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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 30, 1925, High Point, North Carolina T to Henf swe in by Modren Cohan association issues its yearly Call to the people. Sleigh act. apra the it North carding orphan Asso through a committee is no avg it annul Appeal for than giving its to the orphanages \ this St the. An a it Aal a lined by the members d the committee Bas just been put Ltd the committee asks every Ltd in North Carolina who is earn if to tue no a to contribute one Day april nos to any one of the or tap Homes in the state the Chow tag left to the donor. Sigf the Appeal Are m. In ship Mam Tacey Wade a. R. Graham a j i Oung John d. Merry mrs. A Burr Johnson and mrs. To ius Daniels. I kiting out that a the voice of the Dupless the cry of the distress dec Wriker a responsive chord in thwarts of the people of North Chilla a and that the response resulted in the erection of or Vej Homes in the state the Comite Calls attention to the fact to the management of these cover the Mark because some doctors did not use discretion vaccination Marks Are conspicuous with evening gowns. Hence some of the buds Are wearing their wrist watches so that the Mark is covered. Lately of his Means to this worthy cause the Appeal it emphasizes tis to every class to a visit the fatherless in their affliction in some measure the Appeal involves the children already in the various orphanages of this state for it states the managements of the various orphanages Quot have come to rely upon Liberal thanksgiving Day receipts to meet the budget of the closing year. Liberal contributions from All concerned would certainly open the doors of these orphan Homes to additional inmates who ought to be there. The co operation of newspapers religious leaders women workers teachers doctors merchants and Public officials is being sought by the committee in its Effort to carry its Appeal to every citizen of the state. All these and others Are asked to a a pass the word along with the divine injunction a suffer lit-1 tie children to come unto me for of such is the kingdom of heaven a c i a detection method setter Washington and Lee psychologist airs his View of detective business r Elsie gales Post graduate Cher piano violin voice and mandolin one 2844 Call at 817 South Wrenn Bryant electric co. Electric contractors motor repairing and rewinding. V. Lexington va., oct. 30.�? a. P a new methods based on scientific findings of psychologists and Homes Are faced wih the problems i psychiatrists will soon supplant the of maintenance and it is for their j present worn out device for crime maintenance that the committee i detection or m. M. Brown pay asks for donations. Cho Logist at Washington and Lee a a in no other Channel of Effort Quot University declared in an address declares the committee a is our mis Here before the criminal Law i Slon in the world so vividly and vision of the Tucker Law school Back lame and achy the advice of this High Point resident should help you to get Well practically exemplified As it is in the support of the orphan Homes. Here Are gathered the fatherless and Motherless children of our state enjoying the fostering care and Protection provided for them during the years of their Youthful development. In these Homes they Are Given the education and training so essential to their Success. A a it is to one of these splendid institutions that every Man woman and child in North Carolina who is blessed with earning capacity is requested to Forward the amount of one Day s income on or near. Thanksgiving Day. Let us forget self Rise above sentiment and remember our fundamental responsibility to the child a the orphan child. Let us remember that our problem and responsibility As patriotic citizens of a great progressive Commonwealth is to see that every child has an equal Chance for development into upright manhood and the committee asks that donations be sent direct to the orphan Home to which the donor wishes to contribute that those who can give More than a Days earnings that those who cannot give that much give what they can it Points out that a the Humble Day labourer is a much entitled to become a beneficiary of gods blessings for smaller donation As is the Captain of Industry who gives proportioned do you suffer nagging backache feel dizzy nervous and depress in Are the kidney secretions regular breaking your rest Likely your kidneys Are at fault. It Al leak kidneys give warning. You have backache rheumatic twinges. You feel weak tired All workout. Heed the warning. Done to delay use Doans pills a stimulant diuretic to the kidneys. Your neighbors recommend Doan s. Her is a High Point Case. Eli Mcdowell 112 Ward st., says a to in my Back becomes tired and lame and my kidneys act irregularly. I have headaches and nervous spells at such times too. I use Doans pills and alway get Relief. Anyone suffering from kidney trouble would do Well to give Doans r trial a 60c, at All dealers. Faster Mil Hurn co., mfrs., Buffalo n. Y. How doctor treat cold and flu of the University. Quot newer and saner methods will soon supplant time worn devices including the a third degree a a or. Brown declared. A two principal methods now exist. By which psychology assists police officials in the accumulation of evidence a he said a the first and More comical used is that of the free association of words the second is the application of