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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 30, 1974, High Point, North Carolina A High Point Enterprise wednesday. October 30. 174 Mills can smile despite scandal by Bill Simmons associated pros writer Little Rock. Ark apr hit trembling hand. Grip the lectern hit face reddens and perspiration glistens in the Blue of news camera lights but Wilbur d. Mills Stilt can smile the is term congressman has been intently observed but on in superficially questioned of appears that he has laughed joked and apologised his Way through whatever political danger May have been posed by the tidal Basin incident involving a former exotic dancer owe billed As a the Argentine firecracker Mills manner seems Akin to that of a youngster caught dipping into the cookie Jar Mandel Victory predicted Annapolis. Map Maryland has been rocked by major Kickback scandals in recent years and now investigators Are looking at a group of businessmen close to democratic gov mat Vin Mandel. But the 54yearold Democrat a career politician who was speaker of the House of delegates before he became governor is considered far ahead of Republican Lam i be soft in what looms As a Good year for incumbents in Maryland elections in the state s Senate race Liberal Republican sen Charles Mcc Mathias or also is headed for re election against a woman opponent. Baltimore councilwoman Barbara a it Kulsht seven congressmen als Art favored for new terms the eighth rep Lawrence w. Hogan Lait the gof gubernatorial primary altar becoming the first Republican on the House judiciary committee to Call publicly for former president Richard m. Nixon impeachment the election comes a Little More than a Vear after two major Maryland political figures. Vice president Spiro t Agnew and Baltimore county executive Dale Nderson. Ran afoul of a still continue my political corruption probe directed by i a atty. George Beal of Baltimore. First. Anderson a Symbol of suburban machine politics was indicted on charges of extorting kickbacks from consultants doing business with the county he was subsequently convicted then. Agnew Anderson s Republican predecessor was accused of receiving kickbacks while governor and vice president. Not conceding any crime of consequence but sheepish about it. Nonetheless High school students at Conway grilled him about the incident and hooted at some of his answers until Mills said he was t going to talk about it any More Mont others generally older civic club members have listened politely to economic talks then applauded Mills who has been campaigning Here for the past two weeks a i have been embarrassed beyond words Quot Mills said at i first Post incident gathering in Arkansas reappeared before the Little Rock Jaycees. Who Wise cracked among themselves about the tidal Basin incident until Mills arrived. Then they applauded and laughed with the congressman Mills jokingly spoke of the perils of taking out foreign women who like Champagne he said his marriage was untroubled. He apologized he said be had quaffed bubbly but done nothing More serious. While the tidal Basin incident has provided a lot of gossip in Mills District. Most political analysts believe he was Hurt More by reports of illegal contributions to his la re election Campaign As chairman of the tax writing ways and Means committee the 65 year old Democrat a Iso could be Hurt by inflation and the tax bite. Sur he is expected to defeat his Republican opponent. Judy Petty to but i Victory margin in Little Rock s 2nd District could be narrower than in the past. Mills has represented the District since 138. The tidal Basin incident involved shapely 38-year-old Annabel Battistella a termer stripper from Argentina she left Mills car and jumped into the tidal Basin near Washington a Jefferson memorial after Park police stopped the congressman i car at 2 a m oct 7, mrs Battistella was a resident of the apartment building where Mills lives. Her husband lives in Argentina. Mills. Mrs Battistella and two other women were in the congressman car driven by Albert Capaldi when the police stopped it for operating without lights and tor speeding police said Mills smelled of alcohol and hied from face cuts. Mills later said he was Cut when mrs Battist Eua Elbow hit his glasses As he tried to Stop her from leaping from the car in a statement. Mills said he was with the group because he was giving a Bon voyage party for Gloria Sanchez. A Cousin of the Bat taste Las mrs was going to return to Argentina during the party mrs. Battist Eua became ill the statement said Mills said he Capa id i and the other women were taking mrs Battistella Home when police stopped Ute car. The congressman s wife. Polly. 87. Was not with them the statement said a broken foot rep her at Home but that she insisted Mills take the others to a night spot the statement said the group went to one Public place Quot then later to another neither place was named newsmen have asked Mills aides they have not been Able to get to Mills How the congressman could be unaware of a number of details about the Way he spent the evening of oct 6 and flue Early morning hours of of. 7, they said they Don t know mrs Battist Eua reportedly suffered two Black eyes in the incident Mills Saki he did t know How that happened he said that perhaps it occurred in some perfectly understandable Way during her Rescue. He has denied any romantic link with mrs. Battist Eua. Her husband like Mills says the two families were simply friends but Eduardo Balli tells also said his wife was on Mills personal payroll at $506 a month for a time. Mills denies that. A i Don t have that kind of Money he Sakl. Nevertheless. Mrs. Petty who originally had pledged not to raise the tidal Basin incident now has called fee an internal Revenue service audit of Mills income tax returns. In a prepared statement. She noted that Mills described himself As a Man of Quot modest Means but had written a $15,000 personal Check last year to Gulf Oil corp to pay Back a donation illegally made to a a draft Mills Quot group in connection with Mills 172 race for the democratic presidential nomination Mark Short Democrat for . House proc Nong attorney for 16 years 4 Fermi in the . House. 5 yrs . Courts com minion. Used i of matk Short i a St a. Beef grading debated Wilbur Mills Fresno Calif apr some consumer advocates done to like the proposed changes in beef grading but a researcher says your taste buds won t be Able to Tell the difference the u s. Agriculture department is now holding hearings around the nation on its plans to permit younger leaner beef to be graded As prime or Choice meat. Agriculture officials expert the new standards to he in effect before mid-175. Ken Ellis now heading the University of California agriculture Extension ser vice in Fresno county says a two year study he directed at the University of California at Berkeley sought to prove younger cattle with less fat could be just As Good As older beef fed longer to make them fatter. The study played a key role in the proposed changes he says a what happened is that with improvements in Breeding cattle now gain weight faster than they used to. Ellis said Quot so you have a younger animal reaching a Slaughter weight of 1,000 to 1.200 pounds. Quot the new standards Are not a lowering of beef Quality. A taste panel of eight judges included in the research who were Chawn for their ability to detect Small changes in flavor show in most cases Consumers can t Tell the difference a in addition the less fat per Pound the More protein we have available Ellis added Quot and less cholesterol Mav be present in leaner meat i consumer advocates Aren t warm to the change however a Consumers Are going to be very angry if they find lesser Quality beef of the same says Ruth Yannatta. Chairwoman of fight inflation together the los Angeles based group that led the meat Boycott in Spring 173 we done to want changes just to insure that the cattle Industry gel is profit at the expense of the consumer s shrinking Dollar. She says the us study is not enough Quot the agriculture department should find a few Rev markets in various cities and sell beef graded under the new standards then ask Consumers for their opinions on the difference in. 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