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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 30, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise monday afternoon october 30, 1972. Section b and angry words tree Campaign the deceased Washington a when det. Reilly walked into the Rotunda of the Capitol he was aghast. Lying there on the floor were the bodies of the welfare Reform Bill the consumer Protection Agency Bill the mass transit Bill and the minimum wage Bill. A geez a whistled Reilly. A this is worse than the St. Valentines Day he went Over to his assistant det. Monday. A what happened a Reilly asked. A i done to know a monday said. A they were All alive and healthy one Day and the next moment they were All killed. Nobody saw anything.�?T�?T. Reilly went Over to the welfare Reform Bill and pulled Back the Sheet. It was mangled and torn beyond recognition. Reilly almost got sick to his stomach. He asked monday a anybody identify the bodies a a someone said they were All related to a Guy named Nixon who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania ave. We sent for him. He should be Here any just then two policemen brought in a dark haired Man with a heavy 5 of clock Shadow. Reilly went up to him. A emr. Nixon sorry to bother you at this hour but we were wondering if you could identify any of these Bills lying there on the Nixon without looking said a i never saw any of them before in my life.�?�. Det. Monday referred to some notes. A witnesses say you introduced these Bills and then killed a a it a a lie a Nixon said. A i Haven to been up Here on the Hill for a Well let me ask you this. Did you know the deceased at All a Reilly asked. Nixon said a you can to pin this one on me. Congress killed them. I had nothing to do with a a we re not accusing you of anything. Or. Nixon a Reilly said. A a we re just trying to put the pieces he pulled the Sheet Back from the consumer Protection Agency Bill. A do you recognize this one a a i done to remember a Nixon Sid. A what about the mass transit Bill Over there a monday asked. A your Man John Volpe testified last month you fun North a this Bill.�?�. A Volpe does no to know what he stalking a and i sunwise you know nothing about the killing of the minimum wage Bill either a a a a i told Vou. I done to know nothing a Nixon shouted. A you can to pin a thing on me a there ii no sense getting excited a Reilly said. A let in ask you this. Do you know of any lobbyists who would want to have these Bills eliminated a a i refuse to answer on the grounds it would incriminate Nixon said. Just then a detective rushed in. A a someone a just killed a congressional investigation of the watergate bugging incident in the House banking Reilly asked Nixon a you shed any Light on that one. Could you a Nixon wiped his lips nervously. A it comes As much of a Surprise to me As it does to copyright 1972, los Angeles times waste disposal site bids will be opened runs into Snag Greensboro bids will be opened thursday for construction of facilities at the new Riverdale Road solid waste disposal site near High Point. County officials expect that bids for improvements such As grading and foundation work for the new solid waste pulverized can be brought to county commissioners nov. 6 the opening of bids will come a few Days after the official ground breaking ceremonies at the former High Point City dump when High Point mayor William Bencini and Guilford county commission chairman Dale Montgomery turned the first Spades full of Earth. The construction is expected to provide foundations for the massive pulverized and for Man Euver areas for various trash and garbage vehicles which will bring refuse to the site. County officials Hope that the facility the first of three in Guilford county can be placed into operation sometime in March of next year. James Rickards county environmental director said the pulverized unit itself is virtually Complete and tested and that conveyor equipment is nearly ready for shipment. The facility East of High Point on City owned land and the other two units which will be placed later will be paid for through a Bond Issue voted by Guilford county residents. One of the units will be located West of Greensboro and the other will be placed East this City. The three locations Are expected to make hauling distances for trash and garbage considerably Shorter for City vehicles and for private Collet tors. This in turn will reduce time and will Speed up collections. In addition grinding of waste is expected to reduce odor and damage of insects and rodents. It will also mean More waste can be packed into a Given area permitting a disposal site to be used longer. By Forrest Cates Enterprise staff writer mayor Bill Bencini has run into resistance in his Campaign to decorate High Points main streets with Trees. He was stirred into angry confrontation today with both the mayor pro tem. Councilman Roy Culler and the City attorney. Knox Walker. It occurred during a committee meeting of the City Council. Bencini advised councilmen that City manager Harold Cheek had questioned whether the City could legally Send its halloween Celebration is scheduled the annual halloween Celebration sponsored by the High Point Parks and recreation dept will be held tuesday beginning at 8 p. In. In the parking lot of the City county building. Various contests and games will be conducted during the Celebration and a variety of prizes will be Given to the winners of every contest. A costume contest will be held with two age groups under 12 and 13 and Over participating. Costumes will be judged on originality and uniqueness. Officials ask that participants assemble in front of the announcers stand by 8 p. In. A pumpkin pie eating contest and a Jack of lantern Competition also is planned prizes will be Given of. The largest funniest and Saddest Jack a a lanterns. Each entry should have the owners name and address attached to the Back and should be brought to the announcers stand by 8 p. In. Candles to Light the Jack of lanterns must be furnished by the owner. Other contests which will be held during the night include a cake walk ring toss Peanut toss