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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 22, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Personality profile miss Mary Stuart by Braxton Younts Enterprise staff Waltar a room services a generally connotes an activity of hotels and motels but there is a differing connotation when it is used in reference to the High Point chamber of Commerce and the Southern furniture Eai position building. It is the Means by which Many buyers and visitors to the Spring and fall furniture shows Are Able to find living accommodations for the time they Are in High Point for the Market. Through cooperation with the chamber Many householders in Thomasville Jamestown and the area surrounding High Point rent their a a spare rooms to these people while they Are Here. With this service in addition to the Piedmont area hotels and motels Many Many buyers Are Able to shop the Market who would otherwise be unable to attend. Heading up the room service operation for the chamber is miss Mary Stuart a native High Pointer who elected a business career rather than a teaching one after she graduated from High Point College with a degree in English. She resides with her parents or. And mrs. Charles e. Stuart on Nathan Hunt drive. While a student at the College miss Stuart started working with the Borden co. On a part time basis going with the firm on a full time basis after graduation. She stayed there until the company moved its District offices to Tampa fla., in 1966. When this move was made she elected to remain in her Home town and started working with the chamber As a Secretary. She was assigned to work with mrs. Louise Venable in helping secure rooms for the buyers at the two big marts. Then when mrs. Venable left the chamber miss Stuart took charge of room reservations in private Homes. She explained that there Are two facets of this accommodations Angle of the markets. While she and miss Mary Mitchell take care of room reservations in private Homes mrs. Peggy Simmons takes care of the a hot miss Stuart said the a hot line Quot is a Telephone line used during the markets through which mrs. Simmons is Able to keep tabs on available rooms in motels and hotels in the surrounding area. This includes Greensboro Winston Salem Asheboro Madison and Reidsville As Well As the More local area. Each Day mrs. Simmons checks with these commercial hostelries and works also with buyers and visitors wishing such accommodations. Miss Stuart said that the exact number of people who open their Homes to the Market visitors is not known a but is one reason this information is unavailable is that in Many cases a buyer of High Point Sites a or Rorn 4 j t of i w is i Elf i g miss Mary Stuart is sent to a Home for one Market. Likes the room and the people and asks if he cannot have the room for the next Market a thus starting a lengthy time of Friendly relations. There Are Many Homes in the local area where the same buyer has been coming Back for Many Many years miss Stuart said. And she continued the chamber encourages this. A for the october Market a she said a we Start receiving requests for rooms As Early As june. By the first of september we have accumulated stacks of these letters. We Start answering each of them telling the writer that the chamber will find a room for them. This entails a mass of correspondence. A then shortly before the Market these people receive their confirmations and a map of High Point marked to show the location of the Home and the locations of the exhibit buildings. We also ask that they Send a Deposit As their confirmation to the Home where they Are to she said also that like in other businesses there Are a no shows Quot in the furniture Market room service. When this occurs the Householder o ten Calls the chamber reservation office and a we try to find someone else for them a a also a miss Stuart smiled a we always think on the sunday of Market weeks that we won t have enough rooms to fill the demands. But so far we have always been Able to work it out and find enough rooms. We have called some Homes on sunday mornings who have never kept buyers before and have been Able to get last minute with a proud note in her voice miss Stuart added. A if anyone Ever said that they had to sleep in their car they just had not checked with us we have never had to turn anyone she added that while most buyers want a room for one or two nights the chamber room service also has some out of the Ordinary Rooming r a quests. There was the sales Crew who were using some dogs in their display and wanted a Home which could also accommodate the canines. Then there was another visitor seemingly an insomniac who liked to spend the Early morning hours practising on his guitar. And. There Are Many visitors from foreign lands with either a poor command of English or none at All. Who desire to visit the showrooms. Miss Stuart said that in each of the above cases accommodations were found that fitted these special demands. There was a Home with spare Kennel accommodations a family who had no objections to Early morning guitar music and interpreters for those with difficulties with English. In connection with the latter the chamber keeps a list of those with fluent skills in various languages and who will come to Tow foreigners Aid. While this is indeed a Busy time with expectations for the largest october