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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - October 30, 1974, High Point, North Carolina A woman either Way give up chauvinists st Louis to the male chauvinist voter in South is Louis Hast a Chance nov 5 any Way he casts his ballot hell Send a woman to Congress the contest for Missouri 3rd District seat in the us House of representatives is the nations Only three Way ladies race with incumbent Democrat Leonor k Sullivan facing opposition from Joann p Raisch a Republican and Marie s Nowak an Independent i think it might be a More interesting race having All women says mrs Raisch a 38yearold Mother of two teenage boys politics is not new to her family her Hus band William is seeking his third term As a state representative people Are tired of the Oid time politician people want someone refreshing they want someone new they want someone Young mrs Raisch says that the usual thing they opponents say according to mrs Sullivan who is Missouri first and Only congresswoman if i cant carry on youll never see me run for Congress 1 think youre As old As you feel says mrs Sullivan who does not look her 72 years she was first elected in 1952 to fill the seat of her late husband and has been returned to Congress for 11 consecutive terms i think 22 years in office is too Long says mrs Nowak a 54yearold eighth Grade mathematics teacher no one seems to believe anybody it seems like theres such a Lack of Confidence and Faith in the government i think the Only Way to restore that is to get some Ordinary citizens those who dont owe anybody any favors mrs Nowak says the District which covers South st Louis City and South st Louis county is populated mostly by Middle class Whites for mrs Sullivan its the first time Shes Ever been opposed by one member of her sex much less two but the Veteran Democrat contends it will make no difference she says mrs Nowak As an Independent will take votes away from the gop candidate 7 j n happen whats week if Gould calms Down for special i by Jay Sharbutt a television writer new York a Elliott Gould the costar of California split split from California last week to go before the cameras in new York a Bawdy spy Story a new caper flick a civilian sequel to Mash nope its a on hour special produced by a the childrens television workshop Gould whose movies tend to have him cast As a Delegate from the Lunatic fringe seems a quietly sane basically decent Guy but his cow show has a touch of lunacy which May be Why he agreed to do it called out to lunch it concerns what might happen if Gould costar Rita Moreno and some of cows electric company and sesame Street gang took Over while the networks executives were at lunch the execs will find out when Abc airs the show the night of dec 10 Gould who rarely appears on to had a reasonably logical explanation for appearing in the show we talked about the material he grinned and once they said that i could work with the cookie monster and big Bird i said you got me the tall 36yearold actor comfortably at tired in sweater and baggy Blue jeans said his last big to shot was in 1964 when he co starred with Carol Burnett in the musical once upon a mattress he said the main reasons he agreed to do the coming special were that cow does the most refreshing and consistent work Ive seen and because All my children he has three watch it and identify with it he was asked if Hes had any offers to Start in a to series and if hed Ever seriously con Sider one i Haven had any offers said violating a show Biz Rule which says All Iri demand movie actors shall grumble about a constant deluge of to offers i would think about it seriously but i think its premature for me right now since there Are some films Ive got to do and i want to make my own films i think once in doing that id be More interested in working More consistently in to his next movie which he begins Here in january costars an actor who consistently works in Telly Savalas of Kojak the film a comedy called the Alley concerns a vehicular standoff Gould says its about two motorists who drive into a narrow Alley from opposite ends and refuse to Back off he didst add that this is the Way All cab Drivers Here try to get to the Airport 8 a my Orech Boro 3 a Btu Charlotte i Wunch univ station s Oral Raleigh ii 8 whip High Point 12 9 soc Charlotte 18 i a Ivson Roanoke 30 Wavd Durham Xii Winston Salem a cab Charlotte writ Charlotte truth or consequences secrets of deep that my mama ugh pts i capsule views of today evening programs pm 23818 news 5911 news weather sports 10 action news 12 triad today 36 Beverly Hillbillies 2311 lbs news 58 Abc Newt 11112 Abc news 18 Omny and the professor 31 Comer Pyle 2 beat the clock 3 lbs news 4 it utilization 5 Raymond Burr 8910 truth or come que acc 11 family Alfar it whats my lint 18 concentration 3tj Andy Griffith 2 name that tune 3 new treasure Hunt 4 candidates 74 8 secrets of the deep 9 adam12 10 to Tell the truth 11 Price is right 12 to Tell the truth 18 whats my line 36 hogans heroes 2311 sons and daughters 4 men who made the movies 5818 that my mama 91012 Little House on the Prairie 34 Star trek 5111 movie of the week 2311 Cannon 4 doors of mystery 9 soc movie 1012 Lucas Tanner 36 playhouse 36 2311 Man Hunter 4 when witches hover near 5818 get Christie love 1012 Petrocelli 2358910111218 news weather sports 4 sign off 36 Alfred Hitchcock 2311 lbs late show 5818 wide world Spe Cial 91012 tonight show m High Point Enterprise wednesday october h 1971 3 locations to serve you 354 Ennis 2601 English we Reserve the right to limit quantities Wilsons Blade Cut Chuck roast spam Norm Els spam luncheon meat la 12 of can Wilsons Choice Center Cut Chuck roast fresh hourly ground beef la Wilsons Choice Tenderizer Steak Bounty absorbent towels la Rolls every cups a Good red Label Osage Green Beans 4303 of cans of picnic Vienna sausage n showboat Spaghetti with Tomato sauce 303 cans la Hunts California yellow cling peaches Large size can for whiter clothes pure bleach pure Gal 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