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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 20, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Veteran actress Bette Davis Cia ims High Point enter Pritt. Sunday october 26, 1974 Tost it s still Tough to be a woman by William Glover a drama writer new York a of a Tough As Ever to be a woman and it s getting tougher to be an actress says Bette Davis a Veteran and voluble virtuoso at such matters despite the widely proclaimed lib movement muses the film Star. A i Don t think its any easier to be a woman today than it Ever was and for that inertia she blames faulty logic it s no enough for us to sit around and say men must become different and think of us differently a runs the Davis manifesto a it s up to us to make Hie men think of us differently. The male is the Way he is and i done to think this will Ever change i think women have got to change Quot i in not talking about assertion i in talking about facing life More realistically certainly As regards marriage and How it will not always be the same men Are much More Wise about that than we miss Davis who has had a quartet of spouses and vows never again projects a Happy Day when a women no longer marries for Security a or insists on $10 million if she goes away a and shakes off that old. Old fashioned romantic thing that a marriage must always be she attributes her current attitude about the Battle of the sexes to a that Beautiful Book of Germaine Greer the female eunuch which i wish i could have had years ago a the dowager screen Queen a her professional career began 4b years. 84 films and numerous stage roles ago a feels there May be some kind of obscure backlash link Between the general struggle for feminine Equality and diminishing Opportunity for Young hopefuls to become actresses. A with few exceptions ifs a completely Man s script world miss Davis says of the surge of movies entering on just heroes buddies and gangs. She moves away from the general to the personal with a anyway leading roles for someone like me will always be few and far Between. A which is Why at 66 miss Davis is getting ready for an extended workout in a stage musical a miss Moffatt even though legit runs a poor second to the screen in her Blunt opinion a a in a not enamoured of the theater As opposed to film. Which is the greatest medium for actors a a she save a you know Spencer Tracy said the theater is for children or after thinking about the project for a couple of months miss Davis opted for the assignment in preference to a a lot of very bad to three of her four most recent films have ended up As not very spectacular a movie of the week on aug or neg and the fourth made in Italy has yet to be released in this country. A it was just Fate that each to script was increasingly blood Gore murder and she says of alternative offers. A a in be never done films like that never never never i played people not violent characters. And the writers done to have time to write Good words any More so i said Well in a going to do some Good words for a change a miss Moffatt is based on the Corn is which the lady from Lowell mass., did on the screen in 1945 according to director Josh Logan he and playwright Emlyn Williams initially undertook this adaptation As a vehicle for Mary Martin however after her husband Richard Halliday died in 1973, miss Martin s availability became Uncertain and then someone remembered the Davis film the Story is about a teach or and a student she inspires to make the most of his Abib f a v 4 . A a a a Cockerham a How a Imam Xinu of Miami Bijj no a a hot a a a cum Bette Davis in new role As a miss Moffatt in stage musical ties. The Welsh locale of the Early 1900 s plot was shifted in the new version to the . South and the Pupil became a Black youth instead of a Miner s son then a musical score by Albert Hague and lyrics by Williams were added. When miss Davis first read the revision a it was an enormous Shock to me and i did t believe in it at she now depends the change with equal vigor. A of course this has nothing to do with racial problems she says. A the play is purely and simply the struggle of a Bright Bright boy and this marvelous woman who gives him his Back in her own prep school Days the Star recalls a miss Moffatt of her own. A latin instructor. Miss Greenwood a a but there s no miss Greenwood in the addition of songs and choreography Haven to damaged the plays emotional fabric either the Star asserts a a it has t been Skeleton Zed at miss Davis has six numbers to sing in the show and although she never took a vocal lesson in her life a people keep forgetting in be done a lot of singing All through my preparation of a miss to which she is under contract through june 1976, with an option to do it later in London has been complicated by a Back injury she sustained during rehearsals. The Star whose 1953 stage stand in a two s company was curtailed when she suffered jaw osteomyelitis spent a couple of weeks this time in traction at Harkness Pavilion of the Columbia presbyterian medical Center. Rehearsal work continued there but the opening Baltimore engagement of a Long Cross country tour had to be cancelled that Cost the production $130,000 in and Vance ticket sales the first showing is now scheduled to Start in Philadelphia next Friday Ort. 4, followed by travels through june a summer respite and arrival on Broadway next fall her sixth main Stem appearance miss Davis looks Back with nostalgia liberally diluted with realism to the Good old Days when Hollywood s big studios Prodi Gally bought stories for its distaff super Galaxy including Bergman Colbert Crawford. Dietrich Dunne. Garson and. Very definitely la Belle Bette. A i in not Bright enough to Royal variety troupe lineup is announced London a it a Perry Como. Josephine Baker and a dance troupe from Harlem head the lineup of to International acts tor the Royal variety performance at the Tendon palladium on nov in impresario sir Bernard Delfont. Who has staged the Chanty show since 1958, announced tuesday the acts that will play before Queen Mother Elizabeth. The dance theater of Harlem. Which won rave reviews during its stay in London last summer will perform a forces of rhythm a a a work combining classical Ballet with ethnic rhythms. Honeymoon bombed ski in Norway Wensi a it a a terrible honeymoon but it will be great to Tell our children and grandchildren in years to said Torun Tiegen on arrival Home with husband Kjell. They honeymooned in London and were injured when a bomb planted by terrorists blew up during their