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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 30, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Special honors stars High Point Enterprise saturday october 30, 1976 5b a a id from Page 4 mined to thwart him Kirk Douglas. James Mason Paul i Ukas. Peter Lorre 1954. A crazy comedy concert a people to people 7 30 . A anyone for Tennyson a ret. Then f. Jones sunday programs Angel declines offer of Champagne 8 00 . O a Carolina Campaign 76 a a Sonny and tier tonight s guests the Hudson Brothers. Shields a Yarnell chastity and special guest Jim Nabors. 60 min o a evening at symphony principal guest conductor Colin Davis leads the Boston symphony orchestra in Siegfried s funeral March by Wagner and symphony no. 2 by Sibelius 60 min o a Lawrence Welk o a is million Dollar Man kill Oscar part two. As Jaime Sommers lies near death after being beaten by robot replicas of two Osi secretaries. Steve Austin sets out to re such Oscar from or. Franklin s compound Only to discover he has walked into a deadly trap John Houseman Jenifer Darling Jack Gin and Lindsay Wagner guest Star. 60 min o in a life Coes to the movies Henry Fonda Shirley mad Aine and Liza Minnelli arc the hosts for this nostalgic look at the movies. Based on the 1975 Book of the same title this special looks at the stars from Bergman Bogart and Brando to Temple. Tracy and Taylor 19 6-1972 in the history of motion pictures three hours of a Public affairs in a Jimmy Swaggart Merit Femmi s Day of reckoning has arrived her lovers have deserted her and her profligate spending has driven the Bovary to bankruptcy. Facing reality at last Emma takes arsenic. 60 min o a her Haw o a movie a live and let die Roger More stars As James Bond in this action adventure. 63 a cry in the wilderness 9 30 . Cd a moment of truth i ohm . Q o a Delvecchio three women have been strangled within 26 Days and the police Are without a Lead until the maniac strikes again and this time the victim remains alive. 60 min o a great performances music la America amazing Grace America in the Allman Brothers hand Aaron Copland Lena Home. Phyllis Curtin and Donald Gramm join a Host of others in a special depicting the american experience As expressed in its songs. 90 nun a a news a a word pm life a a Praise the Laird tub 12 00 . A a notre Dame football a a David Susskind a a pop Hies the country a a the f. B. I. Cd a i spy _ nil game of the week 12 15 . O a dragnet 12 30 Aai. A a Public affair repeat a a sign off 12 45 Aai. A a sign off Melody Man writes again even lyrics j0 . A a 7uc club a a the King is coming 9 00 . A a a Kojak t to plainclothes patrol cops on routine duly Are caught in the backlash of an angry neighbourhood when one of the cops is forced to kill a hispanic youth during a struggle a a masterpiece theatre Madame Rosary a judge 10 30 Pai. A a i Hilly a a Jimmy Swaggart 11 00 Pai. Oooo a o a music Hall America Fri a Ironside a a god s Good news 11 15 . A a a lbs news a a Abc news 11 30 . A a sports report a a Bill Dooley show a a Nashville music a a Jack Hudson presents a a voice pm Victory 11 45 . O a Jefferson inside weather As cold weather sets in those Beautiful hanging baskets will have to come inside. Come by the Lighthouse and pick up several Plant bulbs to assure your plants of enough of the right kind of Light to keep them healthy and growing not Only do your plants need Good Light but you owe it to yourself to make sure you Are getting sufficient Light for Reading sewing and other close task lighting let us help you with your lighting needs. The Lighthouse 515 w. Green or. Call 8855422 by Dick Kleiner Hollywood Nea Arthur Schwartz is one of our All time great composers whose melodies have enriched our lives so its Nice to be Able to report that he a writing agin Schwartz says he s now working on a show which if it gets produced will be his first musical since 1963 ifs a musical version of Charles Dick ens a a n Nicholas Nick Elby Quot Schwartz says that for the first time in his Long and honorable career he a writing his own lyrics Quot Lyric writing is the hardest of he says and to prove his Point he cites the Case of Oscar Hammerstein who slaved for three weeks Over the words to of what a Beautiful morning a then he gave them to Richard Rodgers who put the lyrics on his piano sat Down and immediately then and there composed the Melody Schwartz has something else new going for him too he has a new Ria album out a from the pen of Arthur Schwartz a on which he sings his own songs he says the album grew out of a to special he did in London about George Gershwin he Sang on that and afterwards was approached to do this album. A i doubt that it Means a new career for he