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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 23, 1925, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise Friday. October 23. 192f the household article in the series on cake and Ile making of Lydia Lebaron Walker sponge cakes Are those that Are made without butter or shortening. They might be called egg cakes la distinction to butter cakes which must have shortening. Egg cakes Are easily digested and May be Given to invalids with safety when they Are Only to eat. What is called a regular diet. Some egg or sponge cakes Are made from Yolks and Whites of eggs. Others Are made entirely from egg Whites. The latter Are called Angel cakes because they Are pure White and of feathery lightness. The White of egg gives the lightness. The flour the body the egg Yolks Richness and the sugar the sweetness necessary. The Yolks also help to hold the sugar in distribution. They make excellent binders or blends. Lemon is generally added to give zest and prevent any insipid Ity. It seems to bring out All the finest flavors. Beating the eggs it is reputed to be essential to stave the egg Yolks and Whites beaten separately for the Best re aults in sponge cakes because the of titles Are then More Fluffy and they amp is have the maximum Power of holding ingredients together which 4�ality is Given the name of viscosity. This is True in the main but i have used the following recipe with great Success. It is very Maple digestible and delicious. 2 egg Whites and Yolks beaten together. A i cup aural. A a i cup flour. 2 rounded teaspoonfuls of baking powder. It scant cup boiling water. I scant Teaspoon Lemon juice. The sugar is beaten into the Well beaten eggs the Lemon juice add pm. Then the flour with the baking powder and a few grains of Salt sifted together. Last of All the Bolling water is put in. The whole a then beaten vigorously but not so Long that the heat is gone before putting into a pan and baking in a moderate oven. A distinction a a a do not confuse White cake with a Sigel cake. White cake contains butter or a substitute and is a butter cake. Angel cake is the same color but it is made without shortening. The cake requires so 9pany �k8 Whites that it is not a cheap cake for a housewife to make unless she has use for a Quantity of egg Yolks also. Eleven egg Whites is an Ordinary number to use for one Angel cake. Adventures of Jack a sponge cake should be baked in a pan with a Hole in the Center. Baking beware of too hot an oven when baking any cake. The part of a cake Batter next the edges of a pan will get hot quickest and if an oven is very hot this part May even Burn before the rest of the cake has a Chance to get done. A sponge cake should be baked in a pan with a Hole in the Center to allow the heat to be distributed through the Center As Well As the sides. If the cake is left in the pan sponge cake and it is overturned after coming from the oven and left so until it is to be eaten there is less likelihood of the cake settling and seeming to fail Pust the least trifle As it is Apt to do. Lillie woman our Rich Prospect or von Binn is do hear in the morning and i and Joe Whelan is so Busy with dope on the Deal that your big boy wont he Home for supper. I jest made a Deal with a Choker what drives some Rich Guys car and bes going to rent the Hole outfit with him to for a couple hours per Day while our Prospect is in town. He says his Boss wont be no Wiser. I sent him up with this hear note so As you could get a squint at the make up. Aint it Mience. Jack so you re a oin of to of Cave for my Umile 15 he Gong to use Yoo por an hour. Of so or r. To Mam 7 a of to in f is vieu., i Haw sch Little top Plano to Tatemoto of -3u3t a moment please a Mam ii Iii Iii ii if a ai1 a Tim Iii Mil i Rcv tick j look thute go is that 0swim 3om� Chicko in Dick. Is Joe quince business before pleasure. By Kune w our children by Angelo Patri by Angelo Patri catalogues �?~7 the catalogue is a reference Nook that is neglected More than Ai Wise. I believe there ought to be shelf in every Library for the catalogue. All kinds of catalogues i they re an education All by themselves. Suppose you Are a Mother with a child of four. Unless you have been trained in the education of Little in care of this paper enclosing stamped addressed envelope for reply convention planned Fayetteville n. C., oct. 23. Map a Fayetteville is to be the scene of the first of a series of annual Craft exhibits Here next january when the North Carolina Branch of the american Institute of architects holds its by annual children and few mothers Are you convention Here. Will find that there is much about the child you do not understand. It la most difficult to find things to keep him usefully occupied. There comes the catalogue. Send to some kindergarten or educational publishing Houre and ask them for their catalogue. Ask them to Mark the pages that have 4o do with your search. Toys for Little ones of four games occupations books for the Mother to read. It will Surprise you to find that you can get a Good Supply of educational games for the same amount As is