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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 29, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Classified want ads Sau cup Lomant ii no Wiat Hirman raced this to. 1973 s170 Honda 3 73. Hondo 50 Ami Troil. $90. Both in Good condition. Phone 431-xxxx. And Soto Nis Motoi cycles in i Dayi place your to today Call 885-2177 a. Auctions general u it Tio it comply too 7f�� re to of Iucci Sofol sales Trinity lit fit it 77m Checke Dooald aft Ion Hwy is. A a come n set oct to a to no or it gland truck Lom a Tia us to to do mid it Imit to it ton in slur diet Piper Tor for aft Competti Outing . Amnio Gill. Mich Point no a la it to. Lie jul Complete auction be a vice Public auction firm Mic the it or % equip mint of int it Artthur j a Little Molly Spenno in Pron pm it airy Loam of to iat so. ,stereos a chorale Auto Oiler for a by Klimt. Rotor Veo Oitim Mike tube Dom vim 431 juju or Ai Ith Smith a litter Tor gave but inti a Mirent two Way radio in Mil Paar to Simpton cd a of a Aoi Potok color to Anta on ump vhf pm Trianni master motor is Pho Tami has _ used colom to s Sale is Mca Poriazi ii Toshiba portable ii Sylvania portable i Sylvania portable of Mca no Tum 17 pc table too sus Sui Siso sits Siso ii a Admiral new picture tub Moo v Sylvania Early amerkan no pit turf tub t7k to Pinuco new picture tube 1700 7i Zenith new i Ture tube s7s0 7i Sylvania new Artur 77s 71 pc console new picture tube Siso All Tat Dei Verad sat up and guaranteed or 7i void used color television to Coom from a Nave it oved to our new location to Potter by others 1407 Boonmar St off a Oraon St a none Mima cd. Bicycles i Speed Bike Sale like new. No phone a Tom Ven s to Speed bicycle varsity Laro touring Bau l know sos non it Uto emf Chandise 62. Articles miscellaneous firewood Hardwood Denivar ony Tima ast s7ai firewood for Sale 4s4 777 actor 4pm Nea seams to Quot Lawn swapper Nover been used ail Mumi or Trode Tor Small air compressor n7 0017 Nea a used pork lists sails denials Laam Marvica Vesco the inc sss0074 Vann Aill lord Reody Eisnor Oak plea too Sale 883-7672, 885-5772 after 5pm. Emp Omen ii cd. Furniture hip tit i Uhn no it to work part a tut no on High 2uality Unai Stostad term Lowro Callaw Arran St Psi pickup Load of plea too s7i Peh Load phone m jul Silver dollars its to ifs Tor sol Coll ski 07s7 Tor of postman to storage pm0blems� Little Barr add Skorapa space a value to your Home paint a lighted Strong floors j sues. Tree delivery eel anytime 4 to 3 i j mail Oao Cross tie phone 4ji-�s4a. Of 4sj or Call Greensboro 7f7 4000 unusual items Cias skai guitar Golf clubs i cd radio Cor Model is 4f pyre it a Corning Aore glassware. 40% Oft retail pictures a a amps Soas Oft retail cont Darata disc uni sales. Jois n main St 74 touch a sea Singer Machina mahogany Cabinet has j or maintenance guarantee Meta Leo Safo sailing sus also dress Tabrici All types 7it to six cd Milisi 63. Wanted to buy a a a Schwinn to Speed varsity bicycle Good shape i phone m7 Uto 62. quilts Sale Sio 477 747 Attar 17 noon 25 Chestnut rails. $25 _m7 41 Attar s to p a 40 gallon Gas hot wat a Hacator Good condition our Antoan phone 47 most 71 pieces of ipod China at nut Rapi Adamant Cost and Shiv Arviat to tires Tor Twenty and party China Tor twelve Phon it Ojo Tor Appo Momont Cash we pay Cash for used Cook stoves refrigerators televisions bedroom living room dinettes amp household