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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Oct 24 1972, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 24, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher mrs. . Lockwood vice pres. David a Rawley jr., vice pres. Page 4-a . Rawley co publisher Joseph p. Rawley . Joe Brown editor tuesday october 24, 1972 Thoi guts for today Quot i will restore the fortunes of my people Israel and they shall rebuild the ruined cities and inhabit them they shall Plant vineyards and drink their wine and they shall make gardens and eat their 9 14. # with labor and management working together in common cause a and not against each other a we can build and produce and Prosper and defeat any threat from whatever source against our own Security and the peace of the Green american labor Leader. Slippery coattails of you Are one of the Many in this election year who find the november 7 probabilities a mixed bag or crazy quilt take some Comfort from the theories of a penance votes and a negative writing for editorial research reports political specialist Alan Ehrenhalt says the theories Are advanced by those who profess to understand politics and who can Point to past election results As basis for their believability. The National polls say that Richard Nixon will win re election by proportions usually associated with the word they find George Mcgovern making some final month gains but at too slow a Pace to support his hopeful predictions of catching up by election Day. In to landslides presidential elections since the mid-1800s, the Winner has brought in a Congress in sympathy with his programs. And yet the latest Louis Harris polls find the democrats leading in a majority of congressional races while state pulse taking gives democratic Senate hopefuls better position than they had earlier in the year. Ehrenhalt gives As a current example of the a penance vote the fact that Many through and through democrats plan to cast a one reluctant vote for Nixon and then pull democratic levers in All other contests to prevent ancestors from spinning in their he suggests that John Connally is abetting this trend by trying to convince Loyal democrats that they need not leave the party to support Nixon that they can operate As a democrats for there is More practicality this year and less pure psychology in the a negative vote which is simply cast not so much for one candidate As against another. As proven by the recent surveys which found that Richard Nixon does no to rate terribly High in Many different aspects of his Job. Many of the landslide votes he gets will be less of an endorsement of him than an unwillingness to vote for George Mcgovern. Thev Are capsule Zed by the comment a i done to particularly care for Nixon too much but i Don t think Mcgovern is if polls which show Republican senators in trouble in Texas. Tennessee and Delaware and democrats breathing easier in North Carolina Idaho and Georgia Are to be believed. Ehrenhalt Points out. Then the Best historical parallel for this election May be the Eisenhower pummelling of Adlai Stevenson in 195h. When Eisenhower won All except seven states and 457 of the 531 electoral votes. Has was indeed a landslide but the republicans failed to gain a single Senate seat and lost two seats in the House. It does t pay Well North Carolina has had 50 Bank robberies this year. Seventeen of these robberies have occurred in Mecklenburg county. This averages out to four Bank robberies a month the number May go higher during the last two months of the year with the thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Fortunately no one has been killed during a Bank robbery and a suspect usually is in custody of the police within a Short time after a robbery has occurred. Otherwise it would seem that North Carolina is Back in the 1930s, when Bonnie and Clyde pretty boy Floyd and John Dillinger were robbing Banks. The North Carolina Bank robber is not yet such a hardened criminal however. He is usually a Young Man carrying out his crime alone and for the first time. Why there is such a rash of Bank robberies in the state is not Clear. We have seen no plausible explanation for projecting the news this record. It May be that drugs Are involved and the would be robber sees this As a method of securing Money to support his habit. Most of the Banks robbed have been branches on major highways in or near a Community. The robber Hopes for a Quick getaway and the vulnerability of such locations has led one Bank in Charlotte to close Down a Branch office which had been robbed several times. Police agencies have reacted with coordinated planning to Deal with this situation. In Charlotte a specially trained unit of some 20 officers is being used to provide stakeout at Banks during banking hours. This Effort enabled Charlotte police to apprehend a suspect within 15 minutes after a Branch Bank was robbed last thursday. The lesson of such efficient police work