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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 20, 1974, High Point, North Carolina It High Point Kator Prue. Sunday. October 6, 1174 Safe buy used cars a a fro i tot. 967 Pontiac to co�fkfi6< 972 Mai 8r�ght 0e"9�70 oct tailor i owner. 969 p0rtucct0 i gtd. 969hcrcury arc Hart cd. 967 Chevrolet is pow a it Tang out. 974 Linc on foot it it 972 Muk in town Sidun Beautiful Beautiful $480 $2980 $1980 $1080 $1080 $980 971 mucus Monico Wagon Auto Moho. Pow a flooring Ort $1880 971 ton tuc of Tanttu 4 door it chop a Ood a 972 futo suns $1980. $2380 971 cd Koin mom can10 ?$4680 1967 Nus Tinc 970 my ukr automat out i $780. $1380 970 hokum Montico a att $1350 ins Malibu 3 Doork re up it a of Toofic Rodeo amp Hoe to. 973 pm to runabout no in Pontiac a Onn Fohle 4 door Hord Fop. Ort. 970 in Sou Aumack . Thorp Cor. 961 Lam con 4 door. 972 Mercury Stetson Wagon. Loo Dod $1180 $2480 $480 $1480 1970 to a fro thorp49,000 Mitt. 1961 Dooc Piara 2 door kor drop. M a or a Ort . 1969 Chrysi in 4 door of conditioning 1967 suck Electra 4 door Ort. 1971 pm to it a. 1970 Chevrolet Camaro 6 Cylinda cd cart Ort cond <9 Dinov 1971 Cougar xr7 full pow a Ort Tondl Ken "91971 Chi Vuu 3 to pm a Ltd it a Hoot. Dean cot. 1970 Hornet set 4 Doe pop a or tree any oif out Moli. Cd d of Economy 1972 v0usragin sup Hiir. 9ot tour was $349019t3 Pinto $2480 $1680 $2180. $2280 1969 d00ce Coronet 3 door Hardtop Power ?.eg Ort conditioning out osmotic. Of Ai la 4tc tot Sal in 36 Mobile Homet Spacet at George s Mobile Homes Sale on used amp repossessed Homes George s Mobile Home sales sup a Ark Tiet Mobil from ult to Clyde Vav. Priddy manager a a Tipul to oreo Mobile trove lots county in aft new g a Aci f my Dot in plenty it room for Garden or it a a Nwe room Why my pore Root vow could to building mat Mott tor in our Katy to my jut us n aim a ton Taj or Hart a Voi Lawo Coll Ruji Iii Dov by Aji Iii. By he an Mijaro night. Roil i it at for so. Mobile Homes space a a j bedroom cok after i All Amr 171 Vebi of Novi is a the j bedroom attorn lean phone 47% tot i�7 a posse so Mobile move j bedroom Coll Chuck of Mimosa or. In ext co a Coon l7j she s Aton to to fully air conditioned completely Furni he von a to at Romolin. Coh Mi-177 or us to foe Sal j aeon nov mouse Trail a phone is Jas lot to Salk Al Oewn Wood troller pork. Noot Trinity Coil ail a Otter landmark realty j Mobile Homes to to Loci from. On no Titre wooded lot with won a i pc Tom Coil Aai i a Mobile promo tot Huo. Jar. Is both carpeted no Down payment. Owner will finance it its w i 736 Mobile Home pet Sal Ivai Rheum 73 must sell t7p spam poor Tattler on in a Era lot with Well on metre Ion a too phone a Hobo Ris Hoo Randolph county Mobile Homb lots in Huo 100x700 a it restricted teb a Vit it on 10% Down All ii. I to aaa. 7pm a a i Slat tor sate 37. Cemetery plots three grave plots in Torii Gordon. Mel h. Saso cok 47144 pour grave plot Floral gardens a Section j phone 431 Jim 39. Commercial property building por lease or Sale by owner 7 Soo so it of Odie ave phone Bol 713 por Sali three acres plus s my to North of get Ontero directly on Highway Joe n. Cot nor tot am it. Rood frontage i commute building Mobil to i by. How to i tool location lot restaurant Tipper club Urot Mark to. Truck i top. Amati t hopping Conter Motel end Mony other Bueno our to Coil or write Bryant l Cumming i i Strawberry re summer till n c 7734. Pm 443077 or 443 my ii. Property hinted Cash at once tor property tunable tot rental or remodelling for Tai Bob Vaughn realtors. M3 140 of Sei us no Fht in v it Cam t sell it we we. Buy it rot no Rhu. Emir Jot re mus Are your car payments