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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 24, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy Cool Mort data on Page 2-a 88th year a no. 298 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., tuesday afternoon october 24, 1972 38 pages Call us circulation 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 am other departments 885-2161 daily i cd sunday 25c for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every activities q. I would like to know if there Are any halloween parties planned for the children this year As this is the safest Way of celebrating the children s Holiday night. . A. The parking lot of the City county building is the locale of this years All hallows eve Celebration. The 31st, tuesday night from 8 until la p.m., be there with your spook suit on for costume contests games a cake walk and other activities for the very Young for teenagers and adults. Also watch the papers for details on the haunted House which is being readied with gho sties and Ghoulie and Long Leggitt beauties and things that go bump in the fix up q. I would like to know where the nearest Hospital is that there s minor fact lifting. Also some of the expenses the prices that they charge. Mrs. G., Thomasville. A. It can be done at the High Point memorial Hospital and for details we suggest you Call or. Paul Geniec in High Point who can do this As expenses naturally depend on the extent of the surgery. The july 1972, Issue of today s health which you can find at most doctors offices or at the Public Library has an article called a what you can expect from cosmetic it will give you a Good idea of procedures and cites the growing popularity of face lifting. A a a did t you get the word q. I called several Days ago about a problem that we Are having at the Plant and i have watched the papers for your answer and have not read it. It might not be As important As the Parade on thanksgiving Day or the snakeskin lovers but a would like to see an answer in your paper. Thank you. Anon. A. This was one question we thought was All settled and explained to your satisfaction though it never made the paper As so Many done to. It was brought to the attention of a company official the Day after your first message came in a record in itself. He assured us they would explain to All employees in the department As he did to us the reasons for the lower pay rate. With this second message we contacted him again. He re checked with the head of your department who assured him each worker was contacted. If you happened to be out or overlooked please ask a fellow employee or go to the department head As they want the employees to understand both the reasons and the options open to them if they Are not satisfied tor Tran Fering and training in another terrible Tarantula o. I would like to know if tarantulas Are Good pets. K s. A. Their hairy bodies make them look fierce but they re generally harmless to Man. Their bite can be painful but is Seldom dangerous. The name came from a Large Wolf spider in Taranto Italy where people once believed this spiders bite caused a disease called Tarant ism tile victims leaped in the air and ran around making assorted noises. The Best cure according to the superstition was to begin a Lively Fok dance that came to be known As the Tarantella. If you acquire a Tarantula for a pet. We pretty much guarantee your Mother would leap up in the air and make strange noises and not even dancing the Tarantella would Stop Apple pickling q. I have a crab Appl tree that is just loaded nth apples and i love pickled crab apples. I wondered if someone might have a recipe for preparing them. Thank you. Mrs. P d f. A. Leave the stems on. But Cut out the Bloom ads of the crab apples. Roil 6 cups of vinegar. 8 of Brown sugar. 2 Teaspoons of whole cloves Heads removed and a three Inch stick of cinnamon. Roil the apples until tender place in irs cover with syrup and Seal the jars at once he syrup May be saved and used a second collection we would appreciate your reminding everyone lat our City wide Glass collection will be held on a act. 27. 28, and 29. Collection Points arc College Village shopping Center and Westchester mall dts the hours Friday and saturday i to 9 and sunday from i to 6 p m. Clear Light and dark Green Glass will be accepted. All Glass must be free of Metal. No returnee bottles Amber Brown or plate Glass will be accepted. The drive is sponsored by the Junior woman s Lub. Junior league. Epsilon Zeta chapter of Beta Igma Phi and the High Point Jaycees. Mrs. Homas Hester Glass collection chairman or. Omans club. Sees possible truce Thieu condemns communist plan Nixon reaches for youngster monday on visit to Mamaroneck . A wire photo by Dennis Neeld associated press writer Saigon apr president Nguyen Van Thieu declared tonight no one has the right to impose a peace settlement on