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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 31, 1974, High Point, North Carolina In High print Enterprise. Thursday october 31, 1974 new Laws Are Likely by 76waterfowl Hunting Issue steel shot is. Lead Annapolis. My. A Early in 1972, officials with the Maryland department of natural resources began to receive reports of a waterfowl kill on the Eastern Shore. Before the end of the year the death of 2.500 geese had been blamed on Lead poisoning and Maryland became the first state to move toward a comprehensive ban on the use of Lead Shotgun pellets. For this fall s Hunting season neither Maryland nor any other state has banned the use of Lead shot. The proposal has been expanded however and now is under Active consideration by the . Interior department. Waterfowl die offs have been documented and traced to Lead Shotgun pellets As Early As 1894 by the 1920 s. A few scientists and sportsmen were warning of the Hazard posed by Lead pellets deposited in heavily hunted wetland areas. According to Vernon i Stotts waterfowl program director for the department of natural resources Birds such As ducks geese and Swan inadvertently eat the spent pellets in their search for grit which is used for grinding food. When a Bird grinds up the Lead pellets. Stotts said the Lead Salt paralyses its Gizzard leading to starvation he estimates that Between 16,000 and 20.000 Birds die this Way annually in Maryland alone. Maryland s natural resources Secretary James b Coulter has tried twice to impose a Lead shot ban by administrative action. Coulter was forced to Shelve hts plan in 1974 when the Maryland general Assembly passed a Bill prohibiting a ban in Advance of government action. Opponents maintained that Mary land Hunters should not be the Only ones on the Atlantic flyway unable to use Standard Lead shot but Coulter has not changed his mind if some Industry in Man Bow Hunting fast growing in popularity by Terry Ryan associated press writer Bow and Arrow Hunting once As close to extinction As the american Buffalo is making a comeback an associated press Survey shows longer seasons Tower costs and greater Challenge have contributed to its renewed popularity say state wildlife officials and sporting goods dealers. Quot my sales Are up at least too per cent Over last year for Hunting bows and arrows 1 said Bob Norman. Owner of Bob s Bow hut in Albuquerque. N m Quot Bow and Arrow Hunting puts the sport Back into Hunting with Bow Hunting it s the Hunt not the the Bow Boom started about five years ago when an increasing number of states began instituting special Hunting seasons for Bow Hunting. In Ohio the Bow season for Deer this year began oct. Ii and runs through Jan. 25 firearms Hunters get Only five or six Days in december. Quot it become a pretty big sport Quot said Gary Minshall owner of the bait Mart sports Center in Columbus Ohio. Quot a lot of people realize that a primitive weapon is As accurate As a High powered weapon Quot in the right hands say experts a Bow can be As accurate As a Hunting Rifle. But there s no question the Hunter has to get closer and that is part of the Appeal. It requires More ingenuity better Field sense and brings you closer to nature say Bow Hunters Quot it s actually More of a Challenge More of a sport. By giving the animal a Chance said Bob Small an employee of another sports shop in Columbus with Hunting season just beginning in most states no figures on License sales to Bow Hunters Are available but the director of Arizona s game and fish department Bob Jantzen. Said he has already noted a Large increase in the number of Bow Hunters. Quot it has increased considerably Quot said Jantzen i done to know if people Are out for meat or for sport. Maybe people Are taking up the Bow because it is unlimited and does no to have the restrictions imposed on Rifle Hunters Quot it costs about $100 to equip a Hunter with a Good Bow arrows Arm guard and quiver said Norman owner of the Bow shop in Albuquerque even a fair Quality Hunting Rifle costs More and shells Are now Selling at 15 or More a Box the increasing popularity of Bow Hunting has created a shortage of bows and arrows. Quot the stuff i ordered last february is just now getting said Norman the Arrow shortage is the result it a Lack of Turkey quills to Feather shafts. Norman said Quot they Cas t keep anyone on the Job to gather the feathers Quot he said land discharged a waste that killed 16.000 waterfowl per year. I would throw the Book at it Quot he said in testifying before the legislature i delay or refuse to act just because a Simitar Industry in another state was also killing Birds Quot the Dick Hinter on the Way to his Blind soon he May be carrying steel shot instead of Lead Coulter s solution to the problem As Well As the Federal governments is to substitute steel pellets for Lead most Hunters however apparently remain unconvinced. Quot there s a natural resistance on the part of the Hunter to change Quot says Stotts Quot he s worried about having to change equipment about the Cost difference Between steel and Lead shot and about crippling More Birds by using the lighter these problems among others were addressed in a draft environmental statement released by the Interior departments fish and w Ildi Ife service last july 12 the Agency found that modern american made shotguns of Good Quality Are not affected to any significant degree by the firing of steel shot the Federal draft also said that the projected increase in crippling loss is Small and would not outweigh the possible benefits both the fish and wildlife service and Stotts concede that steel shot would be More expensive mainly because of higher production costs. An october. 