furniture of any description. Ill 88. >-0 >l9 Dallas Klimt Al Stork 215 n Centennial Manteo Dimas of tartar naive dated before is Alii pay 12 so Parsi of loll 4ji Issac experienced ill Hank r n n help a Router a ten Noner a Dove Tail a top out a Assembly a finishing apply personnel Oppici i to a 4 Miller desk Susio Iamb of Millem to pm outs 1212 Lincoln or. No phone Calli Uliase experience of upholster in of Elbert Cecil inc ten pros oct St help Hamud amp watchers Oua Lilleo trainees act Petco samples inc. Sii Academy St. Ygual Opportunity temp Baytr Monari la Al pm m re i Orf. Hrkas far la wow Ganil tall �?�mk1.dkr a i Holst Krar 68. Sale needed Immoos arty licensed Moat estate sat Parson Ait Tram per of Tobi shod firm Contact Watson Aall Melatt. 141 a it Angton phone is eip4 top company in int lubrication business not openings available in this area Tor a of Talesman with lat Model aute steady Antomo Tun time repeat order Pov tut commit tin soles experience know Edge of Tracht and machinery and the surrounding area helpful a timid Tram Par Gar Senoi in Meryim sea Burl Edmiston. Ramada inn North Charlott North Caroi Irta in oct 7of 7 o sat Oft Dat fam 99. Tech Lral body shop manager Etc Eliot position Tor Ouilia tied person Ald Range of Benefit Contact Handy Koceio libary Lincoln Mercury Ains ton Salem phone i 77v04ii i 72, Muyrl Laneous ii of to a fed set Ponta Good Man to drive Gat or Oil True Loco delivery Doc Jon Keo 4 mar Only apply in person Iloe Stoncil company 714 a f 0<rt.0td Mead High Point senior accountant Cna a Cdeno Idata Tor progressive local Cna firm Send resume to n o to 7b4 High next no 2721 Small Stab thud company see am a steady dapti<4abia employee Tor pre mounting rubber printing p ate some working a it Edge it Mecham Cei draw eng would be Neil tut but net Reg Irod Alto need mar Tor Typo setting it per enc Heel pm but net Ettory company Wilt Tram Tor bom last Ante n o Bot ia4 pent mini a 1mhmh i a i evening shitty an medical Tachna Ogist Neoda to Wert Thiol in ils Bod Community hasp Itai very Active Laboratory with two full time Nathe Regitt outstand no Benefit program and Good starting salary including Ditta Rafial Tor Evang hour Contact Nar annl Sirp ctr High pent memorial Hospital my 22s Bou Bovard. High a Pant North Carolina 2722 wanted experienced Grillman. Apply Wahoo i restaurant Randolph St. Tuesday afternoon a nov 2nd from 2-5 . Ask for or. Smith or or. Cole or mrs. Boswell. 71. Pelt Eom Sale Tao Nonini Orta not Mare Many a one oerding Pony Tai both vary gents a Call 421 Tom after pm 86. Pet supplies Youm Pumina franchise dealer Albertson of Moffo centum in n main St in of Apo e Mem thing tar majors and Midor att at discount Paras Mann Pimo $ main St m2 4121 a Stehn yeah b tack All tact at Biko win Prats Hester s Tea inc. Post Hwy Jet South of High paint a 1 in fat kill 84. Bulla Oppert attle Aan cd paints Retoar Ltd nod Rte Obia Ca Nim opening Tor electro Etc serve it Man j salary from u of to tie too based in lob Prapo ration customer attitude a i parian a productivity and Piv ability ear Appo a Thant Tiona Larry Ham oos0004 to radio och it Ion eur or port time salary open Call its in Charlie Shalo 4 to Manteo Appi Ianca 4 electronics Tern icon top logos plus com Mission profit sharing paid vacation 4 Hospital ration earning up to 20 000 a apply or person to de Kelly s serve centar Ino $ Monshau Street Salem House Klopf a anted must sve own Trange Tatien