High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Oct 30 1976, Page 17

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 30, 1976, High Point, North Carolina St classified want ads sell a rentals Dau Pindar Placid this and. 74 Elsinore 125 or Good condition. $350 or will trod. B82-xxxx Doy or 885 xxx night. Place your and today Call 885-2177 and sold his motorcycle in 2 Daysi Den ii Legal notices Gulf int none a to Carol in a Ilford county Uno Bill inc o. A a a Miqui u Quot iring que we ii exec Vin. To estate of t Rorn it Earl of a a get mrcmm4 Isol it Altos Cam Quot Wilt i a not til c0-Tobi, Mim in Carp a item a a at Quot Quot Aga Tam Fate �0 Prat a Tern in Wip met Gnu Paar Zatara it aaa a april if a ant Apnoea rain a pleaded in tar at their Quot Tarara an Parsons firm. Ana cd rpm i out in a vested la Sam at Pip rain pleas in it a of payment in ant an aim the. A fit aaa a on apr a a a oat a i soar a executrix Morgan Ayr Aly. Rost marring a of am alternate Ai la pm by Ming jul Aas or pin or a a 0 a Vul Pettit. 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Is Ana aha bras a pubic Naanne not spa Oman Nota Ana a Okeene nor Baar Modo a a a mating a maim or a Amant Noia Tea Baoba a it pm sol or d by Tea City Council Obama City of Miga Point a thai a pain Tan far a local to Prat Amant Nav May tar Pate r Boa it Nara Fauna la a tunic tent in ail a tacit b Topi a Sirapi to a Imp Traa it As Bogoan St Bart a pram 0�ad�an Arp nuo Norm la Bei Faaa Anam i a tact improvement Tebo mad Maram a Maroon pro As Tousaw Haring and cur guitar thai a Aparna Mao Quot a a a Parad Ana mat it amb Nav Ion Cone so curb Ana Gutter a Atlanta aim in limit Oak Ned in act a pane in Paul its aim Macii Council c team in proportion a a cot of May pro Raganit in a at to Tao a a Quot in abut g pro Par a Ana a Arm of Pat meat Alit a at provided in Ina put 11minar a Atair Iti in this proceed o thai in tumor Ita la in adoption at Blit to toil in it cd opted Iuar i rate i Oas i tit at Moa pod a thai Resolution by pub i than Ana Lima in a now Papor a a cilia of High to m at a a matter t Nara Tai oui a order it Cit Council Quot it of at aaa of of Lobar Tate Camarin Herrington Oate if clan irk Uati ii ii k not Ici of Public or a i no notre it Nara mat a award of county commissioner it Guilford county a h Contr Dar car pin proposed amendment in in Guilford count Jan a Oro none of a Buohl la do hate an Nora Motr in 174 beginning Al t to a m it a a comm Boom in in count courthouse no j government Piara or a a Bor a n Cai which Quot a i no ail Cri Igant Naii Baj ran an oppor Urla Lobo Hoard Thyr Apo aaa Amandaann to to con t h ii Aoud Aion in prop i Dater i Baiba a battered Alf Nam i Uso Taal a Quot a Iti of Ltd a la action a my ii and Tao Bailor Road so Jio boing to Foi no i sri bloc no in and Norcot no to of tees no is of Guilford Loualta mop no Jap Ota to it Quot p on Oba g m Mcc Winloc from at agricultural a a b is Batik and it a it j i it Makowy Haiti quadrant at n c a ant hic Barr Otego or. A vib Las. Bang boreal neti i Ion i through a of Doop by for Cratl of blocs no Iris of Guilford cauda to map no tool Damp by apr Tahod or Jam l Smith irom Baac Batten Iii agricultural to b l Busine Al am i on who brat a of u s to South Al it me roof in of Aith co Bandianon Rood. Vib Kim boing Par of Borean no i and is of becs no Sia of Guilford cauda tax a no am. . Township Zahad a Lloyd Park Tram Al agricultural to by but Nett a on a to i i Daf u v Tho Sou la 400 Taal Norm of if smart action aim n c Al boing Parocai no i dolt v and it of j i gambit subdivision of by no Aion of Guilford count to map no at so nor Toa Thip on Nae or t Hor Las b Parkin