Mart in history miss Stuart said that it also is an enjoyable time. Quot and i done to see How any Job could be More an editors notebook anti advertising ads i by Jenkin Lloyd Jones in one of the zanies court decisions on record the District of Columbia court of appeals has ruled that television stations carrying ads for Large cars must upon request give equal time at no charge to complainants that big cars cause air pollution. This is in line with something parading under the salubrious title of the a fairness what is going on under the Guise of a of a i in Esse is the beginning of a massive assault not merely upon to but upon All communications Media a including the press. We see Only the first too Yards of this Road. What s around the Bend i have no financial interest in radio or to. Upon occasion i have tried to make myself obnoxious Over what i conceive to be their obvious dereliction and shortcomings. A commercial to franchise u almost As Good As a License Jones to steal. Children a programs have been awful. There Are a a newscasts Quot in which objectivity is a sometime thing. Some shows Are edging closer to Plain bad taste. In radios Rush for ratings there has been a Gresham s Law in which Rotten music has driven out Melody and theme. The Peoples radio bands resound to screaming commercials acid Rock and Jug blowing. But whereas decapitation is both an effective and an unwise cure for Toothache so can limitless government encroachment be an unwise solution to what ails the electronic Media. Nor can an Effort to discredit advertising be. With any logic Long limited to television. If a to station must give equal time to those who claim that bricks or Chrysler pollute the atmosphere by what logic should a newspaper or Magazine be allowed to carry Buick or Chrysler advertising without giving equal free space to their denounces and if the ecologists get equal free space and time what is to prevent the motor companies from demanding equal free space and time to Point out that motor pollution controls Are increasing gasoline consumption about to per cent for the same mileage and thus unduly diminishing a precious natural resource Pandora a Box was opened when bureaucracy decided that cigarette packages must carry the warning a the surgeon general has determined that cigarette smoking is dangerous to your at the same time As Eugene Pulliam pointed out in the oct. I Arizona Gazette the government kept on subsidizing tobacco production to the tune of $400 million to $600 million a year. Free counter advertising would be guaranteed to bust not Only to and radio but any commercial advertising medium that could t make up the difference in subscription rates. What publication would dare accept the advertising of a prepared breakfast food if it would have to Grant equal and free space to a a poor people so lobby pointing out that Oatmeal is just As healthy and cheaper or to a farm lobby proclaiming that theres More protein in Bacon and eggs another View of schools by Bryan Haislip Assn. Of afternoon dailies Raleigh a How tar heels feel about Public schools has turned the Corner from apathy to concern. That shift in attitude said Gene Causby a is the most significant thing that has happened in the last 30 years in promising better As he reads the mood it Means citizens Are ready to accept involvement in the schools of their communities. Channelled positively he said. It can Bridge the Gap Between administrators and patrons with a working partnership benefiting the pupils. Constructing channels for involvement through committees or councils for individual schools and local school units. Is a priority objective set by gov. Bob Scott and state school officials. Causby has a leading role in the Effort As assistant state superintendent for Public and personnel affairs. The Rule Basic to Organiza to on of citizen support for schools is that initiative must come at the local level said Causby. A the Job can to be done from Raleigh although we can lend assistance and guidance on what will and wont work a he reminded. Thrust for the drive to involve citizens is Given by the newly created position of director of Public affairs filled by Sam Shugart former principal of Goldsboro High one month on the Job Shugart has found himself Busy responding to invitations from communities across the state to come in and help them with plans. He has enlisted the North Carolina Jaycees in the cause. The civic organization through its local chapters will take the Lead in mobilizing Community forces for participation in the schools said state Jaycee president Fred Morrison. What citizen groups can provide the schools is two Way communication Shugart explained. Educators need to know How the Public regards the schools the Public must be informed on the objectives and methods of school operation. That was simple in the beginning Shugart recalled. However weak in Opportunity for learning the Little red schoolhouse was Strong in Community involvement. Local folks built it paid for it hired and fired the teachers. Estrangement set in As the educational undertaking grew in site and complexity. Professional administrators and staff took Over operation. State support moved control a step away. Federal intervention widened the Gap to a chasm in image if not in actuality. Racial integration created tension and emotional reaction. A a great Many citizens lost Faith