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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 20, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Ii High Point Enterprise sunday october i it changing diet of cattle May reduce shortage by Don Kendall a form writer Washington api record High Grain prices the past year have caused such economic disturbances in the livestock Industry that agriculture i department of finals frequently talk the Otto future production of beet and milk from forage instead of Corn a few years ago. It was almost heresy for i Quot sea to speak of anything except the importance of feeding Corn based rations to brei and Dairy cattle rut that was when u s feed Grain production a climbing much faster than requirements now with iou pounds of live steer Worth Only enough to buy about to bushels of Corn instead of the 20 or 30 bushels in the recent past. To sea experts Art speaking out frequently on substituting grass Hay and other forage for Grain in cattle feed although sales of Grain led cattle base dropped Sharp this year a meaning Choice and prime beet in retail stores a Slaughter pm Quot Grasst attuned a cattle has More than Otlet those declines. The term grass fattened is lot precise since it refers also to cattle Torii have had some Grain but not the Lull feeding normally associated with production re finished Choice and prime beet this Dorsi t mean that the Day of feedlots and Knish de cattle is Over. It in t. Assistant Secretary of agriculture Richard l Fenner told the american meat Institute in Chicago last week Quot bul we May see cattle carried longer on grass or roughage before they hit the feedlot or with lev Grain being used to put on the finishing layer of marbling and Quality that adds the flavor and texture that americans have come to he said Feltner cited statistics to illustrate what has happened n the cattle business As nigh teed costs have forced cutbacks in fattening pens. Ranchers have boosted cow herds tremendously in recent years last Jan i. Fenner noted the u s beet cow inventory was 42 9 million Bead representing a jul per cent increase in five years the build up. Be said. Resulted in older cows making up Only i per cent of total beet Slaughter in 1972 and 19 per cent in 1973. Cows comprised 21 per cent of beet output in 1965 to. Now. He said. Ram hers and Farmers have been culling their Breeding herds and sending More old cows to packing plants despite Fenner View that feedlots will continue to turn out Choice and prime cattle some a then in to sea think that a massive change is How u s beef is produced is Long overdue of usha has a High priest advocating tor age led cattle a including Dairy animals he is or. Marlow j Hodgson. A top agronomist in the Ben Franklin was a bit nearsighted by Rhonda Sukhai. Associated press writer Philadelphia a Benjamin Franklin a Lar sighted statesman who was bullish on America would to shocked to learn his Sam Vear old Trust fund tor Philadelphia is Worth ii million less than the la million he had envisioned when he died in 1790, Franklin left 1.000 pounds to Boston his Birthplace and to Philadelphia his adopted Home. Me speedier the Trust a Worth about $4.too then a was to be user tor Loans of Quot up to Usu at $ per cent interest to Young married craftsmen who apprentice d in the aties Atter Loo wars. Franklin willed the Money was to to divided and used. In part tor Public works while the remainder was to be put Back in Trust for another too years by 1990. Franklin calculated that barring any major catastrophe the Trust would grow to More than Lour million pounds a or some $17 million dollars but the Balanc e Here it 1973 was $615,000 the Boston i urn contained $742,000 at last count in his will. Franklin acknowledged there might be unforeseen problems Quot it no unfortunate accidents has prevented the he said when making his estimate Boston used its share . To Purchase land tor its own Franklin Institute. Which opened in 1908 As a technical school aimed avoids Poirot Serene honk. Moffit. A 0mn i a Sii n Cau a Unn revival North main St. Baptist Church i 340 n mom St High Point North Corolla Rev. Calvin Metcalf Van relist pastor eau Claire Baptist Church Columbia South Carolina october 20-25 sunday services 11 a m. And 7.oo p m. Week nights 7.30 p m department s cooperative state research service Hodgson has held his Basic views tor Many years but the recent Grain crunch and decline in feedlot production has Given him new impetus. His main thesis is this a the ruminant livestock Industry meaning primarily beet and Dairy cattle but not Swine and poultry a is the Backbone of the Rural Economy and is at the heart of economic development in the Countryside today s beet Supply could be produced with Only one halt the amount of Grain now ted cattle and thus a huge tonnages of Grain could be diverted to other uses such As Export or human food a moreover Hodgson says if a stepped up program to enhance Lorage As a cattle feed is carried out. Total beet output could be increased to meet increased demands by 1985 a a beet producers would be insulated i rom the whiplash effects of fluctuating Grain Hodgson told a livestock feeders clinic at Fargo. N.d., last week. A forages have demand Only As livestock feed and prices would be Little affected by outside he said a a beet Industry geared mostly to forages would have built in product Ion Cost Hodgson said a greater Reliance on forages also would promote Wiser land use and minimize what he called a agricultural insults to the environment a we would be using the ruminant animal to its greatest potential a converting Plant materials Man cannot utilize into food products that Are both highly valuable and highly prize a he said. Hodgson said the task of switching to a greater Reliance on forages tor meat production will not be easy. He said recent statements by other us a officials that More cattle Are remaining on grass longer Are True a but there is a dangerous implication Hodgson said a that is that there is an unlimited Supply of Lorage just waiting to be fed to he said such is not the Case Hodgson said Federal cutbacks on forage research have been substantial in recent years another complication involves a tendency among Farmers to shift forage drop land into Corn soybean and wheat production when prices tor those crops Are High this tendency could be thwarted if we develop and use the technology to make economic returns from forages As great As those from grains a Hodgson said. A i believe that is entirely possible a serving High Point business with office supplies Jarrette stationery company our 73rd Yar we Honor parking tickets 106 Wrenn St. 882-1618 inc. Astra Brake Sho 1414 English to. Phone a authorized air condition service Quot la 0til in 61 i Dall a a not own Gabriel shocks hijackers installed. S5995 brakes refined Ford Chevy. Pm a mos Tomix $24 is qua Antigo i month of to too Mac 22�?� Delco plea Eurizer shocks. Not Pius a you installation motor tune up include labor new Point cond. Disc Brake pads replaced 24�?� it4 Sot i Chi la latest Sun equipment end pluq1 i front end alignment ,ss1000 j Tiff thu Flo Wmk balancing on i rat Ano and Izi Triick Bank am Ricard first Bank Masur Nargi s21 95 24 hours wrecker service Day. Ii of Kight. ,. Iis-7383 Loweff lop 10 Sale october to to the kick Oil Dale i or Inge c Latex wiper Conte. The goal it an All expense Pard trip Loc two to Etoile Hawaii. In. If Tim re a Elin Lur it. Take a look Al the ten derm toted below. Then. Tecl the erne too feel represent the bet value of All and tot it on an entry Blank front your nearest Nwe a store. Blank Are available Al All i owe store. Choose carefully because it could win iou a trip to Hawaii i Owen Quot Tup ten Natow Conte i open lit ant one la tear of Atte or older who it no a lowest employee. The c Inlet begin on october it and Endt november nth All Enloe who b have Correct telex ted the be to Talue will he eligible for a final drafting to deter Mike he Winner. No pure hate it required and iou do not hate to tie present to win. The Cornett a void where prohibited to Law Luwen it no Pamer in. Here Are Lowe top 10 value one vat voted by merchandise experts at the Best value of All. Which one Post of think it it to Ratt Kii �?�0x10 toil Vise. Vouch Down stoats window Sobh so Wisman mph i it re Tim. Hwy Quot imt7 Stop in at your nearest i erne store and Register for a free hawaiian vacation for Furini 12 in. 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