does not yet seem to mean much however to would be Bank robbers in North Carolina. Missile crisis plus to oily in moments of extreme crisis Richard j. Barnet writes a does the citizen make a connection Between National Security and personal insecurity a the cuban missile crisis of october 1%2 was such a time still seared in the minds of millions the exact sequence of events May have faded in the intervening to years but the remembrance of a very real fear of nuclear annihilation will cling for a lifetime. After Days of rumours and press speculation president Kennedy went on television monday oct. 22. To Tell the nation that Russia had planted offensive missiles in Cuba capable of hitting targets As far away As Hudson a Bay. He said All ships bound for Cuba with offensive weapons would be intercepted and turned Back. Moreover any missile attack launched from Cuba would be regarded a was an attack by the soviet i Nion on the United states requiring a full retaliatory response upon the soviet the thing feared most since the end of world War ii had now arrived a a nuclear showdown Between Russia and the United states. The intensity of feeling during the next few Days May have been greatest in Washington where the residents believe they live closer to the bulls Eye than other americans do. Nearly every washingtonian has a Story to Tell about his neighbor a never himself a who panicked and fled to the West Virginia mountains. Abigail Mccarthy relates that her anxieties took a different tune. A i decided to spend my last Days if they were that doing what i really liked of so every Day she went to the National poetry readings at the Library of Congress. At a reception she saw John Crowe Ransom the poet. And was moved to Tell him what he had meant to her at a summer writing conference 25 years earlier. A the. Bemused by age and. I think a Little by Bourbon did not have much to she recalls. A after All. What was there to a ter a Quarter Century and in the face of death a politicians seemed no less shaken than poets by the Prospect of what was Beme wrought. A with the crisis Over the administration it is fair to say. Collapsed in Relief a Alan b. Clam wrote. The crisis ended on sunday. Oct. 28. When radio Moscow broadcast what was obviously an official response to the american position accepting Kennedy a Assurance that Cuba would not be invaded and announcing Russia would withdraw its weaponry. Everybody Felt it was a my was not eager to see it repeated. Relations Between Washington and Moscow eased a bit and now after to years the missile Crills aftermath is sometimes viewed As the beginning of the breakup of the cold War but however beneficial the outcome Mac have been there is still the nagging question what would have happened if soviet Premier Nikita s. Khrushchev had not backed Down Khrushchev in the memoirs ascribed to h a said he acted to save world peace and All Mankind others americans especially tended to View his action As that of a reckless Man who was suddenly overcome by the danger of his undertaking. Khrushchev s motivation did not seem either then or now nearly As important As the fact that he yielded. The lesson of the missile crisis was that next time neither Side might Back Down perhaps that lesson will not be lost if people can still recall the personal fears and anxieties they harboured during that week in october. War amp politics Washington a press speculation that president Nixon is playing politics with a Vietnam cease fire say those familiar with the secret negotiations is untrue and unfair. No doubt the president would like to be Able to boast before the election that he had ended the fighting in Vietnam. But those who have discussed the subject with him say his political instincts warn against a pre election truce. For the terms once they Are announced Are bound to displease either the Hawks or doves perhaps both. Politically speaking the president believes it is better to keep the settlement terms vague until after the election. But Richard Nixon though he will present hts actions to the Public in the Best possible political Light puts patriotism ahead of political Light puts patriotism ahead of politics. No one who has participated in the Vietnam policy discussions has any doubt about that. They Tell us he won t continue the War a Day longer than he considers necessary to secure an a honorable peace. A the voters May quarrel with him Over his concept of an a honorable say our sources but not Over his motivation. He believes he is close to a settlement that could prevent a communist take Over of South Vietnam this objective he feels is a few More weeks of War. George Mcgovern on the other hand believes the fighting has lost All purpose except to keep the Thieu regime in Power. He does t consider president Thieu Worth another american life the u s devastation of Vietnam in Mcgovern s View is almost immoral. The voters should judge the opposing views not question the patriotism of the candidates. For both