South Vietnam but added that a cease fire May be declared soon. Thieu said his country will accept the cease fire Only if it covers All Indochina under International supervision. He rejected the idea of a tripartite or coalition government. A if a cease fire occurs before or after the . Elections we will stand Pat on our firm position a a Thieu said. Re declaring his opposition to an imposed peace agreement Thieu indicated Sharp disagreement in discussions with the United states on an Indochina settlement. Mcgovern stresses sabotage Nixon talks prices and taxes by r. Gregory Nokes associated press writer sen. George Mcgovern said today the american Peop. Should repudiate Campaign sabotage by republicans by voting president Nixon out of office. Nixon meanwhile said his top priority is to hold Down prices and taxes. Roth Nixon and vice president Spiro t. Agnew were interrupted by protesters in campaigning monday. Nixon waited for police to Calm things Down in a new York City suburb while Agnew quieted a Lone heckler in twin Falls Idaho with a blast from a whistle. Agnews Campaign plane was struck by lightning near Salt Lake City Utah. Monday but there was no damage with Only two weeks remaining until the presidential election on nov. 7. Nixon was Back in Washington after a Dav of campaigning in the new York City area. Agnew was in Utah today an t was to travel later to new Hampshire and new York Mcgovern planned appearances in Ohio and Wisconsin and democratic vice presidential candidate Sargent Shriver is to ride in a Chicago Parade with mayor Richard j. Dale a before flying on to Missouri and Texas. Mcgovern said today that Republican sabotage of the democratic Campaign for the presidency has included forgery burglary tampering with a grand jury obstruction of Justice. Banking violations failure t o report Campaign expenditures and fraudulent use of the mails. He said an attempt by the Nixon Campaign to Plant questions for a television interviewer to ask him on sunday was a one of the More arrogant episodes in a Republican Campaign marked More by its audacity than its honesty a Mcgovern also said that As president he would halt special Trade arrangements with the soviet Union a until Thev agreed to Stop this persecution of the soviet meanwhile a presidential spokesman declined comment on a report by cars television that the White House has reopened the investigation into the break in and alleged bugging at the democratic party Headquarters in Washington on june 17. Lbs said the inquiry was resumed a after president Nixon was cautioned by acting Fri director Patrick Gray that the Agency had established More serious direct links to the White House than the president might know Nixon Drew tile biggest crowds of his re election Campaign during a 50-mile motorcade monday. The president said in a statement he will veto some spending Bills in the next week. A i am going to use every weapon at my command to hold spending. As close As possible to $250 billion so that we will not have a new wave of crippling inflation and there will be no need for higher taxes a he said. Shriver campaigning at Youngstown. Ohio said that if there is a peace settlement in Vietnam before the election it will be because the Mcgovern Campaign forced Nixon to the bargaining table. A it will be a great Triumph for this he said. Searchers find no Trace of Boggs Anchorage Alaska api a search missions have found no Trace of a Light plane which disappeared More than a week ago. Carrying House democratic Leader Hale Boggs and three others. A storm front which hampered air search operations monday began to show signs of Clearing monday night but for the eighth Day a spokesman for the Rescue coordination Center at nearby Elmendorf air Force base reported finding nothing. The 17th coast guard District in Juneau reported Early today it Stilt has four aircraft participating in the sea cd but that two of its four cutters were being withdrawn. A coast guard spokesman said the ships had been through the same Waters time and again without finding any Trace of the missing plane. Coast guard planes in Juneau were grounded monday by a High turbulence with a 500-foot a spokesman said and Only about 15 of some 50 Avail Able planes took part in the search. But monday night the National weather s e r v i c e reported Clearing from Anchorage to Cordova about one third of the 560-mile flight path to Juneau that the plane carrying the 58-year-old Boggs planned to follow. Also aboard the missing Cessna 310 were rep. Nick Begich of Alaska. 40 Russell l. Brown. 