irom a 0 Batten Fiji agricultural to l l business a pee lad Casal v in a Touth Aati quadrant at to in tar vat lion of cobia Church Rood vib ims and l Orion Rudd vib Jim boing part of Pari Al no j of Block no 108 of Guilford count to mop no do groan , of had by Richard from Al agricultural to b l Butl Noss Lappo Miod Casal Gaston d Poison. Chairman Board of Caum comm to Tenor of Guilford county Anontine Amant i 3. Lott 4 found la. A cad lord Junior Man a Nooi Maii Broon Harrar Puppy Dachshund terrier Reward offered Art lost. Snort or to. Child i Ito Nim Boogie i anal a Bratro off Rad a by Nard Tor information loading Lama he Quot p a a a a up j Babb a dug in in inti action j by ticks 4 Hight Tate Bogia Mats or Tad Iota Job Lott i Aroi or i Rad Bro Mound in a Pior Arco Call am in bad a an i a in 4 j to p in services and repairs a 14. Remodelling painting Brick work non 4 old smoking Flop Cocos. I install a Mia Dammer installed Steps Polios wats Brick 4 Block to pm of an typos to yrs tap f Roo Osi Imtiaz Ava jut Brick amp Block work 4. Personals marriage of Nogarr Ani it twin j or i am 0 j pm monday mrs Krida can Lor appoint morn my hit. C c magi a Dana furniture Troup ad1 Cor of in a com used com Contact my Rui so Mooso Roan does Tor if you Moue How proc Lam concern my Quot Tai Rte or can Bob Vaugnn Bonito a sailors far of to Raj Loos 1 will no Longs b to r As Pons ibid for any do by t Olar Man my own a pad Wint m we n mat is tvs or sting of air Rica a of the b Bittua of a world or Dor Mog Aimo Tima migh Point Publ c Library Ond in High rom Conejo lip Rory _ or buy and up Quot a Homes and tend traditional Bratty inc i tots s. Instructions guitar 4 Banjo lessons now fought 01 or pm to country Slor by professional music Ion t for he Jim Arnold Sot for motion eau is Tea a rom 1s-q r m. Mondo so Lundoy Riano it Sions Orr Ninos Mil nuts in 4js47/j Chiv Sti Ori m la wont non of Jisoo pm Stigi it so a it alter Arm 13. In Nam apog Var Dorli Varo Nork train mauls0 Rhone it Jim a for Sand topsoil till Din i and Ock. Gra i Cross a Bush nog or always to a tots boy s Sano 4 Gravil. All was All typos of f Roc Tor work. Landscaping Yores Catnap in ways Strep note a tone off Frosh hauled blowing 4 dishing roat Onate prices 4 Trot to Limp As cup anytime my to Obj Asphalt raving residential 4 commercial , Cool coating rep estimates Cums a or All Saja Koshi Hiti met us Shim. Big a bad topsoil met Hoo work. Fill Din or Kroc 4 grading a a i0ts_ c amp b tree service Complete Trot Cert shrubbery Nark. To Wood Cert Lawn re seeded tend scaling injured a i gtd a _ gravel 4 dirt mauling Low rates a Orso is be Roc k Budd Smith. In Alt the Maul top soil him dirt san deck. Gray Nill spread 4 seed also free Sar vice is tsp King s landscaping driveways a Quot a no top son Grout saner Tok re tinted Cross a a 4 a a Quot a. Cum 4c Tor rate m7 n i no Tott Max in s As malt paving driveway 4 Pemma lots Van Cooling Tor driveways ski Volov build 4 repair chimneys Rosin do lion underpinning Steps put in Drom tilts 4 ii sagging floor Rrana 1 mates my asm or am Tan carpentry. Masonry Noak a Oom Rane Ling ratios. Walks any Type repair work Cen it Joa carports Ano Carag a. Built to your specification Community cent a auction co phone All juju Don Rickert Rami contractor in Tor Tor e Atef Tor. Marne commercial. In duty Ririe Quot Tael i Mota no ii St storm door 4 window service sole Inette Tehon repair awning. Guttering booting. Aluminium siding e airflow Ajir let fluid. Juju electrician i canted. Bonded int Rod re team Tai Ommert Ai wiring and repair no lob Loo to Kroo plump Dancy electric. Re Mj-0t2a Steelie How Boers signal Parer hanging Horrell j hurler