in the schools. They do not feel Trust nor readily extend their Shugart affirmed. A to re enlist the support of the citizenry we must have Public involvement on a meaningful one of the primary recommendations of the governor s committee on the causes of school unrest was that an Active Effort be made to restore Confidence through citizen participation. It proposed the assignment of a school official to work in the area of Public affairs a the Job Shugart now holds. He sees it As a Challenge to assist local systems in working out examples of constructive Public involvement. The concept of citizen committees to support schools is not new. Perhaps As Many As half of the 152 local units now have such groups Shugart estimated. Some work Welt. It ome Are inept some actually harmful. Too often they have been formed in a crisis atmosphere to meet an emergency he said. Calling a group together in haste to pass a Bond Issue or smooth Over a school disruption is not an approach that promises lasting benefits he added. A it takes time to set up a soundly based program that merits the Confidence of both the Public and school personnel Quot he explained. Honesty is the Cardinal principle in seeking Public involvement said Causby. A the group formed must reflect an honest Cross Section of the people the schools Are serving Quot he said. A there must be honesty in communications with school officials. Otherwise Little Good can be High Point Enterprise sunday october 22, 1972 5a cutting to the reality by Robert Marks unless the voter spends his time constantly poring Over the records and a mass of figures his image of either of the two presidential candidates lies in cliches and the superficial ties of Campaign rhetoric. For example sen. George Mcgovern was set Back sharply in the Public mind when he finally decided to remove sen. Thomas Eagleton from his ticket and select another candidate for vice president overlooked however is the Way in which president Nixon stood Back if he did not actually encourage a booming speculation that Democrat John Connally of Texas would be chosen to replace vice president Spiro Agnew on the Republican ticket. When he finally did declare that vice president Agnew would run again with him Nixon made the declaration in an off hand manner while preparing to go to his Camp David Mountain Retreat in Maryland for the weekend. One can Well wonder in looking at these two instances which Man us a political situation to his own cold purposes or which Man was caught up rot Only in a political question but in a question of human relationships. Both president Nixon and sen Mcgovern Are Small town boys who have made it Good on their own for the most part. Yet in their personalities in their relationships with other people and in their View of the american people they arc decidedly opposites. Their differences Are Sharp in their actions involving issues affecting the whole country. During 1970 and 1971. And through june of this year president Nixon vetoed 11 Bills which can be described As having Broad National application. These Bills included such measures As the appropriation of $19 7 billion for health education welfare and labor $2 8 billion for Hospital construction. $4.4 Oillion for education. $18 billion for housing Urban development veterans and space a limit on Campaign spending. $2 billion for Public works jobs and $2.1 billion of child development programs. Each of these Bills was supported by Mcgovern or actually voted for by him. A number of appropriation Bills was vetoed by president Nixon because he said More Money was than he had requested and he Felt the result would be inflationary or wasteful. The question of what spending is wasteful or inflationary and what is not is hardly so Clear Cut however. The government spends Money and it wastes Money. Both the spending and the waste should be controlled. The question is where the spending is to be done. Billions of dollars Are spent on military operations in Vietnam. Billions of dollars Are spent on military research and development projects and on space hardware and experiments. All of which too often come to nothing. It is from this sort of overspending that inflation is fuelled. As the administration of president Johnson showed vast military expenditures cannot he made and Domestic needs met at the same time without Steep tax increases if inflation is to a Lowed. Not so much the spending but How to spend and where to spend and for what purpose Are the questions that need to be considered. The answers will in found in this election not in a a Campaign rhetoric or the on dimensional images but in the hard evidence of the records of the two candidates. Poetry for the Corn crop Uby Braxton Younts i read the other Day where somebody had raised a Corn crop in a Flower Box on his front porch. He said that one of the main reasons his crop was so successful was that he had read poetry to the growing plants. That just could be an Omen of the Way Farmers might tend their crops in coming years. Maybe they could play Brahm s Lullaby just after the Small Grain crop is in the ground so that the seeds might sleep Well Over the Winter and grow lustily in the Spring and. For the Field Corn crops the seeders might sing music from a Oklahoma Quot to inspire the planting to grow a was High As an elephants x course in neither instance is there Here a suggestion that poetry