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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 30, 1976, High Point, North Carolina So High Point Enterprise saturday october 30. 1976 my 11 00 . 11 30 . 1 00p.m. 3 00p.m. 4 30p.m. 5 00p.m. 7 00p.m. 9 00p.m. Sunday �,0 a a or. Belvedere goes to colleges 0 a a Rhino i a a Tarzan and the amazons Iii a a limbo 03 a a the Daydreamer up a a never steal anything Small 0 a a Minnie and Moskowitz to a a How to Frame a Figg to a a the pleasure of his company o a a african adventure 0 a a Lawman Gay a of its tuesday this must be Belgium a a the Barefoot mailman o cd a �?~20,000 leagues i under the sea in a a live and i get die monday 9 00a.m. O �,0 12 30p.m. 03 1 00p.m. A 8 00p.m. 0 03 03 12 00a.m. 60 1 00 . 0 tuesday a night and Day a id rather be Rich a i love you i it Over a meet Danny Wilson a the bandwagon a the wild Bunche a spartans a meet Dainty Wilson a the senator was indiscreet wednesday 9 00a.m. O a a flying Down to Rio 03 a a Twilight for the to ods 12 30p.m. 03 a a a novel affairs 1 00p.m. 00 a a meet me at the fair 8 00p.m. O o a a juggernaut it a a Stagecoach 8 30p.m. In a is a the wild hide 9 00p.m. 00 a a the big bounced 03 a a the ghost and or. Chickens 11 30p.m. 0 0 a a the last survivors 12 00 . 03 a Cal Fomia conquests 12 30a.m. 0 a a violence in blues 1 00a.m. 0 a a dear heart thursday 9 00a.m. O a a top hat 60 a a the three l aces of even 12 30i�?T.m 03 a a the shameless old i Ady 1 00p.m. 60 a a the restless years 7 30p.m. O a a Smoky 9 00p.m. 0 a a the double Many 60 a a How to save a marriage 12 00a.m. 60 a Al Ives 12 30a.m. Ooh a Hijack 1 00a.m. 0 a a fort apaches Friday 9 00a.m. O a swing l Imez 03 a a the Hasty heart 12 30p.m. 03 a a three coins in hit Fountain 1 00p.m. 03 a a toy Tiger 9 00p.m. O a Nightmare in Badhan county �,13 a a fantastic voyage 9 30pm 0 0 a a Kaleidoscope a 30p.m. Ii a a Columbo. The lost crucial game 12 00 #13 12 30a.m. 0 0 1 00a.m. 0 2 4 a . 4 3 . 0 a Psi can Iiama a the conqueror Vorms Beau Gesien a the evil til Frankenstein a i Orfilia l l it a Wuu Milt s secret Henry Fonda discusses movies 9 00a.m. 0 a a Mother wore tights 6q a a touch of evil 12 30p.m. A a a interlude 1 00p.m. 60 a a Sally and St. Annex 8 00p.m. 03 a a advise and consent 9 00p.m. 60 Al d rather be Rich 11 30p.m. 0 0 a a my Milton and wife love Honor and swindle 12 00a.m. 60 a a Sally and St. Annex Henry Fonda reminisced about the movies and their Impact on his life. A there was a Nickelodeon across the Street from my father s print shop when i was a said Fonda a i used to go and watch the two and three feelers Hart Chaplin a those Are the Only ones i can his personal recollections Are a natural outgrowth of his appearance As one of the three hosts Liza Minnelli and Shirley Maclane Are the others of a life goes to the movies a the three hour special covering the stars films and legends of the period from 1936 to 1972, showing the Way in which Hollywood movies reflected american life. It will be a a big events presentation on Abc to sunday. Oct 31 8-11 p m not. The set for the program consists of reproductions of various life Magazine covers devoted to Hollywood stars including Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor with whom Fonda has worked Fonda and his daughter. Jane june 23. 1960, Issue Jane As bar Barella March 20. 1968. A i started saving copies of life Magazine when it first came out 1936 until i joined the Navy in 1942.�?� said Fonda a i had All those issues bound in leather. They take up two shelves in my Home in new York i used to look at them with my kids a i still Call them my kids. I still enjoy looking at those Fonda agrees with the Point of a life goes to the movies a there a no question about it. The movies reflect the Day and Era. That s not to say they done to have an Impact on the lives of a great Many people or that they re the great escape a he had no difficulty singling out the movie that impressed him most Over the years. A it s la Dolce i saw it 13 times. I used to take people to see it. I still think it s one of the most moving movies Ever made and one of the most outstanding ones does he have a favorite local shows a or from Page 7b potters wheel in making pottery. Thursday guests include Geneva Brown child and family therapist and her husband Dick Brown marriage Counselor. They will answer viewer questions on the the topic will be Quot couples they will also discuss techniques for better communication Between married couples Friday Ted Potter director for the Southeastern Center for contemporary Art will talk about a two Man show of paintings drawings and photography or. Denny Wolfe director of division of languages for the state dept of Public instruction. Will speak on the topic of the importance of foreign languages in North Carolina. A Bye id Bug among the More than 80 films he has made a it has to be Quot twelve angry that a the Only one i also produced a a o a Brace yourself Why Don t they put braces on Melissa Gilberts of Little House on the Prairie teeth9 it would be a shame to let them go uncorrected pm. Milton. W a. Just because the character of Laura on Little House does t w ear braces does no to mean Melissa does no to. When she a not working in front of the cameras. Melissa wears braces. She simply removes them for her performance. So worry no More. Quot by la professionals a ohm a a a roman no o a tonal f4 Imanh fcow4wa or 4< Arati Janoco to carry Roto in on Rotor Anc him for of a Ort a Roo or or a Roto to Tomono tory a Tai Tov a two it to iomomwt�o4 a Mimi a a uni to ii them ,. Tim to writ Wyt Williams Flowers toi English Road a Mim in Poulan Model 2010�?� wbb automatic oiling and carrying Case while Stock lasts Garner motors Power equipment Center 3000 n. Main 869>2312 it s no baloney we have Sony a to a Faa stereo a pm aaa receiver a record player a 8-track player recorder hp-258, is 250 Rose radio store baht 4 Hopes -.30 t salts k St vice it 438 n. Wren i St. 882-6426 or 882-2278

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