owner prompt Serai it. Jamr phone by a1 i r replaces. Cuatemo built co mum to Cor so Ruck in co phone 4ji-j2u Kob All types at hem remodelling. Painting Light hauling a mend Man. My Jim Koster 4 Foster storm windows 4 doors sales not Allahlon repair Rhone Aii its Gutter work int Tail clean repair give Quad a mod or paint grip 4js-ijm or Ais 23 miscellaneous Hiu Ruji i or a Park ill to or hmm to com Tioy Sis minimum Tor a Complete car Guirand Auto Salvage re Oji j Jas of a i Ijjas All Type of cleaning a vice for commercial 4 properties Contr a i or by lob Aja it bicycle repairs of Specter Ibn Oke bring in. And Protey a a Onei tar Icen an make Kraa Vati traction guaranteed of re Mif Tia to jul n main is m7 aau Complete Lawn apr Mica Alt Typo Gutter work Handyman cell Aja us of of Tam altar 4pm Mons of Jim i rom k sirs k l a do patios driveways porches basement is Yar Riper Anc Saj att oar sat 4j0q nigh Oum Pste use r vice Cente Nar for sate or ran Windcrest leasing inc Rhone Day m7 7sat a my Quot of Saja Energy Saver storm windows 4 doors insulted Concrete ,.As 4 sidewalks Jas Ajsa free will clean auf 011x4 Carport garage. Be meant 4 haul Sway Ai no Cost form Content ski 7jot or ski Ais Llor pm general maintenance work 4 off in c loaned cup us Ems Rob s appliance service appliance repair tupac tenting Mot to Point phone i aug rental 24. Room it Board room 4 Board ear men working 4 re wrap a e Button re m7djja 25. Room rooms with or win our private Bam refrigerator no plate Appl in Perton at Biltmore Motel nicely i urn nod room ranted by month Sheraton Motel 400 main St Phan m7 Jim me n 27. Apt. Houses Kyc Spaete. A pm Apt so 7voo Woodruff. S pm House Sias Soo a Cabin a pm Duple to Sii b Whiten a map is toi scientific. A pm Duple Sjo so a Elim. 4 pm Duple is t in Washington 4 pm Al Sis 44 a Cable. J pm Duple us Forest perk j pm Apt Sao iou Grace. J pm Duple so it Euri Augh j pm Duple Sas 170 i Etc or4 pm. House Sis Iau e Commerce. 4 pm House Sjo am a Walnut. J pm Duple. Soo 471 b Ennis. J pm Duple Sas us furlough i pm House Sao uis furlough j pm Apt 65 Aoa a Park. I pm Duple so Aoa c Wise i pm Apt Sis Toa scientific a pm gupte Sjo Jas e Washington. J pm House so Bijj c skeet club re a rat Sao Joa e Washington. A pm House most a Ama a rat ass 40 a Walnut j pm Duple Sao Oakwood court j pm turn Sis Oakwood cart 7 by Apt Soo iou e Commerce j pm Duple is to a Wise a pm Duple so Sis Roy j pm Duple so i tot Bobbin a pm Duple Sjo Joo e Washington i pm Apt Sao a Burge a pm House Suo iou Ite Washington. A rat is Dice Green Arm House. Suo Hoo Baker rd., a pm House Loq 07 old Winston re. A pm House Siso so d Meredith a pm Al Sis Jujj Jurt Mendenhall Moore Joi Church Avenue a dial my Usa Jot Gatewood 5 rat downstairs. J up Stair a Haat sus Moju Enate j room so to Jos Gatewood a pm partly Lur silo to t4 Park j room sea 7 we Iii Cedar j pm turn is a j we 111 Park. J room is to 0j Woodbury j pm turn so Motu Morgan j rat turn it so a j we us wizard. A rat putt dirt so to i to Edmondson. J rms to a w Willis j room. Is to Soo b Vail. J room. Is to Soa a Van j room so to Horton realty co Rhone Mj-1 Sta toi b Grace j pm Apt is to Malpass realty Ica Roc Spring m7 Tou l 27. A pit. Hou tfx a furn High Point Enterprise saturday october 30. 