he used to Speed the crops on their Way to full maturity. I just can to imagine any of Tho Farmers with whom i am acquainted spouting any kind of printable poetry As they tend their fides. This not to imply that they would use or even know unprintable poetry its just that i do not think they would waste their breath. I certainly like the new traffic pattern in downtown especially that left turn off Washington onto main and that left turn signal for Elm s southbound traffic at Washington. Now i done to have to wait through so blamed Many Light changes to get through now. If a they Quot would Only give a Little More time to those who Cross main at Farriss i would a predate it. Much is being said and done about the ecological situation today and the following insight on the production of oxygen by natural Means made me feel like planting a few Pine Trees. It is from the state University agricultural people at Raleigh your next breath is brought to you Courtesy of your Friendly backyard Maple tree on your Ever present crabgrass. If members of the Plant kingdom could talk a and advertise a they might be making claims such As the above. Scientists have known for decades that animals depend on plants for oxygen and plants depend on animals for Carbon dioxide. Just How dependent plants and animals Are on one another is revealed by or. G. R. Noggle. Head of the depart ent of botany at n c. State University or. Noggle said that an acre of growing Corn will release about 16 pounds of oxygen per Day. A person engaged in moderate activity will consume about l l pounds of oxygen per Day. Thus an acre of growing Corn will support about 15 people. This is Only during the actual growing season which is about too Days for the average crop. An acre of Pine Trees will release about to pounds of oxygen per Day and this will continue throughout the year because Pines Are evergreens. Deciduous Trees such As Maples will also release about 30 pounds of oxygen per Day. But Only when the leaves Are on. Some weeds and Saltmarsh plants spa Tina will release about 40 pounds of oxygen per Day. And the Saltmarsh plants carry out photosynthesis throughout the year since they retain their leaves. A these Are Ballpark figures a or. Noggle commented. A the exact figures will depend on temperature moisture and other environmental factors. A however i believe that these figures do indicate How essential plants Are to Man. Tile next time that someone proposes to Cut a tree lets think of the loss in oxygen production As Well As the value of tile tree for Shade Timber and Davidson dateline by Ven Carver Thomasville the Thomasville chamber of Commerce Board of directors voted unanimously last week to put the chamber on record favouring county wide zoning. A a in a like to emphasize a chamber executive vice president Hal Mobley said commenting on the action a i think the main objective of taking the position. Is an educational program. Its not something that we re trying to Force on someone. We want to educate them to the reasons Why it zoning is going to become necessary for the future of Davidson county. understand there is quite a bit of opposition to it outside the City. In a kind of sympathetic to them property owners because it is sort of an infringement on their right to build what they please on their property. But there Are also some pros to this. You can say you can keep someone from building next to their property which would devalue their actually the local chamber did not take a stand on the zoning Issue alone. Earlier this month the i a Kington chamber of Commerce announced their support of a county wide zoning ordinance which would have to by adopted by the Board of county commissioners. Rhodes Batson administrator for the Lexington chamber later approached executives of the chamber in Thomasville and the result was the vote taken monday. Quot what the two Chambers Are going to do a mob lev said a is present the positive Side of since he has Only lived Here about two months Mobley admits he is largely in the dark about the zoning Issue. A a it a a whole new Ball game for me Quot he confided. Its not Only going to have to come in Davidson county ifs coming All Over the country especially in areas that Are becoming rapidly urbanized which we Are. If we done to protect ourselves who is a onrushing urbanization is happening at an even faster clip in nearby Forsyth and Guilford counties and there Are those in the two counties who Are perhaps casting a jealous Eye on territory Here. Apparently though the Chambers of Commerce Are genuinely concerned with forestalling the effects of unregulated urbanization and Are not merely trying to Block unwelcome encroachments. President Frank Rankin of the Thomasville chamber wishes to emphasize that the two bodies Are not at Odds with the county commissioners. A we want to be careful that we done to create the impression a he said a that the two Chambers of Commerce Are trying to collude or Tell the people of the county what to do. We Are certainly not that Way and we re not going to try to pull anything fast Over on the county still the county commissioners Are not noted for their haste to take progressive action. If the education program of the Chambers is successful however Tho people May be demanding zoning Protection and in that Case they will probably get it

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