every state and the District of Columbia for the 270 electoral votes that will make a president a if we Don t win states like Illinois it will be virtually impossible to win the Ford said add to that states like Ohio Indiana Michigan and California. Ford s strategists acknowledge he must sweep them to make the presidency his own with his presumed base of Southern support and As the candidate of the stronger party. Carter could assemble an electoral College majority without such a sweep but there were worrisome portents for the democrats in a late California poll that showed Ford six Points ahead there and in Campaign surveys that indicate Carter is slipping in new York. Pennsylvania and Ohio. A Ford Campaign official claimed on Friday that the president now leads in states with enough electoral votes to win the election furthermore with election Day at hand the Public opinion analysts report a persistently High level of indecision in the electorate and that too. Clouds the indicators it has been a Campaign without compelling issues a Campaign structured around three nationally televised debates which Are in retrospect More important for the fact that they were held than for anything that was said with Ford the signal Issue has been the fact that he is president that he has a record of performance in office to match against what he Calls Carters wavering waffling promises Carter s Central thrust has been a Challenge to Fords competence to handle the Job he holds together with pledges to put people Back to work overhaul the tax code. And Reform the ver Structure of government itself. He styled himself As the outsider come to change the establishment. As americans choose a president they also will elect a new Congress with continued democratic control a sure thing they will elect 14 governors and Settle thousands of local contests and questions there Are now 62 democratic senators 38 republicans and that balance of political Power is not Likely to change much the election will however change the face of the Senate. Eight incumbents have retired among them democratic Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana and Republican Leader Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania All told. 22 democratic and la Republican Senate seats Are at stake this year. The incumbents in deepest trouble include democrats Vance Hartke of Indiana up against former Indianapolis mayor Richard g Lugar Republican j. Glenn Beati of Maryland trailing rep Paul Sarbanes and conservative Republican James Buckley of new York the underdog against former u n ambassador Daniel p. Moynihan in the House democrats dominate by a 2-1 margin. 290 seats to 145 even they expect the republicans to regain to or 12 of the 43 seats the cop lost in the 1974 congressional elections just after the watergate scandals republicans talk of gaining 20 seats or More but either Way. Both sides foresee a comfortable democratic majority in the 95th Congress fourteen states Are electing governors this year and in at least three of them the statehouse contests could prove a Boon to Ford against Carter Republican goes. Christopher s. Bond of Missouri and Otis l. Bowen of Indiana Are favored to win landslides that could help the top of the gop ticket in Illinois former u s attorney James r Thompson is the runaway Leader Over Democrat Michael j Hewlett and there too. The coattails could Aid the president there is another hard to measure Factor in the presidential race by the name of Eugene j Mccarthy. He is entered As an Independent candidate in 29 states and in contests like those of Illinois Wisconsin and California. He could pull away enough Liberal democratic votes to turn the outcome in Ford s favor if the count is close in addition former Georgia gov Lester Maddox is on the ballots of 20 states As the american Independent party candidate. But the pull of party magnified by the absence of a compelling reason to defect should be an asset to Carter party loyalties have waned but the democrats still Are stronger particularly in the big. Industrial states that count most in the electoral College the democrats and organized labor have staged an intensive drive to sign up new voters by most calculations the bigger the turnout of voters the better for Carter four years ago about 55 per rent of the potential electorate cast presidential ballots. This time the percentage showing could Well be lower perhaps below half the trend is downward turnout in the last five presidential elections has averaged 62 per cent and there is no evidence that Ford and Carter separately or jointly have managed to turn on the electorate in a fashion that would bring out a heavy vote there Are about 150 million americans of voting age and about two thirds of them Are registered to cast ballots. Now comes their Choice after an extraordinary Campaign when it began Carter was t even listed in the polls on democratic opinion yet he climbed swiftly to command of his party while Ford was still struggling to Edge Ronald Reagan for the Republican nomination it is the first Campaign Ever to be financed with Public funds 821 8 million in checked off tax dollars for each candidate. Ford is a unique incumbent. Come to office through appointment As vice president to Richard m Nixon. Resigned aug 9. 1974. By Midsummer. Carter was a towering 33 percentage Points ahead of Ford in George Gallup s poll. Now. On the basis of mid october interviews. Gallup makes it Abc profitable Quot what shall it profit a Man if he Gam the whole world and lose. ? vote no Abc Issue november 2 Frank Redding a a Man who has the ability and willingness to study he issues and make Tough decisions. Vote nov. 2 for Frank Redding Republican for one of two Randolph seats . House of representatives. Paid for by w Frank Redding Iii open today i till 5 . To buy from direct where saving Are a reality not a Promise j direct furniture old enough and Young enough Bea Brubaker a c k e r a Ive in Community affairs once read of i the sue of a growing govern bureaucracy Nowland Stabl in irate government. Vote nov. 2 a Pettei a Hue concern for the elderly by pro pot ing tax Relief on property taxes Eacutt to our needs by advocating better utilization of the inmates in our prison systems for our state t Rood programs Republican candidate . House of representatives Politico adar tenement paid for by i io7t 6 Harold Brubaker Carter 47 per cent. Ford 41 per cent undecided 12 per cent Louis Harris surveys in oct. 19 and 20 indicated a three Point Carter Lead a Harris Survey announced Friday showed the Lead a narrowed to Only one Point. The Early pollsters Odds led Ford to a move that has become customary for the underdog he challenged Carter to debate it had t been done in a presidential Campaign in 16 years and no incumbent Ever had agreed to debate. So they debated or. More accurately appeared jointly to respond to questions put by panels of reporters in three 90-minute sets ions at intervals of about two weeks Ford and Carter dropped everything for the nationally televised encounters in Prospect they had loomed As the decisive Arenas at the Campaign in performance it did t work out that Way neither Man Selfred a Clear advantage int Mea sorrow eater c Amot met War Mulier Row ii save Mott rat Way. 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