too High on the late Model car you presently own of so and you would like to lower those payments and still drive a Nice dependable car see Tom Auman used car mgr. At Etal is data for sat 41. Property canted ready Cash hem or acreage to approve on Gahrn tan tradition r fairy my j so arh Rou a buy. Mil or Trad _ per your anytime will pay Cash por Aase room haul a tabla tor Rani Coll Chorizo Hugh Don Pean. I 74s4 Mer hand i i 43. Appliance we still have plenty of up night proofed per in con i 37s por Sale croon Wittin Ghorm Hove. Its cat Ruji 477 rep Riger Ator it Gas stove so in Good condition Call mj4i10 Sears Kenmore Whit a continuous cleaning even month old. Sus can Ruji ss7 Atter pm Sears t4 cd to. While j door trp to tel a ret ire ter. A or of a Al. Cond. 40 pm Rosa 3337 44. Hottie hold furniture to Alp rings 4 it it att Veik. Price a to per tot Tingle tilt other to 111 oif of i pwn Soi in e new Mediterranean bedroom a get. To i Drotter twin Mirror. Chott 4 j night Tondt Gweon it nto Deboord never Boon Wood phone All s44i a i or Simo Saso too old Winston re. 869-2181-�?T i upright piano with Bench now key Apo d is i Monogram on Hooter j rower bus i new bedroom twit pm m7 4777 l0ade0 72 Cuti ass supreme mod of Ovton on in a hated �?~3288 Iem Bob Toyota att sales Ite amp main phom yes v0�6 mete hand tto Isi household furniture come a. Be inspired View our collection at Fin furniture Cor pot you la find Beauty in ovary Nook and Carnot indulge your my in a Vittit to tort Tori Mon Al Huhn m Imti of. Stork i mpg mom Siut our convenient Root Environ it 4 pork ire. Gold tot end two choir. A x la Mfd Rug and portable treo fait ador phone Mhz. _ new 7 pc. Map Ding room twit. Pedotto table Bho j be Barly Amor icon Hying room Ludo. Biss i pc Block Vinyl spent the Hying room Twat. ? 4j1-j Mart Hantsa 63. Guru Sal garage Salem saturday. October Omlie doth. Sunday. October a we i pork. Furniture a med tor r onion bedroom id Iota Tebbeth ukr two Odd 4 end Jim Warwick or Colony Park Jamo town s4. Of Tevere floret pall bulbs a turnip 4 salad seed cow manure potting soil used 4 Westchester Lawn 4 Garden Iti Westchester or phone Miaja Btl phone 74 46. Antigua a decorator i pore dim Rhyno t Corner cupboard. Am i Lim St. Get Ontero Mangey saturday h til 4 monday nights i til i _ Potto Whit put not. Al to or to wraith any amount. Cad air Ito can 56 is Inch Sylvania coat to with an tonne in pm Antenna i year old. Perter cond turn my my antique victorian love seat Mirror Back try to an novo Teh Deek roil top de a. Lever Ai anti go clock phone Maats antique is Bok. Nicker Becker on door on front int lid on top. Reti method Sis phone Ruji Saa i it Inch Barly american Consols to in Call it Sim recall Al solid Slit special a Alto rent to own to some 4 rental inc uis Menthe a i Aam ask about Kreb tape plan 46. Firm Garden equipment stereo Deal Al in a philos % tor to am pm Rode pc twitch 4 taped fur in on with i Fidelity bound now 33 soil tor Sim in at in groan ook or Imoh Buck haute in Middle it traitor pork 9 John Deere Crawler loader new condition phone it. 7ts4 _ All kinds parm Ogul Mont now 4 vied will Gionco pm 7 731 Wallburg Perm easement co. T Milt North it Perm equipment co. Wallburg. Mg�w_ftv_�0 John of 8 re i he. Tractor Mower Model la a a Cut. We Home Pood. T in now phone Mimi a i. Bicycle 3 Speed girl Merci. J to too can i Schwinn Stingray a Ort pm. A a cohort condition por Sale Deluke to Speed Bike by Happy phone is Rel or a is Mer Chandi .9 <2. Article min Cal la a our 11 def cd t or i Impat cos its full m�5t Golf i Illk i i Jimj Croft Doof. Tei Tab a main per Olvir i Imp. Ito done to miss this Chance to save with used bargains t