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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 22, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper the real Issue Randall b. Terry president co publisher mrs. Cd. Lockwood vice pres. David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. . Rawley co publisher Joseph p. Rawley . Joe Brown editor Page 4-a sunday october 22, 1972 thoughts for today so that through two unchangeable things in which it is impossible that god should prove false we who have fled for Refuge might have Strong encouragement to seize the Hope set before 6 11. Even ones yesterdays could not continue to stir and move in a Many a mind unless there were a future for those yesterdays to make. A Mary Ellen Chase american author and teacher. On being no. I this editorial assessment of current trends in the furniture Industry comes from Leo j. Heer who is retiring at the end of this month after 20 years As managing director of the Southern furniture exposition building. His analysis is also appearing in several current issues of furniture Trade publications what is the state of the furniture Industry we can obtain a Good evaluation from a close look at a limited number of highly significant qualitative developments even a better perceptive overview than from a Complex array of statistics. So lets see How it is Here in the last half of 1972. Furniture has achieved the status of style Industry. That is the accomplishment that opened up tremendous opportunities. Measured by the increased Dollar volume of the current decade it is quite obvious that the Industry has already capitalized substantially on the potentials. But bold ambitious and knowledgeable Industry leaders say that All the remarkable Progress that has been accomplished is Only a forerunner of what is to come. The bravest forecast is that Home furnishings is now on its Way to replacing automobiles As the nations number one consumer durable goods Industry the volume expansion up to now and the anticipated even greater volume growth ahead is accompanied by logistical problems greater of course than when we were a less Complex and a smaller volume Industry. They Are being met and no Small contribution to finding solutions is the close Contact being maintained Between manufacturers and retailers. This is one of the most vital functions of furniture markets. In recent years it has not been emphasized in our thinking because the logistical function has surrendered the spotlight position to the More dramatic Factor of style and fashion introductions As we viewed the role of markets. In this shift to a style and fashion Industry changes have occurred at practically every aspect of furniture production in the product itself in its component raw materials in its retail distribution and merchandising techniques. More changes will come. The ability of individual retailers and individual manufacturers to participate in the exciting Industry growth potentials and in fact their very survival is related directly to ability to comprehend and adapt to the changes. It is that Forward looking Quality of adaptability rather than the specific volume of individual operations and the exact level of their increased volume that determines who survives and who Falls in these times of Overall Industry expansion. Much emphasis has been placed on the accomplishment of the great volume retail operators As they exploit the potentials of mass distribution. They have brought change and have indeed seeded important developments. Emphasis has been placed on the growth aspect of some of the giant manufacturing operations a those built through resources made available by conglomerate acquisition and those built to Gigantic proportions by Independent expansion and volume growth. But in an Industry where style fashion and personal service Are so vital the smaller Independent who keeps Pace with the Normal Industry growth has As much Opportunity As does the giant operator in his Field. This is True of both retailers and manufacturers. Not Only is there room but there is definite need for these Middle volume bracket and smaller operators. The More personals service of the independents who Are in the lower volume brackets than the giants Are vitally needed to round out the growth pattern to full potential if the Industry is to achieve the top flight spot among All consumer goods industries. At times there have been critical references to furniture being a fragmented Industry. As to the Validity of that idea it depends on the viewpoint intended. If by critical reference to fragmentation it is intended to criticize the individual units which do not adapt to changing needs it is a valid critique. But if it Means to criticize simply on the basis of lower volume alone then it is not valid. In summary the few guideposts that represent critically important factors referred to in this informal scanning show that the Industry indeed is in the Healthiest condition it has Ever been. It has left behind the trappings of an old staid producer of Utility products and moved into an Era of making vital contributions to the living standards of the american Home adding to Utility the ascetics of style and fashion. Indeed our trends could Well carry furniture into the number one spot among All durable goods the second Chance Quot the word of Tho lord Cam unto Jonah Tho second Jonah 3 1. The late senator Ingalls once wrote a poem one of the most pessimistic in our