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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 22, 1972, High Point, North Carolina In in in i f Fri by Forrest Cates this idea of planting Trees along main Street is just a peachy idea. The Way i look at it Trees Are a whole lot better than most people. Even scrubby or Pine Trees Are better than a Bunch of scrubby of people i know. Anyway even if i did no to really like Trees you catch me saying so because there Are a lot of people in this town who would Lynch you from the highest limb if they heard you say anything against Trees. Shucks id rather be against a Many a wife than against his tree. Rut nobody knew that the bully old City Council liked Trees so much until last week. Right out of the Blue mayor Rill Nencini said he thought the City or somebody ought to Plant Shade Trees on main Street 50 feet apart from one end to the other. All the rest of the Council members even the ones who Arentt crazy about going out on a limb started talking about Shade Trees and How we need More of them in High Point. Somebody remembered that the City has a Hole digging machine which sits around on its can most of the time doing nothing. Ile said what the Council ought to do is offer to dig holes free for any place of business which will Plant Trees on its premises. Everybody thought that was a Good idea too so they probably Are going to do it in addition to planting Trees 5ft feet apart on main Street. Of course one of the important things still to be worked out is what kind of Trees will be planted. The councilmen said Only a a Shade Trees. Rut eve been thinking about this for several minutes and i have just Rome up with another peachy idea. I think we ought to Plant fruit Trees along main Street. I mean where in this whole United states of America can you walk Down main Street and pick apples Between Stop lights. Or nuts by Golly we could have some Good of Hickory nut Trees to to with those Apple Trees and every Day the cd to could end that no account Hole Digger Over and crack a i mph of Hickory nuts which would go great with Coffee Breaks. The More i think about to a Trees the More i can to Walt until they get that Damn sorry Hole lilt Tutor off its can and to work the City Council had another real Good idea while they were talking about Trees. They said it would be real Nice to put a lot of hiking end Bikini trails Iii Oak Hollo Quot at Cliv i Ake Parks As suggested by a organization of local pud hikers. Councilmen oven said they May he willing for the City to spend a Little Minev on those trere which Means that they must like the idea a lot because they done to like sendin Money a lot. Anyway like i said. In mall for building Thorp trails because to Tell the truth in be never Bomi too a Are about people who ride bicycles or walk when Thuv done to have to and i inst As soon Hunch hmm at the Parks so Well know where they Are. In the furniture Industry production sales change seen by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer the furniture Industry which has just gone through a period of mergers and acquisitions by outside companies now appears to be in the verge of a period of further tremendous changes. In the offing Are significant developments in production techniques marketing and in the use of the materials that go into the making of a piece of furniture. The Point at which these impending changes Are brought into focus is within the Southern furniture manufacturers Assn. And its various divisions. The annual meeting of the Sema is scheduled for nov. 8-10 at Marco Island in Florida. Then Many of the problems confronting Hie Industry and measures to do something about those problems will be discussed. Closest to the pressures at work on tile Industry Are the production and costs division and the sales and marketing division of the Sema. In interviews at the furniture Market in High Point saturday the chairmen of these two divisions talked about some of the changes under Way in the Industry. Quot i think that what we Are confronted with now is an Opportunity As Well As a Challenge a said Basil Turbyfill who is chairman of the production and Cost division. Turbyfill who is president Phe High Point Enterprise sunday morning october 22, 1072. Page 2-a Leo Heer Cit Monypeny. Lois Hagen Elizabeth White Bill Peterson they Are recipients of writers Hall of Fame awards stiff photo by Sonny Hedgecock furniture awards made by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer i a j. Beer the Man who has presided Over the Dav to do a operations of the Southern furniture exposition building As its managing director for nearly 20 years was presented a Grid pass to the building saturday. The presentation came during the announcement of the writers Hall of Fame awards at the expo sit n budding. Beer who is retiring As managing director of the exposition building on Ort. Is presented the writers Ball of Fame awards. Be was then called Forth himself by Henry a. Foscoe president of the exposition building. A these awards Are presented for distinguished reporting of Homp furnishings and the furniture Foscoe noted. A now i want to present an award to the Man who has meant so much to this Market and to the press. A file is the Man who for the past 19 years has made the Market which has made the news a fescue said. Beer was presented with the honorary Gold pass to the building and also with a framed certificate signifying his membership in the writers