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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 31, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather occasional Light rain Moro data on Page 5-a 88th year a no. 305 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A tuesday afternoon october 31, 1972 52 pages Call us circulation. ��2-171� classified ads. Ms-2177 a other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Ama s zip 0. Could you give me the address of the american medical association t. A. 535 North Dearborn Street. Chicago. Illinois 60610. A Over 20 million o. How Many people died in the flu epidemic during world War i r. B. A. The 1918-1919 pandemic worldwide epidemic caused 20 million deaths partly because of complications such As pneumonia bronchitis mastoid and sinus infections. A tick tick. Tick. O is a tick a member of the insect or spider family and the tick has eight legs rather than six. Of you could answer this it would help a lot. Mrs. J. B a. Ticks look like insects but Are related to mites spiders and scorpions and their 8 legs stick out from the sides like a crabs. They draw blood through a beak which has Strong Teeth Bent backward enabling them to cling tightly to their parasite. Rather than pulling them off forcibly which might make the beak to break off and be left in the wound causing a sore it s better to apply ammonia or alcohol or a drop of gasoline kerosene or chloroform to the ticks posterior. After a few seconds it should release its grip. It it it postmortem rules o. I am having an argument with everyone at work concerning an article you had in action line about the Law that pertains to a person being embalmed and whether a person has to have a coffin and burial site. I am sure you know which article i am referring to and please put it Back in so i could get out of this argument. Thank you. J. H. A. Embalming is required if the body is to be shipped by common Carrier train truck plan but not if it is transported in a private vehicle. Burial can be on your own land provided it is not in a watershed area. No body can be interred within 1.500 feet above a Public water Supply intake Stream leading to reservoirs or within 300 feet of any class i or class ii Reservoir like the City Lake this encompasses Large areas and the site must have the approval of the health department. It must also not conflict with and county zoning requirements and these May vary from county to county. There is no Law requiring burial in a coffin but cemeteries May require vaults or liners unless the remains Are cremate. A equines limited q. Dear Adion line and or. Knox i would eke to know Why Only people with invitations can ride a horse in the High Point Parade. I think anybody with a horse and a Good rider can ride in it. I know people of High Point would like to see a bigger and better Parade. Mrs. J. B. A. One must consider the welfare of school patrols roller skaters and band members who must walk in the horses. Us Wake. Eddie Knox says it More poetically a horses Are Lovely to look at delightful to View. But i can to clean up afterwards a can you a a a sorry. No Holiday o. In election Day a National Holiday or will people have to work that Day a. Its a work Day. Old car pickup o. Is there anyone that would pick old cars up r. J. A. If you la Call the building inspections office at City Hall they have a list of those who will dispose of them. State department declines comment agreement to resume talks reported for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Let s get in sync q. Winston Salem and Greensboro have synchronized traffic lights on their main streets and High Point does not. It seems to me that the traffic Engineer in High Point r. V. Moss would be concerned about having the stoplights in High Point synchronized so that a smoother flow of traffic could be maintained. It seems like he would try and synchronize the lights be fore tearing up the Street and be concerned with that. The traffic problem in High Point is much worst than Winston Salem or Greensboro to try to get through town on main streets. Thank you. A. R. V. Moss says plans Are under Way and design and specifications should be completed within the next year for a computerized signal system for the Central business District. This is being accomplished through a cooperative agreement with the state Highway commission and the Federal Highway administration with the City participating with time and Money. This is under the topics program. He says they have realized for a Long time that something should be done and much time and Effort has been expended to get this program underway. By Spencer Davis associated press writer Washington a diplomatic sources say the United states and North Vietnam have agreed to resume negotiations that could Lead to a cease fire in Indochina by sunday. These sources members of the foreign diplomatic corps said South vietnamese president Nguyen Van Thieu could be expected to sign the agreement. Despite Saigon a strident statements in recent Days. The state department would not comment on these reports. But Harry Dent one of president Nixon a key political advisers said monday night he doubts any settlement can be reached within a weeks time. A there will be no push to end the War immediately on our part and i done to think there is any Way it can come before nov. 7,�?