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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 29, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Transportation a a it a i automobiles for Sale la Quot Quot i transom Tat Ion its f Oao aban toi in Ween my g Mai a a a a a a .,., .0 m 7t pm Holt in ult a Crescent Ford a a Finto part wl-0 Ani it 4 r Raer a in 4 i Cor a a ice f hoc has in thy my Wii die a my Imi. Automobile for Sale 2ki/ him % to in atm. Ii oot mite at it Ltd a a a to not Quot a a. Cai Canella Taw in re a a a Trail a a tra go it Quot we vat army mat Crescent Ford t#?6 t of ans am Iff til Titbit at f i e2 js�5? Mer re n 1 Quot Jet wlm a a m a let to a air abort rat a Coar it Natl Tor a Aem a a it nut a Oro to vows a a Miar frat for try toe no Bufe ampt and Quot wit tipr.�n�>�, in nit a to Matt. A i it a a a Ayu a a arow j Don Yin to p a a i a a a want a a a a a ? a a a a a end a. May rat or it a or in t a it charge sat i a a to a c p p a 7 we Oum re awl \ awl my for grata. To it us tag a i tar maid ebb wag n a ii Mol. Aarn mope acne cd re Heob Rathbo a i toe Job i ii boat in a r Quot a. Pm a lean a on Quot can nine a a a Wpm _ after furniture Market Sale of 1976 Hart rental cars of tre Mondou savings cars May to seen of the High Point Greensboro rapport 454-141i Crescent Ford a a a a Chni treat acini a aha a Quot a or a i y no Quot it Scutt von i f Oovi 4 4aor aeon af., i m a 4 a Conan or a in a i a tract i 0 the bet ova tax Are Youw nth i Imi Crescent Ford c a us my Ana turnout a in r 00 Rick a Titi la o # air a Ana a of a fairing automat. Ran a Buma n Only in a a an nut a at a Quot at # a in a a Arr Are pm in a it a a to Che win a a manual to to nerf Ana my Mara Tor my Batt aaa can a tar or Ca pea. O to it Iii in a t Alana Mac. Hen co a i on Nana it rebid cd Cen. Rutn Ion phone of to to o Imi Crescent Ford a Mara a a Harp a arte till of Cerf Hangca Ian car a in Atef Ama k Beale dec a a a Brave a Canamo Caa Etc Ca a a a Doug Barat on my _ Ooi iia Crescent Ford a Mac Ai a a a a a a till riot Oil Ash a to to win leering a a o Are. A Ltd a a am Dan Batt in a Ona vib sat v can Doug Balat a a Mai _ Viii to anal station Magon to Luggage a cd Power t Naring 4 t a a a Ai Quot. By it Jim a re a Ltd con a Nna # a m at weal t of a Cen i m Van a i Xii Wann Soba at Honda n main a Tau Ope nigh die a Roo Bor an Ady a i iou Bobo car a n a h saw Tai Vona peyote 11 Pontiac Oban pair Acauan Ceat Man tax nog my abbr i n Crescent Ford of 4 Caoili a Sean of Vil cd 4 nov it a a i in ii Ltd Cowd a Nan control far a of a a a a n n a a a am in tto a com a a a Artar turn Tan Mart a my to 9411 Ana of a a a tax an Caiar a Braca p c Swien. Rat Muto is 41 to s4u> a vhf tax co a ail vah a 4 Modi i a Bis 2720 or 4s4 3473 pie #4toa_ at Csc Voltr Sloanim Amu a c a Tao a a oat Tro a a Cid a o to . Draft it >00f it i to a r no Bod t Nob do Witt Uno r l l Koi Mion dodos my mgt. 1 null unit a a Usu Reis Crescent Ford i Yea us i tart no Cand Nab to mar Tea a a no 4 t it Acle Tan. In a a a of War pct a tem Call v a a Tommy Bof Ftp to to to Tai ii Toto. To Doar Nara an Ira Auto p a p n a r a not say a not a Jav no to a it at Ibn Ord Cati c we a cat rum p a n. A a in 4 1 Jab Crescent Ford a 0ht, Granada i Aam Sunyar a a to Coo Nyi o�4 of pc a a a cult a a Matte Palm a of Aarino a Arati a Quot can Ltd in Rad. To Ltd a a Aiea a Chi a a of in Ana to Man to Taa a a Quot Tim e a a v pm if of Rod Salb of Nib i 4 rare May a saw tot Airan Tana Tian a on in aay Pevna twi War i n for Sale 1975 Hornet i station Wagon 4 door. P a a a am pm radio Dieux inferior 17,000 Miles Tan with Brown in Tenor Luggage rack Michelin tires can seen at first House on right behind