1976 i7a it North Centennial a 4 room House Gas neat Suo month Malpass realty co. I a rocks Ping it Tou mouse for rent jul Druid or off old Winston re 4 rom. Tram re my as4j after pm Johnson 4 associates realtors Call my Aoa j just int a by House dire Bel elect he a fenced Yard rot 4 Hove i7j77sl Bente a i0am pm my aus Nice j mudroom House located near tiv i 1 Beth withe Quot dryer Connie Lions Sun per to at Tjoa Northgate apts i and j bedroom Ood rentals 39. Commercial properly rentals 7u Church jog to it warehouse is Jav jul w Green la. Jaisa it j track leva loading rail siding Oil lire system Haat us e a glib a. Aim to to Siso to in Engin in to too to to hid office j Story Block masonry adj All Manning Isom to h Whir sum Tau us Harrott re 10 000 a i office space will tie turn perking in v mom. Ista to of. Heat a c Ait Manning a Ojo to it sprinkler Gat heal rail Shao Jagt riven 4000 to to warehouse Only 70 it calling rail truck lava loading sprint red sex Sta English a to Moo jul n main it Iau so it Gas heat Waler furnished its Ian % mein approx u0 so it Sivo Joi cider re 70.000 sell boated sprinkler and. J truck level loading t Alton pm in Isasa it j truck level no Sprinkle Quot of 17 of ceilings room a 1400 to Fth a a jul North main Ieese Saft in a s main 1400 Taft neat Mac Siu Bijj North main i too Saft Sivo aaa word is. 400 so h 11 Sao i to n mom approx 4 too so m Spoo 30 commercial property too so e t tunable for office or refill us National my Thorn ii its month. I be Quot teas Security Deposit r d Reed 4jj Iii do 4jt a74v might we Oakview pot rent to couple. S room a i carpal lot b peach tree Orsis month Security Deposit required am Mai remodeler j by older style haute new paint so hurry. Jim re note x 10am Ipp my Al a rent with option to buy 4 bedroom. J oath a a fully Ca Quot a 10 lanced m Back Yard n e action Sias men la of a aaa 4j44__ Robinhood of Kitchen appliance carpet Teflon spec iou two bedroom townhouse with Iva Beth Mon i convenient location priced from Simon gracious living u right a <0 realtors 147 Church a my in Joi Church Avenue a dial i Usa j aia i j n main j office Peces carpet panelling air conditioned approx Joo i Arft sj00 Hio a English re office spice a pm it i a Quot rated ample perking Sik 747 w Green or across troop Mon de inn Iago so it be cd. Commercial space near i la Cloverleaf Siao Al Kurt a ins �4.vc? realty company for lease pm Uil Imp it to i la it Al b1319 w. Fairfield 21,700 so. Ft., Nice offices Sprinkle red 14 of. Clearance. In 1501 Potts 22,600 so. It. Air conditioned manufacturing space Sprinkle red #319 Ennis 10,000 so. Ft., sprinkled manufacturing space #1931 w Green 12,942 so. It whose or show space j�2hllsscl f Bavin Kimpson not i do to inc Uli Walt Daniel ins 4 real est Sij n Hamilton St Phi la a do s a s St it i1 Woodlake apts i j. J bedroom town now is Lake Crest at Johnson a Sou 29. Mobile Homet Spacet i 7 bedroom trailer off a Wherry a couple or couple with i child refer req Aio t trailer space 4ji Haj i attractive i bedroom High Post. Close in Large to am heeled room i or j gentlemen twin Beds l b 4 phone priv maid is Quot re m7 maj comfortable modern Motel room by month smote aug double Siso can mar or Hamrick. Ais it Ioos b Garrison a room Viv too a Stanton j rat Sjo i utites into ski we Soi Richardton. A pm. Tutov 4 ref is Jas Beddington Rea pm Sao i Iaia Madison j pm turn is carpeted new Furnace single or couple. Maj i furnished bedroom m private Home Kuchen priv legit must be sober re 4m-js0j commo Kultur Sij n Hamilton my att i Concrete work. Finished drives basement porches Etc Community contraction co. Phone All juju mouse painting lowest prices in town. Satisfaction guarantied a item after pm idol aluminium products. Aluminium siding storm window odor awning room add it i tot. Ire Cost Olor it How. Constr it two general maintenance painting. Aluminium tiding 4 guitar Nom in Gray Amant 4 report no lob too Small re estimates Quot Haj too top in painting houses is Par Tenet Good Quot it trance reasonable Rotas can it Aoji porches. Built on or