� Dent told newsmen in Atlanta monday night. A there Are still some important things unsettled. When word of the impending peace agreement broke last week North Vietnam demanded that the United states he prepared to sign the papers oct. 31. Paris time. But White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler told reporters monday a we would not sign such an agreement until the conditions Are train inquiry eyes strength of rail cars Chicago a Federal safety officials investigating the commuter train collision which killed 44 persons raised questions today about the strength of the lightweight steel cars used by commuter lines. In addition to the dead More than 300 were reported injured monday when an Illinois Central Gulf Railroad commuter backing into a South Side station was rammed by a second in electric commuter during the morning Rush hour. Transportation Secretary John Volpe inspected the wreckage in a 40-minute tour. He Nixon Lead increases in poll by Louis Harris for the first time since Early september president Nixon has increased his Lead Over sen. Mcgovern a to 60-32 per cent a spread of 28 Points. This latest Harris Survey was conducted among 1,648 Likely voters nationwide Between october 24-26. Thus the interviewing took place just after Henry Kissinger had returned from Well publicized negotiations on Vietnam but was three quarters completed be-1 fore his White House announcement that a peace is at the Harris Survey is returning to the Field to follow voting trends through the final weekend of the election. Between mid september and mid october sen. Mcgovern had Cut the Nixon Lead from 34 to 25 Points. The reversal of this trend in late october must be considered a significant political development at this stage of the presidential Campaign. The reversal can be traced directly to a highly positive response from the voters to the imminence of a negotiated settlement of the Vietnam War. In this latest Harris Survey by a 53-42 per cent margin a majority of voters give Nixon High Marks on a negotiating a final settlement of the Vietnam Only a week earlier voter reaction on see Nixon on 5-a Harris Henry a. Kissinger. Nixon a chief foreign policy adviser announced last week that a peace is at hand but added that one More negotiating session of three or four Days would be necessary to Nail Down detail of the proposed cease fire agreement. Kissinger said the time and place for such a final session Are up to Hanoi and Nixon administration officials said Mon Day there is no word from North Vietnam about the next round of talks. Meanwhile it was Learned that Indonesia Hungary Canada and Poland Are being named to an International supervisory control commission to oversee the cease fire in Vietnam Laos and Cambodia. The commission would succeed the International control commission chaired by India with Poland and Canada As members that was set up to oversee implementation of the Geneva accords in Indochina. In Saigon. . Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker conferred with president Thieu for an hour today in a session apparently aimed at resolving differences in the draft peace agreement. Thieu a chief aide Hoang due Nha. Told newsmen that the timing of a cease fire is up to the communist Side. But if Kissinger meets with the North vietnamese again Nha said a then he will have to come Back Here. A it is Clear that or. Kissinger must explain our position to the North vietnamese and then each Side must consult with its Nha denied any . Pressure for Saigon to sign the agreement worked out by Kissinger and North vietnamese negotiators in Paris. Dead heat Canadian election leaves country in state of political confusion and Hendy Wakeland director of the department s Bureau of transportation safety said the strength of the lightweight steel and aluminium cars would be studied. It took six hours to extricate the last of the dead and injured from the crumpled wreckage of two of the cars which were crushed like empty Beer cans. President Nixion expressed his sorrow and cancelled plans for a downtown Campaign motorcade scheduled for today in Chicago. Sen. George Mcgovern campaigning in Pittsburgh called off a torchlight Parade scheduled for wednesday in Chicago. Volpe headed a Federal investigation team dispatched from Washington to study the collision. The nations worst rail disaster since 1958 when 48 persons were killed in Elizabcth port . Gov. Richard b. Ogilvie ordered a state investigation. Railroad officials said they could not immediately determine How fast the second train was travelling when it struck the rear of the first commuter. The first commuter a shiny four car double decked High liner overshot the 27th Street station and was backing up when it was rammed by the second train. The second train was made up of six 1926 Vintage coaches. Each train carried about 500 passengers. Officials said that when the first train overshot the station it May have tripped a switch which changed a signal observed by the second train from red to yellow. They said the yellow signal permitted the second train to travel toward the station at approximately 30 Miles an hour but also indicated to the Engineer that the track was Clear for 2.000 Yards. The Engineer of the second train Robert w. Cavanaugh shouted a warning to passengers before the collision. Cavanaugh who was injured was among the last victims freed from the wreckage. He was removed by one of four helicopters which joined a dozen ambulances in speeding victims to hospitals. The Accident occurred within too Yards of Michael Reese Hospital which immediately initiated its disaster plan. Hundreds of dead and injured were rushed there As emergency medical teams set up a makeshift emergency room on the station platform. By William l. Ryan a special correspondent Toronto apr Canadas voters blinked unbelieving by today at the results of their 29th general election a a virtual dead heat Between the two major parties and an unprecedented state of confusion that could last for weeks. When counting of mondays ballots ended for the night Only four of the 264 seats in the House of commons were in doubt. Prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau a liberals had won 108 and Robert l. Stanfield a conservatives had 107, each was More than 20 seats Short of a majority. The socialistic new democratic party had won 30 scats giving it the balance of Power social credit had 14 and independents took 2. Canada has had minority governments before most recently from 1962 until Trudeau went in in 1968. But never before has the division Between the two major parties been so narrow. Although recounts May change the result somewhat a they Are required in All Dis Tipiere is not