1973, Telephone Survey of Maryland ammunition retailers disclosed a Price differential per Box ranging from is 29 to $2 69 but Well never really know what kind of Price differential if any. There will he until steel pellets Are mass produced said Stotts Public hearings on the All outdoors Deer population Down full Are and by Benny Phillips associate sports editor it is the week of the Harvest Moon. The first flocks of ducks and an occasional Quot a Quot of geese beginning to enhance the Clear autumn dawns sunsets. Squirrels Are storing nuts and most game fish Are in the shallows gorging themselves on minnows crawfish and frogs As they fatten themselves for Winter ahead. The animals with fur Are putting on new Coats for the cold nights and howling winds. The Woods Are spectacular with the flaming golds of Oak and Sycamore the fire red of Maple the wine red of Dogwood mingled with the deep greens of Pine and Cedar less than four weeks from now the Deer season will open in Piedmont and Western counties of the state. There Are varied opinions among Veteran Hunters As to the Deer population in the Wharrie Section an area most popular to local Hunters some Hunters claim there Are plenty of Buck signs with rubbings and pawing plentiful. Others say Bucks Phillips Are in Short Supply or either they Haven t Given thought to the rutting season because the signs Are few they Point to Bow Hunters and say they Haven t been very successful which they Haven to according to the various checking stations in the area another Veteran Hunter who travels Highway 109 and the River Road from Wharrie to Highway 27 twice every week says the Herd is Down he says if it in t Down. The Deer Are Back in the Woods and not using near the Highway a in a just not seeing them during Early morning and late afternoon As i have in previous years Quot he says. Meanwhile enforcement of game Laws is being beefed up this fall for the season ahead Quot we plan to tighten enforcement by four methods Quot said Don Curtis chief of the division of Protection in the state. A we re setting up a series of game Survey Check Points we re reassigning some personnel to certain areas to improve Protection. We re again setting up hot line phone numbers for sportsmen to report violations plus the total number of personnel involved in game enforcement will be increased Quot the game Survey Check Points will also serve As stations where Hunters can report game Law violations which will then be relayed via radio to Mobile teams of wildlife protectors patrolling the areas at Wharrie the Check station will be at the Entrance to the old Wharrie area Southern Trout All year around by Jim Dean th1 beginning Southern Trout Fisherman almost in variably reads a lot listens a lot practices a lot and lies a lot. He has to. He hardly Ever catches any Trout there Are results for this and the Stem distinctly Peculiar to Fly fishing wha happens is that the Angler with his first Fly Rod a keen on catching Trout w rids up following the wrong gods those gods Art tradition Quot and Trout fishing books Quot the a vice reads about fishing for highly selective rout he to told that Long leg rationally line leaders Are necessary. Authors Tell him that tiny flies arc pre erred and that Only a clod would use anything bul the most delicate Rod and line to deliver these flies finally. He is instructed to confine his Fly fishing to the warm Spring months to the beginner Steps into the Stream looking like an advertisement for Abercrombie amp filch he is poorer by perhaps several Hundred dollars but he is convinced that he is prepared to Wallow in Rich ritual with the Best of them almost invariably after a sea on or two steeped in frustration be begins to realize that something is dreadfully wrong How. He asks himself have i failed i have lit the proper candles tor g o r d a n. Hewitt. Bergman Skues and a1 the others. What is wrong a the common mistake is a it a Unsung that a Book written about Trout Tishma in the northeastern or Western part it this country a or Europe a Wilt apply to fishing in the Southern appalachians in Many cases there Are More differences than parallels most of the expert Trout fishermen i know who successfully fish the streams of Western North Carolina would offer the following advice first put your books aside. Also. Put away your Short delicate rods 16-foot in leaders and tiny Hies there Are times in North Carolina when they will work but throughout most of the year including the fall and water a other tackle will awk better let s consider the proper Rod first instead of that two ounce six footer you pc been using get yourself an eight toot Rod that will handle a size six or seven weight line you can Compromise with a seven and half foot six weight Rod if you like but the Tonger Rod will be More useful even on tiny streams some experts even use eight amt a half toot rods and stories that go with