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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 30, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Int High Point Enterprise Good afternoon an Indr Pendant rus paper Randall b Terry president co publisher d a Rawley David a Rawley Orvice pres. Mrs. C. M. Lockwood vice Preston t forget about turning Back clocks Joseph p Rawley Gen mgr. Joe Brown editor saturday october 30. 1976 letters from readers harassment to the editor in reference to the Situ Hon with the Shaner and Armstrong families i sincerely appreciate both the work and the courage it took for the Enterprise to bring Public attention to an inhuman situation i am is Penally glad the writer of the article did not say the to Young people involved Are from High Point s Quot finest families they Are merely listed on the Register of the socially elite we have Long since passed the time when the so called upper crust families were also called the Quot finest it is obvious instead. That those Young people responsible for the malicious treatment of the two victimised families represent the lowest form of moral degeneracy a purposeless cruelty to fellow human beings such cruelty is reminiscent of the nazi Gas ovens and 6 million helpless jews parents who refuse to believe their children Are capable of this kind of cruelty Are involved with equal guilt there is no defense for their unwillingness to Deal with their children surely this Community will rally around these two families giving them every kind of personal support surely our police will leave no Stone unturned will omit no possibility in their determination to identify and bring to Justice those involved or will they a could it be that the police already know the names of these Young people could it be they have already had them come with their parents to the police Headquarters to discuss what is to be done could it be that the police have already signalled in Advance that they will take no action of the Shaners and armstrongs go unprotected who will be Safe a and would the police action be different of the culprits did not live where they do it appears to me. And others that our police department is moving slowly in order not to Embarrass these Quot Fine Quot families with whom they have already talked a to no Avail it is As though the police department has joined hands with the hoodlums and would rather for two families to be driven out of town than to Deal forcefully with some of High Point s Quot finest Quot families indeed name withheld As requested Abc stores to the ed1toh once again High Point voters Are being asked to vote on the traditionally volatile Abc referendum but for a change i think it is time the High Point voting constituency looked at the problem in a rational Light first it is important to note that in All till Hood an Abc store in High Point will not increase the incidence of drunkenness alcoholism or even drinking itself history has shown us that even in a time of National prohibition those who wanted to drink did drink High Point is no exception moreover the City already condones the consumption of Beer and wine which in a twelve ounce can or a four once Glass Are very similar in alcohol Content to an eight ounce drink it is self contradictory to disallow the consumption of one while allowing the Sale and consumption of the other ultimately the Issue of alcoholic beverages being sold in High Point is one of Revenue aside from the fact that a wet decision could do nothing but help the image of the already imperilled furniture Market a vital source of income for the residents of the High Point Community we must consider our own local tax burdens. The Jamestown Abc store with sales of Over three million dollars last year much of which was contributed by High pointers ranks As i understand it As the number one profit making store in the state the City manager of Jamestown estimated that of the local tax revenues garnered from the store. High Point and Guilford county each received 8100.000 while Jamestown received $350,000 in other words the residents of High Point through their Abc sales Are paying for a Large portion of Jamestown s capital improvements certainly it is not our obligation to condone or encourage the consumption of alcoholic beverages in this referendum that Issue is beside the Point but we do not have a moral obligation to the citizens of High Point to increase the Quality of our schools our fire and police departments our sanitation and sewer systems our health care or at least relieve some of the Burden off of our already beleaguered taxpayers so Content Are we espouse our Moreal indignation at the Prospect of a wet High Point we neglect to consider the real moral implications of our vote Don Kirkman Creekside or mud slinging to the editor i am writing to express my pm Cern Over the political smear being perpetrated against Ogden Deal democratic candidate for county commissioner it is Little wonder that the electorate is turned off Quot with All the numerous innuendos. Allegations and half truths in my Way of thinking All candidates should be above this so called a mudslinging Quot the voters have been saturated enough and it is time to bring this to a halt in the aforementioned i am of course referring to Odgen Deal s opponents and foes the following is a capsule summary of what his foes have done approximately five years ago Odgen Deal wrote a letter to his child a school teacher expressing his concern Over certain occurrences which took place in the classroom this which should have gone unnoticed has been completely taken out of context blown All out of proportion and raises Many questions is it Legal to Quot Rifle Quot confidential school records if not breaking