visit to the Tower of London. Quot not Many couples come Home from a honeymoon holding hands on adjoining stretchers a smiled Torun know Why this has happened a she says of the now then adds a Well we women had the Industry for 20 years and so i always say when they talk about this sort of thing we have no some of that past rapture was reprised last Spring when to considerable Box office Success she went out on a personal appearance tour showing film excerpts and talking to audiences since being bypassed for the screen version of who a afraid of Virginia Woolf Quot a Quot that was my real heartbreaker a the Davis cinematic appetite has been whetted by a proposal to the Bahn dinner theatre with his York cast on Thi a magic Stagi Quot Stagecoach frail near Airport reservations dial 113-7914 open 7 nights each week sunday night special is of Pir person of inner 7 00 . Show 8 30 . Now playing Norman is that you movie Rati nos for parents Ano Yoong people a Acks admitted g pm a Ages a omitting o we a r Taip i Listii clip \i4m i. A it a it cd no of in xxx 17 Naomi Trio a Ltd a it a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Ai o cd i Nan rat am so a m we Sci in to in no mum the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise. Xxii from the snowy slopes to the Jungle gyms shoot Ibsen s a a ghosts in Norway. It was a Challenge that fell through because a the British film Industry is worse off even than Hollywood although her heart belongs to movies. Miss Davis voices no reservations about Long indenture in this a really exhausting profession of stagecraft. Her three children Are now grown up. Thereby easing previous maternal concern a like it or not one should get to love she declares. Because i must work some of the time. Everybody must for the Good of their Heads i ii always be your Horoscope Center theatre now playing a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance with Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Martin twin theatres now playing a carnal knowledge with Jack Nicholson and Ann Margret at twin i. A hot times at twin 2 Towne theatre now playing a memories within miss rated x trans Lux theatre now playing Quot class of 44�?� with Gary Grimes Midway drive in sunday the Antsy a a world a greatest athletes and Quot snowball Start Friday also Quot tales from the thunderbird drive in now playing a the also Quot the Stone monday. Ott. 21 your birthday monday you depart from routine and confront events unlike any of your past experience you have considerable leverage in helping shape future conditions Toals adopted now Are too optimistic and require later development relationships of All types suffer jolting surprises. Today a natives have a Strong preference for politics literature and often show religious dedication Aries March 21-Apru 19i collectively and individually demands of relatives conflict with those of business it Wilt help to gel out from underfoot Early put off big decisions for a while Taurus april 26-May 261 unforeseen conditions cause changes in work some of what you do now is new to you. And your actions break suddenly from tradition. Go ahead but keep it simple. Gemini May 21-june 26 any kind of speculation encounters rough going leave off if you be been a taken a personal expenses should be kept to minimum listen before speaking when intense feelings surface cancer june 21-july Fri unexpected changes occur on the Domestic front do what you can to help out just because you re bored or restless does t mean you re free to provoke anyone. Leo july 23-aug, 22 a doing unto others a involves giving associates a break. Take yourself off Center stage for a while. Travel becomes risky of you must. Go Early and at a reasonable rate Virgo aug 23-sept. 22 i attend top priority items As t06ays Long As schedule permits. Expect interruptions from almost any source have alternative moves ready Libra sept 23-Oet. 22 you gain something priceless by sticking to your own work today. Family activity clashes with career moves people Bicker mechanical things break Down stay Clear or watch your step. Scorpio Ort. 23-nov. 21 More people than you Realise Are affected by your doings they respond rather impulsively so keep your attitude and actions simple and to the Point Sagittarius i nov. 22-dec. 21 although everyone else appears to be irrational give some thought to your own behaviour Capitalise on a fleeting but dramatic incident. Capricorn dec. 21-Jan 19i business moves Are not favored now hidden errors come out during discussion and Cross checking but you have Little time to Correct them aquarius Jan. 26-feb. Ii whatever time and Energy you be been scattering in too Many directions has to be re channelled now. Done to depend pm others to pull things together for you Pisces feb. 19-March 26i let group or partnership ventures stand without change. In today a turn of circumstances test your relationships particularly those with children. 1% summer of 42&Quot the further adventure of Hermie Toxcy and Benty. Sat Sun. 3 45 5 30 7 is a of class of44 pm i ii it Mcc the film responsible for All the controversy in Winston Salem is now in highpoint a a class sexual suspense melodrama a kissing Cousin of psycho Bruce Williamson a Taylov a skillful Tara of sexual hunger and repression that culminates in a he artha Mai i he Climax of Hitchcock an Bob a Imago a a Superior. Bizarre Moon piece utes s psycho to repulsion Aga sen Vetti Vaa of of a Quot the Kino of Snock you Pelt when you viewed a the exorcist is not unlike the Snock you will get prom this Al Goldstein Sim Louii a from auit a \ hic cd ept ask Art a in next Mimi in Quot my Camel Volt a Nemih my Quot Ltd m to tax one need i Vohid Osu x a a a cock All scats s3 of shows set ? 30 3 50 5 to a 30 7 so 9 to. Sir 2 30 j so j 106 30 7 0 v to i Towne theatre no mss sanm a Fuqua company the lancers Gate 723 Kenilworth Street at Corner of Spring Garden Greensboro n c. Telephone for reservations or directions 2756401 featuring prime rib steaks and seafood Abc permits Brown bagging live entertainment nightly 6 00 . Until High Point s finest hot Vii eel the United states suprise court has ruled that Quot carnal kn0wled6e is hot obscene. See it now Vav. He s a downhill racer it for Heads up fun he s a winner., Al he s a Swinge. He a dynamite 49 Al hit it Dun Marcy Harry Nunan George Jonis a Olson a Morgan a Wynn a Lindsey technicolor now showing v starts Tonj 7d5 Tim Jan Michail John Rosco in to 35 Conway a Vinci it a Amos a hh0wm technicolor pm a in a v it adults 2 All under

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