spent in toys that Are soon thrown one Side. Dogs that ate pulled about by a string tin plans Lor the convention Are already being made and committees have been appointed to take care of every detail of the co nation which is expected to bring about 125 architects to the City. W. H peeps of Charlotte has been appointed head of the program committee with Stiles Dixon of Fayetteville. In charge of the architects exhibit and Sam Rankin of this City in charge of the material menus exhibit. Other committees will take care of the entertainment and attendant publicity of the convention. The old f. L. L i. Armory will he turned into an exhibit Hall and chips toe of m a Jefe running for con rss in t so bad at that i it la 86 a bl6 boost for her. Socially to Hoe nog around Nith real Socie Thim a Vashti it Ston Quot what a sap i was to object to her running on that ticket it la. A a put the name of quince before Leuert Bis person in Towny Lead my your pen dear copyist ins by to tip Bril syndic inc regular Fellers cause for worry. By Payne you re crazy this is Exter tight Chickee Villre i pop so a amp yer out i self Io--22 f Uke x 600rs06ar it is. See there s some us Chicks oot of it Maready. That s. Nuthie. \ they la so Obi \ grow so they. Of through. Copyright. 1923. By a a Bell Stidl Catt in s matter pop pop proves to be a bucking Broncho. By Payne fishes my rubber elephants soon Here All the crafts of construction Complete their list of possibilities will show their exhibits for without adding much to the child a j week. Appreciation of things about Bim j. A a Box of plasticine a Box of j _ coloured Crayon a Wall blackboard some Good sized sheets of heavy paper a Small Broom a pair of Blunt scissors a bet of stencils some beads and strings some knit-7 Ting materials. There is a Host of j v things that can be bought for very j Little. They May be already lying about in the boxes and trunks or v shelves of the storage room. The a. S catalogue makes so Many Sugges Vale univ i Hick Vav Evv tons. \ m j a the seed catalogues Are an in a full of life up ration for the child who has a 1 it a a bit of ground. He reads them and makes lists of seeds he will change i the con the lists a dozen times before buy. A Onri Ming time comes but that is All in a the game. All the time be is a a n waving sorting information about growing demanded by things through the pores of Liis j modern style mind. And be has added a Strong 7n air dress interest to his life and each in slowly Burns Terest counts. I the color Lus show the children the Way to tre and very the catalogue habit. If you have life from the not the a it yourself you will find j hair leaving Xiv delightful and most instructive j it dry faded the dress catalogues Delight the Brittle Streak girls so do the grocery catalogues e j Ith Grav then tue hair roots the car catalogues the seed rata shrink and the hair fails qut fast rogues. Book catalogues Are often works of Art and contain valuable Wil d Weston i 13ronch-0 j it of re s a Trinh for Yco Versie a r Horsie take a drink. =7 h <5 matter pop p i to turf1? copy night. 1925. By the Bell Syndicate. Inc the Nebbs try this for one week whiles o i combing and dressing your hair information. Sometimes they Are molten your hair Brush with a Little a cd Anderine and Brush it through your hair the effect is startling your hair immediately takes on new life end that healthy Youthful Lustre becomes i compar to expensive to make that there is a slight charge for them. But they Are Well Worth it. You will allow the children to write for their own catalogues. Writing the letter and stamp for reply is a lesson in a a 7�, a Wavy an it appears twice itself. Then the delightful anti Cipa As and abundant. A Dander tion of the reply. That the Charm Ine of a Only of cents a bottle at it it. When the Gay Hooks come an drug store there is a scramble Aud shout of j Delight and an hour or so spent in study. 7 if Yon have not been sending for catalogues try it and see. The a it of putting these lists together has progressed far these last ten years. Nowadays catalogues Are family reference books. Copyright. 1925, by the Bell Syndicate inc or. Patri will give personal at a Lention to inquiries from parents or school teachers on the care and de or elopement of children. Write Bim j phone 220 239 k. Sycamore St. Greensboro veterinary Hospital or. N. H. Whitehill veterinarian formerly with the dog add cat Hospital. Washington d. Specialist in diseases of the dog Meco larks Are Givi Nio a party in Honor of mrs Nesb Ano Getsy on nov.5 hires the seamstress who is going to make the party gown Rich in so glad you came / miss Deal was afraid Voo could t give me time right now Ano i must have my gown by november 5yh-meet my husband enter Modiste. 7 Sou Are Verv fortunate mrs ne00 that i could give nou time by w. A. Carlson f my word a where did Voo draw that prize from?_5he5 doing Sou a big favor for my dough and Stefe tipping Sou in Advance that when a theall comes in and after you tech your breath Jouve got to act like it was a birthday present limit j t

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