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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 24, 1976, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise sunday october 24, 1976 7bweekend in a Motel could do wonders for them both dear Ann Landers my wife and i have been married for 20 years and we both read your column. Naturally when you Are on my Side i Point it out to her and she does the same to me. If you say one More time a a it a up to you to thaw the doll out. A there Are no frigid women Only Clumsy men. Or a Tell her what pleases you Quot etc., i think Iti cancel our subscription to the paper. Our sex life is so routine you believe it. I got More out of Mazie the High it takes More than a Green thumb to grow orchids Albuquerque n m. Apr a a Green thumb is a lot of baloney a says or. Jelle de Boer a civilian employee at Kirtland fab whose Hobby is Orchid growing. A it s not a Green thumb or any other magical Power that makes a person successful at horticulture but work and plenty of de Boer spends at least two hours a Day trimming feeding and reporting his Orchid plants. A i know people who make a lot of weekend pleasure trips a says the air Force weapons Laboratory scientist a and when they get Back Home they expect to find their plants flourishing and producing abundantly. A Well it just does no to come out that Way if you work with plants you get Good blooms and if you Don to you de Boer began growing orchids in 1962 he says he had never been particularly interested in Flowers but a Friend was throwing away some Orchid bulbs and he figured it would be a Challenge to see what he could do with them. The More he worked with the Flower the More he enjoyed it. He now has a collection of 200 plants comprising eight species and 20 varieties for anyone who might like to grow orchids de Boer has this advice a first of All get a Book on the subject from the Library it always pays to find out As much As possible about the Plant you Are to grow no matter if its orchids or some other whether orchids Are started from seeds or bulbs the three most important things to watch Are temperature humidity and Light de Boer Points out some orchids can stand temperatures As Low As 40 degrees but for most of 20th Century club to meet mrs. Frank b. Smith will be hostess to members of 20th Century study club at her Home in cottage 7 at the presbyterian Home on wednesday. Mrs d. A. Rawley has charge of the program. The meeting is planned for 12 30 pm. Finishing touch buttered bread crumbs add the finishing touch to Many dishes they Are easy to make but even better they offer a delectable Way to save Money by using dry ends of bread. Simply stir 1/3 cup melted butter into i cup enriched dry bread crumbs use immediately As a casserole Topping a Garnish for Plain vegetables or add crunch to the Topping of broiled fish store any remaining buttered crumbs covered in the refrigerator them especially one of the More common species Cata Layas the temperature should not get below 50 degrees to Cope with the need for High humidity de Boer s greenhouse is equipped with a watering device that turns on automatically whenever the humidity gets below 75 per cent the thermostat is set at a minimum of 55 degrees and his greenhouse is Well ventilated a because orchids like for people who done to have the space or can to afford a greenhouse a window Sill works almost As Well he says. A just be sure the temperature is above 55 degrees and there a plenty of Light of you live in a place where you Don t have much sunlight fluorescent lights can be used for humidity the Flowers can be placed on a tray filled with orchids Are grown in pots filled with Redwood chips and fir bark with Good drainage in the Bottom they should be Ted rather heavily once a week until they Start Blooming after which they can be fed lightly. It is Best to report an Orchid Plant at least every two years. Also keep dead leaves trimmed away rom the plants. If a Plant is started from seed de Boer explains the first Bloom appears in five or six years. But it Only takes two years for the first Bloom from a Good sized bulb one Plant May produce As Many As three or four blooms. His blooms Range in size from one Inch in diameter to four inches the plants Are very sensitive. If they Are moved from one location to another their growth is stunted for a while until they get adjusted to their new Home. A but a a de Boer says a Don t get discouraged if they Droop a Little. The plants won t die it just takes time for them to get used to their new Eleanor de Boer who helps her husband with the orchids also has a larger greenhouse in which she raises begonias poinsettias Hibiscus and african violets. Born and raised in Gor Redyk Holland. De Boer spent his Early years As a Baker and chef and from 1947 to 1950 he owned a nightclub in san Jose Costa Rica he had always wanted to come to the United states he recalls and one Day he met an air Force lieutenant colonel who praised Texas so highly that de Boer decided the Lone Star state would be a Good place to continue his education. So. In 1950 he entered Texas a amp a receiving a b s. In zoology