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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 23, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Fonda appears on Kings High Point Enterprise saturday october to 1971 13b 9 00 . A a movie a Irene Case of mistake identity is solved for a girl by the Young Man responsible. Anna Neagle Ray Milland. Rotund Young Billie Burke. I <>40 12 30 . A a movie a i Ady rides again comedy about an extremely naive and Lovely Young lady who wins Beauty contest and almost gets into serious trouble. Diana Dors. Stanley Holloway. A a 1953 1 00 . A a movie a Man trap 6 00 . Of Odoffi a news o a zoom captioned a a my three sons a a Star trek a a i dream of Jeannie 6 30 . O lbs Newt o a vision on o a family affair o a Abc news q a a Nhuc news a a Beverly Hillbillies 7 00 . O a liars club o a lbs new o a Yon the deaf a a a Andy Griffith a a Welcome Bac Klotter a a r Oss wits a a to Tell the truth a a emergency one 7 30 . A a w ild world of animals a a Bobby Vinton a a new conference a a Brady Bunch a a movie a a gemini Man run Sam unable to convince his superiors at intersect that he is innocent in the slaying of a fellow agent. Sam Casey is forced to go underground to elude capture and obtain the evidence that will Point to the real culprit. Guest starring Are rom Pinkard Warren Ber linger William Sylvester and Katherine Crawford. 60 nun a a candid camera a a Turner Pyle hot lips prom Pace i Ibi Way passage to death. Richard Long Polly Bergen. Edward Alhert rate Jackson Tom Bosley Celeste Holm. Cesare Danova and Michael Constantine a a tonight show Johnny Carson is the Host a a Burns and Allen 12 00 . A a honeymooners a a James Brown future Shock 12 30 . Ooh movie a Cutter a hard hitting Black private Eye searches for a missing pro quarterback. Cameron Mitchell. Bambara Rush Peter de Anda. 1973. A a Best of Groucho a a untouchables 8 00 . O o a Waltons Jason chooses the wrong time to organize a band and promote a dance at Ike god Scye shall because the people of Walton a Mountain Are fearful of going out at night due to a mysterious prowler 60 min a a firing Fine a a Firenzo a Henrietta music cd a gemini Man run Sam unable to convince his superiors at inter sect that he is innocent in the slaying of a fellow agent Sam Casey is forced to go underground to elude capture and obtain the evidence that will Point to the real culprit. Guest starring Are Ron Pinkard Warren Ber linger William Sylvester and Katherine Crawford 60 min a a Ironside a a Marcus Welby a. D. 8 30 . A a break the Bank 9.00 pm. Of a Hawaii five of a visions a the War widow. A lonely Young woman whose husband is fighting in France during the first world War finds herself becoming increasingly attached to another woman Pamela Bellwood stars in this original television drama by Harvey Perr 90 min a a Merv Griffin a a Tony Randall show a Case the Snow White judge Franklin makes a decision regarding the picketing of an a rated theatre Ihen finds out that his daughter. Bobby intends to see the film o cd a Best Sellers captains and Kings chapter four Joseph Armagh intercedes to prevent the execution of his estranged brother for a crime he did t commit disowns his Convent bound sister. Mary car murals Tacoma. Wash. A Terry Troxell is a Van muralist in the past three years he has painted murals on some 300 pickup trucks murals on vans Are becoming common on Washington highways. Hie Van muralist is 28. And has a solid background in Art he was a member of an air plane manufacturer s Art department and his father is a Seattle artist being an avid Roy Rogers and Dale Evans fan in the my youth i recall Dale s horse was called Buttermilk and not Buttercup As you said. A . Blanchard Laid key Ala there s Many a slip twixt the cup and the milk you Are right about Dale s horse who was called Buttermilk and fulfils a solemn Promise to wed a woman he does t love. Starring. Richard Jordan. David Huffman Katherine Crawford and Patty Duke Astin co starring Blair Brown vie Morrow and Robert Vaughn 60 min a a movie the sicilian clan when a killer escapes from a police Van he hide out with a parisian based mafia family while planning to a sky Jack a shipment of precious jewels being flown from orly to new York Jean Gabin Alain Delon 1970 a a movie Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick musical version of the City Slicker out to Gyp poor Young Widder Josie. Alan Young Dinah Shore Robert Merrill. 1952. 9 30 . A a Nancy Walker show a the anniversary part two. Nancy and Kenneth Are flying High and fully enjoying Terry s anniversary gift. Until some news from Lorraine and Glen brings them crashing Back to Earth 10 00 . A a a Barnaby Jones diving for a reported historical find a Spanish Galleon sunk hundreds of years ago causes the death of an experienced scuba diver and arouses the suspicions of other members of his club who hire Barnaby to determine if the fatality was accidental. 60 min a a new a a streets of san Francisco a a music halt America a a Van Dyke and company tonight s guests Are ski Caesar and Donna Fargo 60 min 10 30 . A a Jeanne Wolf with. A Irving Wallace How to write a Best seller and live with bad reviews All the Way to the Bank. A Block Buster novelist opens the covers of hts life in an at Home visit with Jeanne Wolf a 11 00 . A oooo a news c. B. Radio discounts we Are dealers or major brands of cd equipment let a Ham do it we do All Type of electric repair. Communication electronics 2i28n Centennial 2 882 1019 we4rpn a a sign off a a Odd couple a a a Mary Hartman. Mary Hartman 11 30 . A a a Kojak a Best w a in town a a Rookie policeman assigned to Kojak a staff by a police Academy instructor inadvertently starts a gang War a cd a Ixo be american style a a streets of san Francisco Dan August streets of san Francisco forty five minutes from an out of town conventioneers picks up an attractive girl and becomes a suspect in her murder guest starring Are William Windom. Jacqueline Scott and Joann Harris. Repeat Dan August the Law a Dei it. August investigates the claim of self defense by a retired judge who has killed an apparently unarmed stranger guest starring arc Walter Pidgeon. Larry hag Man. Lee Meriwether and Jared Martin repeat a a a tonight show Johnny Carson is the Host. A a Burns and Allen 12 00 . A a honeymooners 0 _ movie a my utile Chickadee Mae West plays the Field in search of a nth husband but has fond Eye for a masked Bandit. W a Fields Mae w est Dick of ran 1940 12 30 . Ooh movie Force five when regular police tactics fail to control crime in the streets and citizens Start taking the Law into their own hands a special undercover unit is formed composed of sex cons chosen for their diverse backgrounds and special skills Gerald Gordon. Nick Pryor William Lucking. Leif Erickson Bradford Dill Man 0 a Best of Groucho a a David Nivens world v Henry Fonda in a special Cameo appearance portrays sen. Henry Bassett who is blackmailed by the rising and ruthless Joseph Armagh in an Effort to win his support for a Bill on no cd a Best seller a a captains and the Kings a thursday at 9 p refinished panelling 5/lr 4 la Luteal 2��?z 5/32�?� 4 ii chalet 1/4�?� 4�?Tit ceral �?~5�?�� 1/4�?� 4�?Tit talk i Oak �5ma serving you front a High Point a Ashe Solo a Greensboro a Burlington morn the phone �2053 Philco Boss it color portable 15�?� 329 solid state 95 Ralph a to amp appliance Fine furniture a appliances for 30 years 506 e. Washington 883-3422

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