language. He wrote of Opportunity and its coming Only once to Man then departing never to come again. The closing words in the verse were these a a i come but once and i return no of that were truth Mankind would be in a most pitiable plight. But the poet Malone came Back later with his verse a a they do me wrong who say i come no More when once i Knock and fail to find you in for every Day i stand out your door and bid you Rise and fight and win a a a Hurrah and three cheers for such a reply with its optimistic note and its Beautiful message of Hope for mortal Man. Yes if there were no a trying again after our Defeated efforts we mortals would have no future at All and we might weep our lives away at the ruthlessness of god toward his children. Here in the old old Book of Jonah one so often laughed at because of the whale Story we find so much that is morally True of god and Man. A the word of the lord came unto Jonah the second time a and what a marvellous Story we have of the hesitating prophets Success up at the wicked City of Nineveh. In the Olden Days we heard much preaching about the unpardonable sin. And the preachers of that time made ones blood run cold in their harrowing accounts of such a monstrous evil. We do not hear such sermons now about such a subject although there is a mighty truth in such an unforgivable sin As that. But for most people we talk about the errors blunders mistakes and the moral evils of the passing Day. God has been generous and most compassionate in his relation to us relating to our Many transgressions of his Law. Take a look at weak kneed Simon Peter the Man who was up and then Down Down and then up even in the presence of his master. Christ revealed so much of his redeeming love toward that sinning disciple. What if Peter had had Only one Chance in his daily conduct. He would never have risen to become a mighty pillar in the Church of Christ. His life would not be written in glowing colors of Grace and truth As an apostle of Power and vital spirituality. Nor would that Cathedral on the tiber been named St. Peters with All its Art and Beauty and magnetism for the millions. Peter was Given Many new opportunities by god almighty to show his Worth and Sterling qualities. The gift of the second Chance was his salvation in this world and in that fairer one to which failing men Are eternally looking. Jesus in his teaching portrayed the kind Shepherd going after the lost sheep on the rugged Mountain Side an object lesson to All wandering ones that there is Refuge and Security even after transgression. He pictured the prodigal son returning Home after a life in sin and shame not to be rejected by his father but gladly welcomed into the household As a son dead but alive again lost yes but found All to the fathers Delight. All this is a portrayal of the Loving heart of a god who pardons our sins. The fallen girl in her shame was not cast aside by the master of us All As men had done no but forgiven and sent on her Way rejoicing in a Savior a love. Thus the life of Jesus was filled to overflowing with the gospel of the second Chance the new life of beginning again. A if at first you done to succeed then try try again is an old old Rule that i heard preached years and years ago and i have found that it has been a Noble Comfort to my poor heart. For eighty years i have tried to follow such a slogan in daily living. It has been a healer of Many Many mistakes blunders that maybe others would not Overlook. But in my heart of hearts i knew that my father above was behind every word of that motto for me. Yes and for you for the Man across the Street for the Man on the other Side of the world. It Means that god is Good and his mercy end Ureth forever and that there is a time of penitence and the pardoning mercy of the most High. God be praised for the Golden opportunities he gives to each of us. Cer by Caplis Waynick i have watched developments in High Points police scandal with genuine distress. Not until it is placed in question do we realize the importance of Confidence in the police. Scandals have surfaced elsewhere impairing Faith in the police. I recall that Miami some years ago uncovered a police defection of serious kind. A group in the department was found engaged in robbing some of the very property they were employed to guard and protect. Recovery from the effects of a blow to Confidence like that is slow and sometimes partial. What has happened Here should not tarnish or obscure the Long record of service of the Force As a whole but it is equally True that it is the duty of the City government to do what is necessary to remove the blot and restore Faith in the integrity of the vital guardians of peace and order. While on the subject i believe that As a Rule we take the police Force for granted As dependable employees and fail to show the Strong appreciation of their service that they Merit As often and As steadily As we should. What is the Best Way to wipe away the stain and restore Confidence it is not easy to say but i doubt whether the Deal with the International Assn. Of police chiefs is the Best device to employ. It May be that the City shall have made its contract for that organization to do the Job before this is printed but i Hope not. I would advise pressure to get the study of our problem made by the stat Bureau of investigation guided by some extent by the very diligent and capable attorney general of North Carolina. If this could be done. I think the proposed