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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 25, 1925, High Point, North Carolina Ipp i ii j Quot us Jiuji up i copyright american Homes Bureau. Now Ide easy work can be paid for on the instalment plan. An economic necessity a practical Home electrical equipment essential to the Home meets need of Small Home owner and encourage budget system of Home financing. By Gayne t. K. Norton the increasing popularity of the budget system of apportioning household expenditures and the Extension of the partial payment method of securing comm Ditle to cover most of the necessities of life follows naturally the trend of our present economic system. Investigation has disclosed the fact that on the average in any Community to per cent of the people buy for Cash 30 per cent have charge accounts and by the process of elimination of per cent buy on Quot easy terms Quot or the instalment plan. The average income is less than $3,000 a year. Tile most pertinent aspect of that however is the fact that this income is received not in a Lump sum at the beginning of the year but in weekly or monthly portions in the form of salary commissions and the like. In consequence the expenditures of the average Home owner must be not in a Lump sum but for the most part a Little at a time. His out go is regulated by his income. Naturally in order to plan for of Coture necessities to provide for future desires some sort of provision has to be made out of the weekly or bimonthly stipend. A budget is the obvious solution to the problem in fact the inevitable one. A Man ordinarily buys food and necessary clothing from his current income because they Are absolutely necessary to sustenance and also because they do not run into very Large figures. But unless he plans and saves for them. Those items that mean an outlay of a considerable sum of Money at one time they Are of necessity denied him. Meeting Homo owner s needs. Recognizing this condition surrounding the Home owner most of the Large mercantile houses have made it possible for the consumer to buy on terms that do not demand the payment of a Large sum at one time. Thus the budget plan is further encouraged for by Means of the instalment plan the weekly salary can be made to cover in a portion at least the expenditures of an entire year. The Large concerns have adjusted their terms of Sale to meet the consumer a requirements and As a result the average Home owner is afforded comforts and conveniences that he could not enjoy if the instalment form of buying did not exist. The very Home that shelters him and his family could probably never have been his had he not been Given the privilege of buying it on the deferred pay rent plan. And without such a plan that Home would most Likely never have been More than a House partly furnished poorly lighted devoid of labor saving devices and a stranger to music and the finer things All of which he is entitled to and which fortunately buying on the instalment plan has made available to him. But the Home that he is buying on partial payments needs maintenance Protection and decoration. It is built out in the open where the rain and Snow Sun and wind play upon it at will. For appearances Sake for Economy a Sake it must be painted periodically. Cost of Upkeep. Flaws in budgets occur because of just such necessary expenditures. The individual in allotting Money for various tangible needs frequently forgets the More abstract necessities of which Quot Upkeep is an important example. And unfortunately the dealers in just such abstract commodities painters decorators and the like have not until recently been Able to conform to the actual economic situation of the average Man. Considering How difficult it is to make Lump expenditures of Over a Hun dred dollars at a time it. Is no wonder that an investment of unparalleled importance to Home owners a paint is often neglected. Painting often demands More Money than the average Home owner has lying around. As a result painting is put off decay is allowed to set in Hist and rot i through the surface impairing the Structure and piling up costly repairs for the future. The homeowners investment is being depleted his Home becomes More or less dilapidated the impression upon the Public is not favourable and the effect upon his and his family a morale anything but Good. Partial payment plan. A partial payment plan for financing painting contracts As it is being put into practice makes it possible for the Home owner to paint his House when it needs painting and pay for the work As he earns the Money. This plan saves the Home owner the Money he would have to Lay out for repairs resulting from putting off painting it enables him to Quot brighten up his surroundings it increases the value of his property in a word it provides him with something he needs when he need s it and actually saves him Money in so doing. The partial payment plan for financing painting contracts provides for a payment by the prop each