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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 22, 1972, High Point, North Carolina A High Point Enterprise sunday october 22, 1972most Are members of conservative coalition Nader report gives profile on n. C. Congressmen Charlotte . Apr National per capita average in contributors gleaned from state a Gaggle of students and Young government spending. Records in Raleigh by Nader re researchers working under the the Nader assessment of searchers were the business auspices of consumer advocate Jones voting record placed Industrial political action com Ralph Nader have reported him in the a conservative Coli Mittee $2,000 and p. C. Lavin that North Carolinas members lion of Southern democrats get 0f Tulsa okla., editor of of Congress Are everything and Epif Clivans. It noted his Oil and Gas journal. From a Quot judicious a opposition to Model cities. Tejad nod Quot Friendly Quot to Quot lacklustre Urban of Campaign con and inefficient. Grams and several in Iron men to rebut is were it a tire Yeka As the second phase of a a but disconcertingly it Der a ambitious Congress pro rep. L. H. Fountain the mid Henderson Cia med no act the Young researchers com second District Democrat said know Edge of m m in Cam. Piled 20-Page booklets on All Nader has Quot wooed Federal a contributors in a Federal congressmen except those re government activism in areas it for Ign but signed re tiring at the end of this term such As civil rights and poverty t disc Lysine the same con Tho reports wore released to programs but also has canted an bed in Raleigh the news Media Friday for pub the title watchdog of the f a the federa re8ulati n at that location sunday. By his continuous and Tough Ime wa5 Ess str n ent than the reports were based a minded oversight of the food the a a is hd�?zinfw.0lther Otto in to Dru a adminis ration on the issues. Nader charac 2 the. V. A. Termed Henderson As one of the with the congressmen inter describing Fountain As members of the views with their constituents a the report quoted staunchest members or Anh Acerra and Lihr Arv c0un,y a rep a Quot conservative Vodall Tlona in and associates and Library re the Arajj 0f business leaders Pongress voting with that fac search into their voting Ujj District for fountains in Ressy a a no a computers were used District or f Mountain s More than 90 per cent of records computers were used work u also cited an in one instance to Cross Check n a a in Law Uhn e congressmen a reports of their a. A Rmon lib hed Kep. Nick Galifianakis financial holdings with the sad pm Nam has accomplished fourth District Democrat records of the securities and nothing for Blacks and the porn Runny or m m Sena e is As Exchange commission. It noted that fountains 1972 ceased As follows a the votes each report contains a Narra-1primary Campaign received a a Job neither political nor prestige evaluation of the Congress lt.000 contribution from a Bank sure groups and his stand on Man As Well As tables and Sta inf lobby and that Fountain several significant issues is am Ristics on his voting record had disclosed voluntarily the Bigous. The record will not both on the floor and in com Worth of All his stocks and land justify our calling him Liberal Mitteer ratings by political in holdings approximately conservative or even clearly Terest groups and demographic $112,000. Consistent his words Are at a profiles of each District. The report lavished attention Fiance with his actions and to welled said the researchers on fountains investigations of deed his actions Are occasion represented All shades of Polit the Fra. Made As chairman of ally at Arlance with each oth Cal opinion who produced re the subcommittee on inter or. Ports that were As a unbiased As governmental relations of the the report says Galifianakis j we can make House government operations actions have contradicted his he said the reports were re committee. Words on defense spending be leased during the Campaign be la also identified him As a cause of a statement he issued cause a this is when people Are member of the a conservative in 1972 saving priorities must most interested in coalition a on almost All the is he reassessed and he hoped he added that it was not in his sues that come before the cuts could be made in defense opinion unfair to probe Only House. Fountain said the re spending. It then cites several into the records of incumbents port read by members of his ,fl71 votes against cuts in the and not their opponents. Staff a Omav give an incomplete Dejon budget. A the advantages of to and somewhat misleading pie 11 is rec0rd Ltd Szucs cum Benry Are so enormous be cause of Media exposure and ,.the franking privilege. And the rep David hand arson a a or incumbents ought to run on the third District Democrat is j ,.h. Nina a their he said. The Only North Carolina con a a fight a Wellford said the reactions of Messman running unopposed the be Cal a Gaj Zanakis. 