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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 30, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather / partly Cloudy mild / Moro data on Pago 3 a i 88th year a no. 304 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A monday afternoon october 30, 1972 26 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 185-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c��l for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of Tho Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or a Van acknowledge every this la help q. This is entitled Quot the old Thomasville for the past ten years my wife and i have worked hard trying to make our Home even More attractive by keeping grass growing All the Way to the Street even to the extent when the City and county repaved the Road we filled it at our expanse the keep people from running off on a Low shoulder in this wild racing and killing themselves. We have kept the grass mowed each and every week of each year and Many Many bad wrecks have occurred out Here because of Low shoulders in the roads and High Speed driving. Today again our City Crew dug our Nice ditches with their Road machine and i begged them not to destroy the work we had like our ambulances and police out Here All the time night and Day picking people up and dragging them out of cars. There is no shoulder at All to the pavement and just a 15-degree Anglo from the pavement to a three or four foot ditch All the Way Down the Road and this is really dangerous. Thank you. R. H. A. The Public works department reports that Side ditches on the old Thomasville Road from Albertson Road to the City limits Are being reworked to Correct drainage and the shoulders Are being brought up to standards. Wed say you deserved a Pat on your own drooping shoulders for your work and Trust the improvements will help you rest easier. A a Case of eligibility q. Thart Art four families at Clara Cox apartments who would like to know Why mrs. Can get a Large welfare Check and her rent Cut Low and her husband makes Over a Hundred dollars per week. We would like to be Able to buy a new car with welfare checks if High Point can afford it like that. Why Don t the taxpayers Wake up anon. A. A supervisor with social services says it is possible for children under the age of Aid for families with dependent children to receive Public assistance even though there is a Stepfather in the Home. As Long As a child is deprived of care and support by one of his natural parents then he is eligible under this program. The department has a number of cases in which a child is living with his natural Mother who has remarried. Since the step father is not legally responsible for the children unless he adopts them the children Are considered deprived of support from his natural father. In these family situations the step fathers income is not counted toward the children a support unless he voluntarily agrees to contribute to their support. Therefore it is possible for a family in this situation to have a Man in the House working and also buying an automobile. All persons receiving Public assistance Are allowed to own automobiles. However the equity and the value of that automobile is counted toward the Reserve which is applied to a Reserve scale to determine eligibility. The supervisor adds that if a person feels there is someone receiving assistance to which they Are not entitled please Contact the Guilford county department of social services. They will be glad to explain their policies. All interviews Are held in Confidence. A routine investigation is conducted on All information Given them in Confidence. A a a it All depends. O. I live in Guilford county at Tho present time end am thinking about moving to another county. I have a child that will finish school next year and wonder if he could finish school at the same school if we pay a tuition in order for him to go to school in this county and would you answer immediately thank you. A. It is contingent on the space available at the time and on the policy regarding transfers of the county you re moving to. You la get a better idea by calling the office of the superintendent of schools of both counties. A it i you had bad info 0. Please answer in the paper immediately. My son played midget league football sponsored by the Parks and recreation department and his team is coached by two very Fine policemen who have spent a lot of time with these boys. They won the championship tonight and we were told that the kids May not receive the trophy and my question in How can the City of High Point afford $18,000 to have the police department evaluated and not have the Money to buy these Young boys a Small trophy please answer immediately. A Mother of one of Tho redskins. A. John Giles of the Parks and recreation dept said that rumours had been flying All