room should have outlets sufficient for every requirement. By s. E. Devenish to Rny any Reader interested in this plan can obtain an exact estimate of its Cost at the present time from any responsible architect contractor or lumber dealer who can obtain specifications at a reasonable Cost by communicating with this paper prospective Home builders May secure an up to Date Book of Home building designs containing 160 Good perspective views and Blu printed floor plans for Only $1 by addressing the Home building editor of this paper. Viau l \ Rax a amp to erty owner of one fifth of the total amount to the Painter at the time the Job is done. Tile remainder is paid at regular intervals during the ensuing ten months to the finance company. Tile Painter receives the amount due him from the finance organization As soon As his work is completed. The finance company thus becomes the sole creditor of the property owner. A mortgage upon the property does not make a Home owner ineligible for a Par tial payment contract. General repute and character is the prime criterion. An economic necessity. The introduction of the Quot instalment plan into the Field of painting contracts is significant because it indicates the growing realization that because Money is earned on first floor Rah Why not buy your suits from a lady dressmaker just at reasonable As to have your furniture made by a Carpenter. By h. G. Bullock just a word to the men How Many of you would allow tile Village dressmaker to tailor you a suit of clothes not Many surely and yet in the building of a House As Little skill an attention to details the finish is of greater smoothness Lustre and durability Hylle tile designs of the two Are incomparable just As a tailored suit made by tile Village dressmaker would be a grotesque object while those tilings that came within her Range of possibilities would be worthy of Praise. The Bookcase is simply not a piece of car entering. It is As much a piece of furniture As the dining room table and it never enters any ones Bead to have that constructed by an Amateur. Allow for expansion. Moreover a Bookcase personal if not More so than any of the other furniture of the House. It too must Rhow the individuality of those living in the House. The Bookcase that is built in is As incongruous As the Man who builds a House and tells his architect that he wants a Library and that be expects ids decorator to furnish it with books As Well As furniture. The built in bookcases Are of the same dimensions and capacity for a family of Booklover who have so Many books that the overflowing Supply must be kept in a closet for it is a very difficult thing to add to ones Bookcase space in a situation like this and match the built in variety with the manufacture Das for a family whose Reading consists in a perusal of the current magazines and whose Stock of Hooks can be contained in two shelves the rest of which Are either left appallingly vacant or filled with Odds and ends. Neither is a pleasant sight. If the families were allowed to choose their own bookcases they could obtain those that suited their needs and not have the Standard Quot five foot Quot variety thrust upon them. Whether Quot Home is in a Bungalow or cottage is quite immaterial so far As concerns the electrical provisions needed in making the domicile the dozy convenient and Well appointed Retreat that Home strides. Home is Home whether it consists of one floor or two whether the bedrooms adjoin the dining and living rooms or Are located upstairs. Electric service likewise can pass from room to room or go to the second floor with equal ease. Facilities for utilizing the services the same in either cases Only Are required that is adequate and Well located outlets to accommodate fixtures and fittings of tile class and character taste dictates or the pocketbook permits. In the basement. Tile Well appointed basement today incudes More than the cellar for housing the heating Plant with a Corner partitioned off for a Coal bin. A properly planned preserve room is needed. The laundry usually occupies a Corner of the basement and the Coal bin is a room. Overhead illumination is employed the cellar proper should be provided with several Selling outlets usually four one of which is located in proximity to the heating Plant and another Naor the electric meter and Entrance switch. In the laundry about As Many ceiling outlets should be provided one Over the tubs and another located so As to provide special illumination for ironing in addition to the outlets needed for general illumination. If the stairs from the floor above should enter either the laundry or the open cellar one of tile ceiling lights in the room first entered should be controlled by a switch at the head of the stairs As Well As by a switch in the room necessitating a three Way switch. A Selling outlet in the other room either the cellar or the laundry should then be controlled by a Wall switch at the door Between the two Chambers. Piling outlets in both the Coal room and