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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 24, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy Cool More of Page in 92nd year no. 298 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation um7i9 classified ads Hhs-2177 other dept. M5-2i6i High Point n. C., sunday morning october 24. 1976 124 pages daily 15c, sunday 35c swings through South president makes pitch in Raleigh by Tommye Morrison Enterprise staff writer Raleigh a business was brisk for Jimmy Carters Campaign workers saturday morning As Loyal Carter boosters bought hundreds of Carter Mondale buttons prior to the arrival of president Gerald Ford at the North Carolina state Fairgrounds. But the Ford for president committee had also done its Job Well a girls roamed through the Long lines of people waiting to get into Dorton Arena and handed out thousands of Ford Dole stickers and other Campaign material inside Dorton Arena the Ford forces dominated the proceedings with Fords Entrance into the Arena marked with waving red and White printed placards hand lettered signs a cheering Section and the Cary High school band rendering the traditional Quot Hail to the the presidential entourage included Liddy Dole wife of vice presidential candidate Robert Dole and Fords son. Steve who were both greeted enthusiastically by the crowd. Although Fords remarks did not include any references to Carter mrs Dole mentioned the Friday night debate and said she was glad that Ford did not resort to using the Quot vagueness and generalities of the Carter Campaign but he instead did a Quot masterful jobs of meeting the issues her emphatic denial that Carter definitely did not have the South a locked up a brought cheers from the Over 7,000 spectators. Ford in an Effort to dispute claims by Carter backers that he has been hiding in the White House cited the numerous states he has campaigned in during the past ten weeks he said that gov James e. Holshouser had told him that if he really wanted to see a state fair he should come to North Carolina Quot in a Here and i love it Quot Ford said Quot and i want to extend a special invitation to you All to come to Washington in january for the inauguration of Jerry Ford and Bob Dole in other words a you All come a Quot Ford was temporarily taken Aback when the crowd booed his reference to having attended the Law school at the University of North Carolina but quickly assured the North Carolina state fans that the Navy had made the assignment. Although much of Ford s address consisted of a review of his administration record he announced that he had instructed the dept of agriculture saturday to raise the income limit on Low interest Loans from 112,900 to $15,600 he emphasized that he intended to Quot preserve the family farms through America and North Farmers won t have to sacrifice farms to pay the tax emphasizing that americans know what he stands for Ford used his 64 vetoes As an example to show that he Quot saved you the hard pressed taxpayer $9 in discussing tax Reform. Ford stated that his idea of tax Reform is tax reduction and promised that the see Ford on a hectic Pace continues Carter has momentum an a news analysis by Walter r. Mears a special correspondent Washington it apr Jimmy Carter has the Lead and president Ford s last Best Hope for a Quick turnaround is gone As the White House rivals wage the hectic final Campaign missions that will propel one to Power and Send the other Home in defeat. With to Days to go. The pollsters and politicians agree that Carter is in front if narrowly and that Ford will have to find a catch up formula if he is to gain with ballots the office he now holds by appointment. But As Carter has said from the outset the Power and prestige of an incumbent president is an awesome thing difficult to contest and if Ford has not used his office adroitly so far in the Campaign it still is his to Wield Ford himself acknowledges that it will be a major upset a a the political Surprise of the Century a a if he wins and he says he can do it it May be that if Ford is to win he will need Carters unwitting help through a major political Blunder something the former Georgia governor has avoided throughout his climb from virtual anonymity to the Tav orites a role that now is his. Ford can hardly devise a new strategy at this Point. He devised several during his Campaign against Ronald Reagan yet he had his hands full to the end in their contest for the Republican nomination so unless outside events intervene in the kind of crisis that can galvanize support for a president the course is set his had been largely a stay at Home Campaign but he will not sleep in the White House again until election night. He will be on the Road on an intensive Campaign swing aimed heavily at the big states and their crucial caches of electoral votes. A final handshake smiles of studied cordiality a moment s private conversation and the face to face phase of the Ford Carter Campaign was done Friday night. Their last debate in Williamsburg va., was rated a virtual tie by viewers surveyed in a Public opinion poll conducted for the associate press but that poll also determined that a substantial bloc of Youthful voters who tended to Side with Carter in the earlier debates did no to bother to watch the finale pollster Burns Roper surveyed 353 viewers for the Public broadcasting system and reported they