week about trophies. None of them is True. In the first place the league is not Over yet. There Are two games left on the schedule. Further trophies will be awarded to first place teams As is the usual practice. No statement has come from the Parks and recreation dept about trophies. Any information mothers received was from a bad will sign social Security Bill Washington a president Nixon announced today he will sign with a very great pleasure major legislation providing an additional $6 billion in social Security and welfare benefits. At the same time he said he was pocket vetoing two measures amendments to the older americans act and a research on aging Bill because a both authorize unbudgeted and excessive expenditures and would also require duplications or fragmentation of Effort which would actually impair our efforts to serve older americans More in announcing he is approving House Resolution in the survivor of his Long pending welfare Reform proposals Nixon noted the new Law was stripped of a revised welfare system for families of dependent children. A this is a deep disappointment to ally including the taxpayers who Are the victims of the existing welfare mess a he said. A in the next he said a i will renew my efforts to achieve a work oriented welfare program that will help All deserving people on a fair and equitable basis but which will contain firm work requirements and will not encourage idleness by making it More profitable to go on welfare than to altogether Nixon announced plans to sign within the next few Days 60 Bills passed in the closing Days of the now adjourned Congress. In one of three statements he issued Nixon cited As among the More significant other Bills to be signed Are ones to expand Federal help for minority business enterprises to strengthen and extend the life of the National health service corps to increase benefits for prisoners of War and those missing in action or their survivors and to implement a 1970 Boundary treaty with Mexico. Other strikes limited american naval shelling above 20th parallel halted by George Esper associated press writer Saigon a the . 7th Fleet has drastically curtailed its naval operations against North Vietnam and withdrawn its cruisers and destroyers Well below the 20th parallel in a further de escalation to improve the climate for cease fire negotiations. Informants said today. All naval bombardment of the coast above the 20th parallel has been ended and Cruiser and destroyer strikes against the rest of the North vietnamese coast have been limited it was Learned. Secretary of defense Melvin r. Laird confirmed last week that All air attacks on North Vietnam had been halted above the 20th parallel including the areas of Hanoi and Haiphong but he made no mention of any curtailment of naval bombardment. Officials declined to comment today when asked if any action had been taken to deactivate the . Mines dropped in Hai Phong Harbor. Rut other sources indicated no such action had been taken yet. The 20th parallel is just above the port of Thanh Hoa 85 Miles South of Hanoi and 210 Miles North of the demilitarized zone but the farthest North . Ships Are reported actively operating now is about 65 Miles North of the Doz. Train collision kills 34 Chicago a thirty four persons were killed today in a rear end crash of two commuter trains on Chicago a South Side during the morning Rush hour. Hospitals reported treating More than 200 persons for injuries. The crash occurred while the two Illinois Central Gulf Railroad trains Wert near a platform station on the City a South Side less than to minutes from the main downtown terminal. A passenger on the train that initiated the collision said riders were Given about 20 seconds warning. A everybody screamed and there was a pileup of people a she said. Fire and police Rescue Crews rushed to the crash site and As they worked with steel bars and torches to free passengers from the wreckage screams of those trapped filled the air. H g. Mullins superintendent for suburban service of in Gulf said the Lead train apparently ran past the station platform and was attempting to Back up when the second train struck it. The trains had left about nine minutes apart from a far South Side terminal. The Railroad transports about 35.000 commuters daily Between the City and suburbs to the South. The National transportation safety Board in Washington sent specialists to investigate on the basis of reports that the location of the crash was protected by automatic signals. The Lead train carried four new double Decker cars with each cards capacity about 155 persons a Railroad spokesman said. The rear train carried older cars each having a capacity of about 85. The spokesman said the cars were filled because of the Rush hour. Barbar Kukulski a passenger in the Lead car said the rear double Decker car a just collapsed like tinfoil on Impact. A there was blood