pin the Tail on the cat go fishing and the witches Broom. A pumpkin will be on display throughout the evening. And the person who guesses closest to its actual weight will win a prize. Hot dogs. Coffee and other items will be available at a refreshment stand in the lot. Tree Hole Digger onto private property to dig holes for Trees which the property owners would Plant. He and Walker exchanged Sharp words after Bencini had declared that the attorney could draft a Law which would permit the Council to do what it wanted to. Walker took the position that he could Only do what the Law would allow. Bencini said that Walker was taking a negative attitude Walker replied a you Are assuming that something is possible and i am assuming that it might not it ended with Bencinic a declaring that Walker could write the ordinance to allow the Digger on private property if he chose to and walkers saying that he would appreciate the mayors help in writing the ordinance. At that Point Culler interposed with the declaration that he thought the tree planting plan a Trees every 50 feet along main Street and assistance for businesses with plantings a to be hastily conceived. A there has been a lot of talk without a lot of thought a Culler declared drawing an angry response from the mayor. Culler went on to Point out that planting Trees along main could become a problem because of location o f buildings overhead wiring and sidewalks. A then tear up the sidewalks a a said the mayor. Tempers cooled and the discussion ended without Resolution. Nencini made the tree proposal at the councils last meeting nearly two weeks ago. He suggested that the Shade Trees be planted along main at 50-foot intervals and the City s tree planting equipment which is Seldom used be offered to businesses which Are willing to Plant Trees. It was brought out today that the City might not be legally Able to allow businesses to use the equipment without offering the same service to individuals Home owners and others. The great pumpkin returns halloween will be celebrated tuesday and what could be More typical of that time of year than a big Orange pumpkin one High Point merchant evidently tried to boost sales a bit by decorating one of his larger varieties with several extra cucumbers and an unused Basket. Who the pumpkin Man is no one really knows but he just seems to be one of those strange things that appear every year around halloween. Staff photo by mar Austin Council May guarantee coronary unit funding by Ray Hubbard enter per. Staff writer City Council indicated today that it will commit $101,795 in City funds if necessary to Complete financing of the new coronary care unit a t memorial Hospital. The Council indicated that it will pass Resolution thursday at the regular session guaranteeing the funds if a future audit shows that the coronary care operation docs not qualify for Model cities funds. Council action thursday will remove the last obstacle to placing the Complete coronary care system at memorial into operation. Four of the eight Beds of the unit have been in operation for several months and much of the other sophisticated monitoring equipment has been in use but this will allow full use of the entire system As soon As sufficient personnel can be trained Dan Wooley assistant director at the Hospital said today. Model cities with councils urging agreed Early this year to Grant the Hospital $101,795 for the coronary project but the . Dept of Urban development and the . Dept of health education and welfare have withheld final approval until now in a letter to the City Hud approved the expenditure but Only with the reservation that at least 30 per cent of the patients treated in the coronary come from the Model cities areas and that certain claims for local funding prove accurate. These data will be derived from a regular Federal audit of the Model cities program probably some time next summer total Cost of the coronary care unit is a o u t $300,000 the Duke endowment provided $100,000 for the project and the remainder came from local contributions. Hospital authorities went ahead with development of the project on the Assumption that the Model cities Money would eventually be approved. Manufacturers supplied much of the Remote monitoring equipment on a loan basis while funds were being sought through Model cities. In recent weeks Hie situation was lie ginning to create serious concern about financing As unpaid for equipment was put into daily use the coronary system is rated by medical authorities As one of the most modern and sophisticated in the state. It allows monitoring of heart patients from almost any spot in the Hospital and i s described by medical authorities As a life Saver. This is the second major facility to be funded at memorial from Model cities Tunis. The Catheter nation Laboratory a Complete diagnostic tool for heart patients was funded from Model cities Money in the amount of about $180,000. Of persuasion does t work of supporters Campaign for Gilmore anti sign Law May be adopted a team of supporters of Tom Gilmore democratic candidate for the state House from Guilford county campaigned saturday in High Point with Flower bulbs. The 17 friends and neighbors of the Julian nurseryman moved through the City handing out packages containing bulbs and the slogan a sow the seeds of Progress elect Tom Gilmore is one of seven democrats seeking posts in the House of representatives in the nov. 7 general election. By Forrest Cates enter Prim staff writer if persuasion does no to work City councilmen Are prepared to adopt a Law ordering signs which overhang the Public right of Way in High Point removed. The City Council so indicated while meeting As a com Mittee of the whole today. Mayor Bill Bencini said he May ask the Council to adopt a sign prohibition when it meets in formal session on thursday. There is a Law on the books which prohibits any person or firm from erecting a sign which protrudes Over the Public right of Way such As sidewalk or Street. The Law was adopted in 1968, but applies Only to new signs not the old ones existing before adoption of the ordinance. At that time the City Council waged a Campaign