380 congressmen who saw draft this year. The Nader report j e a j s a t j v e record a Sun copies of their profiles were 84 praised Henderson a news a a Noin incr int per cent favourable. A the in letters As a Issue oriented. One that the a bus a favourable reactions were about understands clearly after read trod red in 1971 almost All evenly divided Between liberals eng it what Henderson thinks were identical or Bills Sod conservatives he said. About the Issue and How he in written by someone else which following Are capsule sum tends to Galifianakis co sponsored Maries of the Nader profiles for those were the last kind Galifianakis was credited the nine North Carolina con words. Business interests the with one legislative a com Gressmen running for re elec report said contribute to Hen plish ment in 1971, a health care Tion. There were no reports on Dersons campaigns through provision. A Nader spokes reps. Charles r. Jonas Alton Dummy committees. Among the woman. Joan Claybrook said Lennon or sen. B. Everett Jordan ail of whom Are retiring. A Nader spokesman said the profile on sen. Sam Ervin was delayed. This was a better than average for a congressman not chairing a committee the average congressman does not even get one piece of legislation passed per session. Rep. Wilmer Mizell the fifth District republicans record the Nader profile asserts can be summed up As nearly total support for president Nixon and for the a conservative in 1971, it says Mizelle a record of conservative support was the highest in Congress. The Mizell record it said was strongly supportive of defense spending the War in Vietnam and business interests. It was strongly opposed to the War on poverty environmental legislation that might impede Rural development and busing. The report cited contributions from businesses doctors and textile manufacturers to the Mizell Campaign Chest. A spokesman for Mizell. Pat Butler said the contributions had nothing to do with Mizelle a voting. A a it a just that the congressman is conservative and quite often business interests Are the same As Butler also said Mizell was not the most conservative member of the House. A there Are a few Bircher Here and they re a bit More conservative a he said. Rep. Richardson Preyer the sixth District Democrat said the Nader profile a takes a pretty judicious View of the report discusses in detail preyers business affiliations with Richardson Merrell the family drug company and North Carolina National Bank and quotes him As saying he would abstain if drug related Bills came to his attention on committee. The report says Preyer understated the amount of Campaign contributions he received in 1970. He reported $20,725, which the report said was $7,-500 less than he actually took in. The report cites research done by the citizens research foundation and says the Money came from various political Campaign committees. The report praises some of preyers legislative record particularly the Bill he introduced to establish a National statistical analyses of his voting show him to be the most Liberal member of the North Carolina delegation. Rep. Earl Ruth the Nader profile summed up the eighth District Republican by saying. A in his first three and a half years Earl Ruth has not set Washington afire with legislation. Like most newcomers to see Nader on 14-a your Best is Bill Barnett bet f to such As the environment and Urban assistance Are i consist rep. Walter b Jones j the first District Democrat was characterized As a Man who believes a that government governs Best which governs the report cited his recent conversion to a a moderate Dove on he Vietnam War and his Strong support of defense spending. Much of his activity it said. Is directed toward his District with the three Bills he authored in the current session of Congress All dealing with tobacco. But the report noted that the District receives less than the we fill any doctors prescription for glasses saw dress up your glasses with a modern Frame from our Soloc Tion a Complete optical Sonvico cd a % et1 a off Streit parking 527 n. Main St. Tel 887-5194 p. Loo Cockerham Robert i. Howan 47 years in the optical pro Union the courts Are too lax this statement was Public ally made on june 23, 1977 it a rank ing Polke official in Guilford county. He noted that trom 161 to 171 crime rates in Greensboro had jumped about i00s and that for the first s months of 172 major crimes had increased 2si he said i think i know the reason for these increases. It s the crease in the narcotic traffic and the refusal of the courts to hand out proper punishment to wrongdoers. The courts Ore too lox. Crime is held Down by the certainty of punishment. Courts must come to realize our Law abiding citizen is not getting Lair treatment. The defendant is not entitled to any More privileges icon the victim As a citizen of Guilford county you should take notice that for the past 77 years every single court held in your county except one was held by a Democrat judge. Are you satisfied with their record if elected i Promise a change in this record. Vote for Vernon Hart a Republican candidate for District court judge Vernon Hart has served As judge pro tem mum Cipal county court solicitor municipal county court assistant solicitor of Superior court assistant United states attorney Legal Aid attorney member Guilford county Board of elections has 8 years general private practice married with children amp a Veteran of will a a citizen of Guilford county for 21 ears monday tuesday and wednesday this is a clean sweep Sale a Clearing out our Odds amp ends a Over stocked merchandise a amp bad buys a we must reduce our inventory at once. Shop now for greatest bargains Ever ladies Nylon slips i with built in Bra first qualify. Beautiful styles. 32 a 34 Only. Reg. �?~6.00 a. Of Inow ladies panty Hose Large selection of shades. Reg. �?~2.00 up each pair. O $100 now prs. Ladies panties by Carole. Finer Quality Rayon. Slight imperfects of a Loo or. Value. 200 prs. Boys shoes 8 >2 to 3. Many styles amp colors. Not. Adv. Brands. Reg. 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