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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 20, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 2d High Point Enterprise sunday october 20, of 4 conflicting stories Mark second week of probe phom Pao id ii now in charge of the training program at the Academy there have been signs in recent years of strained relations Between Leverett and Pritchett at one time Leverett was Given demerits by Pritchett. He was also removed from the Gallimore murder investigation by Pritchett. Among the factions in the department. Leverett is viewed As the Leader of the group opposed to Pritchett although he has never claimed that role for himself testifying before Council. Leverett said he has been harassed physically mentally and emotionally Quot by Pritchett. Quot my wife and family have lived in pure hell for 6l� years Quot he said. Leverett told of having information about a major Syndicate gambling operation in High Point and of passing the information along to the state Bureau of investigation but nothing came of it he said. He himself had been harassed on the Telephone and followed by other officers in the department Leverett said. He testified to confrontations Between himself and Pritchett. Quot there was a disagreement because i stood for integrity and morality individually and collectively throughout the Leverett said. About leaks in the department he said it got so bad As far As Federal undercover men were concerned that they refused to meet with anyone but he testified to being thwarted in investigations into gambling and liquor Law violations in High Point. Quot under the old system it is the sworn duty of every Man to enforce the Laws wherever he sees the Leverett said. Quot the biggest mistake in the past eight years has been to get fancy sophisticated and outgrow itself. Quot we be got to get Back to basics in which detectives investigate information gathered by the patrol and traffic divisions Quot to rebuild is to reestablish individual and collective morality and Basic policing without the frills under which we can overcome the conditions the police department finds itself in today Leverett gives assessment two other staff officers told Council of dissension in the department but they were less critical of Pritchett than Many other officers have been in their testimony. Maj. Stewart Hartley second in command in the department told Council that dissension is caused mainly by personality conflicts. Quot we have Dissen Sion it s been Here for years. It stems from bad cooperation and communications Between departments. A lot of it boils Down to personalities. One prime need in the department is a revision of the policies and procedures he said there is also a need for tighter discipline in the department. Hartley said he had heard rumours about gambling at the Rac n Cue but that this was not on his mind when he told staff officers at a meeting on feb. 23.1973 to enforce the Law to the letter. Each one of the officers and sergeants present at the meeting were asked if Quot any of you have Ever been told there a a person or place in the City of High Point that a immune to criminal arrests or indictments and each responded no. Hartley said. Quot i became concerned after becoming aware that every time i was turning around somebody was telling me that something illicit was going on a he said. Quot i became determined to find out Why they were not enforcing the Hartley acknowledged that some of the transfers within the department were excessive in some instances he said he was responsible for some of the transfers and promotions and Pritchett for the others Quot it has been a matter of improving the training a he said. Quot i Felt that if a Man walks in another Many a shoes they will get along capt. Van Mcswain head of the technical services division said he had communicated to Pritchett As Early As 1971 the department was having discipline and morale problems. He refused to voice any criticism of Pritchett however under questioning from Council. Quot in a not a Leverett Man i m not a Pritchett Man. I m a Mcswain said. Mcswain rebutted testimony from other officers about knowledge of gambling at the Rac in Cue and at 300 Lansdowne he said he was upset with officer a w. Haas for a raid on the Rac n Cue because Haas failed to inform his superiors in the other incident Mcswain said he could not remember going to Pritchett s office with information from g. W. Pike that gambling had been seen in Lansdowne. An officer for 24 years Mcswain was Captain of the traffic division and briefly of the patrol division before his assignment Over the technical services Back chief or. Pruette led a group of High Point school principals into the witness chair at the hearings last wednesday night to voice their support and Praise for the police department the principals said their relationship with the department under Pritchett were marked with Courtesy efficiency and promptness when needed Gaither Frye principal of Ferndale Junior High school said Quot i do believe on occasion Ferndale Junior High school would not have operated without their support a they said police cooperation had helped to maintain racial peace in schools during the period of integration in High Point classrooms Reading from a three Page prepared statement. Pruette praised the police department for a a new professionalism under the leadership of Pritchett he said the furniture Market decisions by the courts and perhaps City Council itself should share the responsibility for the problems of the department Quot the furniture Market is without a doubt a great asset to High Point a Pruette said Quot but it causes us to make some compromises in order to keep this