Puu i hire Hoise of pkg Erik alcoholics answer shop bloc Trie rang a it a a Ala Automa he wether nor go Clotho dryer 114 t Al Volt maps to a 1rs to maps to hts Jim 62. Arl Clef Mitcell Babeor 46 food l b t us Pill yur footer tor in Winter with Cho Ca Agad Boa 4 dec Fin Gurii or food a Alto Hove tractor to in to motion. Mil is Sam potato Tise butt Lorio cd Iai in Goth re Mck or Sid a re Market. Money is not tight at a amp a financial thinking of buying a new or used Cor or truck come to m amp j financial corporation of High Point. We Ore the Carolina s oldest automobile finance company and Hove the Money you need. On approved credit. We also offer financing for Cash loons Home appliance and on Home improvement loons 2nd mortgages for Home owners. Our firm hos helped hundreds of carolinians like you with financial services for year for whatever their needs we Ore a Money lending firm Thot understands your everyday needs even though your present Bonk or finance firm says Money is tight we look for new customers everyday and this is Why we Hove the Money won a my for you for your needs of very competitive rotes before signing any Bonk Loon company or dealer contract come into our office let s Hove a cup of Coffee Ond discuss your financial needs. We feel our services will be lust what you and your family Ore looking for you will seem amp a is the Best Way i 36 e Farris Point across from Towne theatre is. Musical Pqul meat s t it. Motorola stereo with am pm ?m4 Conn tor too Dock in Mem 4 of Lovmo sold now Moo. I tor Sjo pm m43ji0 por Sale a Cleveland King Coronet Usko one year Sim phone tor maj one used Hammond one Baldwin Usco 4 new organs Kimball music a chromium Arm chairs its j Chi choir tis oath Odd Timond choir. A is each phew m3 us _ Mang whits of 4 choir. M a pc bedroom suite very hic of shr 4 Couch. To a to has Shi. Up Mot a 4 be Spring him a von.�?~.atm<i�2 o a a a a a a to. A a 22 to 01 to pot. A is is Odd Tatta 4 choir s to up bargain Center Corner m in Jonnoi 4 nothing ton of Toon med to. 34 is Kenmore with to. Asdto47s0 0i a cd motor doubt by nor. H a approximately choir Homo 4 mph Wittort tor Mio with Paoge opt 4 Wuhu Teri donor Nukk to a sprit Chi ail i �4 tor prom Mont Arn 4 Croft % Odon 7 oar to Orturo Chott. Hwy to South. My in Ort i a. A a North ill Sti i we tech str mail bargains p ire Stone 4 Hortop Wor egg 4 Stratton ii cwt Aloe or it a a Ltd no town Mower let map now Onty in of Stone s Hortop Wor or at 4 Stratton red Long loan Mower. Is cur 11 Choate Frorup tut tor Sio now uss Firestone stores 501 n main St m5-21s8 99 9. Thomas Organ with rhythm motor Bench included Good condition h Alt ups _ 63. G my Sal a urn Shinos por Sal Snoj by to pm map Batt St garage Sale Joga that gun. Oven broiler Tootler. I pc it morbid. Radio. To. Work Bench toot. Bench grinder a it tank. Outboard motor Tutor. Tithing Ogui Mont. End Mony other item pro Sot. 4 Mon to in Thiim Worth St up Joa 869-2131 Mon ii. 9 a m -5 30 p m. Sat 9 a m .12 noon 869-2131 Contact in. Mccamey mgr. Larry Rudisill asst. My $1180 it Mercury Motif Loco my 3 door Hardtop i Power or Low mileage. 1971 of Trout Nova 3 door 6 Cylinder 1966 Buick la Sabre 4 door Hardtop of. 1966 Pontiac Catalina 4 door. Id Power. Or i owner. $3280 $1394 $750 $680 i Varo Sale saturday. October to to i lf7 pork St of Hev let a furniture. I Hove Rodrigo retort a of in Poti. Food tor applet tweet pot a no Money Down 70 Barracuda 69 Camaro 69 Mustang 68 to 67 Volkswagen 69 Chevelle the bargain Genter 3106 n main St open nightly till rpm phone 169-3139 bargains spied Queen Dot woth a. It for 74 1 new Only umps on Sims Btu Phi Ica Ltd conditioner a to tor Silt now Only 74$ of