men Are sincere. Earlier this ear president Nixon made a decision on Vietnam that he thought could Hurt him politically. He ordered the mining of North Vietnam s harbours and the bombing of her Supply lines despite apprehension that the decision would be unpopular with the american voters. He also ignored the assessment of his intelligence services that the bombing and mining could not Stop the flow of military supplies into North Vietnam. The assessment has now been confirmed. Five months after the presidents action food. Fuel and munitions Are still plentiful in North Vietnam. Rut the presidents main purpose our sources say was to shake Hanoi s Confidence in her communist big Brothers he was confident that neither Moscow nor peking would respond to the bombing and mining with anything More than rhetoric. This might help convince the North vietnamese he Felt that they count on their powerful allies in a crunch and. Therefore should Settle the War at the negotiating table. The president feels his strategy for All its High political risks is paying off. Washington and Hanoi Are now close to a ceasefire agreement that meets his definition of under the formula that has come out of the Paris truce talks each Side during the cease fire would administer the territory its troops now control a coalition government would Rule Saigon until internationally supervised elections could he held. This would give the communists a voice they Don t now have in Saigon which president Thieu is fiercely resisting. White House negotiator Henry Kissinger is trying to persuade him this is the Best possible settlement. Kissinger has argued in effect that both sides participated in the fighting therefore both sides should participate in the interim merry go round by Jack Anderson government. Neither Side can he expected t wait out in the cold he contends and let the other run the government during the cease fire. Narcotics and Banks Congress will Lay Bare the financial heart of the world narcotics Racket next year by showing that a a respectable a hankers finance International heroin dealers. For years. Congress has skirted the Issue throwing the spotlight instead on the mafia overlords dope addicts the narcotics police and others who can be More comfortably put under congressional Klieg lights. The hints of corrupt Bankers doing business with the mob have been muted. The Bankers rested secure in their counting h pcs the dope Trade flourished. Now. Sen. Walter Mondale d-mmn., chairman of a Senate banking subcommittee is taking on the chore As he puts it. Of exposing a the Hanking and financial operation that underlie the illegal International traffic in Mondale must first be re elected hut he is a heavy favorite to defeat the Republican rival. Until the election. However his plans for hearings in the next session must remain conditional. But already his staff is at work on the Hank investigation. They Are focusing on prominent Banks in j a pan Southeast Asia and Switzerland. These Are the a narcotics Banks whose names Are mentioned in whispers in the hushed and panelled boardrooms of the in a in tonal Hanking brotherhood. Mondale has already Learned that the Hanks do not finance the corsican. Italian. Latin american and ethnic chinese lords of narcotics directly. The Loans Are made. To legitimate businessmen. They in turn May act As both financial agents and fronts for somewhat seedier clients. And the Hank Loans May he secured by phony mafia a Tock certificates. As the Chain of intermediates stretches closer to the drug wholesaler the collateral becomes in effect warehouses of heroin Brown morphine or stockpiles of raw opium. Thus the Bankers who never need soil their manicured fingers by shaking the hands of the dope merchants indirectly finance them and accept As collateral Fields full of opium poppies. Some of the a narcotics Bankers Are Only vaguely aware that they Are loaning Money through fronts to drug wholesalers. Others know they Are financing drug addiction hut cannot resist the lure of High interest Short term Loans. Mondale a task will be to Trace the Loans from the Banks to the drug wholesalers. This will require overcoming the traditional and Legal secrecy of the International Banks. Although his subpoena Powers do not extend overseas he Hopes to Send investigators to Switzerland Hong Kong. Japan and possibly even Mainland China. Meanwhile Mondale a staff is in Contact with the Federal Bureau of narcotics and dangerous drugs which for years has tried to Tell the world that narcotics like any other big business has its Bankers and middlemen up to now few have listened. Of Terni by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus two weeks from today voters throughout this land will be called upon to make important decisions affecting their own and the nations Well being now and Over the years ahead. It is a highly personal matter for every individual vote is important As in 1645, one vote gave Oliver Cromwell control of England. In 