says but it is a delightful collection he lives in London and has done so for 22 years but As chairman of a scape a finance committee he has made a trip to the . Every month but four in those 22 years. Schwartz says he likes some of the contemporary music but some he does t like he says that one problem with today a songs Are that in 75 per cent of the cases the performer records his own compositions a that s natural a he says a because they make More Money that Way. But the truth is that Many of them May be Fine performers but they just Arentt Good songwriters a there a been trouble from one of the stars on the set of Charlies Angels it seems Albert. Jaclyn Smith s poodle was called to drink Champagne in a scene for the series. Albert refused preferring Root Beer. A the did a lot of grow Ling about that. Imagine turning Down Dom Perignon at $26.95 a bottle a said disgruntled producer Rick husky. Some performers just have no class. In 1969, Ruth Gordon won an Oscar for her role As Minnie Casta vet in Quot Rosemary s that role changed her entire career so it was with a sense of satisfaction that she agreed to recreate the part for Abc s Quot look what s happened to Rosemary a baby Quot airing october 29. A i had been on the stage for about 50 years before i did a Rosemary a baby and i was pretty Well known in new York Quot she said. A then one Day people began stopping me on the Street and asking if i was the weird lady in Rosemary s it took me a while to get used to it. The toughest part of the problem is that it takes people a while to accept you As another character. I have to let them see that in a someone other than Minnie with several films both for to and theatrical release a play and an autobiography released just this year at 80. Gordon is still not tired. Quot i figure i got my big break at the age of 73, so Why should i slow Down now there s a lot of things still to Don Meredith. Christopher Connelly and Simon Oakland Are set to Star in a two part Quot police Story Quot. Peter Leeds a Veteran character actor and sketch comedian on Bob Hope variety shows has been cast As general Douglas Macarthur in an upcoming episode of Baa Baa Black sheep. Richard Basehart Joan Hackett. James Ingersoll and Elaine Giftos Are guests in a Stonestreet a an Abc movie starring Barbara Eden currently in production. Mimic met legend last month on saturday night As John Belushi joined rhythm and blues singing Star Joe Cocker in a rendition of Cocker s classic Quot feeling in the past viewers have been treated to Belushi a uncanny impressions of cockers Peculiar mannerisms so it was fascinating to see the two Side by Side. But what did the two performers think of the encounter a Cocker on Belushi Quot he s a great sport and truly a great comedian. I find him a very loveable person. He watched me in the studio and i heard he a been watching me for six or seven years. Someone should get him tanked up sometime to find out who he really Belushi on Cocker a live been doing Cocker for a few years hut i Only seriously studied him for the past six months. On past shows when i did him it was satire. On this show we wanted to get off on the music there was a lot of a Ood feeling on the stage he a the greatest rhythm and blues Singer to come out of England. I m just a mimic he a the real mister jaw the shark on the Pink Panther children a cartoon show is a new character to fans of the series. But the voice is familiar comedy actor arte Johnson. Quot i am a cartoon fan from childhood said Johnson recently. A a that was before to and i love bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd the mister jaw cartoons Are very funny even to me now. But they re More sophisticated than the cartoons i used to watch. Children today Are More Johnson and his wife Gisela have no children. A but there Are two kids in our family Gisela and me Quot he said. German born Gisela was raised in a car moonless atmosphere and could never appreciate Arles love of them. Quot then Quot arte said a when she found out that i had done the voice for one she decided to watch and now she loves cartoons. We get up on saturday morning and watch the whole lineup Quot no Way one of the first lessons Young men learn is that experience can to be bought on credit. Let us up a new Kitchen for you we Hove All the ingredients a ideas a planning a design a Quality name brands materials a Quality workmanship a Complete responsibility we have a full time Kitchen Quot specialist Quot to measure and install Kitchen cabinets. Free estimates by calling 882-3396 sum lumber amp building supplies 200 e. Springdale across from Southgate shopping Center Ace phone 882 3396 hours . 7-5 Sot. 8-12

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