clo Ted in Erica. Guts. Screen window or any combination Community construction be. 4 1 jul Honor punt i us Mimm jvi7 s Anam St arc Date Zaater of Aiea 4 Reynolds aluminium siding storm door windows. Aluminium guttering Aji Sar Sheet Rock Mung 4 finished Spray the fur a Catling to to Quot Ock 4 Piaster repair aaa 7th or i-Ati-1 Jap room additions built to your specification Community construction phone 4ji-7j1a tiles Ano carpets. Complete Nome. Including Bein Community construction co phone Aii juju Webb s roofing 4 Home repair Wark guaranteed and appreciated a a pipe ence re Ava Jot is. Septic tank service private turn thee bedroom for rant to gentleman Aoa a it Nauborn Terrace can my aj47 private bedroom in Home to Sobor employed gentlemen living roam 4 phone privilege am Sij _ rat room in comfortable modern townhouse Apt All conveniences 4 utilities Avan immediately to a Gie protest Onei or Busine person ret req s too to my s404 room for rent in private Home to employed gentlemen phone Hj-0447 after apm 29. Apts Iliou act f furnish re 5 pm. House clean full Bath easy to heat. $30 every 2 was. 719 Asheboro. 6 pm. House new paint storm windows Gas heat extra big lot. $27.50 per we. 1107 Brentwood. Dallas furniture store 215 n. Centennial pm 882-2654 Soa a Cros j pm 4 Beth so Sun veil Arm 4 Bath hot water Iyo a attractive j by High Point. Carpeted air new Furnace Tingle a Chi util inc ski we aaa Jyrl Randolph county kor rent Large Mobile Home Loi All utilities underground Aji to Toraji Jim i to j extra Nice Mobile Home. Carpet Washer air cond couple Only Alto Nice space no sunday Cen it Jato Fob rent j bedroom Mobile Home Good location j Complete Beth is wee no drinking 431 Haj Iaie-0 s main j room 4 Bath putt dirt a i water 4 neat turn Hoo to Sec dip 431 to or is to fainted 0j Arnot. Painted Oba j room furnished Art newly painted Nice 4 clean Cia Ltd no drinking for Isle. Call Aji Jujj j room turn Apt upstairs got e Green a heat Prate Beth Aav to my iou Hight Amo i _ 4 room furnished apartment in Jamestown phone 44 Keeja attractive 4 nicely j room Apt private Bein 4 Entrance an utilities paid couple Only. M2 Vii efficiency apartment one person references required pm Aat 447j clean furnished Apt Gat heat lid Entrance is has Elm 74 wee Alto j room furnished Apt. Jim v n mom it i in we ref at Anc depot t required Cidboy. Jake Ham or butt Bijj so a pm 4 Bath lust Aav to 1004 b English v rms 4 Bath i 2 Char a i Atli Aav f no Bentwood. A pm 4 Bath my too 6 Anderson. J rat 4 Bain. Brick. I get Furnace oat painted Vai so oos a Martin. J pm 4 Bath in so i Soi a Leonard. A pm 4 Bath Boe. I lust painted. Sas i 7cj-a Morgan. A pm 4 Beth hot water 1 in a panted. Sao i lava a to English Willi Apt a j pm 4 bad water a available settled per son Over a Only no children Jas i North is j rat 4 Bath Brick basement paved drive carpet Sias to Putnam 4 pm 4 Bath Sao at1>c4.ns really company i Apo n main St pm mum to Tate St. Put a Sio Par furnished j bedroom trailer All utilities Turnor Kitchen wether Phat Vijh or a Jao a Large Mobil homa space to minute from downtown wet of High Pont a Quiat Plata to live a Sta Large wooded lot in restricted perk underground utilities also my Mobil Home Aja Jajo 4 4js 7jja__ Large trailer space near Archdale paved Siree underground wiring couples Only Sis to 4ji-s40i Mobile Home space Tor rent located Between m p 4 t Ville an Prospect re Cai Troy it Aja Ossi Nice trailer spec Oil i is near Mendenhall auction no drinking Call Asi Jim or 4ji Juja now so we Tor to secluded i by on wooded lot. North part to. I Jim i Bente a 10am pm my a1 a rent this e tra Nice 7 bedroom Mobil Home air 4 Washer j04 n