the one for preserves should be controlled by switches at the Entrance doors. A convenience outlet preferably of the duplex Type should be located in the cellar and at least three such outlets in the laundry for the use of electric Irons washing machines Irones workshop tools Etc. Electric Energy for Light heat and Power is highly desirable in the basement. Main Entrance and Hall. The Entrance Vestibule requires a a ceiling outlet controlled by a tideway switch in the Vestibule and main Hall and the Central Hall should he controlled by a three Way switch from main Hall and from the second floor if there is one or from the master bedroom if there Isnit. A couple of Side outlets will usually dress up the Hall to Good advantage and there should be of course the convenience outlet for the suction cleaner and possibly a floor lamp. If there is a closet in the Hall As there should be it should be provided with a Selling outlet. This one refinement will prove a real convenience. Living room dining room and Kitchen. The illumination in the living room should be flexible As Well As adequate. Overhead Side Wall and portable lamp Light should All be available. This will mean of the room is not very Large a Selling Long to convert the Side table into an effectively useful adjunct and last but not least for the attachment of the suction cleaner so necessary where meals Are served. A floor outlet for the accommodation of the appliances actually used on the dining table should not be overlooked. The Kitchen naturally should he provided with every reasonable facility for making use of electric service. One or two ceiling outlets controlled by three Way switches Are essential one of which should be Over the sink. Three convenience outlets Are also required if any of the ironing is to he done in the Kitchen and electrical cookery can be enjoyed the third one being for the operation of the motor driven appliances which so greatly lighten the preparation of meals. The ice Box Nook should be provided with a convenience outlet for the electrical ref Lerator which will an apartment bedroom modern furniture fills All needs. Outlet controlled by a three Way switch Side outlets straddling the fireplace with two others on the opposite Wall and a number of convenience outlets half a dozen Are none too Many. These latter will be used for t in suction cleaner the connection of the Many electrical appliances used in the family room of the modern dwelling and the accommodation of the floor and table lamps which give the flexibility to lighting that individual tastes command which by their presence also serve As attractive and useful decorations. The dining room will prove More attractive and much More convenient of some Side outlets Are provided As Well is the Selling outlet for the Dan Long table lights. The latter by the Way should be controlled by three Way switches at pantry and family entrances. At least three convenience outlets should be provided to accommodate the several electrical table appliances that do so much to make the Home meals distinctive and Appel a a Brick House its endurance will defy storm Pood pre and time. Bricks Are permanent some Day serve the Home. The rear Entrance will require a ceiling outlet controlled by a Wall switch while the Kitchen closet and toilet both require Selling outlets. Breakfast room pantry and Sun porch. If tile House boasts one of those cozy breakfast rooms the Nook should be provided with a Selling outlet controlled by a switch near the Kitchen door and at least one convenience outlet. The indispensable pantry should have a Selling outlet controlled by a Wall switch. Tile san porch one of the most delightful rooms of the Home should he adequately lighted from overhead and in addition provided with convenience outlets to accommodate floor lamps and ten a gun appliances. While one ceiling outlet controlled by a Wall switch will suffice of the room is not too Large at least two convenience outlets of the duplex Type will be needed for supplementary or auxiliary illumination service and for serving the appliances. Passing to the living quarters the Well equipped fireside carving unnecessary with veneered Walnut the draperies add to brightness. The partial payment plan it must likewise be spent in the same Way in order to assure the individual the greatest return. Whether or net tile budget is taken seriously whether it occupies a place in the family a respect dose to the family tree and cherished heirlooms or whether it is smiled at and treated with great superiority tile budget system or the method of apportioning inter Mitten incomes to cover Large expenditures. Necessarily exists. And following the budget system is the partial payment method of buying. The three factors fit neatly together a intermittent incomes budgets and instalment payments. They Are outstanding features of our present economic system. Tho Extension of the partial payment plan to cover painting contracts answers a Long Felt need for the Home owner and devised As