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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 20, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Here s How High Point Enterprise sunday october 20, 1974 to build a Bird feeder House Entrance is at Side with Large Wood deck at front Side by Vivian Brown a news feature writer whittling Bird feeders under a Shady tree might be a Good act for the family while the weather is still Nice. Some of the work can be done in the tool shop but scooping out the Little feeding holes and the placement of the Little dowels and the gluing might be outdoor enterprises. Most Birds pay for the ownership of the Little feeders and houses you might provide not Only with their songs but by ridding your surroundings of insects. For House of the week House for All seasons. Reasons by Andy Lang those who take a casual approach to life a or would like to a will find design r-80 to their liking. It s a vacation Retreat a retirement House or a year round residence for a family requiring one two or three bedrooms depending on which options Are exercised. Although the Structure is built in the conventional manner of Wood studs matters ant joists the entire front facade is of Glass making it Ideal for a View endowed property and permitting Sunshine to Stream into the living area to create a cheerful outdoor atmosphere architect William a. Chirgotis has placed clerestory windows on both sides of the House to make the most of natural Light while a massive Stone Chimney complements the natural a joint vertical red Cedar siding and hand split shingles. Accessible from the Cathedral Ceil need living area is a w Rought Iron spiral staircase that leads to a second floor Balcony overlooking the visual space below. The living Dinette area runs the full Width of the Structure taking advantage of the unrestricted View through the All Glass facade. Three sliding Glass doors framed in aluminium runways insure ease of operation combined with weather tightness and open to the spacious wrap around deck. Open planning is stressed Energy from Sun studied spurred by congressional action and funding by the National science foundation a crash program in solar Energy research has been undertaken. The ultimate goal is to make us self sufficient in Energy and since the Sun is a source of unlimited Energy a practical Way must be found to tap it until now most of the work done in solar Energy research concerned its application to Home heating As with All new developments the first working models seem cumbersome resembling Rube Goldberg contraptions. Most of them now operating use Large Flat plate collectors a aluminium sheets ranging in Sie from 000 to 800 Square feet and larger painted Black to absorb most of the heat the aluminium sheets Are covered with Glass which has the ability to permit the Sun s radiation to pass through it and be absorbed by the Black aluminium surface and which at the same time prevents any reflected radiation from escaping outward attached to the aluminium sheets Are Copper tubes through which a mixture of water and Antifreeze flows. The Antifreeze is to prevent the Copper tubing from freezing during cold nights or on Days when the sky is overcast. To attain maximum temperature the collector laces South tilted at an Angle equal to the latitude plus to degrees although solar Energy is Only in its embryonic phase research is going on to make smaller and More efficient collectors one project uses parabolic a concentrating collectors which track the Sun. Always tilted at the Correct Angle to face the Sun directly. These collectors Are Only 0 Square feet less than one per cent of the sue of the hat plate collectors. By the Side Entrance which makes easy Access and Good traffic circulation to All rooms and the one Large visual area serving As a living room Dinette and Kitchen. Plenty of counter and storage spare is included in the step saving Kitchen which is Large enough for a permanent Home formal and informal meals can be accommodated at the Dinette end of the living room. To the rear but not visible from the activity area because of the location of the free standing fireplace is the laundry with Washer and dryer a Heater room Shower stall dressing area and a service door to the outside. The first floor bathroom with its Alcove Bathtub and the other fixtures is adjacent to the Heater room Shower plumbing and nearby laundry. There is a master bedroom on the first floor and space for two additional bedrooms with connecting Bath upstairs which May be built at a later Date if so desired. Although the plan is of basement less design a full basement is possible with the basement Stair where the Utility room is now located. This plan with its simple rectangular design and economical requirements brings the first or second Home within the reach of Many families. In i i i r a t a i Vay to a of 0 to 0 or or in i ii it. M a amp is-5 i Emma i i Bat of a Oom iss my Iii ll�?T-2 ii a 0415. 12 Sli 4 Iti in t Balcon ten living o it. Tax too Oil placement of Entrance doorway allows Good circulation r is statistics design it 86 has a living room dining room Kitchen bedroom and bathroom on the first floor totalling 902 Square feet if the second floor is made into two bedrooms and a bathroom As shown by the architect 578 Square feet of livability Are added to the House. The Overall dimensions of the Basic House Are 27 0�?