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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 28, 1974, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise monday october 28, 1174 7a Uncle Sigmund had hangups treats for tricksters Devilish pizza pie adds some spice to halloween author a hallows Day or halloween As we know it today began Way Back in the 9th Century and was celebrated on october 31, the eve of All saints Day. This Celebration marked the end of the summer season and it was believed that on this night witches and fairies flew overhead halloween really has t changed that much from the a the Century. Nowadays on All hallows eve you re Apt to hear Quot trick or treat Quot from Little witches and goblins knocking at your front door. Spare the tricks by offering the neighbourhood urchins a treat of Devilish pizza pie it can be made at the Flash of a witches Broom with refrigerated biscuits and hefted up with the addition of devised Ham the devised Ham comes ready to spread on the pizza Shell and adds just the right amount of spice to make it a sinfully Good treat for your halloween tricksters sex still important Paris France was or. Jeanne Blum has reported that sex Appeal is still a major Factor in the successful employer employee relationship in France. Quot it is not merely a one Way Street Quot added the sociologist. A lady secretaries want to be physically attracted to their male Bosses As much As the other Way around Quot after thorough investigation or. Blum is convinced that Quot More than the wife Quot the attractive girl in the office is responsible for Quot the obsolescence of the mistress whom the employer kept on the Side in the old Devilish pizza pie 1 can 8 ounces refrigerated Crescent Rolls 2 f4i ounce cans devised Ham 2 Teaspoons italian Herb seasonings i cup chopped Green Pepper i cup Tomato sauce 2 slices Mozzarella cheese Cut into 5 strips Lengthwise remove Rolls from package and separate along perforations. Press Rolls into a 12 Inch pizza pie pan Seal perforations and form crust making is Inch rim. Spread devised Ham on top of dough to within to Inch of no. Sprinkle seasonings and Green Pepper Over devised Ham and top with Tomato sauce. Arrange strips of cheese Over sauce and bake in preheated 400f. Oven for 20 minutes. Makes 6 Servings. Jack lantern sandwiches 20 slices whole wheat bread i 4ii ounce can corned beef spread i 7 ounce can crushed pineapple drained in a bowl Combine pineapple and corned beef spread in sing a pumpkin shaped cookie Cutter Cut out bread slices. Top half of the Jack o lanterns with corned beef spread pineapple mixture. Cover with remaining bread slices. Makes to sandwiches. Halloween Cut los dear Ann you said in your column a while Back that cigarette smokers Are engaging in Oral satisfaction that stems from an infantile and immature need did you know that or Sigmund Freud was unable to quit smoking a although he was Well aware that his tobacco habit was extremely damaging to his health a because of certain physical disabilities which plagued him for years Freud a efforts to Stop smoking lasted for nearly a half a Century. He recounts his persistent craving and the Quot torture beyond human endurance when he did abstain for a period of 14 months Freud was. After All. A mortal Man. But Don t you think the father of psychoanalysis would have recognized the existence of a psychological problem if there had been one what is there in tobacco that produces the craving it is nicotine a and nicotine is habit forming i submit the habit is More physiological than psychological a problem of the body rather than the mind. A another View dear View you cannot separate tie mind from the body. They Are one. Of course nicotine is addictive. So is alcohol. But no one knows Why some people can use both in moderation and cannot. The Best authorities say the problem is both physical and emotional a but mostly emotional. As for Uncle Sigmund he had Many hangups and suffered a great Deal. Among other things he was through with sex at 41. Well balanced he was t. You been living in a Cave for the past ten years Haven t you read about the miraculous things witches have done a both in laying on curses and removing them0 my sister in Law whose hands were covered with warts went to a woman who practice witchcraft. Within three weeks every one of those warts disappeared. And All she did was rub a Little Castor Oil on them at night. Her son went to the Witch the following month and was relieved of a terrible pain in his neck within four Days How do you account for these happenings a a believer dear a any dermatologist will Tell you that warts can be gotten rid of without a Witch if you put your mind to it and rub a Tittle something on them at night. As for her getting rid of the pain in his neck within four Days a maybe Bis sister inlaw left town or his Boss took a trip. Many aches and pains a and even diseases a Are self feet need Core this time of year to slices White or whole wheat bread i 41 ounce can Chicken spread i Tablespoon Coconut i Tablespoon chopped gherkins i Tablespoon Mayonnaise i <3 ounce package Cream cheese softened using halloween cookie cutters Cut out to slices of bread. In a