Sandy Hidee area Tan oaf i772 _ _ wanted experience a tractor Mechanic Mac tract Ether inca Bre Terrad a experienced Serviceman ear Servia can experienced tire reaper Cen Taci Jim place Central transport i 0171 Tram o s p in men in for Sale convenience Type Stere on Prem be Beer a pity close to Jamestown Park 4 gait course across Road Tram Guntor co Eair ground e thai sent bus nes during Talt a Par oct for Mon 4 wit team Price Wilt include Stock and equipment Saasen Tor Omer business connection will Reed re Ait my Tim a must san in Opara Tien phone 4i4 77 in p i Attar term Ca a arranged As Tor Campbell a leave name 4 phone hum per 0 Sale Small Vining business to a worked Een time Arn Over Sam it month Meason Tor sailing other interest can Atter of p in of Jin 73. Proni Imol 72. Muirel Lazarou Auto body map airman 4 a Arlinn i new Awe Painte combination with at least i in ii of Terai Hosp Iai etf-47satat Riino Hrh 1hhmn modern now Hostila to opening Tor a s Day Wert til mid had Aio Gic 7�thnoiogt it my cent k4kkk1 in 4 lpns ghei maven nursing centum i Greenhagan or. Att i of 12 minutes from High 224171 Job a doled applications Are currently being accepted for an experienced bakery Foreman. Good background in 76. Clilly care production and wrapping required. Also some supervisory experience be sent Inq Lurlei to p o. Box 21366, greens Boro . A ii keep Thi Idron 7 sch Cree Church my Keri Erst Iii area a s47 Frd lakh h Rit Utkov get so handmade dolls taken on consignment Call 4s4 4727 Attar pm interested in buying houses suitable Tor rental and being remodeler Tor resale Bob Vaughn realty heal Toms i 140 nights m7 i2s4_ olo Silver dollars us Silver 4 Back apply service distributing us n a n Call m7 172 fireplace 4 heated add Eom Sale phone 47s 71_ Nash saves you Cash n Mikh h k a pm it 127 n main St Mif taboo j to it 7sc to its each can a used Tor macrame jewelry table bases Lamb Flower arrangements a f lower pot come i of Cape Hait Erps att i Jom to Briggs a Stratton engine with Hor Fontal Shaft for f Lier 2 old Dairy mils cans i a to gallon in us Cessna sky Haws la 174 70 or total time Joo Oak com 10 comm with Rampata Vor Immaculata 4s4 2j0j craftsman tabla saw w the 2 tabla attn Sions rip Tanct Mitre gauge Blade guard Bast Siso m21244 firewood. Cut to or Gran Call Hewitt 4 2443_ fire add a Stova Yood mind Hardwood Green or Cut any length t20 a 125 loads 47i Mil. 47 70m Al re add Cut to Orue it buy Noi a prices Art Chatpar Phona 54 13 or 4i4 420v Eom Salt a Kachina i 001 for j time master Dictaphone 2 dicta Horto to nor it big 25 m in mation h 4>t to Rikl of k a l color to s Petrig orator a stoves for East Sar Yacc a right prices red House furniture i 41 502 1 Elm m7 41 Manteo Silver coms. I4 or Betor Best Otter in town can m7 2215 or inquire at Florida cd d Maryat 121 English re Manteo Sears motorcycle Sartasik with title must a Chi a phone tot 355 of buy and appraise Homes and land traditional realty inc phone Umi employment ii 66. Furniture Murray personnel service recruiting for the furniture Industry always fee paid Nona i 705 for Sale new Stanley dining Abl a i chairs All available Hafsi room to used Smith Corona manual typewriter used sear radial tire or 7l�ls like new ut-134__ free Eire Loop can pickup Al general Taei product. Hsi Bland Nood Circle Call afer t my 101 free kindling firewood it you haul Tio per Load it i haul Phi 457 or i �T�j3 Attar pm hang glider for Sale 17 it Aing