Midway drive in on Hasty re or Call sos 82s0 Soo firm transportation Iso Auto monies for Sale transportation transportation nov a on of Caum of cabe High Pont cab Wal Ca pm. A South win a a Simi Thi Liefl Haiml of to. C Adu i a Crescent Ford soon can i anti Ibn mob 4 Tyi Maar no dim a a to nth car it a soc my a pro add it a an to it a my a a in or can can Man Chr a i Walt a Leas 4 of Lect Bilic a oat�., you am or re Nav a at a we a Abb a a win Vasi i ii to if to Wilt a. Mib g a a 4 a neat a Gey Quot Auto a of Point no or its Milf if Mac u but Crescent Ford pc Ibn mad to paid iian a �?�.,.� a Quot in cad quote to i Sou a rival m. Al or no a Ltd a my a i a a let a one a can Cha Chi Han we. A Quot a a ii _ a a Jill i a v raw of a a awl of raft Tor a ins Taam to to want pc it us Crescent Ford it to bit 44s Olds i Wenmaw up Type a or a Ana Hcan to Etta o to Quot can o a cd ave Tam Quot a. T Ole i we twi a a a Job Sal n of a Aad i a Nae Naod a pm in la m web apeman pc a Pnina win bib for Sali ibo a Dodo or Tami a Boer. P v a a w a set v Quot and a ice a it bbl h44 a no a 9 m Vul i Tell Quot Lff a a a a a tips a Mouth of a smut i Ogaard 4a too m,.�� a pc writ att Yemi Mai at Tarp Chard Crescent Ford c Aweta a i att Ibsh Toro a air. Ani Law a Ain it a a. I . A t m.� to Onvad com tax a a a Quot a nod a car Nae or a i bib Ibi a your savings a satisfaction dealer Lyles Chevrolet i soon. Main pm. 885-5171 Mazda close out specials Sale ends saturday oct. 30 collets Jln yrs raw my a a no if a food Mustang i boo Nae a top mad Gen Faaa platen a we is of automatic Ana pm Una no Cai. A a a a Bema a Oak it a cat scent a eau Mazda 7 or. Coupe or of mat Iraq Fri 4 flail Peak per month $2695 Only $59.52 Dir a ski i Sih i am cd �,4m a a i a maa. Imae i Jiffy Tacio Bawn a a pm and Huy. ,.�� a to 0dt Liam Supe a of a Nimi a v Lulu p v a it of. I Nab la Anne 4 Par Honl of Tuii Diamond Dua. It a Tovo Bili t Jtj 4, in m Toyota fun on and tier a pay a a. Angular att Paaoao Are a 11 Sauad aaa Tovo y a Den Fen n m a pm in Don Cist up inc. V0lkswa6en4u2da 2317 1. Mam 2111 hum 19tt Quot Tomason Homesville contours the Awe Al a i t7 Mac la contours 4-door Sedan an exciting luxury compact make it your own. Tough Chevy trucks in Stock r m Chevy Van Oneco our prices on 19t9 chevies. You la save Tomason vi#n4porllton too automobiles for Sale a Ara Mustang ii la i of Date Ltd pariae Rait att a mar tar it tour bad in Crescent Ford Nad a a Mali tar a a itis Pinto a to Fol a Quot Al 4 Tyl no a aulos Opiat. A to no a a 9 mat in can Btl Baa. Radio a i a her try Doe rn.t met a Cah or Coena a a and a a a a and i a for Gatnar on a car a in Crescent Ford Naad a but tar tit Muff ung t Tab Naff a to Maut. A he tire leg pow brat a a in and get a no d.c a i a a Quot a Tyen and can v Cam tar amt at i Candia it. Aah in Ole a a i tin Crescent Ford ibt4ch Wroot t c a bloc cd at in 4 door vib automatic a owe. Mar in and he a a a end.�,� amen i foul Nam no a id a a a a an Ltd a ski Cne ily a Al la Yaw Nard a Mea into a my can g.mre., Kay die Bibb a Dodge Tai.an at a Quot a it a at a Mandan Nail re or Tami Jan 4 i a numb official Sph ton of ref a far a no or Tad Ca Baa Vann Voas Pon i of iat Honda a is i n #1 Monlai. By 014 Crescent Ford Pinto Pond mpg is Mon 4 Yli War a i a 4 a and of hm.