la ill of Fame. Recalling that he had once worked As a reported Beer said a my managing editor Wrenn s ramblings Archdale gets paperwork break by Don Wrenn Enterprise staff writer Archdale a some Good news has come the Way of the Archdale City Council in its application for a $500,000 Federal Grant to install a water system. The City will not have to scrap its original application Ami Start from scratch again it has been informed. Wien drilled Wells were the Means the City was going to use to Supply water to its residents it applied for the Grant from Hie la s. In apartment of housing and Urban development blk i for $700oho. Before the City Eon apply to cd it first must get permission of the state and the Piedmont Council of governments cd i. While the application was being considered by the state learning House tile City was advised to see if it could work nut an agreement with the City of High Point on a Back up w Ater Supply or an emergency Supply of water. This state request started a series of meetings Between Archdale and High Point officials. This went on for months and the Federal Grant application awaited the outcome. Finally Hie City decided to go to the North Davidson water corporation for writer and City officials had been concerned they would have to Start All Over again in drawing lip its request for Federal funds. State learning Bouse officials told the City last week it will not have to draw up a new application. Now the City ran Start its application on its Way again and hopefully it will go through without further hold up even though the same local and state agencies must give it their approval. Meanwhile the City has sent to the Davidson county water firm a letter of intent. The letter is not a contract hut states the City a intention to enter into contracts with the water firm when and if a Grant is approved and if tin City voters approve $1.5 million in Bonds to pay or the program. Tuesday night the City Council will meet hut it Likely will not have too much to discuss on water Issue at that time tile Archdale City Ball will be closed monday for Observance of veterans Day lint will open on tuesday at its regular line. Randolph republicans Are moving closer to their democratic counterparts in registrations the latest figures released by the Randolph Cut univ Board of elections show a total of 27.245 one registered for the nov. 7 balloting including 18,2 11 democrats and 17.227 republicans a difference of Only 954 persons. The democrats have out registered the republicans in Randolph for years by in the final voting Many democrats have apparently being voting Republican. All county elected offices Are held by republicans except for District judge seats which invoke other counties As Well As Randolph. When bids were opened this week on the proposed new Randleman Library supporters were disappointed to see the costs were 20 per cent higher than anticipated. Mayor j. C. Dawkins said the total Cost of the building according to the Low bids received will Cost about $127,000. Be said this is More than the Library program has on hand far the building hut he be ? t he additional funds can fwd without too much of i Hie m. Lie the Library building be delayed. Dawkins said new City Hall is coming on schedule. A a Hie Walls oing up and it wont lie my a he said. Ity Hall and the Library built Lune Luri a or. I May the Aion Are ton i the will he built adjacent to the present City fire station on property bordering the City a huge parking lot in tile Center of town. Tile City is in the process also of developing an extensive recreational program. When an ambulance drove up in front of the Asheboro rotary club last Friday no one was urn alarmed because tile vehicle was bringing Cleve Thayer from Randolph Hospital to the club to he honoured f in his Long service not Only to rotary but to his Community. Thayer a patient in the Hospital for the past several weeks was honoured by the Asheboro rotary club As a Paul Harris fellow the highest Honor a can win Thayer came to ashes to in 1925 with Carolina Power and Light company and missed the service and Fellowship he had previously enjoyed with his rotary club in South Carolina. So he set about to organize a club in Asheboro. Rotan International appointed a croup of three men from the High Point rotary club to meet with Thaer and a num Lier of interested Asheboro businessmen. The club was organized with 21 members in november 1926 and was officially chartered in january 1927. Thayer served As vice president of the club in the first year of Tho clubs organization Aud in 1927 was named president. J. I. Ross or told of thayers achievements in service to ids Community including an organizer of the Asheboro a handier of Commerce founder of the Church of the Good Shep Lierd Fri Sepal Charier member of the Asheboro memorial foundation which developed a swimming Pool and other recreational facilities fir Asheboro served As a past District chairman of tile general Greene boy scouts of America Council past commander of Dixon Post american legion trustee of the North Carolina symphony and a Lender in tile american red Cross drive end heart fund and one of the organizers of Hie United Appeal of greater As Heigoro. Would certainly be surprised at other Ball of Fame awards and Gold passes went to do is Bagen of the Milwaukee d diurnal. Guy Mon Penny of i Khz decorating ideas Rill Peterson of tile High Point Bureau of borne furnishings daily and Elizabeth White of