Span Tsoo firm pm Atter m3 704 har Datoo slabs fire Odo lengths Sjo truckload Call a 374__ homemade quilts Tor Sale All colors Vulval Cotton a polyester m3 077 Atiar pm ism selectric thu Wentar a a Cement condition Call no i4l Bataan i 30 am a i pm lamp tables Cotta ladies lamps Din aft table win chairs fir screen Call 475-1044_ moving must sail sofa rotary amen a. Sewing machine Misc items Call a ?tl4___ it a kit i Luam e in Stykki Kobli vis. La lev me help you Angie Iron. Beams building materials scrap processor subject to availability Joe amp scrap processor ism Prospect St pm h2-4i0 cloth Cutter needed Only the highly skilled need apply Bakko Kermti re co. 2219 Shore or. A Omsk 4vskmbi.kk ump Aat paid Imi ass tata Liati. It is raise i . I pals prow Giorl he try of Virol Ilir m. I cd pupal . I Host 041131 need immediately ski Krano i we for cd t def amp rips a for Quality furniture apply in person William Alan 2408 Ashford be e de o upholstery sewers to saw Cam diet Caver apply directional at pand Iatan re wanted to experienced Over lockers part time from 4pm to 8pm. Apply creative designs 1022 Porter St. I Booth Eom ment newly Stab it Sheo Beauty shop Call 434 2771 Booth Eom rent 8utii.-an with Tao wig apply in Parson Bell la Casa Judy huh _ wanted Chr Stien Ady to share Small j apartment w the my Mathar everything Tuth Ishad a nausea Felt no lust Cam Cal Mia wanted custodian needed tar t w Gnatt Andrews h in Schoal Mala Kosbi Ai Jat vacation a d holidays and is Laava year around War cams Ste. I is a in Tai to p in dining room hostess amp cashier shit apply in Parson Nikki pm Hutton inn _ Cru Opportunity employer Drivers wanted full time must have a Good record apply red Bird cabs 756 n. Main St. 11ti.k f sell Rel Mariag Salars 6 Iris rail it meal y in Canelo Finci to Box c-25 c/0 a p. Enterprise child came Oieni a Amba met Arar As pm �3.7g7_ will Kei Philomen la my a for Etri to area Cai a 27a exp Emencio baby Star has ape Ings tar meant 4 f Hiebra fenced in backyard to meal maa Sanabia rata Bleck att w Ward Canms-0sc Money i let it work for vol i i by looking for in in Isid Mhz to Etta i Ual thai Houll like to Lake a High paint. Ai Viall and turn la Inlo a life Lime int or ssh a Mon his Rel urn. Nill by a Riuard is inst no a it. For curl her information air my Ham Day can it ton Ntantis 4 in tar an up to to will keep three years Pip any hour c ail a Fojt i would like to a Chii Pran in my Ham 2 Black att Nta it a near Atean Man Stadta can it i have sea neg in my Day car Home far 2 in Dran in Oay it a Sattan Cai Taim will keep i m s m Kobats creak Church Han in part Werner i is in Gree 47_ will be e p la Christian Ham agas i to yrs pm mj�4a will keep Man for Sarnau cd Dran in Register a heme insurance turn Trinity he gets 431 ia24__ will keep pre Schmo Chii aran near Hillsville Mahdavi through Renaay Call 431 j074 Attar j in p in Call or. Spivey at 885-6214 hould Tripar hit bin 8 Mon lbs. Put aft ssh Pplk 79. Fru Lijar tick Bano saw operator 4 variety saw Opp Mator Asp Arienca Amy apply to Carf All Kannady Al Crestwood furniture pm Dan 4 Ogden St needed cutoff Ope Hatom in operate Porter Hydrect Cut att sew apply Trinity Ereme co Trinity my South experienced Frame builder apply in person Walke r f rame co too Englewood or Arch Oele due to a backlog of or Ders we need additional workers. Experienced a Rop la i inn Kimii Kkt Ink i i Lukks a in k of t a Unk Hok Kern Kok Svinki Koos