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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 20, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 14a High Point Enterprise Friday october 20, 1972assessment is a key to reforming property tax by Michael j. Sniffen associated press writer the taxpayer to use studies of the . Census Bureau the prevailing ratio of assess which studies assessment Sale in the first half of 1969 two ments to sales prices in their prices ratios every five years men bought houses in the area. A number of courts have found in their last published Northwest Section of Atlanta Ned ratio studies Are valid study covering a Sample of 1, one for $30,500 and one for evidence in such cases. 401 taxing jurisdictions in 1966, $30,000. Getting a study of the pre that Only 107 areas or 7 6 pet in 1970 the House purchased mailing ratio of assessment to cent. Had a level of uniformity for $30 Soo wit assessed for Sale Price in your area tax to 41-1 to their assessments that a in obtaining expert assessors. Many assessors and Reform income Urban areas. I which produced More Revenue or land assessments by taking Low Rise buildings that charac further proponents argue so their investment would re out his Check Book and saying Terizer Urban sprawl thus More ers would like to see property that higher taxes on land will main profitable. In the Rosslyn a will you sell it for that a people use less land and More assessed at full Market value prevent speculators from sit Section just across the Poto by taxing land at its full to open space is available. They one tax expert has termed As on undeveloped land wait Mac from Washington a too Tennial value proponents argue further argue that Public acquit win k. 4n�4u a sit Ion and zoning can be used to sess ments at fractions of mar inf it for a Windfall profit when acre area of Petty commercial Bijj j to ifs value rises. Industrial Fonittia Mere will be Teeth Ket value a a graveyard in its value rises. Industrial facilities and slum Law d land protect a pin land and subsidies. And this assessment Reform housing was turned into a High will be Devee of a me so can protect Farmers. And rows and misdeeds and which can mean tax cuts for Home Rise office building apartment 0 Vei Opean 11 3 me si0 which assessors Bury their or property tax easy for one thing you pert Consi Anc roes Ana a Nisael a = guiding exists an area the. for in too a Bureau Point out overstates think they Are getting a break. Detroit Subu and urn were land assessment were raised Laxier a under thai current tax rate of is not followed in practice. The the uniformity in assessments another map Reform prov by 3 be building on the basis of its Rea Rofar Marc want St Ftp on Vern around the nation. Rusdi Tanen ii urn my Lacuna Anor ennui a he if a the House purchased for $30,000 was assessed at $7,570 $6thjx?rcu$l,000 of assessed reformers want state govern around the nation next who really pay the property tax Sal smii�"f0?d7x very tax Tun Dicton the Quot a Grout j.1?-� party it dts aet sue a Ltd Man with the $30,500 House had states and publicize the results in Washington sees another As Stead exemption for each the vei7 House had state a a. R. A tax Bill of $85.06 while the annually again in an easily assessment problem potential value if a six Story on it will a tax Reform research roup ing Iota and not build do Artney the assessor there at increased from $15,000to $975? face the a Wner to build higher it conservationists worry Low land the time. This is because the too in 1950. Twenty acres of a a a a to a ship Niware. A a. More heavily and buildings less new tax base was larger even cant residential land were in Farr pro Tiff their Lanh a Man with the $30,000 House had Cess p act a an estimated $7 billion per heavily than at present the though the taxes on buildings creased to $2,500 per acre and i j r so if you team from the state year at least is being denied usual technical name a a Quot this is were reduced. The. A j development of too much open a tax Bill of $348.40. A _ pp0 Ltd i House assessment is 40 percent of portions done to pay their fair a a 7national commission on heavier tax on land helped pro weeks later for $5,250 per acre. The Law says that based on study at yfur4ovnf a a local communities because Cor a a use value in Arlington county va., a but then sold the land the sales prices one should have been assessed value and your assess of property taxes under Urban problems estimated that Duce a striking example of the assessor Fred a. Gosnell $12,200 and the other at $12,000 mom is 60 per cent of it our existing state Law a he says. Jacj maj Les up on the average Urban renewal without Federal sr., a prominent real estate a and the tax Bills should have Home s Market value you can business properties were