the Law. It certainly is both ethically and morally wrong for Quot response Blo Quot authorities to steal school records and inundate the news Media and others with literally hundreds of copies of these school records Ogden Deal would never stoop this Low to the contrary he stands on his record of integrity honesty and sincerity and All the qualities we. The electorate need in our Public officials John Israel 318 Dogwood Circle Abc profits to the editor there Are some people in High Point that Are looking at the so called pro its from liquor stores have these people stopped to consider the facts of the matter a there Are no profits in liquor stores when we think of the thousands of lives that Are lost each year because of liquor the thousands of Homes that Are broken up each year because of liquor and the millions of dollars it takes each year to try to straighten out the mess that liquor makes where Are the profits a even if there were a profit in liquor stores would those who vote for them on this basis be willing to sell their life or the life of a loved one for any amount of Money a the life that is taken by a Drunken Driver might be mine or yours or a precious loved one. I Hope each one will Stop to consider Ute issues involved Are we willing to forfeit the lives and happiness of the citizens of High Point for the so called profits in liquor store of each one faces up to facts to the issues we believe we will vote against liquor stores on nov. 2. J d Allgood or Cook Street garbage plan to the editor we think the City of High Point s proposed idea for refuse collection is ridiculous and self defeating to say the least we Are originally from grand rapids. Michigan where they solved the trash problem in the following sane manner the City of grand rapids Sells Bright Orange. 40-gallon plastic bags printed with the City Seal very Large Strong bags for 2 25 cents at City Hall and numerous conveniently selected stores throughout the City these May be used for both garbage and any Type of trash that will fit in them sold in the same manner Are Bright yellow similarly printed 60-gallon Leaf bags to be used for Lawn refuse Only and City string tags for attachment to any trash that will not fit in a bag or rubbish can. Only City bagged and lagged items Are picked up once weekly at the curb free therefore the Only Cost to the taxpayer will be according to the amount of trash he has. Not his neighbor or a City average this last sentence should be read twice and with feeling since undoubtedly this method has got to be cheaper than any other Way a i would strongly advise the City Council to speak with the grand rapids City manager at Dibi 456-3166 and discuss the advantages that the City of g r has realized because to our knowledge land we both worked for the City of g r. At one time the profits were More than satisfactory both to the City and to its residents people not wishing to participate in this system for one reason or another and there were some it were completely free to engage an Independent Rufuse collector. This has worked out very very Well for everyone the Only possible drawback that we can envision would be environmental. Since the bags Are obviously non biodegradable. But since nowadays almost everyone bags their trash anyway this has proved to be a very minimal change in procedure. Ecology conscious people could always put their trash in a can and tag it. No matter How Many people May be satisfied with the present pie k up system that High i Point employs it is a detriment to the City budget the grand rapids bag method would Settle the score much More evenly than the snicker proposed system please. High Point get the details from grand rapids and give this thing some serious consideration the people of h p. Are paying much More for their trash disposal through taxes than they would be paying for the bags by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus make certain to turn Back clocks and watches one hour tonight for Daylight saving time ends at 2 a m sunday. Indications Are that voter turnout on nov. 2 May be extremely Light. If True that is a sad commentary on the state of american democracy a especially coming at a time when democracy is on the Wane throughout the world and increasing vigilance by each of us is essential if we Are to pass on to succeeding generations the freedoms we hold dear. Someone has said that Quot a society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves a and the late american Jurist Learned hand noted that Quot Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women when it Dies there no Constitution no Law. No court can save the very act of participation in the election process probably says More about the health of our system of government than the outcome does but too. The very act of contributing to these decisions helps the Best candidates to Rise above the less worthy ones voting also gives the lie to communists who contend that the death of our free Way of life is ordained by history whom to vote for a or against we would suggest that you consider Well the men and women on the ballot and support those you believe Are most Likely to uphold values that have made America Strong and free and will keep her that Way As she enters upon her third Century Vermont Royster in his thinking things Over column sums it up thus the Carter voters Are mostly moved by disappointment in or. Ford the Ford voters by fright Over or Carter. He foresees there is yet another group of voters or so polls suggest who conclude they might As Well stay Home because it in t going to make much difference which Man is elected it is important to note that it is equally crucial to elect a . Congress dedicated to principles in which you believe As an