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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 26, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy Cool Moro data on Pago 3a 88th year a no. 300 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., thursday afternoon october 26, 1972 52 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or a Ven acknowledge every one. To be Foster parents o. We would like to become Foster parents for welfare children. What do we have to do or what do we have to have before we apply for them. We live in Davidson county. Anon. A. There is a need for More Foster Homes according to Doris Lopp director of Davidson county a department of social services who says they would Welcome the Opportunity to talk with you. The proper person for you to Contact regarding an appointment is mrs. Betsy Riggs social worker in the child welfare unit. She can be reached at 249-9134 in Lexington. If ifs not possible for applicants to come to the Lexington office mrs. Riggs can arrange an interview in their Thomasville office. The requirements Are what would generally be considered a Good a growing medium for any child Foster parents who Are physically and mentally healthy of suitable age and temperament have an adequate income. A Home that meets safety and sanitary standards. Providing the child educational social recreational opportunities As Well As the Chance to develop moral standards Independence achievement and responsibility. A a a the Andrews shekels q. What happened to the Money that was collected for the Andrews High school band to go to the olympics they did not go and i am wondering what they did with the Money. I think people who contributed should be told. Thank you. W. A. Mrs. Dottie Hohne who kept the records provided this accounting the total deposits made from Public donations to the band fund amounted to $10,755.63. The students earned $1,382 of this amount. The olympic fund raising committee had received in checks or pledges Over $32,000 but this was not deposited and the checks were returned to the donors. The disbursements were As follows administrative travel expenses to Greensboro $35 00. City transit co., band trips to Greensboro to record for to promotion. $210.00. Product Ory adv. And printing $114.40. Hedgecock builders Supply supplies for band students tag Day $43.26. Equipment uniforms and accessories i n preparation for trip $2010 of. Postage thank you notes and checks returned $24 00. Travel Agency expenses non refundable initial registration $500.00. First instalment. April 1972. $2.000 00 second instalment july 1972. $1500 of. Funds returned to donors at written request $3746.50. Total withdrawals $10,183.16. Balance $572.47. The olympic fund raising committee authorized on september 26 the Transfer of the balance of funds in the olympic band fund account to the account of the Andrews band Booster club. A dangerous area q. I live in the apartments of j. Morgan and the neighbors and outsiders too run up and Down the Street Between Dartmouth and Anaheim and children Are usually in the streets because they have no playgrounds to play on. The pedestrians crossing the Street Are in the Street and cars go like 50 to 60 Miles per hour going around curves. Yesterday a Motorist hit a water hydrant and the police were called but i never did see them. We would like to know what Steps do you take to reduce speeders in this area. Thank you. Anon. A. The police department says they Are aware of this condition and citizens in this area have been asked not to let their children play in the streets. This is a problem that cannot be totally eliminated by the police but takes the full cooperation of the parents and others in this area. They say they Check As often As possible and request that those who witness speeding and reckless driving give them the License number of the vehicle and the description of the Driver or his name if known. The department spokesman said they have no record of a fire hydrant being struck in this area but an arrest of a Drunken Driver was made in that area on oct. 19. A sound off beginning oct. 27, the High Point youth Council will be presenting its annual halloween project the haunted House. Open at 7 . Each night october 27-31, the haunted House is located at 114 West Green drive behind Holiday inn downtown. Everyone is encouraged to come Early and avoid the Long lines. This year s haunted House promises to be better than Ever featuring rooms As the Strobe room the mad woman a room and the Gallows room. Visit the haunted House Over halloween for great fun and the Shock of your life. Thank you. High Point youth Council. Done to forget the first halloween carnival sponsored by the h p. College student Union this evening from 6 to to . Games and contests for children in kindergarten through sixth Grade and their parents will be held behind Roberts Hall or in Case of rain alumni gymnasium. Pc news Bureau. . Agreed to signing says Hanoi Saigon apr North Vietnam declared today that the United states agreed to sign a peace pact next tuesday but then backed off and asked for further negotiations saying it was having difficulty getting Saigon to go along. An official North vietnamese statement on the secret talks in Paris Between Henry a. Kissinger and Hanoi a peace negotiators apparently caught the United states and South Vietnam by Surprise. In the first Saigon reaction the governments official radio said a a separate agreement Between North Vietnam and the United states does not concern us in any Way. A we in South Vietnam have the right of self determination a said the commentator. The White House declined comment. The North vietnamese also read the statement to the Paris peace talks. Afterwards . Ambassador William j. Porter said he thought it a preferable not to make a formal statement at this president Nguyen Van Thieu met for an hour with . Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker his first meeting with an american since Kissinger a visit ended monday when the presidents National Security adviser failed to get him to agree to new North vietnamese peace terms. In Paris the Viet Cong urged the United states to sign the Accord to a give proof of its Good will and Good Faith. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Binh chief of the Viet Cong delegation said a . Signature would bring the peace every one is waiting for. The official Hanoi statement said Kissinger had agreed to the plan in his secret meetings in Paris. This called for a cease fire in Vietnam within 24 hours of the signing of a peace agreement. All prisoners of the War would be released and All american and foreign troops would be withdrawn within 60 Days. Negotiations would then begin Between the Saigon government and the Viet Cong to arrange elections for a coalition government. A the government of the democratic Republic of Vietnam firmly demands that the . Government carry out exactly and correctly the agreed upon Points and sign the agreement on oct. 31 in order to end the War and restore peace in Vietnam a the statement said. Hanoi ridiculed the a claim of be . On Page 2 a one More negotiating session \ peace at hand r declares Kissinger Washington a presidential adviser Henry a. Kissinger said today a peace is at hand in Vietnam. Kissinger told newsmen in an hour Long briefing that most major provisions of a settlement have been agreed to but that one More negotiating session a lasting no More than three or four Days is necessary. A we believe that peace is at hand a Kissinger said. A we believe that an agreement is in is just to All in breaking american silence on the status of the peace efforts Kissinger said the nine Points outlined earlier today by North Vietnam Are essentially Correct. He also said a i want to stress that what remains to be done is the smallest part of what has already been accomplished. The presidential adviser said the remaining details Are essentially linguistic and technical but need to be settled before the United states and South Vietnam can sign a pact. He listed what were a six or seven very Concrete issues that with anything like the Good will that has been shown can easily be cleared Ile included in his examples the need from the . Side to specify that no move will be made to grab additional North Vietnam lists peace terms Hong Kong a this is North Vietnam a summary of the peace terms it says it and the United states agreed to 1. The United states will respect the Independence sovereignty unification and territorial integrity of Vietnam. 2. The United states will Stop All bombing of North Vietnam and All mining of North vietnamese Waters. Twenty four hours after the peace agreement is signed a cease fire will take effect in All of South Vietnam. All american and Allied troops will be withdrawn within 60 Days. 3. After signing Steps will be taken for the immediate return of prisoners of War held by both sides. 4. At cease fire the two present administrations in South Vietnam the South vietnamese government and the Viet Cong will negotiate with each other to set up elections for a National coalition government. The two administrations will also negotiate with each other on disposition and reduction of the troops of each Side. 5. Unification of North and South Vietnam will be a realized gradually by peaceful 6. An International committee on military control and supervision will be formed and an International conference on Vietnam will be called within 30 Days of the signing of the peace agreement. 7. The sovereignty and neutrality of Cambodia and Laos will be recognized by All parties in the Vietnam War. The United states will end All military activities in Laos and Cambodia withdraw All troops and not reintroduce troops or weapons into Laos and Cambodia. 8. Ending of the War will create conditions for establishment of relations Between the United states and North Vietnam under which the United states will contribute to reconstruction in North Vietnam and throughout All Indochina. 9. The peace agreement will take effect immediately upon being signed by the . And North Vietnam. Agnew receives applause from republicans on platform with or Jesse Helms James Broyhill and Jim Holshouser him Charlotte a Wir Tholo Agnew campaigns in Charlotte n. A the North Carolina Republican ticket received the support of vice president Spiro t. Agnew for the second time in a month and caught the epithets of a band of noisy hecklers at a rally wednesday. Senate candidate Jesse Helms gubernatorial candidate Jim Holshouser and More than half of the congressional candidates in the state beamed from the platform of Charlottes Park Center As Agnew endorsed them one by one. Helms and Holshouser were singled out for special attention coming to agnews Side in the Glare of the television lights to have their hands raised Over the vice presidents head before a crowd of about 2,000 republicans and a full complement of newsmen. All the while a group of about 60 hecklers tried to shout the speakers Down. At times Young republicans in the crowd responded with shouts and chants of their own giving the rally the atmosphere of a basketball game Between bitter rivals. Agnews speech made Clear that the visit was designed to boost Helms in particular. He included a a special word on the critical race for the United states Senate in this state a aimed at dispelling the Contention of Democrat Nick Galifianakis that Helms record As a broadcast editorialist shows birr. To be anti Nixon. The president Agnew said could have used Helms vote in the recent Senate Battle to limit Federal spending. A that Issue will arise again a Agnew said. A and next time my friends i Hope Jesse Helms will be in the Senate pitching for the president and the Agnew in the same words he used in Winston Salem last month said Helms was a a sound thinker with a deep interest in National Galifianakis he said was too Liberal to a properly represent North Carolina. Holshouser the vice presi Dent said a is going to do a great Job As the next governor of North he said the administration had a Long valued Jim a Public and political Agnew also praised gop congressional candidates Jim Martin and Jack Hawke. They Are running in close races in the ninth and fourth congressional districts respectively. The vice president was forced however to share the attention with the demonstrators. They were a vociferous minority whose shouts resounded in a Hall with about 700 empty seats. Carrying signs saying a Nixon be Agnew on Page 2 a to use filmed statements Mcgovern plans debate with Nixon by r. Gregory Nokes associated pres writer democratic presidential candidate George Mcgovern who wednesday night delivered a corruption and ethics speech on National television is working today on a debate