37. A Begich aide and Don e. Jonz. 38, president of ran Alaska airways and Pilot of the plane photographs of the primary search route which has been covered one or More times in the week since the plane disappeared. Have so far turned up nothing. Air Force officials have refused to give up Hope for the plane pointing out that recoveries have been made after search planes have flown Over an area six or seven times Only to spot air planes on the next try. In a television and radio address. Thieu condemned communist peace proposals As a dark schemes aimed at taking Over Thieu spoke out after five Days of talks with Henry a. Kissinger who is now Back in Washington. Kissinger and the . Embassy had said the talks a made a if a cease fire occurs we will always respect it. But the communists will not a Thieu said. A we respect peace a he coupled this with an Appeal to All political and religious groups to participate with the Saigon government in Case a ceasefire should occur. His speech was essentially a reiteration of South Vietnam a Long standing position on an into o c h i n a peace settlement. Thieu said he would not be forced into an agreement he did not want. A no one has the right to sign any agreement any cease fire pact or peace pact for the South vietnamese. Only the South vietnamese can do it for themselves a he said. The remark appeared aimed at the United states but Thieu said his discussions with Kissinger had been Quot very useful and Clear he said Hanoi is trying to pressure the United states to agree to a cease fire before the nov. 7 presidential election a because they Are weak now a Thieu a speech coincided with a statement in Paris by Prince Souvanna Houma Premier of Laos his nation with Cambodia and the two Vietnam constitute Indochina. He said. A i think we Are on the eve of a but added a this is not a certainty he said he had no specific knowledge on which to base his prediction the laotian Leader shied away from a previous statement in which he said a ceasefire would come within tin next seven Days Thieu a Strong statement a patently was intended to gather Public support tor his opposition to the communists proposal for a coalition government. Elaborating on his claim that t h e communists plan a takeover. Thieu said the other Side had ordered its agents and troops to prepare new a National reconciliation flags and to erase the South vietnamese Flag in territory the enemy occupies he said this information was based on captured documents and interrogations of prisoners and defectors. A before the cease fire order to their cadre they Are trying to seize land and occupy Rural areas trying to cause uprisings and incite the people and refugees to go Back to areas occupied by the communists a Thieu declared. Thieu said the communists Are trying to establish so called regrouping zones by bringing people to the areas they hold and at the same time sending their agents into the cities. Thieu told a nationwide television and radio audience a no one has the right to sign any agreement any cease-1 ire act or peace pact for the South vietnamese. A Only the South vietnamese people can do it for Thieu spoke after five Days of intensive talks with Henry Kissinger. President Nixon a National Security adviser. Thieu a statements seemed to confirm reports that the United states and North Vietnam had agreed in principle on a settlement that would include a cease fire release of american see Thieu on 2 a White House says Progress made in talks by Kenneth j. Freed associated press writer Washington aim the while House said today a some Progress has been made at achieving a negotiated settlement of the Vietnam hut refused to give any support for the assessment press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler retried the Progress following an hour Long meeting Between president Nixon Secretary of state William p. Rogers and National Security adviser Henry a. Kissinger the latter returned monday night from a five Day meeting with South vietnamese president Nguyen Van Thieu. Ziegler turned 1>aek rebated attempts by newsmen to draw out elaboration on his statement he specifically refused to comment on a speech today by Theu charging North vietnamese proposals for a settlement Are ill disguised attempts to undermine his government Thieu said no one has the right to impose a peace settlement on South Vietnam bul added that a cease fire May in declared soon of ii covers All of red Ink appears Indochina under International supervision. The mid morning session in Nixon s Oval office was the presidents second with the presidential advisor since his return late monday from five Days of talks in Saigon. Just As the meeting began word came from Saigon that Thieu had denounced the communist proposals As a dark schemes aimed at taking Over Suth some officials expected Kissinger a report to dwell on a Saigon constructed Roadblock to an Indochina settlement. Kissinger. Nixon a chief National Security adviser Aud army chief of staff Gen Creighton w Abrams returned Here on separate military flights monday night from nearly a week <4 meetings with South vietnamese i resident Nguyen Van Thieu and other officials. A we made some Progress Quot Kissinger said on arriving in Washington he met with Nixon for 