the Columbia record in Columbia s c. Last night Robert Gruenberg the Man who is succeeding Beer As managing director of tile exposition building was honoured by the directors of the National Home furnishings a Sun. Gruenberg was executive vice president of the Nufa for eight years before becoming managing director of the exposition building in August. The Nufa was made during a dinner in the presidents Rorm at the top of the Mart. Marvin i. Danto chairman of the Board of Nufa presented Gruenberg with a plaque which cited him for his a leadership in bringing about tile numerous programs for better management operation and communications and in establishing a stronger link with All of the Vari us segment of the courts close Veteran s Day personnel in the District and Superior court offices at the City county building will take a three Day weekend in Honor of veterans Day on monday. The offices will be closed Aud no court will be held on monday. The offices will open at the regular time on tuesday. Of Athens table co. In Athens tenn., said a we have got to look at the Basic changes in technology and adapt these to our labor accounts for 25 per cent of the production costs in the furniture Industry he said. A this compares to to per cent or less for labor costs in other industries. This labor involvement in our Industry has got to be faced up to. This is the problem and we must simply identify with production techniques in the Industry Are going to be changed for another reason Turbyfill indicated. A the labor is simply not available anymore a he said. But the changes to new techniques will not be without its problems Turbyfill indicated. A we must maintain the aesthetics the individuality of each piece of furniture even As we try to improve our production methods. That is Hie line we must Turbyfill noted that some manufacturers already Are experimenting with what is known As the Flat line finishing technique. In this method the various part of a piece of furniture Are finished before they Are assembled into a table or a chair or a bed. The various parts move along on a Flat surface in Assembly line fashion before they Are assembled into a table or a chair or a bed. A this is an automatic production process and it is an adaptation Nof the technology that is available a he said. Turbyfill said the Industry would lie farther alone toward Flat line finishing except that much of its Energy has been turned in recent years to dealing with health and safety hazards and with pollution problems. A your creative people have been diverted to regulatory tasks rallies than dealing with cur real another Factor which is going to Force the Industry to new techniques is a growing shortage of raw materials Turbyfill said. A Bow can you expect to continue growing at to per cent to 15 per Mem a year when you Are running out of materials a he asked. As an example of the shortage of materials Turbyfill said that Cartons and cardboard used in packing and shipping furniture. And hardware items for a piece of furniture Are in scarce Supply. At the other scale perhaps furniture manufacturers Are moving to upgrade their marketing and sales techniques. The first result of this concern will get under Way 3t the University of Virginia in december. The Sema and the graduate school of business administration at the University have joined to spun son an Institute for furniture marketing management. The Institute is designed for executives a from the top in the management of a company. A too Many companies have a what we Hope to accomplish is a greater degree of knowledge and sophistication within the Industry in dealing with sales and marketing problems a said William l. Hairston chairman of the sales and marketing division of the Sema. The Shotgun approach toward he said. A they fire away and Hope to score after it in one Hairston who is vice president and director of corporate merchandising f o r Stanley furniture co. In Stanleytown va., pointed out that there Are a variety of different markets for furniture. A there Are the apartment dwellers your single people the Young marrieds the Young family groups. Each of these Market groups have their own special needs and styles of living and what Sells Well among one group wont sell at All among another. A so each Market needs to be studied and sold according to its needs and the goals of the Hairston said the program at the University of Virginia is being developed in three phases. The first phase beginning in december offers a series of seminars involving a Case studies of marketing program in the graduate problems in the Industry. Phase 2 Calls for the Delop ment of a furniture marketing school level at the University. This will be followed in phase 3, with a furniture marketing program at the under graduate level. A the result should be a degree of continuity throughout the Industry in dealing with our marketing needs a Hairston said. Another area in which changes Are under Way in the Industry a the development of materials to meet flammability standards set by the Federal government. Such standards have already been applied to mattresses. They Are being developed now for upholstered furniture. A the Industry is already Well along in this Effort a reported Lyons j. Heyman. The president of Fox manufacturing co. In Rome. Ga., Heyman is chairman of the joint Industry flammability committee formed by the Sema and the set production on 3 a Steve lain lain named top Carrier for month Middle