aside it is an unhappy fact that Many knowledgeable observers regard the current Congress As one of the worst in this nations history a both unresponsive to National needs and incredibly greedy in demands for its personal comforts our own sixth congressional District is fortunate. However in having virtually unopposed rep Richardson Preyer running for his fourth term As one of a Here s your new thought for today. Here s your new. The most respected and effective members of the Congress a Man headed by seniority for High positions in organization of the next congressional session. Remember a however you intend to cast your ballot the most important thing is still that next tuesday you do it the United fund Campaign is moving into its final a hopefully Victory a stage with a successful Windup shortly it has been nothing Short of sensational the Way individuals and companies have responded to what clearly is seen As not just another Campaign but our Community a most challenging and charitable Appeal seeking contributions for support of a multitude of important human care services it has demonstrated across the years it is the most economical most efficient Way to raise Money for private nongovernmental it services. Combining Many different fund drives into one eliminates overlapping costs and maximizes the use of Community volunteers United Way has no boundaries everyone is eligible to help. It reaches across every neighbourhood to every age group and every income level United Way supports health and social services and Community improvement programs no tax supported that provide nurses Day care adoption services outreach assistance to hard to reach youth social and physical rehabilitation programs for sex convicts and emergency financial Aid. Shelter food and clothing that names just a few of the various operations it helps sustain in their valued services such services Cost Money your gift in the fall or payroll deductions throughout the year will help insure the United Way s Success and its future if you have Given a or pledged a that s Fine and you have made a Community contribution of not won t you Call the United Way office a 882-1247 a and make yourself somebody s Miracle. Jimmy Carter promises that if elected he will do what president Ford would not do he will meet with and More letters do we learn to the editor Jim and Chris Fahlstedt a Hamilton surf Farr i dim i have been told that several of those children in tidily involved upon recognition that this was not a a harmless prank Quot withdrew from participation we commend them for that but can t we expect them to go a step further will they come Forward and apologize to Lucy and David a and will they cooperate with the authorities to put an end to this ugliness1�?T i am sure that most of your Parent readers reacted strongly to the Story and promised mayhem to their children if they Ever became involved in such a thing. This begs the question could your child have been involved Are you setting an example for your child of which you Are proud9 do you make the time to communicate your ethical and moral standards to your children a do you know where your child is and with whom9 what do you know about his interests and his friends certainly most of the parents of the children involved were horrified or at least surprised to learn of these events Are you a responsible Parent or just Quot Lucky Quot if you Are one of the Quot unlucky Quot parents we Are sorry for you. For you know that your child s guilt must also be your Burden. Quot unlucky Quot parents please recognize that the Shaners and the armstrongs Are not responsible for your embarrassment you really owe them a debt of gratitude for you Are now rudely aware of the problem confronting you while there s still time unfortunately. I am told some of those who abhor the tragic events a now coming to Light a Are involving themselves in the same tactics against the Quot unlucky ones Quot or those they suspect. Certainly the proverb Quot two wrongs done to make a right a is apropos Here humor is rampant names Are named and unfortunately speculation will involve names of some who Are not guilty. A published letter of Public apology signed by All the parents of those involved would end the conjecture and the ugliness and earn the forgiveness of the Community. Arthur s Lyon Quaker Lane outraged to the editor your Story of 27 october on teen terror is a profound statement As to the inefficiency of the High Point police had these Quot children Quot been smoking pot in a sure they would have been immediately arrested regardless of who their parents were Here we have a Case of fear compounded by fear terrorism is never tolerable. Yet obviously the police Are afraid or powerless to arrest influential people s children. The real horror Here is that if or. Shanor or or. Armstrong is forced to defend themselves due to an obvious Lack of help from the Ppd they would More than probably be charged with the crime of taking the Law into their own hands but what Choice do they have is it to wait until More property is damaged or someone is killed9 Quot children Quot of this sort have gone beyond reasoning and should be dealt with As terrorists. The statement attributed to the police As to reasoning with these Quot children Quot and their parents is ridiculous. Were they from the West end of town this course of action would not have even been considered so Here we see again an obvious example of the double Justice system in this country. What has happened in High Point when citizens cannot turn to the police for Protection from known terrorists Why must they turn to the news Media for help9 when will this be righted and these infantile hooligans be arrested9 How far will the police let this