a i ind is Ninny Insp Tok apply in person to George Lyndon Davis Kermti of co. M2 h. Lumira ase. Gigli Pori. A an equal Opportunity employer 67. Hosiery experienced Cushion sole Knitter for 2nd shift. Apply in person at Best Wear hosiery 2435 English rd., High Point. Need immediately experienced folders first shift apply in person influential inc. 425 s. Centennial experienced assistant Mechanic apply in Parson Gibson discount Cantar e ape Rie Noceo Grill and counter Naip Naa Oad i mad Ateiya apply in Parson Ai open air Grill. To Luj Prospal Stream full time Kitchen 4 counter help needed apply in Parson 12 English rear 130 w Langton Ava new stare of Pahng soon _ full time House fewer Good heme Phona �s4 Joo housekeeper i Day weak own j transportation Light Tao Keg Sal open must turn ret fences a fjl4_ housekeeper Naddad i Day a weak must furnish radar incas phone 4s4 t7jl Attar 7pm immediate opening earn Topar week work evenings 4 saturday and Van Cerrini Opportunity for inter View Call a t Smith Friday Only Tram 4 7 pm 4141 Honni . Ii i r Beck s poodle boutique 413407 Quality poodle grooming idol s poodle Haven Hoon main St Ai i 330 tar raise rabbits buy Back plan. Excellent scout project. Bush Hill Rabbitry 306 Englewood dr., Archdale. Visitors Welcome anytime. grocery Stere Thomasville demo goad business approx t7s.000 year Call tar a tails i Price til on Charies Embler Decaty Quot in Coli i Thomasville bus <7s 737 Nome. It Hoo Wmk High Hunt Knok Pkim Sinkln Kux Al Khi r to h Kilimi skua big us he i pkg i r Kyuh Jan in a Kukut in maj Kkt Thum Insl mount of h Khz huk hoi Rin Kkt Githing the hike in . Akk Kuil 87. Money to loan i broke Pointer Biro too Siso __477 444 Attar pm for Sale to red hens i to pounds ___7 of each 4ji 3h 7 year olo Quarter horse Geld no Lite phone 431 741 Attar pm. Anytime weekends acc Boston Terr a pups will be weeks old dec i Call 431 ohm Attar 5 p in acc Champion blood line duo Arman Pih Khar puppies Tjien too cell 431 5414 acc poodle fish and Hamster also a j40 engine disassembled have or or 2nh hhr1gu.k blk Kim in Thall details Tor a Home equity loan Ca it of arranged quickly Privet any in your norne or Attice use the Money Tor any purpose qualification equity plus income for details Call mid South commercial cd. Phone 887-1209 transportation a a. Auto Acle a a ofies equip. Siamese cats the menagerie pet shop Mimi i acc regime red Basset hound puppies i males 4 Lemias c Ell Days. 47s 111 a i janitor needed a Atter s to 431 542 far full time work in local Church Ai parlance m cleaning and niacin Tanana of building and Yard this a Parmanand posit on with Good Benait Tor open Dahl worker do not apply unless a penance rep y to boo i c o h p Etc Runsa experienced help needed for top out amp pre Assembly line Over taif Avci Iluk Miller desk subsidiary of Miller to products 1212 Lincoln or. Apply be Erfen b 30 Ini is 4 30 Piti to i May of Ficichy no phone Caus phase wanted experienced machinist Hals nerd Appl i a him emf mahi it Kkt go. 2405 Al Yeti or 88. Sale Avn earn tit Tutt sell Avon. Part Tim full Tim Day Tim Call m3 030 Lor inter mafia Cusco Wear Ever has enc Allan opportunities la advertising sales and sat vice Carao s for a formation Call Robert Mccormick 869-3878 la . To i . Mort. Fri. Experienced woman Tor upper end tur Nitura Stort Send confide Nilal resume Lobo c-5 c o enter Pisa i need an agras Siva Man Tor insurance work this position involves a Good