main South j by luxury Mobil Horn on private country lot. Sjo we Ahu tilted 4 j i re Tex Ioam pm my 4ua Jai s Mains ground Hoot. Pecan pan a Ling. Carpeted Central na14 air cond cd i Tor insurance office Tew office. Reel estate furniture 4 so Forth aim mph aaa Aam Day it Bijj three top notch t is location near w. Green excellent new building t Nett a construction retail wholesale v too so i it to too soft in too soft pm no a Jia 4v0c soft prime retell space 4 00 a it office spec Hoo National Hwy Thomasville suitable far furniture showroom r o Reed 4js-Jiji Day 47-. Ajaj night _ 702 Beddington 7 too self Deal Tor furniture upholstery automotive or Wood shop Only Hao per month Johnson 4 associates realtors Ca my to commercial property too n Hamilton so it Hoo in too so to. Downtown furniture showroom v07 n Mam store o office 7700 so it Saj a ski English store am Smi i Mac to. Kultur my von commercial building i too it. Ajao per month White 4 Wood realtors i Miami inexpensive office with j a Quot a of tend suit Este Tor construction storage truer storage or outside storage near t to k w Green or Mj-aj74__ to n mein retail j Joo so it 400 i Iso pots ,00 so to air mfg Shao i Fairfield i it Cicer apr metered Alin Tju Mont leu retail hoc Hove g in 00 soft Haw air paved biking him v Westwood ave free standing office Pui id my private parking Avis 1 Iii w k Van total also i Ennis is 10.000 to it Siso i is w a theft Voo to it Vivo i 124 i Hayden i office suite. Vivo i i Centennial. to it to rms auv0 i in Hayden i Leo so it she retailer service 100sa it Hoo Ajo n mails St. soft Prim Down town office space paved perking a location Lite of Carolin bldg ais00 for lease individual office spares in business a re air conditioning neat All utilities term tend parking available cell Tor detail and inspection Merighi a in. Re Ilion ia7 Church ave my a key bldg Jun main rant at Law As Voo Moen utilities 4 elevator service included Ino floor 2 radiating of Fie j leg 4 7 Smi will Quot in vet Quot to or together Alto pro floor 4 too soft will remodel for tenant Cen Dev m7 Vijh night a Ioco off ices and commercial building for rent m Thomasville perking t la Mil i Quot Quot i Uhm vol i i i Mhz i ii him i it i i /. Viz a s a a i i of a of Rice phone 4 7$ 7179 real estate for Sale 32. Retort Carolina Beach lot Tor Sale or Trade Tor anything of value Ceil math j Days or Winston a Avia nights Choice Lak of Bont lot it High Rock Lake Situ Roy g Morgan Jamestown in aaa Tom Yore. Pah of Rajme it s Garden apartments Jamestown. N. C. Coll resident manager. 14-3616 v room House newly week phone am-4212 space for rent Spring like court paved Street 4 drives tree Garden spec 4 tithing Lake t Mil from t it month rant Ira 47s-4jm Ville Juhn j room Apt upstairs private oath Gas heat tool English Rosi we no children a 42 i furnished Nova All utilities Pate in 4 roam country cottage garage a m. 1471 a01 Denti Ham apm Aav Al i raking leaves Gutter teen my 4 any kind of Yard Wark and Odd i oat pm a is j urn huts Linum Iping my. Imph 454-?�4 soiling shrubs Sodom a Yards patios win retaining Wohl dram installed Melvin re Witcher i or Riper enc la. Remodelling painting h to. Ii a be in punting Nikul 0 Day spacial on an a Teo 4 outside painting Frap estimates mahi room 4 Hughes a Complete remodelling Sun deck a work guaranteed is or tip Joa 74 hv7 or Joama 4j painting int or 4 Alienor free estimate Jam Mitch a my Chi or of j131 aaa carpentry a Nom add la ont. Roofing guitar my porch Rupert a cd. Window Claa nits a 007 Glen Mae about thai remodelling or repair Job just Call Aii Tia for or Altin alas no lob too Small Ell work guaranteed retired plasterer will