go Why can influence be used to escape the Law i done to think the people of High Point will stand for this disregard for Long i am outraged first at this mindless stupid terror which can Only Lead to More senseless violence secondly at the inept handling of this situation by the police. Were i in the position of the families threatened i would certainly instruct my family As to the use of firearms and would ask them to be willing to use them in order to protect themselves i would like my name to be withheld not from fear of these Junior terrorists but from fear of harassment from High Point s finest i applaud the Long awaited guts of the Enterprise in bringing this appalling situation to the attention of the people. Name withheld irresponsible to the editor the news cannot and should not be suppressed. The responsibility of the news Media is to inform and educate the Public responsible reporting is essential to a democracy. Biased and pre judicial reporting is irresponsible. Inf amatory and opinionated reporting is sensationalism it is not acceptable to Many people when informed of a situation a thinking person wants to make judgment with integrity after being informed of both sides of an Issue. The news report of Quot teen terror aimed at two families a published in the Enterprise on october 27 is sensational and irresponsible reporting in the opinion of Many people who Are directly involved. The malicious damage and frightening threats made to the Armstrong family should be reported the damage to the screen at the Shaner resilience should be reported however the following questions should be considered since they were presented but unanswered in the news accounts. Question i Why does officialdom stand helpless9 question 2 what Quot physical evidence is available to police that the parents of the involved Young people Are listed in High Points Quot who a who Quot is there a High Point Quot who s-who�?T�?T9 question 3 does riot Central High school principal Lee Andrews refute Shaner s statement that students cannot be guaranteed physical safety while they attend school9 question 4 does not police Captain s t Myers statement refute or Shaner s statement that Quot people in position to do something about this done to seem to take it very seriously Quot question 5 of As stated Telephone Calls have been traced Why Haven t they been stopped by police9 Diamond Carter states that North state Telephone company follows the wishes of the complainant. Question 6 Why were Young people accused of Telephone harassment without identification or Alexander Solzhenitsyn in the White House Quot i thought i would never see the says Carter Quot when the president of the United states would refuse to see the Foremost exponent of the search for human Freedom Quot Solzhenitsyn it should be noted is the great russian exile and author who has been repeatedly warning the West that it faces destruction if it goes on retreating and vacillating before soviet Power speaking with the powerful voice of a modern Day Prophet he has been solemnly telling us that the world cannot live half slave and half free that Only a Western world in general and the United states in particular which is willing to defend and actively Advance the cause of Freedom can Hope to survive the Challenge of soviet totalitarianism on the advice of Secretary Kissinger Ford declined to invite Solzhenitsyn to the White House Kissinger feared such a gesture would be read by the soviets As an unfriendly act toward themselves Carters Promise to Issue such an invitation himself is a rather obvious Effort to exploit or. Ford s political vulnerability with ethnic voters after his Blunder in denying that the soviets dominate Eastern Europe it is a Carter attempt to suggest that he is More sensitive to the Freedom Issue than is Ford the statement is in the Quot if elected i will go to Korea Quot tradition used so effectively by Dwight Eisenhower in his Campaign for the presidency in 1962. Nonetheless for All its blatant political overtones. Carter s pledge is a Welcome one if elected we should hold him to it. It is not Only expedient but absolutely right that the should Honor this Man who serves now As the living conscience of the West president Ford s decision not to do so was one of his greatest errors in judg ment a one that he is privately reported to regret if Ford is re elected let s Hope he will reverse himself and Welcome to the White House with full honors the Man who most symbolizes the Hopes of All our people everywhere for peace and Freedom proof by the Shaners just because they were at Emerywood country club Pool at the time Calls were made from that facility9 question 7 Are the names and dates taken to the Enterprise by or Shaner available to the police for Legal action question 8 what right has or Shaner to take to the Enterprise names of those he suspects Are involved9 Why do unsubstantiated statements Merit Public exposure9 As a result of this article Public knowledge of the affairs has involved parents and children that have had nothing to do with said affairs. Without knowing the True culprits of the crimes and misdemeanours families and Young people individually have been threatened with bodily harm and harassed with Anonymous Calls at this Point not Only the Shaners and armstrongs Are being harassed. Innocent people have been accused and abused a citizens Young and adult who have taken retribution upon themselves without proof of Shaners allegations. The above statements can be substantiated name withheld As requested 314 of 0 Keg eur a 1976 by be a. Inc Quot since you Are going to not vote for either can a dilate which one will you not vote Tor More pathetically Quot

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