rated Carter the Victor 40 per cent to 29 per cent. The a sampling of 1,027 viewers in the hours after the debate showed 35 5 per cent thought Ford had won and 33 i per cent thought Carter had won. And 31.4 per cent thought it was a draw the margin of error for a Sample that size is about 2.9 per cent in either direction meaning the 2 4 percentage Points separating Carter and Ford cannot be reliably pro but Carter did t need to win he needed to avoid a setback and that he appers to have done Ford and son Steve wave to crowds at state fair in Raleigh saturday map Airt Proto. Final debate ends in draw poll shows fur answer to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one effects of sugar q. I would like to know if pre sweetened Cereal damages your Teeth. My brother in Law says it is True that it will give you cavities and such does it affect your Teeth in a bad Way both adults and children . A if the Cereal is sweetened with refined sugar it is bad for your Teeth and does t contribute to your health your dentist will confirm the fact sugar can cause cavities whether it s consumed on Cereal in soft drinks or other foods of the Teeth Are brushed Well within a few minutes after eating it. The effects Are diminished but few people Rush to Brush that soon Honey is much better to use if a sweetener is desired. Quot empty calories is a term coined by a doctor to describe food devoid of protein minerals and vitamins author Arthur Blumenfield writing about research done with an anti coronary club project in his Book a heart attack Are you a candidate a a said the doctor held up sugar As the pure example of empty calories which should be eliminated from one s diet to maintain Normal weight other empty calorie foods Are highly refined White flour most saturated fats and foods made by combining these. Career training q. I am interested in going to fashion merchandising school and also studying about becoming a buy or for a Large store. I would like for you to Tell me anything you can about these types of colleges and give me some addresses to write for More information. Thank you. h. A the College Blue Book is a set of references at the Library which lists All the colleges and universities in the country their addresses what courses and degrees Are offered Etc. One of the books is indexed by Fields of study so a person can look up the subject of his interest and find which schools offer it. A reference librarian found Only one school in North Carolina which gave a degree or diploma in fashion merchandising King s College in Raleigh 211 w. Martin St. There Are some others outside the state about which you could find details in the College Blue Book buyers and fashion merchants usually always work their Way up in the business starting As Sale clerks in stores and learning the ropes through on the Job experience or apprentice training. You could ask the local clothing store buyers and managers Bow and where they started. We bet most will say Quot standing on my feet waiting on Washington api the final presidential debate Between president Ford and Jimmy Carter produced a near even split among viewers Over the Winner according to an associated press poll. A Post debate Survey late Friday of 1,027 persons found 35 5 per cent thought Ford won 33.1 per cent picked Carter and 31.4 per cent did t know or called it a draw the poll also showed however that the viewing audience was relatively older and relatively More Republican than registered voters As a whole the difference of 2.4 percentage Points Between Ford and Carter was close enough to be within the possible margin of statistical error for a Sample of this size thus the result is too close to warrant a definite finding that either Man won the debate in the eyes of All viewers were they to be polled meanwhile two polls on the general election in new York gave Carter a solid Edge in that key state and a poll in North Carolina showed that state just about even there were also several other polls on the debate in a poll taken for time Magazine 33 per cent of those questioned thought Carter won and 26 per cent thought Ford had won with 41 per cent calling it a draw in the Telephone Survey of 606 persons was conducted by the opinion research firm of Yankelovich Skelly and White a time spokesman said its margin of error was 3 per cent. A Public broadcasting service Roper poll of 353 voters found that 40 per cent said Carter won 29 per cent chose Ford and 31 per cent called it a draw in new York which has 41 electoral votes the sunday news reported its Straw poll gives Carter an Edge of 53 to 44 per cent. The new yrs times reported that Carter had a a comfortable Quot margin but did not give exact figures in North Carolina a Survey by the Raleigh news and observer gave Carter a margin of of 41 2 per cent to 40 5 per cent for Ford the result Means any Small shift in voter opinion could shift the result. The associated press poll showed neither candidate moving ahead because of the debate. Among persons who watch see final on a poll questions Washington apr Here Are the questions asked by the associated press poll of a panel of registered voters immediately following the close of the final presidential debate Friday night a i. Did you watch any of the presidential debate this evening �?2 about How much of the debate did you watch a All of it More than halt but not All less than half �?3 who in your opinion