�of. For the Halu pc Litomy team for and Only in too in lot vat Cha it Hall for the Taf a Ole Bat tib5 Ino automobiles for Sale too. Automobile for Sale transport i Ion ii Ltd it a a Hyo i spay i of Fly to it a to Down a Sim ants cub if to born a Camay at a bj�4 d Tom a Crescent Ford Tao Yawp. A hug Zaiac to Quot it preview owned tar Quot a quote a Bot Quot a a a a a a to a Ose Awo a a a a a a our lot a a a it a Imtiaz to Quot Tchad cd pie a car "4pn p a a Yam aaa sat an Mem die Sybi Jib too automobile for a Xor 1972 Monte Carlo f j pm a am pm radio Law a naga in Nass bub act to it i la i2ss0 in mom trip a to a Paad of of a a Quot a a or a a gait Hob in up w of to Pinto Eun Abou 2 a too Miles in a c parted cola new a us die Mem Small Ca Economy Wambac k Boom Impi logo a not my a third Ono a hic Quot a a up or Eaty a cat i a a ii id Quot go Quot to a a i it town a a roam a pie Quot a Fig tin.h a u o at t radio no Tirol Aero Tamo Quot a Quot an. A you ii too tar bad Ca Quot dog a sch a Kenw Btl tar the Ani it a tso o in to t to p v of a a a 790 Mandanna # than a a. N c 270 ism pm a Mouth station Waye air a bus Chevrolet try int any j boor. a Quot nov Jiff Crescent Ford Itta i oho a a an Oda 2 boor a Acona Micai a port Cai a Colinear Baggie la too Quot it a a a a Tomas in trans via Powys a leering Ann Bra a fee wry air. In to a Tarto a a Par sgt a in cad a Quot a wean to a Quot a a a a it a Quot a a a Only a Jet pit a Taca Quot a a brute Deal a Day att Sam bbl 7tbi to thy Mautz Saba Satanta Joe is a r Cand Quot Taa a Quot Ait actus Milan Thaoe Vuk Crescent Ford i Pontiac a Baus a rat Dar a or pc Mega inferior automat hear a inn Job oboe later to a eng Ana Bra a r act of v a Quot con Ltd it in Quot g. Am i tears a a Ofay to a a a a lace on of nac tar a it Quot 000 or>0 Cal Milt can or to to or do or to boil Hoot do is 7 i the conv t Bieng no 4 a Peorl Ama mag tu�0&Quot> part # teen 7110 in 4t4 ii we a # Rama wet tot Moat a to tame Ana dec it the Quot Talaio you Choice phone 41# 77ji Friendly Ford a Nome Quot a of itt Toda y i a pm i Al n of cwt Ian a Jas Phan he the Crescent Ford Etta Cim Oti Maverick 2 door 802 i myi coat. Auto Taic Quot a a a on pm see teeing a a Cen a Nomad Rad o Cec Ning Bur a a att Cai a ornery in Quot pm or a Sal a a a Chi in Chi Tiac station Wagon fully oomph a Bimbo me Cux y Codo a a it it a a pain lax Pham fee 171 at pm a a Vale a a Amble a. C rat. Bun want a of Cene Motoc Noet a a Rny Cap a a a a Quot pm bbl v4t let ban am is of am ?��.� a a hot a my in add soon till met Atlee i in a go d Condio Quot d of y my la a sob a pm phony he 444 of Lac pm it dul old Fob Quick Salt 4 Suico Jasaon is. Too in Doc vac i a o Nae j of can Ali p p a i am f v Arn i at of 4j1 7s4j h via Roxy Montgom Leone nere no a t p a a f lop i i ibo Job a of Dit it of us Crescent Ford to a Ibn Foo Vanada 4 door i ecu a a Matic teen�"�.�?�. To War take in Gai eo�0> Ong radio Tiave one a a it a a Aaen Cental bad a a a he a a Quot to High Housand Miles e Hee Trade or a Coign pfc How the to 0 a a Al Why key a Quot Sybi 7ibi Crescent Ford she a Job cd 1b7i me u a v von of go boor i au�wl.i Pyy. A earing a no Brahe Cadiz to Quot in pm id it of a file. Vinyl Roo sat or Coli pm i i i Amra a or a i h Plymouth no Manor Down a a it. Month tied Obj tub or 0##r a a a b7a4 or t04b# tic Mabo Iso p d cd Broket a c wet a a a a Root new Chi pact 2 it a to Quot Rem Ween 12 Loop Quot no �j1 Mon of tech Point Hiler Crisp Friday. Glober 29. 1971 iss transportation too. Automobile Tor Sale of did Ltd 4 Doe Popae Tao egg 4 a at air fond axiom at Doc v a i Raa Good tit Good foe Fittan. Worry Raat Nama 4s0 of 4v4 mt4 it Pinto air to Gaittan. Aiom a tra Daan Batto Tae can Bhim to we camper hat a my Lea Bor Doug a had nor. A fan goad cd cd Tion 700 i me a is it rpm at in Jay or a to pm Dorado i Quot a Dill a fully a it Twood Tawf Dot a i it Ray mat banana a a a try a "71 to Pinto station Al agon a Lahd d a it a to Quot a it Gat la too Call 471 ib41 to vie. It att iian adult air tone a a Hgt Quot ant a i boo pm Artar 4 pm but Bibb 74 food to bib wham j Amar i. P v p he a a m Tia to i Wanar