age time to live a bit recklessly i got into a discussion one Day last week about what Middle age is and there were some dissenting opinions. I contend that for a woman Middle age begins around Ace 38. Since the average life expectancy for women now is around 76 this math did not go Over too big with those in tile conversation even though 29. Any Way you look at it is halt of 76. The question is i guess is the Middle of your life considered Middle age for some reason unknown even to me i set a urn Dale age for men seme what higher like maybe 42 begins Middle age for them for men like Strom Thurmond i set the age even higher. You know.69, two children one Only Days old a Wile 25.he�?Ts got to be considered Middle aged. J the reason i think that most people especially women hate the Label Middle aged is the connotation Given to the word in Peoples minds and on television. Television commercials invariably stress the fact that anyone Over 3,5 is a Over the think about it. Bow old is the Guy who inspired that now worn out phrase the whole thing Quot Middle aged. Bow about the detergent commercial that makes y o u choose Between a babysitters Hinds and a 38 year old mothers the idea is that if it were not for this amazing detergent. The 38-Yearold s hands would in practically withered away. Thirty five if you believe television is when you Start to need natures spelled backwards. Its when you Start to need special creams plenty of geritol special vitamins a medicinally induced sleep. You can go to Hawaii Only if you Wear your 18-hour Girdle your husband will think you re wonderful and decide to keep you Only if you cram Down a one a Day Vitamin each and every Day. Middle aged men in Many of the commercials really get the raw end of the Deal. Middle age in most of them is syn Ono Mous with balding paunch iness and Cocker Spaniel eyes. The truth about Middle age is that to most people its something that a happening to other people. Few women like to be described As Middle aged even though they Are because of the connotations associated with the word. Men Are also conscious and sensitive to the mental picture around the word evokes but perhaps less so than women. I like to think of myself As a just nearing Middle age. Ten years from now i expect to lie still just nearing it. It really does t look that had to me though. Middle age should actually be the Oasis of life the pleasant wonderful refreshing place you reach Between the problems of being Young and the problems of restful Ness of being old. It should he a time when you can throw off the restraints you imposed on yourself when you were younger and do a few of the things you be wanted to do. Its really a debatable question in our modern society where Middle age begins anti ends. Do we have a Middle aged president or is he old if ii is Middle age does senior citizenry begin at 120? Are there not Middle aged Young people and Youthful p a s t -1 h dirty fivers some people were seemingly born old while others retain their Youthful vigor for always. Is life not always Joyless for some and forever joyous for others i suppose you could say that a Middle age is a state of mind and you re As Young As you feel and All that but someday somewhere we re All Gonna have to admit we be reached that Milestone Middle age. You can to pretend its not there and make it go away hut the least everybody can do is to refuse to let the commercials and tile soothsayers paint Middle age in such uncomplimentary terms switch to one a week vitamins. Wash dishes in Octagon soap laced with Lye and get it All Over your hands if you want to. Eat Midnight suppers at Midnight. Take a Jet to Europe. Live Sci recklessly. And As the final coup de Grace just Wear your 18-hour Girdle 17 hours. Steve i. Ivain son of or. And mrs. Paul a i Ain of Soo Chandler ave., has been named Carrier of the month by the Enterprise circulation department leaders. Steve was cited by Melvin k Reece assistant circulation manager. For a an outstanding Job in delivering his papers on time with no complaints from his route covers sgt rations of Carr Chandler Chestnut Hedrick Tipton and rotary streets. Steve is a ninth grader at Ferndale Junior High school where he plays trumpet in the school band. He also play piano and guitar. His Hobby is motorcycling and part of his earnings from the Enterprise route goes to support his Hobby. The High Point Enterprise established 1884 published i cry afternoon end sunday morning an Independent new Papet published by the High Point Enterprise. Inc. 210 Church Avenue High Point . 2/261 member of the associated press rates by Mau payable in Advance i or. 6 to. 3 to. I to. Doily and sunday s31.20s13 60s7.80s2.60 sunday Only si3.00 s6.50s1.15 daily Only s23.40su .70s5 85 s1.95 by Carrier wkly s 60 monthly s2 60 or. S31.20 mail subscription in . Sublet to 3% a Alec Tai. The associated press is entitled to the use for reproduction of All local news printed in this newspaper of Well of Oil a news dispatches. Entered As second class matter of the Post office High Point . Under act of March 3, 1879. Second class postage paid at High Point . Ail earners dealers and distributors Ore Independent contractors and the High Point Enterprise inc. Is not responsible for Advance subscription payments made to them or their representatives. For Home delivery rate connect your local earner. Word Giffith company notional advertising representatives

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