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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 23, 1976, High Point, North Carolina High paint eater me. Satanta october 23. Of to is boxing featured on spectacular 7kh pm. O a Ltd rebel show a a rec Mise Hob 0 a a programs 0 a but twinkle 0 a or. Almost anything Lofs 0 a or. Magna cd a big Bine Marble 0 a consultation 0 a your future is non 7 30 a Xvi. O o a hot fudge a a Jackson five o a Butman cd a scrunch go a Jerry fat Well 0 a Arran to Fence Mhz . 0 0 a Sylvester a tweet 0 a i underdog o a Tan a Jerry grape ape mutable show o 0 Handy h under Cher 0 a friends of Man Sjo am. 0 0 a rugs Bunny Road 0 a . Puff stuff it 0 a Pink Panther a a Gads Good nears Happy place 00 am 0 a Porky pig 0 a jabber jaw 0 a h nestling 0 a Speed rarer 30 . Laud of to 0 a c Asper o a Snoby in i Dymun Utt hour 0 a three stooges hmm Ajvix. A e a shaman bus o a i Flintstones o a a my Duff. The talking dog 0 a soul of the City 10 30 . 0 a Robin Hood 0 a or aft super show 0 cd a monster squad a Ria Tia tin 11.-00 Aai. 0 0 a Ark ii 0 a movie a human obsessed Saskatchewan a widowed Mother Arith an 8-yeat old Sun struggles against the hardships of primitive ranch life Susan Hayward. Stephen Boyd. Barbara Nichols 199 0 0 a in of the i oat 0 a lad la 0 a movie. Baby from the ape if 12 a charming fellow entrap women and arranges for his adoring aunt to he tailed so he can inherit Fortune later he does Awa with several wives hut finally meets a woman who plays Bis own game ton Curtis. Rosanna Sci affirm i tend Jeffries. Nancy Ewan i a Quot 11 30 Aai. 0 a one club 0 a lame Ranger o 0 big saturday daytime 12 00 . 0 0 a fat Albert a i neb kids o a no programs 0 inc a a football i cams to be announced 0 a kids world 0 a kids from . 0 a movie a Battle in outer space series of mysterious catastrophes sweep Globe causing world scientists to conclude beings from another planet Ore attacking Earth two Earth space ships damage attackers giving world time to prepare for Gigantic Barile in outer space Rya Ikebe. Kyoun Anan. Harold c on Way. Leonard Stanford. 9b0 Lub . 0 six Hay of games 0 a world of survival 0 a youth u in pm. I a movie Maes far my pm Dan Story of the first woman president of the i mind states and the first male first lad of the land Fred Mac Murray. Poll Bergen Ariette Dahl. Edward Andrews. He by Lack. In a 0 a Moyie a Hanford Point two Young men Block the development of a Lakeside recreation project. Lassie. Robert Bray. Bonita Granville Carl Swenum. Barbara Graham 19b i 0 a to Champion go _ movie Berlin affair sophisticated International murder for tire Syndicate pits Hest Friend again is Best Friend Darren Mcgavin. Fritz heaver. Claude Dauphin brain Kelly 1970 ij0 . 0 a h hats ejection about Quot 0 a movie fallow that dream Southern family tries to Homestead a piece of unclaimed land alongside a Busy Florida Highway against a determined opposition of government officials Elvis Presley. Arthur of Connell Anne Helm. I a 0 a movie Abbott and Cornell a to Mars Bud and i of and two escaped convicts accidentally touch the starter Button of a rocket ship and Laud on another planet Bud Abbott. Lou costello Man Blanchard. Robert Paige Horace Mcmahon. 2953 violence level at Abc rapped by competitor meanwhile the violence level of nil s prime time programming has come under attack from an unprecedented source a another network lbs has complained to the television authority of the National association of broadcasters accusing Csc of violating the controversial a family viewing a hours i from 7 to 9 a with the introduction of Baa Baa Black sheep a new fall series which appears at i o clock on tuesday evenings the series is drawn from the world War la exploits of Marine Fly tag Ace Pappy Boyington in the South Pacific and those of his Squadron of boozers brawlers and fugitives from courts martial lbs charged the show s contents exploit violence glorify excessive drinking and condone dubious moral