All Over the a Call for blood went out to the Chicago area to help treat the injured. Mcgovern Gimp says gop poll encouraging Washington a sen. George Mcgovern a Campaign strategists have reported receiving encouraging secret pub Lic opinion polls leaked by a Republican defector inside president Nixon a political organization. While a Mcgovern Campaign aide said a private cop poll showed the democratic nominee gaining substantial ground a spokesman for the committee for the re election of the president termed it Albert e. Abrahams spokesman for the Nixon Campaign committee said there was no such poll. The Mcgovern aide who asked that his name not be used said the polling figures covered 33 states and showed the democratic challenger pulling to within 12 Points of the president a margin considerably less than that reported by National pollsters. Abrahams said the Nixon administration had never conducted a poll of 33 states. He declined to give precise figures on gop soundings but said opinion polls in the to biggest states showed Nixon ahead of Mcgovern by margins ranging from 14 to 35 Points. The Mcgovern aide said he does not know which states were missing from the poll the democratic Camp obtained and knows nothing about the sampling of voters it represents. He said it was a gop Survey conducted Between oct. To and oct. 22. And showed Nixon ahead of Mcgovern 51 per cent to 39 per cent. An oct. 25 Gallup poll rated Nixon at 59 per cent Mcgovern at 36. Mcgovern a Man said the poll was obtained from someone working in the so called november group the firm set up to handle Nixon a Campaign advertising and television. He said the source of the data was a Republican worker who became disenchanted because of the break in at democratic National Headquarters and other alleged political espionage and sabotage and decided to relay information to the Mcgovern Camp. A this is a Man who volunteered he was not recruited a the Mcgovern aide said he said he does not know the identity of the informant and could not reveal it if he did but described the source As a Volunteer and not a spy or a democratic Plant. Chicago firemen Hack away at impacted train cars car at left rammed rear of modern train right a w r a photo i to signing expected tuesday by r. Gregory Nokes associated press writ a Washington a vice president Spiro t. Agnew says the United states won t be ready to sign a Vietnam peace agreement by tuesday but does no to think this will prevent an agreement a in due course. A a there is no question about the principal parts of the agreement a Agnew said sunday. However he added there a Are just a few matters to be made a Crystal Clear Between the parties before it can be made South Vietnam a foreign minister Tran Van Lam said today his government won t sign until North Vietnam withdraws its troops from the South and until there is agreement on the exact role of a proposed National Council of reconciliation and Concord which is supposed to maintain a cease fire and supervise elections. Candidates maintain style Pace by r. Gregory Nokes associated press writer president Nixon and sen. George Mcgovern planned today to spend the final full week of the presidential election Campaign much As they have from the Start with Nixon making few but selected appearances and Mcgovern trying to do As much campaigning As possible. Mcgovern and his running mate Sargent Shriver continued to Trail Nixon and vice president Spiro t. Agnew in the polls. The Yankelovich poll sunday gave Nixon a 26-Point Edge Over Mcgovern and the Gallup poll sunday gave Nixon a 23-Point margin advantage. W Ith Only eight Days remaining until the nov. 7 election the major issues seemed narrowed to the War and morality and ethics in government for Mcgovern and Shriver and the War amnesty and Mcgovern a proposed defense spending cuts for the Nixon Agnew ticket. The final Yankelovich Survey conducted for the new York times and time Magazine gave Nixon 56 per cent of those polled to 30 per cent for Mcgovern. The Gallup poll gave Nixon a 59-36 per cent margin. A Mcgovern aide claimed today that a private Republican poll of 33 states showed Mcgovern had gained substantial ground to within 12 Points of the president. He said the poll came from a source within the Nixon Campaign but a Nixon Campaign spokesman denied such a poll existed. President Nixon sunday charged in a nationwide radio address from the White House that Mcgovern a proposed cuts in military spending Quot would drastically slash away not just the fat but the muscle of our a the Day the United states becomes the second strongest nation in the world peace and Freedom will be in deadly jeopardy everywhere a he said. Nixon added that a strength and Resolution command respect and a Are an incentive for negotiation leading to peace a a but weakness and naive sentimentality Breed Conte in p to a Nixon continued. A they Are