inquiry would eve effectively a High purpose. For the Sake of the generally Fine police f the and for the Public it is set up to serve whatever is done should be done Well by the right people. The defection of a few has besmirched and made uneasy Many and no Factor is More important than that now under discussion. The welfare of High Point demands a Good Job and it should be Worth any reasonable Cost even though the proposed $18,600 seems to me to be excessive for what the organization proposes to do. V so Oft a \ Kemink j is Jost around the i concede. Of deserve it. Champ a deadly doses Washington deadly radioactive material has been mishandled by some of the nations leading institutions. These include famous hospitals huge corporations and even the Federal space Agency. Instead of cracking Down on accidents that cause death or dangerous illness the atomic Energy commission has let the perpetrators off with a wrist slap. And when such agencies As the general accounting office do turn up evidence they suppress the names of offenders. Now however we can report in detail on some of the enterprises cited by dec for safety and other violations. They include the National aeronautics and space administration Kerr Mcgee corp., the . Nuclear corp., Buckeye pipeline the Theda Clark memorial Hospital Neenah wis and the Louis a. Weiss memorial Hospital Chicago. At Theda Clark memorial Hospital for instance. Dec licensed the use of radioactive materials for medical diagnoses. But almost unbelievably a patient got 200 Mill curies instead of 200 Micro curies a a thousand times More than the intended dose. A practical nurse at the Hospital had ordered the radioactive material from a supplier and a student a Ray technician mixed up the dose. A doctor questioned the Large size of the syringe containing the deadly overdose but a student aide assured him it was All right and he injected it into the patient. The patient died a few weeks later. A similar horror Story came literally within a breath of happening at nasal Sames research Center Moffett Field calif., when a High school student was doing outside work for school credit. The youngster was sucking radioactive fluid into a a a pipettes a a sort of Glass Straw a so he could Transfer it from one Container to another. The government labs rules forbid such pipe Ting but the student had never been warned. By mistake he swallowed some of the poisonous fluid almost the maximum that his body could withstand without severe illness or death. Ironically dec had complained to Nasa for six years about a Lack of safety personnel but had done Little to make its complaints stick against its sister Agency. Radioactive shoes at Cambridge nuclear corp., Billerica mass., the Ecby Jack Anderson has held at least 23 inspections since 1960 and found violations on 18 of them. Yet the company went on operating. Not Only was Cambridge nuclear caught with unshielded radioactive materials but an occupied apartment building next door had been radiated at a level 22 times More than permitted by dec regulations. The children living in the building were getting an annual dose of radiation to times the recommended limit. Examinations of numerous workers at the Plant also revealed Many incidents of mild to substantial Over radiation. At Kerr Mcgee the company founded by the late sen. Robert Kerr d-okla., sometimes called the a King of the Senate because of his Power dec found violations but did Little to Correct them. The giant corporations Oklahoma facility leaked radioactive material into the air exposing 24 employees in less than two years. Some workers were even leaving their jobs with radioactive contamination on their shoes and clothing. For months the violations continued but in the end Kerr Mcgee began to comply and recent dec inspection have found them doing a Good Job on safety. In another instance the . Nuclear corp., Burbank calif., failed to Tell the dec about a serious Accident As is required by Law. Mishandling of plutonium contaminated an area and a worker breathed in to to 14 times the Safe limit of the radioactive material. Three workers tracked Home the unseen but lethal leakage on their shoes. The dec Only Learned of the incident from an Anonymous Call. Dec did act in this Case denying the company a License renewal. 500< morning by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus folks with whom we be talked Are quite concerned at the obvious wastage of upwards of $20,000 on that in depth study which the City Council in its Wisdom on a tie vote in which mayor Bencini cast the deciding ballot has ordered for the police department by the International chiefs of police association. It is just another evidence of floundering by a City Council that should have faced up Long ago to realities of a police department shot through with problems too serious to wait seven eight or nine months for an outside study to say what a wrong when it shows All too clearly something that called for prompt and decisive corrective actions months ago. Too unless that report next summer excoriated chief Laurie Pritchett it is Likely to be suspect inasmuch As the chief is an important Cipa member a former director of it who is buddy buddy with its president and one who has for years extolled the Virtues of that organizations efforts in support of police activities. It would seem that chief Pritchett would have recognized the undesirability of such and have declined to be party to such a study that