it is furnishes him Protection at a minimum of trouble and expense. It is a natural development and is a forerunner of a greater appreciation of and conformity to the Phi ten Des of our present economic Structure. Every room in the Home is made More attractive by using some sort of a suitable table the tip top the Gate leg the sewing writing or any other practical table which May be of service in that particular room. Are and discrimination seems to he exercised about some parts. Take for instance the bookcases that some architects insist upon drawing into the House plans and some carpenters insist upon executing. This building in of bookcases has become quite a prevalent thing in the last few years and nine times nit of ten the result of the built in Model is an awkward ungainly Structure fashioned by those unskilled in tile labor. They Are usually turned out by the Carpenter himself who in All probability would not be a Carpenter but a cabinetmaker of he were skilled to a great degree or by a trim factory where the making of bookcases is merely incidental with tile More important parts of their work and consequently not the result of care and thought. In a factory Manu Fao Turing bookcases the opposite is True. Groat pains have been taken in designing the cases whether of a sectional or stationary Type. Masters of the Art who know what kinds of Wood should be made in certain styles and what Little curves and turns make a piece of Furni Tun either a thing of Grace or of Gau Cherie Are employed to fashion them. Work for an expert. With a scrutiny of the workmanship the superiority of the manufactured product Over the built in Bookcase is decided obvious. The cab network shows much greater handsome Grain of Wood furnishes All needed embellishment. There have been times in the past when the maker of furniture depended upon intricate carving to embellish the finest furniture. Such work was done by hand and very often represented weeks or months of patient work. Our museums contain Many such pieces particularly of French and italian designs in Walnut. Even today such pieces Are made on a limited scale and with More modest carving hut the tendency in furniture design is away from carving. There Are several reasons for tills. One is the Cost. With the High prices paid to skilled labor such furniture is practically prohibitive in prices. At least it is out of the reach of the great mass of furniture buyers. Another reason Why such furniture would not be popular even of it were less expensive is the fact that it catches dust and dirt and is hard to clean. The housekeeper has by far too Many interests to spend hours in picking tile dust from tiny crevices. Another important reason Why carving is not list d is that it is no longer needed to make a Beautiful piece of furniture. The designers have Given their pieces Graceful lines and depend upon a Beautiful Wood to take the place of carving. Most of our furniture is of american Walnut. Even in the cheaper lines Walnut appears on the principal surfaces As veneers. Beautiful surfaces. In Good Walnut furniture the exterior Frame pares Avo of solid Wal will not run Down or decay and offer unlimited scope to Tho architect. By Henry we8ton we All demand character in in Man. He must be sturdy upright and honorable enduring he must have some distinction about him some Force some personality. Nobody likes a weak flabby characterless Man. Why not make the same demand of a House in which a Man lives and should express bus character bus personality if we say of a Fine Man that he is a Brick what could be More appropriate than that bus Bouse should be built of bricks to express and represent him fortunately Brick is just the material Best fitted for this purpose. In fact just the things demanded of a building material Are pre eminently found in bricks strength durability Comfort Economy Beauty. If you choose the right design and the right Brick for the Beauty and texture of its surface and then Lay it in a thoroughly craftsman like Way your House will have permanence character and distinction. Every Man of family owes it to himself to have such a House As a Home which will not Only give him and his family supreme satisfaction but which will arouse the admiration of ids friends and neg Bosik a face Brick House is always an Aff Sot 3�?Tou can More readily borrow Money on it of need be than on less substantial structures or you can More readily rent or sell it of circumstances so dictate. Bricks Are permanent. The Catalon of face Brick merits is very comprehensive. In the first place there is the matter of permanence. There is no danger of Brick crushing under any weight you May impose on it. Brick wont run Down or decay. You done to have to Patch them up or paint them. Then you can to Burn them they have already come triumphantly through Hie fiercest flame. Taken nil in nil the endurance of Brick defies storm and flood and fire and time. Ton readily see what this Means in Cost. Your Brick House saves you in Upkeep or repairs