do Small Patch lobs can before i to or after up m2 additions a remodelling kitchens oaths cabinets form Ca tops roofing painting All types construction j j Whit a a too Mike a vs32 Mitchell septic tank service pumping a custom ditch no Backhoe work 434 Iau a a3 Aii types i Jajio 3 room furnished Duple a Nee i 4j>7 Aas heat i private Bat 4 Entrance 42 Tate is no children. Ingli on bus Ime no pets phone my too of. To radio repair antennas cd 4 ipes to veers a stereo repair All t per terse test serve omm Unic a Lions electronics. M2 101 cd repair and professional installation on Alt types plus aute burglar alarms Auto air 4 sound English of Chestnut mv-s77v 17. T a hollering repairing antique furniture repair. re upholster can for free is pick up 4 delivery 474-4 41 or 4js i Joi expert re upholster All work guaranteed free 10% discount on fabrics Doug rider Mi-44 to Quality work on new styles 4 anti que furniture Large selections of faeries free estimates 4 1-1217 e 4 m upholstering All Type a Upholt terms refinishing restoring ant ques Large selection of samples m pick up 4 delivery. 4jv-j0j4 tree 18. Bookkeeping income tax too tons remodelling 4 repairs painting prompt 4 reasonable fro my 22ao remodelling room additions Root my 4 Small repair Wark Call Bryant construction 4jvt Ujj additions Sun deck build or remodel fireplaces Cement painting 4 aluminium siding 47v 244 aluminium siding Dupont finish to veer guarantee i Job t Complete com Mummy construction co phone 4ji-j2h announcements i. Announcement Timm Migut Friday 4 saturday night Start of j Jackson last Road at Lyn Boling lakes _ if you Ara inter Astad me Best club apply High Post Public Library j pm nov i sponsor and by Trinity Batt anglers take soil away tha blot Lustra Way from carpal and upholstery rant aia conc shampoo a Hoffman paint wanted to Chenga houses in triad area Tor cosy vacation Horn in sub tropical Lowar Rio grand Van Tanas Avail abit Jan i Tor j or Mort months i bedroom Mobile Home so in with a a Washer dryer. To it. Covered Patio tied Dawn in Mobile Nome perk with club Nous recreation Pool Naar Golf Tennis Bowling. Mexico Golf pm i of has 101 3. Loa amp found lost mate it s an eel. Reddish Brown color Vicinity and pm off Guyer St Reward of Farad Call Iai 4111, Oon Edwards Atter v p in Call ms-aj44 found sat of 4 Kays Al High Point a main Post Oft in phone Mf-4138 d a watch on by Tare lift St May claim by cutting ms-ss0. Description found Kitten Bleck White 4 Brown 2v24 Suffolk or. Apt k 512e. Jud pretty Kitty part persian ? i to Good Horn a Hava dog 4 can t 4v4 142j a spayed cat Araan eyes a yellow Vicinity of wan rotary re phone a 537 r Rad 4 Tan Doberman Mala uncut Groom Newtown Victory Chapel re child s Pat Reward 43 la in lost a German Shephard Puppy 4 to. Old mate Nam Quot in fallen Brentwood area m2 0s2 Lien Jey Reddish Brown tamale registered Tetter arc Date Tran Ltd area irs to Ginger Quot please Call it you teen dog she hat 7 Newborn pups Una her Mi-4141, ask Tor Sandy 5pm 4 1 mos aluminium experts eliminate painting 4 save on heating air conditioning costs aluminium siding guttering a carports awnings a Marquis custom built windows 4 doors pm 454 704v Timmi m i Mim i a hug. La. Member sub Ali him i siding storm windows 4 doors rooting 4 gut Taring room ado general Home repairs Harold Winch m2 40jj Attar 5 carpentry work to years experience doors windows. 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Londonderry estates you never had it so cozy free Wash Erette facilities in 1 $ 2 bedroom Garden apartments resident manager 869-6515 a hours 2 to 6 . Or by appointment

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