won the debate �?4. Briefly what is the single most important reason you feel that Way �?5 How much do you think this third debate will influence your Choice on who vote for9 �?6. The presidential election is tuesday nov 2 would you say you Are definitely probably probably not or definitely not planning on voting in the presidential election9 �?7 did this debate or any of the other presidential debates you have watched increase or decrease the likelihood that you will vote in the november presidential election9 �?8 which presidential candidate do you currently prefer 8a if undecided or Don t know which candidate would you say you Are leaning toward9 presidency dead heat in state Raleigh apr president Ford and Jimmy Carter Are running neck and neck in North Carolina a poll of voters by a Raleigh newspaper showed. In its sunday editions the news and observer reported that its copyrighted poll shows Carter leading Ford by less than one percentage Point that margin is not considered significant and even slight shifts in voter sentiment can determine who wins in the state the poll concluded the poll was conducted jct. 19 and 20 before the final Carter Ford debate and before the two candidates two visits to the state this week North Carolina has 13 electoral votes the poll was designed executed and Analysed by or Walter de Vries and Katy Martin of North Carolina opinion research inc using scientific sampling techniques. The poll was based on Telephone interviews with 768 registered voters who said they planned to vote in the nov. 2 general election of those polled. 41 2 per cent said they preferred Carter and Ford was chosen by 40 5 per cent votes for three minor candidates on the ballot totalled less than half a per cent. Some 14 7 per cent said they were not sure of their Choice and 3 2 per cent refused to respond undecided voters were asked if they were leaning to be presidency on a inside Reading tenant management. New african nation. School columns editorials. Women s news. Sports. Television. Entertainment pages 13, 14, 15c obituaries. Classified. Pages 5-20d Mccarthy the spoiler Eugene Mccarthy by Lee Byrd associated press writer Washington a quite aside from his Long familiar wit Eugene j. Mccarthy looms Ever larger As the joker in the presidential deck with Little More than a week to go before All bets Are called Jimmy Carter s backers fear that Mccarthy just might give Gerald r Ford the wild card he needs on election Day nov. 2, since Mccarthy diehards Are the group that usually would vote democratic with court fights yet to be settled in new York Idaho and Rhode Island the Independent presidential candidate is assured As of this weekend of being on the ballot in 29 states with 319 electoral votes a 49 More than needed for election not that Mccarthy will carry All those states his own Campaign is All but dead but barring a dramatic surge by Ford under his own Power Mccarthy a draw of votes that might otherwise go to Carter could give the president his Best Chance and that bothers Mccarthy not one Whit nor is he bothered that Many of his old Liberal chums have grown increasingly bitter about the damage he could wreak upon their programs by aiding a Ford Victory at a recent University of Wisconsin appearance the former democratic see Mccarthy on a some soviets still defiant editors note a in the soviet Union the voices of dissent can still be heard despite official repression in Little apartments in Moscow and elsewhere Small groups gather to vent their feelings. Here is an account of one such meeting. By Seth my ans associated press writer Moscow apr the concert was free for All who dared to go on a cold autumn evening the Small Moscow apartment was jammed with 40 or so people who had come for one of the regular Friday night recitals Given by dissident songwriter Pyotr Star Ehik but the concert was to be held without the songwriter he was locked inside a psychiatric Hospital where according to his wife. He has been told his recitals Are a symptom of mental illness she claims he has been fed a debilitating and mind altering drug in the Hospital. Quot it is exactly one month since they took him away Quot said his wife Saida As she stood in a narrow hallway piled with the Winter Coats of her visitors. A we Are meeting tonight to Mark the Date and to let them know they cannot Stop the concerts Quot Saida Star Ehik touched her 5year-old daughter and 10-Yearold son As she told of visiting her husband at the Hospital after he was seized sept 15 there she said she Learned that he was being forced to drink Halo Peridot a drug allegedly used last year on dissident mathematician Leonid ply Shch which induces convulsions drops Cal swellings sleepiness cold depression and listlessness inside the warm brightly lighted room the visitors sat on stools and makeshift benches their Knees squeezed against each other to hear tape recordings of Star Ehik s voice and to sing his songs to the accompaniment of a guitar a violin and an up get pi3ho the mood was angry quietly combative and a Little frightened among the visitors was a Large genial Man with a shaved head Pyotr Grigorenko the former red army major general who himself spent More than five years in a mental Hospital after he was arrested in 1969 on a charge of anti soviet slander Grigorenko is one of 80 signers of a petition protesting a some on a i

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