with president Nixon but without Nixon. No Date is fixed for the so called debate which will show films of Nixon statements on the War the Economy and other issues followed by Mcgovern s own views on the same subjects. Nixon has declined a face to face debate with Mcgovern. In his speech wednesday night Mcgovern said a a in a not posing Here As a Saint but in a not going to permit the White House to be controlled by Spe Cial interests i m not going to engage in wiretapping sabotage political president Nixon delivered a radio statement on education wednesday pledging More Money for learning and less for busing. But a Money is Only part of the answer a he said adding that millions have been wasted on education programs a that did not work because not enough thought and planning went into the president goes this evening to Ashland ky., to address a rally at a High school before returning to Washington. Sen. Mcgovern who was in Detroit wednesday will speak today at the University of Iowa before travelling to Sacramento Calif. Vice president Spiro t. Agnew planned appearances in Wilmington Del and Manchester . Democratic vice presidential candidate Sargent Shriver was to Campaign in Columbia s.c., and Detroit. There were these developments in the alleged Republican sabotage and surveillance Campaign a a . District judge in Washington subpoenaed tapes and documents associated with interviews conducted by the los Angeles times. The interviews were with Alfred c. Baldwin Iii a key prosecution witness in the trial of seven men charged in the break in and alleged bugging at democratic National Headquarters in Washington on june 17. A los Angeles times editor William f. Thomas said a was in the past Well oppose the subpoena of either our people or our unpublished a White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler denied a report in the Washington Post tha Nixon chief of staff h r. Haldeman was authorized to approve payments from a secret Campaign fund. He also denied the existence of the fund. A executive editor Benjamin c. Bradlee said a we stand by our a Clark Macgregor director of the committee for the re see Mcgovern on Page 2-a vetoes expected today Washington a it May be veto Day at the White House today As president Nixon announces decisions on a big Batch of Bills sent to him by the 92nd Congress. Tile White House promised action by mid morning on a number of unspecified Bills and said Nixon Stop Domestic adviser John Ehrlichman would be on hand to explain Nixon s views. The president has forecast a a number of vetoes this week As he continues to review 115 Bills passed in the final Days before Congress adjourned. Nixon alleges that Congress sent him measures calling for spending a far in excess of what we can afford and he said he would use every weapon at his command to keep government spending As dose As possible to $250 billion this fiscal year. Congress rejected his demand for legislation setting a spending ceiling at that level and giving him sole authority to determine where cuts should be made. Ehrlichman and budget director Caspar w. Weinberger have said a prime target for a veto is the Bill appropriating $30 5 billion for the departments of labor and health education and welfare. Nixon first vetoed the Bill last August when he labelled it irresponsible spending. The veto was upheld in Congress which then passed a new version retaining the same total figure. Territory Between the time of the cease fire and a political settlement. He also said there needs to be clarification on the timing of the vietnamese settlement relative to the settlement of the conflicts in Laos and Cambodia. Earlier Herb Klein the White House communications director had said a North vietnamese broadcast saying the United states had agreed to sign an agreement but backed off was false. At a Cleveland news conference Klein also rejected claims the United states is stalling negotiations. Among other problems Kissinger said that need to be finally solved Are whether Washington should sign the agreement on behalf of South Vietnam. He said this was not a serious difficulty but it is understandable that the South vietnamese who have suffered the most during the War and who must remain under the settlement. A should want to sign their own peace on the Issue of South Vietnam the presidential aide said there were both agreements and disagreements by Saigon with the draft agreement. But South vietnamese president Nguyen Van Thieu will accept a cease fire Kissinger said. He added that he believed the bitter expression of opposition from the Saigon Leader earlier this week to a coalition government was addressed to a a previous plan not this in the first Saigon reaction to the announcement by Hanoi the governments official radio said a a separate agreement Between North Vietnam and the United states does not concern us in any a we in South Vietnam a the broadcast continued have the right of Kissinger said Hie oct. 31 deadline for signing a final agreement was set by the North vietnamese. While the United states had indicated it a a hoped to draft a proposed pact by that Date it never committed itself to a deadline Kissinger stated. When asked what would happen if the oct. 31 deadline passes without a signing Kissinger indicated his belief that negotiations would continue. A i can to believe that when this Progress has been made an arbitrary deadline will break off the negotiations. It is up to the North Viet Mese Kissinger said to set the Date of the concluding negotiating session. He did not say where that final session should be held but Paris has been the site of the previous sessions. Kissinger went Over the nine Points already disclosed by the North vietnamese listing them in the main As a cease fire to be observed in South Vietnam in place and a at a time mutually agreed . Forces would lie pulled out within 60 Days of the signing with a total prohibition against any infiltration of forces from North Vietnam either across the demilitarized zone or from Laos or Cambodia. Military supplies to forces in South Vietnam will be banned except for replacement on a one to one basis of worn out or damaged equipment. All prisoners military and civilian Are to be returned parallel to the withdrawal of american forces and will be com be peace on Page 2a what s inside amusements. 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