glamorous Market away from the big cities like Atlanta and Chicago this Community has developed a widely supported program which Over a period of Many years has been calling for three things More bedrooms More whisky More night life. Quot when the Market comes to town who sets the Pace the tone for greeting the visitors a a Pruette asked Quot the City Council the Council says in effect that we Are not going to require our visitors to follow the Laws has Council spoken clearly about Law enforcement so that the police department knows exactly what is expected Quot Quot is some gambling acceptable because of the location or the stakes members of Council and Gruenberg took exception to Pruette implications that the Laws Are not enforced As usual during a furniture Market. Gruenberg said the furniture Industry nor the Market to his knowledge had Ever asked for exceptions to be made in enforcing the Law in addition to school officials and Gruenberg. Seven business leaders in High Point praised the police department in Brief appearances before Council All said they had no knowledge of specific allegations of wrongdoing in the department which had been testified to during the hearings. Pritchett is absent the Man whose name is mentioned repeatedly in the hearings has not been present since sept 23 Pritchett was released from Baptist Hospital last tuesday for a period of convalescence at his Home there was no indication from the doctors according to John Haworth attorney representing Pritchett when he would be Able to appear again As a witness at the hearings she whips breast cancer after 10-year ordeal by William Stockton a science writer Potomac my api Harriet Pomerantz is a breast cancer Success Story. But her 12-year Battle has t been easy the brutal truth about breast cancer the Stark moment of realization is imprinted on her memory with the clarity of a wedding Day or the first sight of a first child. It was feb. 20, 1962 in a . Public health service Hospital in Brighton. Mass the 34-year-old Mother of two daughters a Debby 4, and Sharon. I month sat on her Hospital bed waiting to go Home. She watched on television As John Glenn America s first astronaut to orbit the Earth descended to the Atlantic Ocean a Day earlier in the pain and nausea and dizziness of the recovery room her doctor had announced that the suspicious Lump in the right breast was t cancerous the Biopsy was negative. Quot i was to be discharged at 3 o clock in the afternoon and i was waiting for my husband the doctor happened by his office was right Down the Hall and he came in and watched the historic flight on my television Quot she recalled Quot he was paged Over the Loudspeaker and left. He came Back in about five minutes and said a mrs Pomerantz i in sorry but i m afraid in a going to have to eat a Little Crow. Quot a mistake. Additional tests had revealed a cancerous breast after All. Quot of. Wow. The end of the world. Quot my husband Rube walked in just then and the doctor took us Down to his office. And he said that i would have to have a Radical Mastectomy. And i just sat and stared at the she blinked Back the tears until she reached the seclusion of a Glass Telephone Booth on the sidewalk outside the Hospital where she called a Friend with the sad news. She could barely finish the conversation a week later. Or. Grantley w. Taylor an eminent Boston cancer surgeon performed a Radical Mastectomy. Harriet Pomerantz had begun her Battle with breast cancer a disease that kills half of its victims within to years the Battle has taken her through the Biopsy and Mastectomy la years ago a second Chest operation a Hysterectomy and radiation treatments is months later and finally removal of a lobe from the right lung in 1967 now a survivor tor 12 years she is considered cured. But Harriet Pomerantz is a fervent believer in regular thorough physical examinations. There is no guarantee the disease won t come Back. Today at 47, she is a picture of energetic Good health bounding effortlessly up the stairs of her new Home in a fashionable Washington suburb. Quot i Challenge anybody to feel any healthier than i do today. I have a too per cent Harriet Pomerantz holds her own on Tennis court positive Outlook i feel it is gone. Iti never be bothered by it she says. Atter 12 years breast cancer Hasni to measurably changed her life. Quot thank god i did t have to lose an Arm or leg or Tome Tong i needed to function with. A breast is one part of your body you can do without readily. Quot As far As physical appearance is concerned a woman might As Well forget about it. It s no problem i have never had the feeling i in anything but Normal when i m dressed. Quot As tor your relationship with your husband there it depends upon the individual. I happen to have a husband who is very understanding it was never a problem for him a Harriet Pomerantz discovered the Lump on her j breast herself. The doctor. Ordered a Biopsy. Quot i really Felt it Wasny to Hap i pining to me everything a w As going to be line with me. I Wasny to going to be the one who had a malignancy. A i remember lying on the preparation table before the Biopsy and having a girl prep j me a they shave whatever hair is on the skin a and i i remember saying to this girl what a terrible thing if i 1 Ever Iliad to lose the most j feminine part of my a and i remember thinking. A Iti never be Able to Wear a bathing suit again. I m never going to Wear a strapless dress my body will be deformed. I m certainly never going to look As aural Tive As i did before Quot but once i knew it had to be a Hie Mastectomy had to be a i adjusted my thinking to it. It had to be and that was the postoperative recovery was fast. She badgered the surgeon for physical therapy to regain use