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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 23, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Ii High Point Enterprise wednesday october 23, 1974 answer to previous purr Natheys works a Hov i Quot a a tarty Quot he a of our own Quot i a a sons of the Lark Quot la Hirsth a for the archbishop it Mummy moist unti operated 14 greek it Niles of peace 15 Mother of Ronen kid it stir i flow Clave feature a it on still in to it Hitman Date 1$ retain Railroad Coll it 30 Quot Bruise let a a word 40 salad Green 42 farnese do Nasty 43 i assure lamp 44 twit i Cornish pre Fisi 4� c lip Shorter so Swiss Carlino is Constellation lion six the professors it a pm Ance 54 Salt a mesh dilation Ham us sigmoid curve 57 Kane a in Choli uni of n it a ton Motif i school i i la report a in a i ans men tues Tim 231 Omuhr Hunt is Anglo a vat 34 heroes of ii Pioneer Var a Curt. Brittle 2s Canadian pro i vim 33 Cereal Gram 34 reek letter 3> estonian Island in meet Abs Mali depart in in \ i Titre name i sign i dispatcher 4 Mao a a dung 5 european River i Man bom Keno 7 female a Hiep a Harter a human totter nor id 10 biblical patriarch 11 i this Side i com i twill la Rea Ltd of Burden la elected own Coll it 21 Coal part 23 chant 24 military abbreviation is epoch sit bridle part 17 win m or by pleading so peer go it a Mother la Brythonic sea suffice is Cano Frev 37 Nev Pap it i men to Homan tron a a is profound respect 40 roman it id Quot fit fat Ming 41 precipitation 41 a in tfx lit 43 Shaw % on the a 47 in to rms 41tttt word of understanding 4# in the Middle comb form is african worm is posse v1 Scot Randleman by Carol Blanchard we Reserve the right to limit Quantity univ cup amp Savi my a it a it i with $10.00 order i 2 9 4 6 7 8 0 10 i n 12 13 14 15� to Quot a i l la 19 1 1 20 21 a 23 u i. 24 25 26 27 28 i 28 j a 30 ii 32 u a i # 37 i r j4 41 _ a i j i 45 47 48 49 50 51 53 54 55 56 57 8 p Jacoby on Bridge Cubi Ditis May infect Young by of Wald \ James Jacoby one of the diseases that Young Bridge players Are Likely to contract to the first symptom of the disease is a rash of Cut bids followed by an agonized attempt to make an impossible slam. North s first two Cue bids were reasonable hts third that took the Side past game was one too Many and we Don t blame South for going to the slam the slam itself Wasny to too bad at worst it depended on a Diamond finesse but West s bid has made the eventual lose of that finesse rather Likely. There was no hurry about taking the finesse and South decided to give West a Chance to take it Fen him. He won the first trick with Dummy Sace of Spades played one Trump to take care of problems there cashed Dummy s Ace and King of clubs ruffed the last club and led his Jack of Spades. West was in with the Queen and had a problem of South had started with two Spades and four diamonds the right play would be to Lead a Diamond and Hope that East would hold the Queen of he had started with three in each suit. A third Spade Lead would be the Winner what did West do and Why see tomorrow s article. The 1974-75 Randleman High Beta club has elected officers for this year. They Are. President. Maria Talley vice president. Bonnie Davis Secretary. Debbie Summit treasurer Denise fallow corresponding Secretary. Donna Davis and historian. Owen Russell. On oct. 9, the Beta club tapped 35 new members. This years first county meeting was held oct. 16 Al Camp Caraway on mount Shepard last Friday oct. 18. The Randleman humanities class attended a convection in Charlotte. Actress Cicely Tyson lectured. Following her talk a Reading of poetry pertaining to treatment of Blacks in past years was Given sunday. Ort 20. The Art club and the band were represented at the fall festival in Asheboro. The juniors took the Phat test on tuesday. College Day will be a nov. 5 at Trinity senior High. I representatives from various colleges throughout the state will be there to give information and to answer questions about their school for interested applicants North 23 Aas 9 <275432 a to 4 a aka w est East 4 k q to 9 8 4742 9s Fig a k73 a qi062 South is 4 j 6 3 9 a k j 10 9 faqs a 94 both vulnerable weal North kill la 24 pass pass i pass pass >4 pass pass Pas. Pass opening Lead a Colsh nothing to buy. You Don t have to be present to win. Register now weekly Cash award rules get your Jackpot card this week a How do i participate a. Fill in and Deposit registration card and then sign Cash Jackpot Book for first award of $25.00, q. How do i continue to participate a. Sign registration Book at our store each week thereafter for each new award. Q. How big is each award a. Never below $25.00 award increases $25.00 each week until won then reverts to $25 of. O. Do i have to buy anything to get my Cash Jackpot card a. No. There is no charge or obligation of any kind q do i have to be present to win a. No. Winner will be notified or name posted in our window. Q. Is this program a secret a no please Tell everyone q who is qualified to Register and obtain a Cash Jackpot card a. Any adult person 18 or Over. Q when and where will the drawings be held a. At our location each saturday at 4 00. Q. Of my name is drawn and i have not signed the registration Book for a he current week can i win no. You must sign Book each week. Q can the Book be signed in Advance a no. Q can one person sign the Book for another person a. No. Each person must sign. O. Who does the drawing a. Some disinterested party not connected with the store. Q How Long do i have to claim award a. Until monday at closing open Siven Days a Wiik. Al diet vol pc ii Law Sah Gran stamp it s s great at each amp i each % Trinity . Agner foods at discount prices plus sch Creen Stamps r too free Stamps 200 free Al order Stamps 300 free expires oct. 26, 1974 with $30.00 order a Chich hire a Chick him a luncheon meat treets 1202. A 99 can is smoked beef Stew 24 or. Cen we give we give Curtis Franks i of. Pkg. Hams 9cl we i give we a whole a lean la. Curtis Bologna Wesson we give we Oil in 1-lb. Pkg. We give laundry detergent tide Ham Quot Shank half 74 smoked in Ham Quot Bun half 83 41 of. Btl. 99 smoked in. Ham a Center slices 4 39 we give a smoked in we give King size Box n in 59 we give it peps1 a % Colas Al we so a Etc jmj quarts 6-bottle Carton a Pius Deposit Campbell s Tomato soup tall cans tide s in. Dirt s of Wei Tsi we give Hunt s Tomato Ketchup 32 of. Bit. Bounty or gala paper towels to Florida oranges $129 milk one gallon Coble s we give we give we give dozen Lykes Vienna sausage 3 ��$1m we fresh Sweet potatoes a a Jeno s Frozen pizzas a 79� we give t a fancy a yellow Captain by fish la. Sticks 4 of. A ions of 50 free Stamps Wiik Imi Purchase of Trish pumpkin expires to 24/74 Lioi Hek St vips with the Purchase of 46 of can of hawaiian punch expires 10/76/74 50 Orff St amps i ii he Purchase of Leaf Rake expires 10/26 74 so free Stamps with the Purchase of to count Qiao clean up bags expire 10/16/74

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