standards in a tune Slot allocated last year for programming suitable for children Abc replied that lbs was a shooting from the hip a one Abc executive shot Back at lbs september 24, pm televising of a magnum a sequel to a dirty Harry starring Clint Eastwood Abc claims to have rejected it As too violent even for a 9 Tim Slot critics of the a family hour policy adopted last year by the networks under congressional preside say it has been a failure from the beginning a promptly at 9, All hell Breaks loom Quot says one network executive the squabble Over Baa Baa Black sheep will be judged first by the National association of broadcasters code authority chief who can pass it up to the Nab a full Cade review for a ruling if he feels it s necessary Rosemary s i ofom Fage 14b it a Best cd Grout by 0 a movie go a movie a spawn of to North powerful Mekvl drama of Pioneer Day in Alaska russian pirate try to seize the Vanion Industry Henry Fonda. George raft Dorothy i amour John mar Rym orc. Louise Plait i a a the Parent teacher Assoc is after All three networks for Che profusion of violent programming is better than today a it has More possibilities to Road to ruin is paved with broken Faith and lost Hope Marlo from fags 128 in or Werner von Braun 19p? 12 38 Ajvix. 0 a Best of Groucho 0 a Moate Gaud salary. Prospects free coffin rim Darby Star a Helen Ter Nick who the the third of three London Roommate to answer the same want and and to be accepted for the Job but two Friend disappeared after Tea my for the Job interview a a i touchable pick up tool boxes exclusive Sabic loaded Lio a Finger touch action genuine parts co. In a Formby a workshop 2 30 . 0 a Campaign �?~7� 0 _ Moa if Hay by out timid outer space trainee is urged to Mam a woman astronomy student so the can Man the l s weather station on the Moon As the two men at the station Are consular fighting and the government decrees they be replaced is a married couple Jerry Lewis. Connie Stevens Dennis Weaver. Brian Keith. Dick Shawn. Anita Ekberg. 19bft in a Bonnie Lou and Buster 3 80 . 0 _ Moate the red dragon Charlie Chan solves the mystery of the red dragon with the a help of hts chauffeur Sickles Toler. Benson Fong 194t> 0 a Moa in blockade 1936 Spanish revolution finds a nationalist lieutenant in love with a Beautiful rebel spy Madeleine Carroll. Henry Fonda. Leo Carrillo. 1938 0 a i no a _ Moate a town called hello greed and violence explode As a dual manhunt reaches it terrorizing Clima and an entire town is held hostage while searching for the legendary mexican revolutionary known As Aquila Robert Shaw. Stella Stevens. Martin Landau Thi Savate 1972 0 a movie a american Grffta to the Phi hippie i american naval officer stranded after the wreck of Bataan leads Bend of natives in feat of espionage thus surviving until Macarthur return and Victory Tyrone Power. Tom Ewell. Michelle prese. Tommy Cook a 1950 3 30 . 0 a wrestling 4 00 . 0 a Green acres 4-Jo . 0 a sports spectacular boxing doubleheader i j ten round heavyweight match Between Duane Bobick and Young Sanford 2 ten round Light heavyweight match Between Mike Quarry and Tom heat a both matches from Las vegas. Be i 0 a Nashville music 0 a ghost and Aln. Man 0 it act 1999 0 a nil game of the Heck 88 . 0 a pop goes the wintry o a the Adams Chro Arickx captioned 0 a son Tanto o a wide How of sport 0 a wrestling 0 a Lex 0 a the champian 5 30 pm. 0 a Ball f oot 0 a the practice Judy Sinclair or Jules Bedford meets his match when he goes head to head with a stubborn outspoken patient who refuses to heed his persistent pleas that she be bos i fibred guest starring Mark Thomas in the title role shopping for a Furnace a min Cali 1882-3367 for a Asi. Fill estimate pm a is s. Nii huh a Mim you need a system that heats Humidifier and jeans the air Cly it seethe Whirlpool system that does a three Hunter h it serve Cau 82-3917 1217 Ward St. Quot Oyen 45 Ysais of sit vice Quot

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