starting salary plus great company Bantit Call collect Fri Root daytime a a s�2� Attar a to p in make Aitra Christmas Money need Flats Naopia to work apply 3104 n main. Mon wad Ltam-4pm Salesman needed a rat Estala. Licensed broker Call Anderson realty i 3717 jobs by phone it you have a car end Tike working on Dit Terent jobs can manpower we have a variety by temporary Industrial assign tyls ave Ablene waiting downtown jobs will a assigned to you by phone re i today manpower inc. Temporary service mss High St i 172 Kitchen help wanted monday thru Friday see Larry it t h restaurant in Archdale acc registered p Tschampion Bloodline phone Winston seem 77s 142_ acc Regis ered cd gosh bulldog Pup pies Bloodline great pets cat hold til Chiist met 434 i Joi for Sale Beniams Whie leg 4 fryers St to 12 tech see at i modal farm Road Basset hound 2 year old Rad 4 Whit carnal acc great child t Page pm a Iii from Lam 4pm 47i 07 att pm Bea amp a c pups for Sale phone i 4/14__ full by Rodeo malt Chihuahua Puppy 5 Mas old deformed to i pm 4311103 emf 3pm___ Buker puppies full Doodad Ai a Ackad 4 flew or Mao Fawn Calor is each pm lt4�� tll3or 431 ims it a pert Cern pistons in tributary Oil pan Manit Oid also annanian mags sue ii a i s Call m7 757__ is Chev is 2 door rear and Auto trans p $ unit Back Glass Hood 4 trunk lid 431 77 _ 5 quarts Oil i Fluor to so not a s Alfo of Goodrich toi English for Sale 4 mag Whai 2 wide with g so 14 in White raised letter tires 2 regular u in 4 lug Mustang wheels phone 454 i0s4 91. Auto repair Quick expert service species in my n Chrysler products servicing All makes end modal bes body end Semi shop in town 01 s mein St i Tim or 545 Maione do j Days per week have own transportation 4 furnish radar incas m3 172 Atter 5pm for information concerning purebred dogs. Breading purchasing show Obe Dionca training Call fur must i Nibur City Kannai club 431 775 or 31 a we of All types of mechanical work Central automotive service Call in 7744 for Sal Ona Pinto mar Pony very Gantt 30 Call 431 7034 Atter 5 morning work for retired men 3 hours Delly on pomp Island also full i Tim worn a Aiebi apply Tebbeth s free to Good Home in the country Lull in Eon to s main bios Leo German Shephard no paper i la months old Pantie w the children my to Between pm 4 7pm need on experienced Man Tor installing lances Call Tor an my 434 new amp used car clean up Man a 4 a Toyota sales inc now accepting applications Tor an a Oana cad Man to clean waa and Racon Ditoh new end used car this is a Good paying lob Tor the right individual must a Dapa Dabi we Otter in addition fringe ban tits such As paid vacations group a Surartt and Bast of working conditions apply to Rick my cheap or wet by Eccaro at aaa try data sales 32 5 s main Street downtown High Point mufflers shocks Tail pipes e apart installation Boyles Auto parts 302 n Wrenn my 1205 repair service Tor Auto pans 4 Bervie Tor military 4 civilian jeeps Ken Sawyer Auto repair at j c Wilth so s Hamilton it 2772 full blooded Doberman pins her pups two months old Tan docked wormed 4 shots Phi a 4133_ gentle great Dane acc Regis ared Lamai Fawn my Siso Call m7 315 tier pm Oerman Shepherd puppies to each phone 431 31 92. Auto wanted Brinkle v s inc we buy used cars top prices paid Bobby Brinkley Clay Brinkley 1337 National Hwy Phi 4217 Well buy or Trade for your present used car German Shepherd puppies full blooded no paper in each Eisent health mile 520 