� by 35, but there is a wrap around deck that is to wide at the front and 8�?T wide at the Side. Example the u s. Department of Interior reports that 98 per cent of a Little House Wren s diet consists of harmful insects beetles caterpillars hugs and spiders. In fact All your Little backyard Birds a Robin Bluebird Catbird Chickadee Titmouse sparrows towhee Phoebe Brown thrasher and even the Pesky Blue Jay a manage to Clear nut a Large portion of the insect population. Bigger Birds like the Bobwhite busily rid farms of those agricultural pests a potato and Cucumber beetles bean Leaf Beetle Squash Ladybug Corn Bill bugs Weevil Wireworks cutworms and Cotton Boll Weevil. The Nighthawk s diet is too per cent insects and other destructive crawling things in his Book a How to attract. House and feed Birds a Walter e. Schut covers the whole bit he tells How to Start your own Bird club and How to find and identify the Birds what to feed them and what kind of houses they like there Are directions for making a wide variety of feeders and houses and even one for a Concrete Bird Bath a very useful Chart gives the dimensions of Bird houses for individual Birds and there Are recipes for concocting one s own Bird feed and suet cakes some feeders Are easy does it. A suet log feeder 19a inches Long and 4 inches wide might have a number of flinch holes drilled in it. A Dowel is put under each feeding Hole As a Perch an Eye Bolt is put at the top so that the feeder can hang from a tree a Long wire can discourage squirrels. A handsome platform feeder can be made with twin suet logs one feeder holds suet cakes and the other contains Loose seed a number of feeders Are made from pantry items a cider bottles Mason jars gourds and other things that might be on hand a Mason Jar is inverted and the seeds spill out on a triangular Board. Large holes Are put in the Jar s lid so that the seeds can come through the screw end of a two Inch Bolt is then put in the Center of the Jar s lid and attached to the feeder floor by a nut underneath to support the Jar and provide enough room for the seeds to spill out the floor is made of three Quarter Inch Stock and is suspended by three chains to a single Hanger at the top certain Trees and shrubs attract Birds making them easier to spot in fall and Winter when the Mountain Ash has its red and Orange berries you can find Robins waxwings woodpeckers and orioles Ipong the branches and Bushes such As Bayberry Dogwood Elderberry Winterberry and the like attract Many species of Birds of the by species of Birds of the vines. Virginia creeper and wild grape Are very popular in the Bird world Many people grow sunflowers for a Supply of seed for the Birds in Winter and some use the seed in suet cakes. Shutz f recipe for suet cakes goes like this grind up the suet before cooking. After it hardens Cook it again to make it even harder on the second melting pour the suet Over one or More of these Millet Sunflower seeds raisins Corn meal Oatmeal Rice. Cracked Corn chopped peanuts cooked noodles cooked Spaghetti. Using Little Flat forms made out of heavy aluminium put a Quantity of the mixture in and then pour the suet. These could probably be Frozen and thawed out before offering to the Birds in Winter when they Are needed suet can he placed in open mesh a onion or potato sacks a and nailed to Trees if one does not have a feeder but suet feeders Are much better Schulz advises and they look attractive. A comfortable warm Retreat for Birds in Winter can be made by nailing a Box to a tree Shutz uses Apple boxes the Box is completely closed with an overhang at the top and an extending Perch at the Bottom. An opening is also at the Bottom at the Perch make it Large enough for the Bird to get in before nailing the Box closed Schutz suggests equipping its Interior with a number of dowels one Quarter Inch for perches and filling the Bottom of the Box with Straw Excelsior or Wood. An Apple Box with one Long Side open nailed to a tree makes a very Good feeder he Points out. One end might have a wire mesh for the suet and there should be a strip across its front to keep the seeds from falling out. Winter feeders should always be put where they Are protected from North winds. He advises. Of you begin to feed Birds you must continue to do so. To deny them food after they get in the habit of visiting your feeder could result in their deaths is Penally in freezing weather. To find out what your particular Birds like to eat. You might Start out with a window feeder that can be served from indoors. Using one half Inch Stock or a piece of plywood put two support brackets on it so that several compartmentalized Frozen food trays May be put on it. Into each compartment could be a different food room additions bedrooms Baths kitchens garages Complete remodelling service any Type Home improvements roofing aluminium siding i hone sow for free estimate Owens amp Vannoy 883-6580 or 885-1260 free standing fireplace staircase Are focal Points the House of the week High Point Enterprise High Point n c. Enclosed is $1 each for a a baby blueprints of design r-86enclosed is $1 for ranch Homes Booklet. Enclosed is $1 for your Home Booklet a a enclosed is is for practical Home repairs. Name. Read the Enterprise classified ads Bubo Obb Street City state tip we Are Here 24 hours each Day phone us 882-8121 a a a a a a a a we recommend reliable painters and Wall paper hangers. Uffman paints Wall coverings co. Ill in Mik St. 8114 tarpaulins truck covers Hun mrs it Dye nets a lot bags it Canvas bags it furniture pads cloth or Metal a camping accessories if its Canvas we make it Quot High Point s oldest professional Canvas co All work fully guaranteed Cau 882-1313 for free estimate Kearns tent amp awning co. 2227 South main Street 1104 want to buy thu Best a no Palm a Home siding in Archdale Gerald Morgan Vinci 966 installed fencing Hoyle Morgan or Quot Pince Quot since less a Bank financing a locally owned amp operated i Check Ock pm icks uhf ukr vol buy Raynor paint amp aluminium co. Dealer in Alcoa amp Reynolds aluminium siding 3512 s. Main is. Archdale Telephone 431-5680 n r my Airit mph 4 a a w Call Mem 882-0797 9. For for be estimate on your lot uni i

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