an open invitation to pressure tactics and aggression leading to the president will remain in Washington today. He is scheduled to journey to Chicago on tuesday and to wind up his Campaign with appearances in California next weekend. Mcgovern will be on the Road today in Hartford Conn and Pittsburgh. Shriver will be in los Angeles san Diego Riverside and Oakland All in California. Vice president Agnew resumes his campaigning in Warren mich., Amarillo tex., and los Angeles tuesday. Mcgovern said in a telethon broadcast in Connecticut Massachusetts and Rhode Island sunday that Nixon and presidential adviser Henry a. Kissinger have a literally been begging for a settlement of the Vietnam War adding a a in a glad they a tentative peace agreement to end the Long War was worked out in Paris in negotiations Between presidential adviser Henry a. Kissinger and North vietnamese envoys. North Vietnam is demanding that it be signed in pans on tuesday claiming the United states earlier agreed on that Date. The proposed agreement does not provide for withdrawal of North vietnamese troops from the South although . Forces would be withdrawn within 6 1 Days after the agreement is signed. War prisoners in Indochina would be released in the same 60-Day period. Kissinger has said one additional negotiating session of three or four Days will be required to work out a few details before the agreement can be signed. A statement today by Hanoi a official newspaper said the United states has Only a two choices a to sign the agreement worked out in Paris or face intensified War. View Cong forces have mounted widespread new attacks throughout the South in recent Days. Other communist countries including Russia joined in Hanoi a demand for a Quick signing. Pravda said there is no justification for a delay in signing. Pope Paul i expressed Hope sunday that the agreement would bring True peace adding a we Are now waiting for be no on Page 2a the . Command reported 120 fighter Coniber strikes in the Southern Panhandle of North Vietnam below the 20th parallel sunday and said a Navy a7 was shot Down 26 Miles Northwest of Vinh. The Pilot was listed As missing. In South Vietnam the land grab War continued in anticipation of a cease fire. The Saigon command claimed government forces had recaptured 15 of 21 hamlets in the Saigon Region seized by North vietnamese and Viet Cong forces. It. Col. Letrung Hien the chief spokesman for the command also reported that an airborne government Force had recaptured the District town of Dak to 25 Miles Northwest of Korntum in the Central Highlands but he indicated the oct u p a 11 o n might be Only temporary. Government forces lost another base 15 Miles North of Oak to. Hien reported that the Dak Seang Frontier Camp was abandoned by remnants of a Ranger battalion late sunday night after a 1.000-round shelling that destroyed 80 per cent of the base. The shelling was followed by a ground attack and radio Contact was lost with the survivors. A spotter plane saw a group of rangers from the base walking southward this morning. For the fifth successive Day North vietnamese and Viet Cong forces made More than too shelling terror and ground attacks across South Vietnam in an apparent attempt to pressure the United states into signing a cease fire agreement on tuesday. But Washington held out for More outraged by releases by the associated press the israeli government expressed astonishment and disappointment today at West Germany a release of three Munich olympic terrorists to palestinian guerrillas who hijacked a German jetliner and threatened to blow it up. Israeli jets attacked Arab guerrilla bases in Syria but apparently not in direct retaliation for the hijacking episode nevertheless resentment spread among israelis particularly among survivors of the athletes who were killed in the olympic massacre at Munich sept 5. Quot die palestinian hijackers claimed that they had mined the Lufthansa 727 Jet and threatened to blow it up along with themselves and the 20 other persons on Board. A your lives mean nothing to us a they had told the germans. The West German government said it acted out of consideration for the lives of the passengers and Crew of the plane. Israelis foreign minister Abba Eban. However summoned the West German ambassador in Jerusalem and demanded an explanation from Bonn. He contended the three terrorists Are Likely to strike again at israelis. Quot their release is a blow to the memory and Honor of our Munich martyrs a he declared. Eban told the German ambassador Jesco von Puttkamer Bonne so a surrender to the Arab guerrillas a constitutes a weakening of the International stand against what s inside amusements 8 9b Bridge 9b classified ads 9-13b comics 7b Cross or d 8b editorials. 4a financial 2a obituaries 2b sports 3-6b television so women s news 6-8a weather 3a

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