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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 31, 1974, High Point, North Carolina M High Point Enterprise thursday october 31, 1974 november 1963 in Dallas we can t forget ten years ago on sept. 24th. The Warren commission published its findings on the assassination of president John f. Kennedy in Dallas Texas. The shooting occurred on nov. 22. 1963. The exhaustive hearings conducted by chief Justice Earl Warren and a commission of members of Congress concluded that a Young Man. Lee Harvey Oswald executed Kennedy alone the report consisted of More than to million word published in 26 Blue volumes. I bought two sets because i was researching a Book called a the Day Kennedy was the testimony the depositions were poorly correlated and the photographic reproductions were often vague and blurred. The reason was that president Lyndon Johnson urged the Warren commission to proceed at Speed and reach a conclusion. However by Reading carefully and keeping shears at hand the millions of words could be refitted into notebooks on a minute by minute basis. The hours from 7 a m., nov. 22. To 4 a Of nov. 23, when Kennedy reposed in the East room in a closed casket became Clear comprehensible incontrovertible. It would have been a bigger better Book for me if i could have hinted at a conspiracy or proved that Oswald was a a fall Guy for shadowy figures or even that there was a connection Between Oswald and Ruby. It was not to be the wild writers made Money spinning webs of suspicion mystery and innuendo. I could not a and would not a Stop them from earning a dishonest Buck although i question the ethics of publishers who sold millions of copies of Bent facts. The great City of Dallas is cooler now about the tragedy at the time. Police chief Jesse Curry refused to talk to me Captain will Fritz of homicide saw me and with an Edge of Iron said he would Tell me nothing. Roy truly then manager of the Texas school Book depository building allowed the Bishops to Crouch in the Low lodged sixth floor window and look out and watch automobiles move slowly through the branches of the Elm tree out front Down toward the underpass the head of the f b i. Dallas office Gordon Shanklin. Gave me All the time and information he could. In Washington so did the chief of the secret service James Rowley i was permitted to question the secret service agents who were with the presidential party and the k b i. Inspectors at the Washington Laboratory who sifted the evidence. It was a time of National fever la years ago. A woman showed us through the House where Oswald visited his wife. Exactly four years after the assassination we stayed at the hotel Texas in Forth Worth in the suite occupied by the Ken Nedys. The i manager told us everything the presidential party asked in service Down to the last cup of Coffee. The to set was still inside a Pale Green chinese Cabinet. Mrs. Kennedy a bed. At the opposite end of the a shaped suite was still there. She said it was too Small. Father Oscar Huber who administered the last rites in trauma one at Parkland memorial Hospital. Gave freely of his time and memories. At the National archives. I hefted the cheap Rifle Oswald used at love Field my wife drove a rented roadster from the Point where Kennedy left air Force one to the school depository building four times. Each time. I made pictures with a Nikon 1.4. It sounds like a waste of time but. When the Book came to be written i could project each slide on a screen in my office and see exactly what Kennedy saw. The Man who excited my sympathy was William Greer. Kennedy a Driver. He was a grading dedicated Man and. When he heard the first shot he stepped on the Brake instead of the accelerator. The car slowed to the right president Kennedy and governor John Connally were. In effect sitting ducks for a moment. Or. Greer retired from the secret service. Even though no one blamed him. When i saw him mrs. Greer was ill of cancer. A the motorcade was moving at la Miles per hour a i pointed out. A from the sixth floor Oswald could t have missed no matter what you he was not consoled. Nov Tami i. Of re elect Democrat Paul h. Gibson sheriff of Cuil Foro county proven competent capable Good Thip dear a1 gun a it i a be 5, a974. Coner. The etl by a a it Ion. Bavin pc a div duo int Crim i to a a a a who Quot 0 a Hen .,usw0r&Quot t she Quot ,whov�?T"9 in of tune100 no Ani. End Quot Peep g so -on., Ond 0,d co Quot , a it of a top. A d by own Are on. 1.000"�?o who to procedures. Hot Jyz cond do on but a \ olt ,. a Cou,"1,� a a will it Quot a pm Quot a tot 7� Quot vol nil it Quot a it Quot 7�� rapport on Ltd foul give in soul to by Friend of fowl go ton c. A. Collin i. Chairman a year for great tires tires tires to Deli now s the time i hied to buy my compact cars fits most Vega Pinto. Gremlin. Hornet. 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