1649, one vote caused Charles of England to be executed. In 1776, one vote gave America the English language instead of German in 1839, one vote elected Marcus Morton governor of Massachusetts. In 1876, one vote changed France from a monarchy to a Republic. In 1923, one vote gave Adolf Hitler leadership o1 the nazi party. In 1941, one vote saved selective service just 12 weeks before Pearl Harbor. In 1948, Harry Truman carried Ohio and California by less than one vote per precinct. And in 1960, Richard Nixon lost the state of Illinois by less than one vote per precinct losing the electoral votes necessary to have made his first bid for presidency successful. Done to for one moment discount the Quality and Force of your vote a make it an intelligent and effective one. says editor Hubert Pryor of modern maturity Magazine a is a strange Force. It brings out the Best and the Quot it this the Only Choice we have a worst in people. Some politicians will do anything to win. Yet others know they can win Only if they remain faithful to their better instincts. A party workers Are no different from candidates in this regard. A and voters meaning you Are no different. A Why you a because no politician can put anything Over without you. A a it a up to you to separate the propaganda chaff of a Campaign from the wheat of honesty intelligence and Devotion to the to processes of democracy. A sometimes it s hard to find the wheat among All the chaff. Too Many disillusioned cynical and nefarious participants in the political process would have you believe a a. It s politics what do you expect a a the most disheartening thing of All is the thought of so Many people that a the people Are anybody but themselves it s As of they have lost the courage of their convictions. On television in this yearn Campaign ifs not surprising to see a Man in the Street exp Ess a thought often a most perceptive one and then add. A yes. Nit people Don t believe it he does no to think of himself As a vertians voters meaning you need to be reminded that we Are in danger of disenfranchising ourselves. We Mav say. A of. They re All a Hunch of Crooks or a what a the use a a or we May he derived by the fantasy of people As a conglomerate abstraction a a pict e imposed on us by the mania for polls statistics surveys and other devices for reducing human souls to charts and a Well not me a is that what you can honestly say out at Pilot lift insurance a poll was mad recently the results of which show Nixon with 75 per cent of the vote Mcgovern la undecided to with one vote each for Archie Bunker George Wallace and Quot no in the governorship poll Hargrove Quot skipper Quot Bowles getting 38.5 per cent to 35 per cent for Jim Holshouser with killer the Hamster getting one vote As did snoopy or or. Stephens. Charlotte mayor John m. Belk had in some Aud folks from throughout North Carolina As his dinner guests to hear John d. Rockefeller Iii and Duke University president Terry Sanford share a deep interest in problems of population control. Rocketed who had jut completed his chairmanship of the u. S. Commission on population growth and the american future made quite a Case for that cause lest americans find themselves As a nation caught in a ruinous mess of overpopulation pollution and All the evils of food housing and a thousand other inadequacies in the not too Distant future. And Terry Sanford railed for a new betterment concept of a Caro lineage is contrasted to what he quoted time Magazine calling Sanford sparkled in his recommendations in relation to qualitative economic and social growth of North Carolina so much in that Many expressed regret he Wasny to on this years election ticket. A group of British manufacturers specializing in traditional reproductions adapted to 20th Century us with timbers dried toll. S. Conditions will spend their final four Days in this country Here arriving tomorrow. The group will be led by brigadier a. L. W. Newth chairman of Britain s furniture manufacturers club. Some of the companies represented make furniture in contemporary styles but the majority produce traditional pieces for which Britain is famous. It s an interesting group with ideas that May Breed yet new ideas once they View the Market underway Here. Death of Henry Belk big of Frame and mind takes away a Stalwart of tar Heel journalism. Few knew North Carolina generally As did he. And his outspokenness in critical analysis of its problems and at times its leaders made him a Force for development of a state he loved with a passion. More than Ever before High pointers Are hospitably contracting their Homes at Showtime to furniture Market groups and finding themselves trading for a vacation trip to the Caribbean or elsewhere. But Thayer Coggin pressed for housing rented some cots and bedded seven customers in his virtually completed new Home that s How tight the room Market is at this greatest yet of All furniture shows. T

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