la a Nam 444 144 _ 74 Honda civic no a a fad a Haw lira Ltd Nyul 1 Antu Ion a it it r it Ca Naad Oewy tar t Onaga but mob _ 74 Toyota fully a gut pad. Air bit Down a a Tutu a Cayman in can Gowty at r�bbt44or circa i till do 7844 a 74 Dat Sun a to i coup if to in Ltd car now automat Cak cd Quot action is boo mini tut a 1 a upped All Are Attar a 4b06 firm Don Neh tatar is Bim Day Arwi Job to Plymouth vol Aoi we Whit tap Popae tiny no a Stoma it radio a in 4 mud of Nae Cal bub Haag tet is Thi Vann Yob Pontiac Fiat Honda n Al Man Tuliau on nighty Ole most we buy sell amp tri de our lot for Best buys if75 trans am fire lord 4tt8 Blue ., radio a a oily who a i owner in sunbird 3988 Silvar w red int., a freight dr., Rodio Reefer 4,000 mi., factory warranty i Bra lemans sport �?~4688 while w White top. Is p bauto., radio a a 9,000 Miles i owner 197s fiat�?~2688 a 4 door Blue i owner straight dr., radio Heater 11,000 i 1975 Fiat kit 4988 1 Green straight dr., Heater a a 4, 500 mi., i owner. It75 Pontiac Granviue. Save Monet 2 door White a White Vinyl top ., p bauto., Rodio am pm a Celec Trie windows amp seats tilt wheel cruise i control i owner 1974 Eldorado Cadillac �?~5988 White a White Vinyl top 29.000 Miles looked a equip. 1975 Pontiac Astre to Coo station Wagon 3588 Bluew Wood Grain sides 4,000 Miles. P.5., p bauto., radio am pm a a Luggage rack i owner. I�75 Dodge Charger. �?~3988 2 door Brownw Betge top ., p.b., Auto., radio a a 17.000 actual Miles local i owner. 1975 Ford ltd9 4488 Green a Green top is p b., Auto., radio a a i owner. 1975 lemans sport �?~4188 Brownw beige top ., p b., Auto., radio am pm a a rally wheels i owner 14,000 Miles. 1975 Fiat 131.3888 2 door Green Auto., radio am pm Heater a a 11,000 Miles i owner. 1975 Dodge Coronet brougham4788 Brownw beige top ., p.b., oufo., Rodio. A a electric windows 5,000 Miles. 1975 Chevy Malibu 3888 4 door Blue p. bauto., radio a a i owner. 1974 Honda .�?~2488 2 door Brown straight dr., radio Heater i owner. 1974 Pontiac Catalina �?~3288 4 door Blue ., p b., Auto radio a a 23,000 Miles local i owner. 1974 . Dasher .2988 yellow Auto radio Heater 14,000 Miles 1973 Chevy Camaro. 3488 ., p b., Auto., radio am pm a a 41,000 Miles i owner. It73 uman�.2488 2 door red ., p.b., Auto., radio a a i owner 1973 Chevy Vega .�?~1088 2 door Brown Auto., radio Heater. 1973 Chevy Monte Carlo �?~3688 2 door red ., p b., Auto., radio a a electric windows i owner. 1974 Chevy Malibu. �?~3688 2 door red a White top ., p a Auto radio a a i owner 1974 javelin.2388 2 door Green Auto., radio Heater. Local i owner. 1974 Pontiac trans am 4488 red ., p Auto radio a a rally wheels i owner. 1974 . Camper �?~4888 Auto., radio Heater a a refrigerator Green sleeps 8 it75 Olds Cutlass. 3888 2 door p.p.bauto., radio a a local car. 1b74 Fiat 12�. 1888 4 door White straight dr., radio Heater i owner. Back lot specials 1972 Triumph spitfire. 1488 convertible yellow straight dr., radio Heater. 170 Pontiac Catalina 1288 4 door White automatic radio Heater a a local i owner 1949 Oldsmobile �?~788 4 door red is p Auto., radio Heater a a 1969 Buick Riviera �?~788 2 door autop.s., p b., a a radio. Int Pontiac Catalina. Ass 2 door Green is p Bau Toradio Heater a c. 1970 rambler.�?~188 2 door automatic radio Heater 1967 Ford thunderbird �?~99 White p..bauto., radio Heater 1967 Dat Sun 1600 �?~388 straight dr., radio Heater. 1972 Chevy Vega �?~888 2 door straight dr., radio Heater i owner. 1969 Ford Torino 288 2 door ., Auto., radio Heater. In Pontiac Catalina 98 2 door red ., p bauto., Rodio Heater Vann Vork Pontiac 888-4024fiat a honda902 North main . High Point 885-2183 885-9326

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