can hardly help having the appearance of placing a Rabbit in charge of the lettuce Patch. But then one would have thought that chief Pritchett would have been the first to Call for investigation after several policemen were caught admittedly robbing stores Here if his hands Are As clean As he professes them to be in this matter of police difficulties for which he can to escape responsibility. The chief did outstanding work in his Early Days Here building police morale but his Over reaction to his recent troubles has so backfired that Many who have been close to him Are fearful the mess in the police department Isnit Likely to be cleared until and unless he can regain control of a department riddled with problems that should have been met promptly by the City manager and Council instead of its floundering in such expensive and unsatisfactory manner As now contracted. Once control is lost it is difficult to regain. Shep Ames who in 15 years residence Here has made a name for himself in the Fields of Selling from insurance to fabrics is taking his family to Gloucester Point va., at the end of this month to open a furniture shop. They go with a warm feeling for High Point where he married and their three children were born. It is their Hope to maintain contacts Here in supplying his store for says he Quot High Point is the greatest place in the world and it has meant much to there a a lot of music in the air at the presbyterian Home these Days. A set of Cathedral Chimes now strikes the noon hour each Day for devotions. Those Chimes were made Many years ago by one of the leading manufacturers of Cathedral Chimes in this country. They formerly Hung in historic Haw Fields presbyterian Church having been used for More than 30 years after they were donated to the Church by senator and mrs. Ralph Henderson Scott. They came to the Home Here through i. C. Crawford who became interested when they were no longer used by the Church. He has worked to get them into playable shape so that mrs. Crawford could play them in a special service for their inaugural program. The Crawford now live in an apartment at the Home. Recently a grand piano was presented to the Home by mrs. Sidney a. Gayle another one of the members. It has added materially to the Quality of music since it has helped in luring Many talented musicians to present concerts there. A new program in what might be called a seminar in music appreciation has been instituted by w. B. Clement a member with a special interest in recorded music ranging from Broadway musicals to the Boston symphony from spirituals to handels Messiah. It All contributes to keeping the presbyterian Home a Happy place. It begins to appear that the $5.7 million expansion project at High Point memorial Hospital will be virtually Complete by the end of this year except for a few details. It is a marvelous addition expanding in Many ways the depth and Quality of Hospital care Here. The new operating rooms Are being readied for occupancy the deep therapy equipment is being installed and the cardiac Catheter nation Laboratory a contribution largely by Model cities enables an astounding Extension of the distinguishing cardiac care unit s enlarged and vastly improved service unexcelled anywhere. W. R. Peters who was retained As consultant for the building project following his retirement As administrator several months ago is working on the completion and placement of Iso memorializing plaques in the spaces which were taken by larger donors for such purposes. There is yet a lot of clean up work to be done and contractor George Stewart is being pressed to get along with it. The rebuilt old West Wing has now been cleared so that installation of the new Telephone switchboard can get underway although it will require an established six months to Complete installation of it for Telephone service to rooms in the new North Wing and elsewhere Over a Hospital where telephonic communication is vital. Few civic clubs anywhere can display As Many foreign club flags As the Thomasville rotary club which includes a flock of inveterate International minded travellers. It was against such a background that it welcomed International rotary president Roy d Hickman for a great meeting wednesday evening As an Honor to Thomasville International rotary director James e. Lambeth. It was one of the Best run Best fed and most delightful such events of the Many we have been privileged to attend. When Thomasville hits on a party it has to have sparkle As president John g. Thomason former mayors Kermit Cloniger Harry Brown Finch and others Combine their talents to put the big pot in the Little one it provides a show with an eclat that Drew 27 former District governors from Over the state to join the tribute to president Hickman and director Lambeth. Approaching its 50th anniversary next year of building men out of boys the Myca is directing intensive study toward planning for total needs of High Point in the years ahead. From president Leon Safrit on through the directorate and friends thoughtful considerations Are being studied to find the Best Way of dealing with present and future needs of an Agency which has been close to the hearts of parents and youngsters Here for half a Century. It is their purpose to find solid answers and get about implementing them a if you have ideas talk to somebody in official connection at they for they want All the help they can get

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