psychological apparatus to the criminal suspect. A in the former plan the accused is asked to Tell the first word that comes to his mind after hearing a word uttered by the examiner such As a heart a beat a murder a blood a table a legs Etc. The average time for a Normal person to respond is one and three fifths to one and four fifth seconds and the criminal will usually try to conceal his guilt by taking a longer time to make responses and give unusual answers. A in the apparatus method the heartbeat and breathing of the suspect is tested and emotional disturbances recorded when the accused is asked particular questions pertaining to the crime. Quot psychology is assisting social welfare organizations and police in determining corrective methods for criminality. Punishment of criminals is two fold in function. It should serve to Correct the individual involved and to prevent or deter similar criminal tendencies in others. The two fears uppermost in the criminal mind Are the penalty to be inflicted upon him for Iris crime and the severity with which that punishment is Likely to he concluded or. Brown. To break up a cold overnight or to Cut Short an attack of Grippe influenza sore Throat or tonsillitis physicians and druggists Are now raising Tho sub recommending Cal tabs the Puri a a _. Fled and refined Calomel compound Boston oct. -9. Ai i Evi Tablet that gives you the effects of i Enfer brought to baht when the Calomel and salts combined with-1 sunken submarine s. Ii is raised out the unpleasant effects of a eluding engine room and deck either. I logs will be Laid before the naval one or two Cal tabs at bed time Board of inquiry investigating the with a Swallow of water a that a \ collision off Block Island which All. No salts no nausea nor the Cost the lives of 33 men. Slightest interference Quot with your the Board today exhausted its eating work or pleasure. Next j list of witnesses including those morning your cold has vanished j from the steamship City of Rome your system is thoroughly purified and you Are feeling Fine with a Hearty appetite for breakfast. Eat what you please a no danger. Get a family package containing full directions Only 35 cents. At any drug store. Involved in the collision and adjourned sine die pending the raising of the s-51. If the vessel is not raised within a month it we As announced the Board will be re convened to Clear up the Case and adv make its findings. With a tube of palmolive shaving Creal to give you the supreme in shaving Comfort Here it in remarkable offer we Are making. An offer so costly to us that in a few Days we must withdraw it. To share in it you must act at once. For not Only is there a time limit but your dealer has been limited to a certain Quantity. When it runt out he can get no More for you. Don t wait to Comer till after hit Stock is gone. We make it to attract men who Are wedded to other shaving creams to give palmolive shaving Cream a fair trial. And to give regular users of palmolive shaving Cream another palmolive Comfort. An after shaving talc which avoids that Quot powdered look now we have created palmolive after shaving talc. A powder made especially for men with Many advantages you la Delight in. A powder that takes away that after shave Shine yet that s invisible on the face. A powder that avoids that a powdered look. Not an Ordinary talc. But a talc that matches the excellence of palmolive shaving Cream. That meets gentlemen s ideals of Good grooming that combats skin roughness and leaves the skin both smooth and fresh. An Amanns shaving a spam palmolive shaving Cream As you know is a unique creation an amazing shaving Cream. We started by asking 1000 men what they most desired in a shaving Cream. Then step by step by making and 190 formulas we met their desires to the utmost. The result is a new attainment Superior we believe in 5 important ways to any shaving Cream you have Ever known. It will give you a new Conception of what shaving Cream can do. Men have welcomed it As they have never welcomed anything in this Field. Millions have changed from old Type shaving creams. 80% of the men who use it were won from rival makes. Palmolive shaving Cream in a few years has Hocon the Leader of the world. Limit of one to a customer 60c value a 35c 5 unique features 1�?it multiplies itself in 250 fimm 2�?it softens the Beard in Ane minute. 3�?1the lather maintains its creamy full Ness for to an nates on the face. 4�?extnpnng Babbles that support the hairs Jot cuttings where weak bubbles let them Call Down. 5�?olive and Palm of Content Ina a lockup like effect on the for a few Days Only now we offer you both palmolive shaving Cream and palmolive after shaving talc at the Price of the shaving hmm alone. That gives you a 60c value for 35c. It gives you a can of palmolive after shaving talc without Cost. Go today Don t wait to any of these find out Bow Fine your morning shave be made. Cecil drug co. Matton drug co. Randall a pharmacy ring drug co Archdale property auction tomorrow saturday october 31st at 2 p. M. We sell at your Price the Lee Church property just off the Asheboro Fairfield Highway lots of unusual depth. There will be plenty of room for the cows and chickens. This property will make you Money the terms Are ouly $10.00 Down balance $5.00 month land Sale attractions of Merit Clark land company Alston Clark auctioneer v j. De. Millikan agent

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