of her Arm quickly. She impatiently waited for the scar to heal so she could Wear an artificial breast Quot i wanted to get this thing covered up and i wanted to get Back to Normal living As fast As i possibly could i wanted to put it All behind me and look Normal and feel Normal the Pomer Antzes moved to Washington a few months later and resumed their Busy life then. In november 1963, Harriet Pomerantz discovered a Small Lump on her Chest where the cancerous breast had been. It was a sign of probable cancer recurrence an ominous portent. Or. John Potter of Georgetown University conducted tests. Quot my appointment was for i of clock on a Friday afternoon i was backing out of the driveway and i turned on the radio and they were just saying that president Kennedy had been shot in Dallas. Quot i can remember sitting in his office As or. Potter relayed the tests results and tears were streaming Down my Cheeks. I said a or. Potter in a not crying because of me. I m crying because of what i just heard Tai the the follow my monday while a nation in mourning buried its assassinated president Harriet Pomerantz underwent surgery for a cancer that would t go away. Quot As i awoke from the anaesthesia i heard the air planes flying Over the Hospital. They were coming from Arlington cemetery. A formation of air planes hew Over the when breast cancer recurs doctors often order therapy such As radiation treatments or in younger women removal of the ovaries or the adrenal and pituitary glands to shift the body s hormone balance. Two Days after Christmas 1963, Harriet Pomerantz underwent a Hysterectomy and then began radiation treatments. She had reached the Low Point. Quot the radiation was the Grimm est of Aff. You lie on a table in a Little room with a Large machine and you done to feet anything. Quot i he doctor who handled me had a very deep eerie voice. The first time i was lying in that room he went to the door and turned to me and said. A now lie very still and Don t move a Quot then he went out and shut the door and i thought my god. Frankenstein and this is my end. A just being alone in that room several times a week thinking about what was happening and Why it was happening without anything else to concentrate on. That was grim. It really hut Harriet Pomerantz bounced Back. She concealed her Holiday hospitalization i rom her parents in new York because she did t want to mar their 50th wedding anniversary a month later. Quot i was determined to be Back in too per rent shape tor the party. When i went my Mother said. A of. You look wonderful. You be taken off some weight How did you do it a she never revealed tile secret. The radiation treatments appeared to halt the cancer. Once again the Pomer Antzes took up the business of living. In 1967. Harriet Pomerantz passed the five year survival Mark a Milestone in every breast cancer patient s tight. She never neglected physical examinations. One evening in october that year. The Telephone rang just As the Pomer Antzes and daughters i lobby and Sharon sat Down to nosh has Hanah dinner to celebrate the jewish new year. It was or. Marvin Fuchs the family doctor who had conducted a physical examination tor Harriet a few Davs earlier he had found something. The news urn win t wait Quot he said he had spotted some shadows on my right lung he Wasny to Happy about he wanted me to see a lung specialist Quot he did i say it was cancer or that it might be cancer. But i knew i was pretty upset it had gone to the lung i had heard that once you get it in the lung. Baby you re Alt through Quot i was referred to a thoracic surgeon at George Washington University. I went Down for the appointment certain it would be cancer. Again within a couple of Days. I was in the Hospital and had a lobe cd my right lung Lancer had struck again hut once More Harriet Pomerantz called upon her recuperative Powers determined to resume a Normal Lite. She recalls worrying about being Well soon enough tor some social functions Tho fear and uncertainty caused by the discovery of More cancer gave Way to the old optimism Quot again they had caught it Early it was gone there were no indications of further spread Quot i Wasny to deformed i was t incapacitated people live with fewer lobes than i do i just hoped this was the end of the cancer has not recurred Harriet Pomerantz passed the 14-year survival Mark two years ago. To women who worry they May some Day fall victim to breast cancer her advice is simple a constant sell exam mation a but not to the Hunt it obsession you can gel carried away. And i outdo t urge a woman strongly enough to have regular physical examinations Aeeti pm the fresh idea company Mann drug stores to in 4 our Lawn medic operation guarantees you grass this machine a i aerated your Lawn As it it Llo spreads materials or ii n a we Oil 4 u Aam it Stu m a Viani Eui Rirs Gwin Pian a Pho Cam annual plan Quot 4 �?�4 4%t#4g 1��� Mushi #4$ a Cwm amp in Quot a St Al economies inc was no in Ripi pm clot i we to a a a 0 a ii it of g act it i i. Co.#. Ill. Ltd Ltd it on -4� i 7< Post it 4 too soft Pasq it. To too soft 6 service visits very icily it Lawn pall 2 visits partly guaranteed a under 3 25 pet soft commercial rates available Spring 2 visits a seedy Hen ii o ?0 to to i 4s u a Weed control e chinch it g a grub Sod web Iuro Poon choler control o soil not tent Fortifiers fou no a gent crab Condo a fewer aerating a it a a i a a # a a a i i m Rote. C of on. Of a a a. Summit i in it a to. Elk w�4 la of a i Cloit co. Gnu Fey. S�4 we a it it Ltd a a it fee a a no a 0<. N a but i a a i. A Fem 9 Hooch putts no in Smau Isi to in must Hahs he j 4ll l Thor snit inn Felting the oxygen Supply. Liru uting Awn amen to

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