in depreciation and in insurance rates. Insurance men Are the shrewdest in the world when it. Comes to fire risks and hence they have per Fegtly Good reasons for giving one a Low rate on your Brick through the years your Brick House will he saving you Money on repairs depreciation and insurance. But you want something More than permanence in your Home you want Comfort. And that is what the Brick Wall will give you tight solid and defiant against All the attacks of temperature it keeps you snug and comfortable within. Here also is a saving on fuel Hills and for that matter doctor Bills. Offers variety of style. Then there is attractiveness Beauty in the House. Beauty in anything is one of those ultimate values which no one disputes and everyone wants. With the possibilities of color and textures in face Brick 3ou can make your House a veritable Gem. You have almost an infinite Choice running from Whites creams Grays and huffs of every Shade through All the tones of reds purples and Browns Down to gunmetal Blacks. Then if with Thrif variety to choose from you give Atef tent on to the Bond and pattern la which the Brick you choose Are Laid up and to the mortar joint its kind its size and its color you will secure in 3our face Brick House a work of Art which not Only does credit to you and the builder hut is a real Benefit to the Community. The implosion that a Brick House costs so much More than other kinds of houses is a great mistake. It is the other things in the House that make up the greater part of this total Cost. For example. The Cost of the brickwork does not in Over 12 to 16% of the whole Hill and subtracting the Cost of any substitute it will he found that the advantage of having a Brick House has Only run 7<%, or a Over other types. But taking into consideration saving on insurance rates repairs Upkeep depreciation and the like this make the Brick House turn out to be to hts most economical in the end. Comfortable chairs with convenient lamps. Nut Wood. These parts May he elaborately turned As in legs hut otherwise they usually Are quite Plain. The larger surfaces such As Hie top front and sides of a Dresser Are of Walnut faced plywood panels built into the solid Walnut Frame. These Plain surfaces Are usually of St Upwood or Oiler figured material and Tho Beauty of the figure and its artistic matched pattern is As Beautiful As a Fine tapestry or painting. With the use of such decorative Wood with a Flat surface the piece can be More desirable than tile most elaborately carved furniture and at the same time More economical in original Cost and Upkeep. The Walnut plywood panel of today property made with the Best glue and properly placed in furniture is merchandise of highest Quality. Picture tapestries. As a variation from the framed picture on the Wall it is most effective especially in More pretentious Homes to bang a pictured tapestry at the end of a Long room in a hallway or Over a wide and High mantelpiece. There Are Many Beautiful tapestries now being made with patterns and colors As Rich and interesting As in the far away Days when the Gobelin weaving were bought by Kings and Nobles for their castles. A particularly Good use for a Large tapestry is to hang it Over an extensive Wall space in some part of the House where there is a feeling of coldness or bareness for it immediately seems to give warmth and its interest obscene seems to till that part of the room. Bungalow or cottage each room should be provided with a ceiling outlet controlled by conveniently situated Wall switches and the main Hall probably with two ceiling outlets controlled by three Way switches. Bedrooms Bath rooms Halls and passages All require convenience outlets two or More in the bedrooms and at least one in the other rooms. When building it is relatively simple and inexpensive to locate outlets wherever desired later it is not so simple and far More costly. To select the strategical outlet location in each Case is not difficult. General illumination can ordinarily Best be secured from a ceiling outlet every room Hall and important closet requires one with Side outlet to supplement it with convenient portable lamps and for use with various Ai Plances. Presents for newlyweds for wedding presents furniture offers a wide Range of choices for the givers. Not Only is furniture a Welcome and timely selection for such gifts but prove lasting and serviceable and Are rarely duplicated by others who also want to present the newlyweds with some remembrance. A serving table a Tea Wagon a Reading lamp a Davenport a chaise Tongue a set of candlesticks a console Mirror a console a set of Book ends vases for the mantel or one of Tho Many other pieces always prove an acceptable and cherished gift. Besides furniture Means a great Deal to a newly wedded couple. It May be just the inspiration needed for acquiring a better Furtos Hawf Home such As you had hoped the couple would opt in the door upon when you made your first ran

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