female Sis 4s4 104 _ guineas for Sale Cau saturday or sunday phone 149 j77 wanted part order Cook Call 4s4 1714 time Short happiness a a Beautiful Laving Blue Point siamese Kitten malt Only Call 4/5 u02_ poodles clipped for the Bast lob in this Are can rabbi steel 1 5553 part time maintenance Man Naa Oad for 32 unit Al Compisi Apt fur Rishad 4 salary apply to Mandenhall Moore realtors 201 Church Ava Mj-1450 part time Maln tenancy Man Naddad prefer Semi retired Parson Call a Iloo Bataan Sam 4 5pm Security person wanted part Tim 4 Lull time Good to not benefits pm 24 417 in Greensboro irom a p monday Riley Heward Tor intern nation leading to the person who picked up 3 Rabbit dogs in Flinthill Section 3 Blo tick 4 i Light color Beagle is 4551 or a 507 Bob Beasley Shetland Pony 7 years old vary gun tit Broi Saddi 4 harness in Ciudad tji pm 4ji 3571 free to Good Home two Mal puppies Phi 577 wanted a i Small Fie Squirrel dog must Gur note to tree Call anytime m5q707 triad Lincoln Mercury 2100 s Mam St pm no 4111 want to buy clean used Economy cars. A 75,> also used jeeps repay your Auto off give you the equity con tact Jot Stretcher at Hollingsworth am jeep 200 n main. 4 21/5. Or 552 cars wanted All makes 4 mod i top dollars paid Tor the right kind Mauiu Mobile enterprises 410 National Highway pm 4/s-4ui we buy used Cert especially skylarks 4 opals Scott Garten Buick 24ji n main St i 211 or 3540 97. Boat amp trailers i it sidewinder boat. A lactic motor pull upholster to inside. 135 h p Evinrud it Larket /50 4 take up payments a paid up to february m3-l22 Best buy 72 Giatron of. 5 he Marc. Tir used 20 hrs loaded Post bit discount pm m35is4 Hugli Point a. Karl do it. October 29. 1976 i3r reliable used cars a amp a Toyota sales 328 s. Main downtown a High Point a 74 vow super beet 2 door Sedon 4 Speed am pm Light Blue finish Low mileage i owner. Now 2648 to Ford Maverick 2 door sport straight drive 6 Cylinder Beautiful Green. Row 1288 t3 Toyota Corona 2 door Hord Fop automatic of Ocford air conditioning Blue with Vinyl top Sharp. Now 2488 71 Toyota Corolus i Coupe 4 Speed of now 1246 74 Toyota Corona in 4 Speed radio v to Nice. Now 2689 2 door sport Coupe 4 Speed White with Vinyl top. 2 door Sedan 4 Speed radio Vinyl top Low mileage extra Nice. To Ronda super sport 400 cd a automatic Stort a All extras Only 2000 Miles now 995 of Volkswagen 4 Speed radio Beautiful Burgundy this Cor Nice thru out Row 1073 72 Plymouth duster automatic a Small v-8 a Rodio a steel sport wheels Only 25,000 Miles. Now 1998 73 Mercury m0nte60 2 or. Nord top a automatic v-8 Rodio air v-8 Power steering Low mileage Vinyl top now 2445 73 Dodge Dart sport 2 or. Hard top automatic v-8 steel sport wheels radio Nice. Now 2284 72 Pontiac grand prix 2 or. Hard top air Low mileage Beautiful Light yellow a steel sport wheels. Now 2995 74 Chey Monte Carlo automatic v-8 air Power steering Beautiful Burgundy Vinyl top now 4095 Sproal 66 Chev. Nova super set. Aut0/5atic a is a 2 or. Hardtop bucket seats one owner Oneo faking special 74 jeep renegade i local owner a Low mileage Tach. Sport mags a All extras so whom met 73 Mercury Colony Park Sta wgn.4dr.-loaded-All extras local car air Wood Grain a 4 or. Power steering windows Nice a Beauty open 8 00 to 8 00 Call or see Paul Kelly Bob Gurley Gene Washington John Cotner Denzel Russel 88-59016 Aga Toyota 328 s. Main St. High Point

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