to persuade downtown merchants to remove signs. The Campaign was Only partially successful. The City planning d department now has made a Survey of the Central business District and found 85 non conforming signs a that is signs existing before the adoption of the ordinance. Mayor Bencini wanted to know today How far the City could go legally in having the signs removed a for instance could we adopt an ordinance now saying that the City will remove All the signs Jan. I at the owners expense a he asked. City attorney Knox Walker replied that the state general Assembly has not specifically Given municipalities authority to make sign ordinances retroactive but noted that other state Legislatures have and it he actions have been upheld in courts. A i would think that the City would have to give the sign owners reasonable time to get their Money a Worth from their signs a he said. Duncan Mcintyre City planning director told councilmen that his office is ready to mail lists of locations of the nonconforming signs to the chamber of Commerce and merchants associations t o a see what help they Are Able to offer Quot in getting the signs removed. I act Prober arrives today an investigator from the International Assn. Of chiefs of police arrived in High Point today presumably to begin an evaluation of the police department. The City a Uncil approved the evaluation prompted by the dismissal of 12 police officers and the report of a theft ring composed of officers. The i act says it does not make criminal investigations but evaluates the efficiency of a department. Hearing scheduled wednesday a hearing in a suit brought by the High Point Enterprise inc., alleging that the High Point City Council violated the North Carolina open meetings act has been scheduled for 2 p. In. Wednesday. Witnesses in the Case origin Nally had been subpoenaed to be in Superior court before judge James Exum at the opening of a civil term at to a. In May. Judge Exum agreed to St Heuling the hearing few wednesday after conferring with attorneys for the plaintiff and defendant. Knox Walker City attorney representing the Council requested the hearing on wednesday noting that the porn oilmen want to attend meetings of the n. C. League of municipalities in Greensboro today and tuesday the Enterprise alleges in the suit that the Council met in secret in violation of the state statute. A flying tackle on the fifty flags Down a fleeing Felon by Howard Hayes Enterprise staff writer it started out As a typical sunday morning at Carters restaurant on n. Main sleet. The breakfast Crew was inside eating its morning meal before Church making Small talk Over Coffee. Then it happened. An unidentified customer suddenly shouted a a he a been shot a everyone inside rushed to the windows to investigate while outside cars on n. Main Street came to sudden stops to avoid the bodies of two men struggling in the Center of the Roadway. But there actually was no shooting and no one was any the worse for Wear other than for dirty clothes and bruises. Today High Point police department detective b. W. Rich explained just what the excitement was about. A i had gone into Carters for Coffee and sat Down with an off out officer sgt. Ralph Johnson who was eating breakfast a Rich began. A i thought i recognized a Man sitting at the counter As Earl Franklin an escaped Felon. I noticed the Man drank his Coffee with his left hand and kept his right straight Down to his Side. A he s got a gun a i told Rich who was on duty said the Man kept taking a sly glances a at him and Johnson and appeared nervous. He Rich used his Walkie talkie to radio the station. A Franklin got up and put 15 cents on the counter for his Coffee a Rich said. A the waitress asked a what about your breakfast a and Franklin responded a ill be Back in a minute a Rich said he got up and followed Franklin until they got outside. A i called to him to wait that i wanted to talk to him but he just started walking faster a Rich explained. A when he went around the Corner of the building i lost sight of him for a second. I heard Johnson who had gone out the Side Entrance say a shoot him Rich shoot him a the officer continued. Rich explained that Johnson was unarmed and must have confronted Franklin who was armed and said what he did to Drw Franklin a attention from him Rich said Franklin broke and ran toward the front of the restaurant where his flight was stopped by a tackle by Rich in the Center of main Street. A crowd gathered from the restaurant and cars abandoned in the Street by curious motorists who had happened on the scene. The air was filled with sirens answering riches Call from inside the restaurant. Franklin was subdued after a Brief struggle in the Street and was taken to jail where he remained today. Local police charged him with carrying a concealed weapon and resisting arrest. Other warrants Are anticipated from surrounding counties. Rich said Franklin was driving a car reportedly stolen oct. 2 from Smith Reynolds Airport. He said the car also contained stolen merchandise valued at about $700. Both Guilford and Davidson county deputies have War rants for Franklin. Offices in Guilford said they now plan to Issue at least one warrant for breaking and entering. Davidson deputies said they now know of at least two break ins that will be charged to Franklin. Franklin reportedly escaped sept. La from the Yadkinville prison unit where he was serving 2 to to years on a charge of breaking and entering. Sept. 28, a Man identified As Franklin narrowly escaped Davidson deputies who were following up a report from a Man who told them he had located his stolen car at a trailer Park on Highway 62. The Man inside the trailer had Cut a screen and jumped out a window As deputies approached. The suspect reportedly stole a bicycle and Rode it into Thomasville where he took a pickup truck. Davidson deputies were said to have spotted the pickup truck and gave Chase until the truck hit an embankment and wrecked about two Miles inside Randolph county. Officers reportedly exchanged shots with the Man in the truck but no one was injured. No one knew

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