too Btu p a line a r cond Oner by Lor Sii is. Now Only is Swo Alto Corry Philco a a it or of Speed Quoon Wah a and a met att Orrmond tit Croaa a Cwm cleaner floor and upright Model Call Quot Firestone stores i n main St. Msj m Cape Guip Mon tor Toro Pond wheat chair worker Phan All #071 for s a in car tape player with speakers. In Phi Imp Carter s tree service a it re of pm spi Curme Sut Mcculloch Chain saw Moc ii. Very Good hop n mull Monogram Oil Heaters last years prices Arnold Jon Oil 4 mooting up. Call a asap Poy Asa in 7 night Gas prices rocketing for a Foll who Uke to Savi utile things like Money see me James Baker a specialist Fob a new Toyota or a reliable Useo car aia Toyota 328 s main St. Phone bbs-9016 electric Ron Fob Model Rod. Tootler Wolf Iron to r dry. T a a int con opener v matter Miter. Peed blender. Trading Post a tort i Ioc Ric Dong. Automatic wether vanity 4 Mirror. Wardrobe 34 so to a so. I to i. Joo to 7 a 3 to so. J m to 4 is. Of a ski i. Bim St. ,.141$ to a. Aas maps to is is japs Pstir or a a. Of Moo tor circulator. 4 a chm Book. Clothing i above stores open until in m priday nights Ory Oak per wooo por Sale poll mis electric or. Toovy duty for mixing drum Porto in or my for tor a drum i kilo Gram Tea j Pound Bry Rev Imohl moving. Novo to to told. Put m3 41 _ electric Grill. but Ycu of Mono a women is each 4 44 Aller s pm _ Pire place 4 Heater wooo por Sale Oak 4 Hickory i ted we Cut any length it Long pick up Bod toed. Coil Annm 0 Mal per wooo por Sale Hardwood or pm phone #94-47 _ fire wooo to Sale jew inf Are by Hind. Phone a3i-4iia of firewood for Sale Ait in kor Sale msgr Oil rom with log 4 Ewi no fug 4 Ito 91 it #3 turf of. A Ryan ombre _ por Sale a i White aluminium awnings excellent Cono. Reasonable phone aim a por Sale i Oil circulatory Phi All Jha por Sale ill volume tot of the Tibia Story Quot tor children like now any reasonable Arter will by con gtd re Coil of pm Tiar 4 pm p rom Wah to Wail. A toil at my an a Orp to Ciao with but to Lustra Eon a a acute Thom poor. La. Tho rental a he. La now Alto Hardwick got rang at Lawn scout Riding Mower Liao now Are Hardwick col Tom condition. Con i see i Craven Chavis and get a Good Deal on a new Toyota or used car at. Ink a a amp a Toyota no neing pickups a Colts a darts a chargers a coronets a Monaco a vans stake bodies a furniture vans a wagons a 4 wheel drive ram chargers Loo that cart at 246 h groan Trade your Way at Holiday us seller i Yeager who Hilham to c 8. Bat toll. Labor lob Whit a boo top Holiday Lincoln Mercury 2100 s. Main amp 2400 w. Green of Aler 1699 Phon 883-41 la phone 80-0514 phone 883-4957 save 1000-$1200-?15m save _ our loss Isavei save if to Yak its is your gain Isavei Ith too Tadt save i you a nobody but nobody wants your business More than us Ilderton Dodge 701-709 s. Main St. Phone 885-409 dealer 1745 ildirt0n-d0d6i also offers for your convenience a most Complete leasing Pun. Call Howard Stutts for Complete details. James Quot Jim Quot a. Penley Vann York Pontiac is pleased to announce the addition of or James a Jim a Penley to our professional sales team Jim and his wife Ollie have lived in High Point for the past 22 years and have spent most of that time in the automotive Field Jim is a member of the first United methodist Church Lake Junaluska associates and Elk Lodge 0 1155. He has 2 Lovely daughters mrs James Perdue or. And Deborah Lyn and one son David Allan. Jim would like to invite All his friends and everyone to come by for u Complete and exciting look of the new 1975 Pontiac. I to is a Joann a 902 n. Main St. 0 Dir. 6657 885-2 83 York Pontiac Izat atm

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