it tally to nothing like Fox trials Issue scheduled for Washington. San Francisco St. Louis and Denver should be the final step before a decision is made on the Federal proposal. If adopted the Lead shot ban would begin in 1976 in the Atlantic flyway and spread Westward Over the next two years. Quot we think 20.000 Bird dying for no reason is a bad thing and wed like to do something about said Stotts. Quot we think the Federal government is moving our Here s Why with the longer Rod you can More easily throw the targe dry Hies that work so Well in our water you can also fish dig weighted nymphs better the Long Rod will make longer casts when you need them and. To will fish a Short line better on Small canopied creeks where you Are merely poking the Rod ahead of you through the Brush and Dapp my the Fly on the surface the longer Rod will also help you hold your lint out of the Swift currents below the Tail of pools thus preventing your Fly i rom dragging. In Short there Are few instances when a Short Rod will Ever perform better than a Long Rod Home believe that the Short Rod is less Likely to tangle in the Trees hanging Over a Trout Stream but i have never found that to be the i be Southern on 5c by Tom Higgins foxhound fanciers from All across the nation a and maybe even a foreign country or two a Are gathered in Camden. S.c., this week. The occasion is the 8ist running of the National Fox Hunters association Field trials and it is just that a an occasion like in happening Quot i know men who would rather miss meals for a month than not get to attend the nationals Quot says Gene Beaver of Concord who concedes with a chuckle that he includes himself in that number. Quot i honestly believe that some men Are born with foxhunting in their blood. That it s a heredity thing. This is Why the nationals Are so important. You know when you go to this Field trial like the one in South Carolina that you la see and hear the Best hounds there Are Quot also some of the very Best Story tellers. One grizzled old Chap from the Hills of Kentucky who held Sway during the week of National Competition at Laurinburg a couple of years Back particularly stands out in memory. Warming his backside by a campfire near the kennels he spun Yards of Quot yarn about Hunts head been on much to the Delight of his audience for example a a need we had this Feller from London England visiting in our area and he told some of the boys he Shore would Uke to go Fox Hunting with us and see How we did it in the states Quot Well sir we just loaded the hounds in the truck and took him out one night. Quot he you Len t believe we hunted after dark jes building up a big old Bonfire in a Ridge and listening to the dogs chasing thai Fox All across the hollows Quot we really showed him a time i want to Tell you the next morning after he finally got enough aspirin Down to treat his hangover we asked him the greatest differences in our Hunting and the Way they do it in England Quot he said Weil Back Home in England we ride to hounds during Daylight hours and we dress in red jackets and White trousers rather than overalls we Don t drink nearly so much hard cider As you Call it and when the hounds strike the scent we yell a tally to the Fox not there goes the s o a Quot there will be Many members of the Fox Hunters association at Camden who do indeed Honor old traditions and dress to the Hilt for the ride to he hounds daily just after Dawn its a colourful spectacle especially when the dogs Are Quot cast tor unleashed simultaneously and go scooting off into the Woods sometimes As Many As 500 or even 600 Strong. As might be expected it s quite a Long time before some of them Are seen again Quot recovering your dog is part of Fox Hunting Quot says Beaver whose pack of hounds rates As one of the by Stan Davis a Reader writes Quot the propeller came off my 75-hp outboard motor and before i could get the motor stopped it had seeded up and had destroyed itself it was a this is a rare occurrence but not without precedent. With no propeller to provide a Quot Load Quot for the engine an outboard will Speed up to astronomical rpm under full throttle. If the engine is old and worn pistons and connecting rods have been known to break and literally cause the engine to Fly apart. It accentuates one function of the propeller of which Many Boatmen Are unaware its a governor on engine Speed. The propeller must be of such a size and pitch that it will allow the engine or outboard motor that drives it to turn at its maximum allowable rpm at full throttle but no More. This maximum rpm is usually stamped on the identification plate of motors or is provided with the owner s manual. For most Modem outboard motors the maximum rpm is usually Between 4,500 and 5.500. For inboard engines it is sometimes As Low As 3.500 rpm. But do not exceed the manufacturer s recommended rpm. He knows what his engine will stand far better than you. Engine Speed is very important. If too Tow the engine can to develop its full horsepower a because horsepower is directly proportional to rpm. The selection of a propeller for the Job a boat and motor must do is important. It s so important that most inboard Marine engines and higher horsepower outboard motors am shipped without props and the selection is made with the installation. The selection is