Small bowl Combine Chicken spread Coconut gherkins and Mayonnaise. Top Cut outs with Chicken spread mixture. Decorate edges if desired with Cream cheese that has been tinted with food colouring and put through a pastry tube makes to sandwiches. Dear Ann i was annoyed with your Lack of support for the person who wrote about the miracles of witchcraft. Have now that fall is Here your feet May need some extra special attention. Walking Barefoot in the Sand All summer is excellent for muscle tone but it can be very rough on your toenails and skin if you done to want the expense and bother of a professional pedicure Here s a helpful tip for do it yours Elfers. Let your hot tap water run on a plastic Container of baby Oil until the bottle is comfortably warm to the touch. Pour a cup of the warmed baby Oil into a Large Basin and soak your feet for at least Twenty minutes leave one foot soaking and with an Orange stick wrapped in Cotton push your cuticles Back gently. Next Towel dry your feet lightly and using a pumice Stone go to work on any calluses you May have collected this summer. Put your foot Back into the baby Oil and proceed to give your other foot the same treatment the baby Oil will work to help soften your skin and cuticles and make it limiting. They disappear without any treatment. And this is Why i Tell people to get another opinion before they agree to surgery. There Are too Many unnecessary operations performed in this country. Dear Ann do you have room in your column for one More letter on kids lib when i read that 13-year-old boys letter i almost threw up. I am 13 and that letter went All Over our classroom. Almost All the kids agreed your answer was great. The two who thought you were too strict Are in trouble All the time. We Are liberated enough a a fuel shortage x switch to electric heat in fact some of us Are too liberated. We wish our parents would take us off the Hook by saying Quot no Quot so we be called Chicken when we done to want to do certain things. Thanks Ann for you dear for you re Welcome. In a for you too. Easier to get your feet in shape it makes cuticles easier to handle and leaves a j your feet softer and prettier lifetime guarantee on than Ever before j0, Elet rec a after soaking rinse your feet in warm soapy water and Towel dry. Wait ten minutes until toenails Harden again and file them straight across. Then apply a base coat and some burnished Pink or Copper polish. Sprinkle some baby powder on for a finishing touch that will lock in Comfort and leave your feet feeling dry and smooth. W a a most reasonable prices a in town. Coll us for All a your electrical needs. A o phone t i 475-7247 ? a Watson electric of aim to i ail a lesson included Call 885-5323 Ria a of music co. 224 North Elm Greensboro North Carolinas tor gait Musk dealer 2 Thaker 75 treats trick or treat specials Flowers for All Cocos int High come % leading rant Grace Flower shop Nail a Wisma Nam to 408 my might decorated halloween cupcakes i 8c a. Pumpkin pies $1.55 decorated i halloween cakes j $2.50 and up j open won sat. I . Wed i a m -1 a a elite bakery a 142 n. Main St. 882-2321 guuuulx.l1&juui jl8jui 10x8.8.8.0 it i forever yours. Wadding gown him futz Mandan Uhing Saltine cd Lamers launderers touch of Beauty has it most effective system of carpet cleaning in existence. To amp Yul Hydra clean proven custom re upholstery at budget. Pics of �.1., 14 Izro k hav your furniture Quot a to i beautifully Reu Phol la v / stared now and save to our craftsmen ate i the finest. ,. We Siu Ano expertly inst Ali one carpet 2 chairs or i sofa free poly foam Cushion or Arm guards As Low As $11495 a Beautiful Vii Ltd Ion of Tine Tab Klo hmm Horn let oui homed mph Mainii toll in the privacy at your Home and help Yow min a your Abnet Ond Colon Coll today a use your senti Amo Merd. Or Moiler Cherge won instant credit up to 41 Days til fast payment Craft upholstery co. A we Guarente am work Quot phone 476 6229 men pm. Til s after s pm it in saturdays a a Phene 475-3136 a 476-1968 249-171 a or 731-2943 Lexington n. C. Mobile carpet cleaning system from touch of Beauty the people who brought you a steam clean we be Token the revolutionary principles of steam clean and refined and improved them to bring you a totally better process for cleaning Wall to Wall carpet a Hydra ill an it s better than steam ask about 8 better ways than Ordinary steam clean 1. Cleans deeper 2. Dries faster 3. No heavy equipment 4. No electricity or hot water 5. Faster set up cleaning time 6. No mess or noise 7. Dirty water returned to truck i 8 customer satisfaction touch of Beauty 883-2514 Only Westinghouse electric clothes order with Cross vane tumbling models de495p/ dg495p c three temperature selections d extra Large opening to drying Basket a Handy up front lint collector across vane tumbling a automatic Cool Down period cd safety Start Button door safety switch o stationary drying shelf optional accessory j backed by nationwide sure service Model de 495p buy the pair and save More ask about Trade in Deal free estimates 702 Monthei 11021-4 Quot your major to a appliance Storc in High Point Quot 414 North Wrenn St. Phone 882-4147

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