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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 20, 1976, High Point, North Carolina At wit s end permits Bug her High Point Enterprise wednesday october 20, 1976 3b selection of therapist is big decision by Erma Bombeck you hear a lot of talk in an election year about one of the Best examples in be seen appeared awhile Back in the congressional record. Since there was no authors name you can fantasize on who wrote it. In the beginning god created heaven Ana Earth. He was then faced with a class action suit for having failed to file an environmental Impact statement with the heavenly environmental Protection Agency Hera an angelic ally staffed Agency dedicated to keeping the universe pollution free god was granted a temporary permit for the heavenly portion of the project but was issued a cease and desist order for the earthly part pending further study by hepa. Then god said a let there be Light a and he should never have brought up this Point since one of the Council was Active in sier Rangel club and immediately demanded to know How the Light would be made. Would there be strip-mining9 How about Thermal pollution air pollution god explained the Light would come from a huge Ball of fire. Nobody in Council really understood this but it was provisionally accepted assuming i no smog or smoke would result from the Ball of fire 2 a separate burning permit would be required and 3 since continuous Light would be a waste of Energy it should be dark at least half the time. God agreed. We Hen asked How the Earth would be covered for darkness god said a let there be firmament amidst the Waters and one ecologically Radical Council member accused him of double talk but action was tabled since god would be required first to file Tor permit from angelic Bureau of land management Abl i and further would be required to obtain water permits from appropriate agencies god said a let the Waters bring Korth the creeping creatures having life and the fowl that May Fly Over the Here again. Council took no formal action since it would require approval of the game and fish commission coordinated with heavenly wildlife federation and Audubon Elic society. Everything appeared in order until god said he wanted to Complete the project in six Days. At that Point he was advised by Council that his timing was completely out of the question hepa would require a minimum of 180 Days to review the application and Impact statement. After that there would be Public hearings. It would be to or 12 months before a permit could be granted god said a to hell with sons of arabs have trouble with land ladies dear Ann Landers in a in a marriage that is not going Well. I feel i am not handling my life properly that my husband takes me for granted and i am overreacting to my children s problems. I be been thinking of seeing a psychiatrist although two of my friends have told me to save my Money. Psychiatry did nothing for them. Last night i ran across an article that said anyone who is considering therapy should shop around to make sure he or she can relate to the doctor. The piece listed some questions the prospective patient should ask the therapist Here they Are where did you get your training what is your marital status How Long have you been in practice9 what types of problems do you see a what types do you like to see what types do you least like to see do you routinely suggest a physical examination before therapy begins How Long on the average do you see someone9 what is your fee do you charge for missed sessions How far ahead can i cancel Ann do you believe a person has the right to ask a doctor these questions if she is considering him As her therapist what if the doctor refuses to answer9 i d like your ready to make the move dear ready the selection of a therapist is a big decision. The patient must have Confidence and Faith in the doctor. The questions listed Are Good ones. Ask them. A doctor who refused to answer every one of those questions would not rate very High with me. I d shop till i found one who answered openly and without resentment. Dear Ann Landers when i read the letter from a Why me9�?� i knew i could t keep quiet any longer. I had to write. I too am a homosexual a male 24 years old. I was in see our exciting new Wal covering patterns a Burlap a Sennis therapy for three years at my mothers insistence and am now convinced i will never be straight. In a not Happy about the situation but i can handle it. The problem is my family. Although my parents know. No one else does. My relatives Are All ultraconservative a politically socially and religion Wise. It would kill them if they knew that their brother Nephew grandson Cousin was Gay. The news nearly destroyed my parents six years ago and i m not eager to put anyone else including myself through that hell again. I hate living a lie. I done to want to deceive some Nice woman marry her and produce children Gays can you know just to please my family and cover up what i really am. Unlike your other correspondent who asked a Why me a i am asking a Why can to i 3e me a a need an a Vinyl a Gro cloth Uffman paint and Wal covering co. 762 n. Main Stroot Tai. �?�82-1147 Ajax a a Tlell Stout Shoppe fashion specialists sizes 18 to 60 16j to 32� 2811 Battleground ave Greensboro . 566 South Stratford re. Winston Salem us. L open Mon. A sat. 10-5 30 Fri. Til 9 Eye magic to combat a tired Eye look line the outer Corner of lower lashes with a Blue Pencil to make your eyes look larger and brighter. Flowers for All occasions melt Jyh Point % be Odd no Florist Grace Flower shop Torbay England Oil wealthy arabs May receive Royal treatment at luxury hotels and palaces in Cleat Britain but their student sons have run into trouble with the land ladies of boarding houses at British resorts Une third of the ladies who offered to House students on educational Tours of the country already have announced that they will accept no More Young arabs when mrs Michael Buckland served a Young Arab her famous Steak and kidney pie she said he told her that it was the sort of dish served to prisoners in his country. Arabs snap their fingers and expect us to come she said a one told me that women and dogs have no souls and that Only men go to heaven so i told invest for fall him where he could go All right clinically tested weight los plan contains one of the most affective diet aids available without prescription lose weight this week take off pounds amp inches. 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