often Large. For example one outboard manufacturer offers a Choice of 20 different propellers with its most powerful motor the highly technical topic of the propeller brings Many questions Slotten p pc pipe aces bleaker faints in orc to pfc of electronic ignition on outboard motors. First one is always diameter the second pitch. Of there a a third number it is Shaft size. This is found mostly on props for inboards. Q which is better an aluminium or Bronze prop a. Bronze Bas the reputation. And it does have the advantage of being repairable or a longer time die cast aluminium however is much cheaper. So you can have two or three props for most efficient operation of your boat under varying conditions for the Price of one Bronze prop q How does the pitch of a propeller affect boat Speed a the pitch of a prop is the distance it will move through the water in one revolution without slippage. Ifs easy to see that if one prop will push a boat 10-inches in one revolution and another will push it a foot the latter will go faster. It takes More Power to turn the prop with the bigger pitch however because the Quot Load Quot is greater. You can to get something for nothing q Are there variable pitch propellers for pleasure boats9 a. Quot controllable pitch is the usual term today and there Are such devices for inboard installations they Are complicated and expensive but they Are on the Way. But Don t expect one As Standard equipment on next year s outboards. A a prop q How does the affect engine rpm9 a at any Given throttle setting a propeller with a smaller pitch will allow the engine to turn at a greater rpm ban one with a bigger pitch. Ifs just that one puts a smaller Toad on the Power Plant a can i try out a prop for my boat before buying a some dealers keep a Stock of props for this purpose but not too Many a dealer might try out several props on your Craft himself while be s along but Don t expect him to lend to i one for a week s vacation. Remember rocks Are everywhere Best in the country Quot la you Don t have the patience to do it then you re in trouble cause some of them Are going to wander away. Quot i have found pm 75 Miles from where they were East Quot with this in mind. Then residents of the greater Camden area who find a hound with Large numbers painted on his Side can be certain a worried owner is searching for it somewhere it was along this line. In fact that Friend and i chanted to meet the Story telling old Mountain Man from Kentucky a second time during the Laurinburg trials heading toward Charlotte Well after Midnight we spotted his truck parked on the shoulder of the Road with him and a companion standing beside it. Is spec Ting mechanical trouble we stopped to offer assistance Quot Laww the Only problem i be got is that my Best hound has t come Back Quot the kentuckian replied to our inquiries. And i be just got to find him and Quick that All Thorp is to it i done to know what in a going to do if he done to come in and i mean right Quot whats so pressing9&Quot i asked and immediately knew i shouldst have As i bit my Tongue the old timer flashed his hand into his watch pocket and jerked out a timepiece. Quot hell Man Quot he explained excitedly Quot we gotta cast these hounds again in just a couple of hours How can i turn mine Loose again if i can t catch him?1�?T q. As you advised i changed the prop in my outboard to a finer pitch and now i can pull All three kids on water skis. But now the boat won t go As fait with me in it alone and the motor runs wild a. The prop that a Good for pulling a heavy Load in t the Best for driving a boat at top Speed the smaller i or finer it pitch prop allows the engine to deliver full rpm under Load at Low Speed but Over speeds when the Load is Light j i m told i need a new prop to operate my outboard on High Altitude Rocky Mountain lakes. Why a there a a very noticeable drop in Power when a gasoline engine is operated above 3.000 feet. A smaller pitch prop won t recover the lost Power Only a super Charger could do that but it will help some by bringing the rpm up to it s Normal maximum. If you trailer from sea level to High Altitude a prop for each condition is an absolute must a # q what Art the numbers on my propeller a. Of there Are just two numbers such Asio a 12, the q. Can you use boat costs As an entertainment expense on your income tax return a. Yes if it is a Bona fide expense la s done every Day. Heck with a taxation officer. Keep a close Check on How much of the total boat use it devoted to the entertainment a a q. Is it Legal anywhere to Chase ducks in a Power boat for Hunting purposes9 \ Only in mime areas of Mexico. If you plan to take a boat next to a gun its the most useful took in getting Duck Duck Hunting get a copy of the migratory Birds convention act from the fish and wildlife service department of the Interior Washington or talk to a wildlife officer who knows the migratory Birds Law As it applies. It a some pretty stringent restrictions on Power boats q what s the most Imper Tant Type of insurance9 a Usa toss up Between Quot Hull insurance which protects your investment and Quot Protection and the first is the same As Coil Sion insurance on your car and the second the same As comprehensive Persona in jury and property damage

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