a master s in physiology and a pm d in radiation biology he started work at Kirtland with the former air Force special weapons Center in 1961, transferring to the weapons lab when it was formed in 1963 fall pickup Topper special a Olio Stock Winnebago Leer amp All aluminium tops for All make pickups. A amp a camper sales amp service 1-85 South amp Groomtown re. Greensboro 292-0054 school Vamp than i get from my wife. Yes i took your advice and a told her what pleases Well it does no to happen to please her so that s the end of it. She keeps asking where i got such ideas insinuating that in be been out cutting around which is not True. I Tell her its instinct. It is Isnit it please answer this question and at the same time i d appreciate some suggestions on what to do to improve our so life. In my 45 and still alive dear alive yes it is instinct. People in love done to need lessons. As for what you can do to improve your sex life a weekend at a Motel can do wonders. Or even one night. A Small gift for no reason at All is a great mood changer but most important is the matter of timing. Too Many husbands expect their wives to become instant Cleopatra even though she has had a miserable Day with the kids or a a a misunderstanding with his Mother or worse yet a a fight with him. Good lovemaking demands a prelude that conveys warmth and genuine appreciation of her As a total person. Try it Friend and you to see that i am right dear Ann Landers when we became engaged my husband gave me a Lovely Emerald Cut Diamond ring. We Are now in the process of preparing our wills of course i am leaving everything to him if i should go first. However if he should pre decease me or in Case of a common disaster i want to leave the ring to a very dear relative. My husband objects he insists the ring should become part of our estate. I was under the impression that the ring was a gift to me and therefore i was free to do with it whatever i wish we be had some harsh words on this subject. I want to be fair who is right a referee needed dear in. You Are. To deny you this pleasure would be crass and Small minded my Hunch is that he does no to like your a close relative a dear Ann Landers May i say a word or two to Quot Andy a who wrote to ask if he would be related to his Girlfriend if his sister married her brother the poor Guy was afraid that if he married the girl their children might not be Normal mentally. I think Andy had better worry about his kids being Normal no matter who he marries. If he can t figure that one out without writing to Ann Landers All i say is Good grief love your column dear love make that a double order of Good Griefs in a with you planning a wedding what a right what s wrong a Ann Landers s completely new a the Bride s guide will relieve your anxiety. To receive a copy Send a Dollar Bill plus a Long self addressed stamped envelope 13 cents postage to Ann Landers p o Box 1400. Elgin 111 60120 the House of miniatures a act authentic 1�?o to in kits Bernie easy to assemble crafts amp hobbies inc. 2291 English re. A shop High Point first pianos organs a sales a rentals a lessons pianos by Yamaha Everett Kohler amp Campbell Henry f. Miller plus Many others. Organs by Hammond amp Yamaha a Len the music Start and Quality service makes the difference Harris music co. A dependable service and exceptional values since 1939�?� 2432 English re. Call 885-0003 a my to w 3"r chef a. In in Hwy he re v my. Pork chops .5 lbs. Beef liver .5 lbs. Hot dog. 5 lbs. Roll sausage. 5-lbs. Frying Chicken. 25 lbs. Sliced Bacon. 5 lbs. A ii be special free 10-20 la. Chicken to anyone opening a 90 Day account with Purchase. Pan Broil Tbone pan Breil total so pounds s39,s with the Purchase of 400 lbs. Of beef is special porterhouse guaranteed tender pan Broil Chuck roast braise a roast roast Braine brisket simmer in water Loo fest Rump roast braise All orders vary in size and weight i All orders Cut by appointment Only remember no Money Down no interest for 90 Days no payment for 30 Days . Beef sides from As Low As round braise per week for 14 weeks example 200 lbs. Ground beef Broil pan Broil or bake Short ribs braise or roast . 10a.m. To 9 . Sat. To . To 6 . Sun. 12 noon to 6 . Phone 883-2716, 883-4209 guarantee of not satisfied with flavor and tenderness your order will be replaced Pound for Pound. To Day time limit. But Sib 200 lbs. 63 la. A a Only per week for 14 weeks examples Only . Was. 220 to 380 la. In w la in w �?~9.29 per week a pc pc bib of pm a a a a a it i Rob. Examples Only was. 200 to 350 lbs. . Includes sirloin Steak porterhouse Tbone Steak tenderloin Steak round Steak round roast ground beef from As Low As per week for 14 weeks example 120 at 69 was. 120 to 200 lbs. All orders vary in size and weight All orders Cut by appointment Only a phone 883-2716 primal cuts mix or match orders to suit your needs 50 to 500 lbs. 1.19 la. To 2.95 la. Many other orders to choose from All meats Cut from weights available All meat Solo hanging weight subject trim loss of 18% amp up. Jul Winston Salem shopping Center phone collect 724-6901 724-6902 i i

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