30 minutes monday night see White on 2 a Nixon report Mcgovern finances what s inside amusements 2b Bridge 3b classified ads 3-7 b comics 10a crossword so editorials 4a financial a obituaries a sports la a television 8b women s news 4-ia weather 3a Washington i Aig the finance committee to re elect the president has spent More than $22.5 million since april and is slightly in the red going into the final two weeks of the presidential Campaign reports filed today show tim Campaign of the demo Cratie presidential candidate George Mcgovern also is run eng in the red hut by a much heftier margin of about $2 78 million the Campaign balances Are reflected in reports to the general accounting office required under a new Federal elections Law that went into effect last april 7 although due monday Coy mail order insurance crackdown urged by g. Thelen or. Associated press writer Washington a a wave of criticism against mail order Hospital insurance has led to a proposed nationwide crackdown on alleged deceptive advertising of policies. The National association of insurance commissioners Nail has ordered Hie drafting of new advertising regulations for adoption by state regulators. They Are designed to meet complaints that Many persons the poor and elderly in particular have been misled in buying the policies designed to supplement Basic Hospital insurance with extra Cash. The insurance companies involved deny any intention to deceive in their advertising insurance departments in 19 states already have instituted or proposed curbs of varying degree on companies Selling supplemental health insurance through the mail. Sanctions Range from individual suspensions and fines to across the Board advertising restrictions affecting All companies. Joe b. Hunt the Oklahoma insurance commissioner told state citizens recently to a beware of buying two bit mail order Kar Herrmann the Washington commissioner halted the advertising of three leading companies for a time this year saying a there is too much false misleading and deceptive advertising to Purchase a Mickey mouse policies in this state. A there ought to be a Basic threshold to prevent the Sale of policies with benefits so Low and so Remote they Are of no he said the three companies said they resolved their Washington difficulties within a few Days or weeks and Are again doing business in the state. They Are Union Fidelity life insurance of Philadelphia Bankers life and casualty of Chicago and National Liberty corp. Of Valley forge a a. Which Sells its National Home health plans through two subsidiaries. The hospitalization policies under fire typically offer Bene fits of $15 to $40 a Day at a Cost of Between $50 and $100 a year by comparison Hospital ism charges Are approaching $100 a Day. The policies Are advertised in newspaper spreads sunday supplements direct mail brochures and on television. State regulators criticize the ads for headlining monthly or maximum benefits but playing Down exclusions waiting periods and limitations on payment fir pre existing illnesses. Drafting of a new National advertising code was spurred by the state regulatory actions news stories and Senate hearings on commercial health insurance the rising volume of mail order ads and the temporary suspension of this Type of advertisement by some newspapers while they formulated their own codes of acceptance. F. Joseph o began a principal drafter of the new Nail code said it is designed to curb these advertising practices among others endorsements see mail order on 2 a ering the period sept. I through get in some reports apparent in wore delayed by the veterans Day Holiday and not All Are in. However the flagship committees for president Nixon Tho finance committee to re of i o Ltd t Tho president and Mcgovern for president. Inc were received on time although Only balances and not contributors were available Early today for Mcgovern. Nixon s finance committee reported contributions Loans and transfers from its numerous satellite committees of $20 2 million since april 7. The Nixon people raised More than $10 million in the pre april 7 a Rod but. Saying they would abide by the letter of the Law have declined to disclose where they got it or flow they spent it. The Nixon report lists expenditures since april 7 of $22.5 million. The committee said it had $514,985 in Cash on hand As of oct in if was owed an even $1 million As of that Date and had debts of $1 8 million in the period Between sept i and of 16. The report of the committee said if collected about $9 million and had spent some $9.5 million. This compares with $8.9 million that the Mcgovern committee reports raising and $9.05 million it reports spending in the sept. I get. 16 period. Mcgovern Stop committee reports having raised $13.4 million says it is Short $107,204 Cash on hand is owed $125,027, and has debts of $2.98 million

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