about 40 per cent and buildings subsidies because it forced praiser managed to quiet been $638.00 and $625.50. Wjk Inai a a a cede not under assessed taxpayers about 60 per cent of the Market landowners to put up buildings Many of the protests Over High this example of inequity in would win a 20 per cent reduce value of property. But nation the assessment of property right now 41 states do some Tion in property taxes nation ally the property tax is levied taxes comes from a study by kind of assessment Sale pricey estimates. At about 23 per cent on land the Atlanta Urban league but ratio studies but not a1 of m reformers think that and 77 it on buildings almost everyone knows of Sun them do it annually not All of assessors should be tested and Many see landlords fears of liar examples in their locale them cover All types of proper appointed rather than elected a higher assessment As a bar the Peep e who make a pro to and very few of them Are these a cite a class Jer their in Ovi their session of studying the property publicized. Action suit filed in Federal court properties particularly in Low tax think that some taxpayers pow much and Baj is of by a group in Chicago known a argue that it increases density by reducing the return on the Piedmont Lodge 681 emergent communication Mosier Mason degree fri., oct. 20th 7 30 pm protus t. Wood master Woodroe f Haywood Sec y o Robo c cd using night watchman clock and door seals will do tort you Eust Ness Ano Home Fellk Rev icel to err 34 mouse in Day Davis patrol amp watchman service equipped with 2-Way radio for better service Security guards phone 886-4025 a with fill up olt free car Wash g minimum in Gallons a gasoline attendant on duty 9am 6pm Mon sat o i 6pm Sun open 24 hrs braniewegipmenhforjoqualitywash1 v 4t Robo car Wash i Malm is a a i Hobo car Wash might get the largest real re unequal treatment Are conduction in their taxes through ceased in assessment Rolls Reform of assessment practices a a Pigsty Aad a a Many were the which one tax expert says Are answers found by Harvard Law not As Good in some parts of prof Oliver Oldman and eco As businessmen for the Public interest which alleges that the elected Cook county assessor p. J. Cullerton in a Hio the in a 2 000 a Der assessed by millions of Dol it isow car a comics instructor Henry Aaron Lars several High Rise buildings Littig m an unusually detailed study of corporations run by men who k How can Vou Tell if assess of Boston in 1962, served on his reelection team ment Reform is going to raise the Law required that All Cullerton has asked that the or lower your own property tax of property in All regions suit be thrown out of court but Hup of the City be assessed at the the Legal proceedings have not you can go to your local As same ratio to Market value yet gotten around to a detailed be sort a office and ask to see the but comparing assessed values response to the charges assessments for your neighbor 10 actual Sale prices they some think state Golem Hood and compare yours with found inequities of Many types ments should take Over All As others for property you consid the ratio of assessed value to sess ments for greater utter to be of similar value. Sale Price went up from 34 per Ifor mity and greater Economy some reformers suggest that cent for single family Resi this data be published annually deuces to 41 per cent for two in publications of general Cir family residences to 52 per elation to make this com cent for three to five family Parison easier. Residences to 58 per cent for if after looking at the records six or More families. Thus own you decide you Are Over cars of six family residences assessed you can usually file were paying More than la an Appeal. But most citizen times the tax of owners of done to know what what is re single family residences quire to win a reassessment. The ratio in regions went Arlington county va., does from a Low of 40 per cent in what Many reformers think eve wealthy White West Roxbury to Ery locale should do. It sends a 68 per cent in poor Black Rox i notice with the tax Bill that the Bury. Imposing More than ult taxpayer has 30 Days in which times the tax on Roxbury As on to Appeal and tells him where West Roxbury. To do it. The lowest Price class of proving your Case becomes property below $1,500 in value More complicated the proce had the highest ratio 85 per Dure varies from place to cent. But the ratio and thus the place. Reformers want appeals i tax went Down As the value of procedures everywhere to allow property in High Point the Mon of steel the shelf Man . Dick Maultsby commercial and Industrial steel shelving work benches bulk Stora of Racks Complete Una of Lyon Erick Gallagher steel equipment but. Tai 883 1423 a homa 883 4374 Lewis Supply co. 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