much i can say a a prime minister Trudeau with customary shrug to supporters press in Ottawa Early today a wire photo variety store explosion leaves 6 dead 9 Hurt by Pat Thompson associated press writer Lake City. Minn. A a search ended today for More victims of a Gas line explosion that levelled a variety store about the time several children were going in and out to collect prizes for a halloween colouring contest. Six people were killed and nine injured. Three of those killed in the Accident monday were children. Five other youngsters were among the injured. More than too police firemen and volunteers searched throughout the night for other possible victims but that was temporarily called off at Dawn and a police department spokesman said there was no indication any others were trapped in the rubble. There were to to 15 Persona in the store when the explosion occurred shortly before the 5 . Closing time. A i happened to be looking across the Street when i saw a Flash of Light the roof coming Down and dust blowing As Campaign closes ultimate Issue candidates themselves by Don Mcleod a political writer Washington apr after almost two years of campaigning on More issues than most voters can remember the ultimate Issue of the 1972 presidential election has become the candidates themselves. In the closing Days of the Campaign the Camps of Rich a r d Nixon and George Mcgovern and the electorate Are talking mainly about the personalities characters and styles of the candidates. The overriding questions on which judgment is asked nov. 7 Are a is sen. Mcgovern the Radical the irresponsible that president Nixon a legion of stand is has tried to picture him a a is the current administrator the most corrupt in the nation s history with Nixon knowingly responsible for it As Mcgovern says going into the final to Days of the Campaign democratic Vic presidential nominee Sargent Shriver said last weekend that the Nixon administration represents a government of the greedy for the greedy and by the and Nixon on the same Day said a this is no time to Experiment with Chancy economic theories. These Are the themes on which the two tickets chose to close the Campaign and most other issues fall in line behind them. When Mcgovern announced As a candidate in january of 1971. The Vietnam War was his big Issue. By july he was displaying a new emphasis on the Economy. On oct. To he chose the War As the Lead off topic for a series of television speeches. Now with announcement of an impending settlement in Viet Tsee ultimate on 2a said Jerry Nihart a clerk at a store across the Street. A then the noise came a the dead All of the Lake City area were identified As mrs. Ray Kehrn her son. Timothy to who died in a Rochester Hospital Kristine Mcelmury about 4 mrs. Ray Rudewald and two clerks at the store. Marjorie Freiheit about 40. And Elaine Dammann about 32. Linda Farrington who operated the two Story Concrete Block Brick Ben Franklin store with her widowed Mother mrs. My. Farrington said both were standing near an Entrance when the blast occurred. A there was the Boom a she said. A a that a about it. That Sall i want to say say Howard Holmgren City representative Northern states Power said the explosion Fri cts where the leading candidates margin is less than 25 votes a another election soon seems Likely. As in Britain the party Leader with the most seats in commons forms the government. It appeared that the next prime minister might not be known for weeks until the result of the last recount is in. Meanwhile Trudeau and his Liberal government continue in office. David Lewis Leader of the rambunctious rising new democrats said he would join neither big party in a coalition. But he said he would support any minority government that would Deal with unemployment the High Cost of living and the Quot corporate Ripoff of tax con Cessions and government Grants to corporations. Support from the new democrats 30 or More seats would give either the liberals or the conservatives a Small majority. The election outcome was a jolting rebuke for Trudeau the flashy 53-year-old swinger we led the liberals to a spectacular 46-seat majority four years ago and a stunning comeback for the conservatives under Stanfield. Most political do pester had predicted the liberals would win a Small majority or a workable minority of Only a few seats less than a majority. The Federal vote was available or the first time to 18-year-Olds. Democrats capitalize on vetoes by r. Gregory Nokes associated press writer democratic presidential candidate George Mcgovern and running mate Sargent Shriver sought today to capitalize on president Nixon a veto monday of two Bills to assist the elderly. A in an Effort to obtain the votes of More than 20 million older americans or. Nixon s to Campaign advertisements Are filled with pious promises most of which Are plainly untrue and most of which have been flatly contradicted by this veto a Mcgovern said. Vice president Spiro t. Agnew meanwhile tried to capitalize on a statement by Mcgovern that he would Reserve the right to try to renegotiate a provision in a Vietnam peace agreement providing for continued military Aid to the present South vietnamese government. A after to years of blood sweat and tears the United states is closer than Ever before to the honorable peace or which so much National sacrifice has been made. Yet or. Mcgovern says that he would renegotiate that honorable peace betray our vietnamese ally and agree to an american see democrats on s a All i can the Lake for the co., was triggered when a Bulldozer working on a nearby Power company construction project ruptured the Power firms Gas main. Volunteer and fire fighting units from surrounding communities converged on the Little Industrial town which sits along the Mississippi River. What s inside amusements 6b Bridge 6b classified ads 3-7c comics 7b crossword d 68 editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 2c sports 1-3b television 5b women new 4-8a weather. .5a in

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