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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 19, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Penalty for postponed pleasure by Jim Dean on television this Salty looking Guy in a Crew neck shirt and a Wool Toboggan Steps off the wet deck of some shrimp boat and Heads for the nearest Beer joint where he spends the evening a grabbing for All the gusto he can get a never mind that the Guy in this advertisement is probably some Jerk from the Midwest who thinks All shrimp come out of the Ocean Fried. Never mind that the shrimp boat is papier mache. That a show Biz. What matters is the sentiment. A you Only go around once a a says the Man and that s a fact. Nobody gets a second shot at life. No matter who you Are a big wheel or Little wheel a you get one revolution. So what s this got to do with Hunting or fishing you say As i see it it has a lot to do with Hunting and fishing. Let me Tell you a Story. A few years Back i went to a senior citizens meeting. This is no criticism of such groups but there were a lot of older men there and Many of them were bored out of their gourds. These were relatively healthy men Able to get around Well but they spent their Days in the quietest desperation in be Ever seen. I could almost read their thoughts. A if i play one More Lousy game of checkers ill go another Story. A very Busy Man i once knew spent All his life on the go. He buried himself in his business and made a Little Money and did Well by his family. His work was his life. I asked him what he planned to do when he retired. A i Dunno a he answered. A a in la buy me a fishing pole and go you know the end of the Story. When he retired it was like snatching a Rug out from under his feet. He moped around for a year or so growing increasingly despondent then he died a probably out of boredom. One More Story. Another acquaintance was fond of telling me that he would really like to Hunt and fish but he never had time. Too Busy. A a in la get around to it after i retire a he said. A i Haven to got time to play he never got around to it. In fact he never even retired. He died of a heart attack before he reached Middle age. The Point of All this should be fairly obvious. People who put off their pleasure will find their lives awash when a and if a they retire. If they have not Learned How to enjoy life a simple pleasures by retirement age. They Are unlikely to learn them. Some do but most do not. It is remarkably easy during the earning years to put More important things ahead of there Are always things that need to be done and fishing and Hunting trips can be postponed. By Gold watch and sad speech time its usually too late. The fallacy is that in Manv cases there Aren t Manv things More important than recreation. As one of my friends is fond of saving a malay is serious he s right. I look at the bored faces of the checker players and i see penalty on 4-c High Point Enterprise thursday oct. 19, 1972 3cafternoon of shooting at High Point skeet club Striper fishing at Badin Lake is most Squirrel Harvest by Tom Higgins. As i was saying just before my Bellyache began n. Squirrel Hunters could reap one of their Best Ever harvests this fall. Now on opening week of the season a month and an appendectomy later it appears that the prospects were probably understated. Many wildlife commission game protectors who have been patrolling the Woods regularly the past few weeks were of the opinion that there so no doubt a record number of Bush tails will be bagged before the season ends Jan. 31. A the Countryside was covered with Mem last said one officer a and i thought to myself that there Wasny to any Way that things could get better. I was wrong. It sur arise me that the Squirrel popu action in some areas is As much As i of Hie that of a year Dow so especially following a 1971 kill that wildlife commission computers placed in the millions. A a that a the key a advises Jolly John Collins a game biologist for the sportsman a Agency who is stationed Higgins in Morganton. A a Good Harvest Means there a More food and less Chance of disease Over the Winter for the surviving squirrels. A this is exactly what happened across most of North Carolina and these Strong healthy survivors have subsequently reproduced a bumper crop of Collins also noted that the relatively mild �?~71- 72 Winter enabled More squirrels to get by than would have been the Case in harsher weather. The a old timers and their yearling descendants have taken up residence in everything from Small backyard Wood lots to sparse stands of Trees lining farm Fields to the sprawling wildlife commission game lands. A a Hunter will really have to work at it if he comes out of the Woods without bagging anything quipped a game protector in one of the Blue Ridge foothill counties. But what of the absolute Novice going on his very first Hunting trip and wildlife commission License records indicate the number of new participants is Gowing every year. He Hasni to scouted. He Hasni to even met a Farmer whom he can ask for permission to Hunt much less get it. Where does he head in the predawn hours the Best bets Are the aforementioned game lands managed for Hunting by the wildlife commission. Four within relatively East driving distance of Piedmont Hunters Are South Mountain mount Mitchell Wharrie and Daniel Boone. All reportedly have an abundance of squirrels. Hunters will need a special game lands permit $6 covering All game lands for the entire season in addition to a regular License to Hunt these areas. The experts meanwhile have known for weeks where be Hunting monday. They be Long since located a a sign a the cutting of Hickory nuts and other Mast a and will station themselves at these spots before Daybreak. Some will take limits without Ever moving from the initial a stand a a log or stump in a Patch of hardwoods. However they Are going to find Squirrel Hunting the next couple of weeks unusually sporty. Foliage remains heavy in most areas fact that favors the Bush Tail. This will also prove bothersome for Deer Hunters in the states Eastern portion where the season likewise began monday. Meanwhile in be got even More problems. The Doc says i Haven to got the stomach for Hunting yet. Hatteras Commodore certainly on the upswing that is if you know what you re doing. Tom Everhart of Thomasville who has probably caught More Badin Lake stripers than any other Angler including one of the largest which was an eleven Pounder a few years ago. Has been having a lot of Luck recently. Tom has fished the last five Friday afternoons straight and caught 17 stripers. The fish Range in size from two to nearly nine pounds. That a pretty Good Striper fishing in any Lake. Especially Badin. A a Ray Mcpherson owner and operator of the boat House in Thomasville has Good news for waterfowl Hunters. Mcpherson does a considerable amount of offshore fishing in the fall and recently was fishing off Cape Lookout. A i saw More ducks and geese than in be Ever seen this time of year a he says. A we were a few Miles offshore and Long strings of ducks and geese would come a a the annual ducks unlimited area dinner will be held at the elks club in Greensboro monday night oct. 30. Ticket or ire is $20. With $15 tax deductible going to ducks unlimited for membership. And speaking of ducks i limited the organization has appointed a new director for its South Atlantic Region which includes the Carolinas. He a Dan Denton. 29. A former air Force Pilot who served in Vietnam. He holds an m. S. Degree in wildlife management from Mississippi state. Denton succeeds or. David Wesley who resigned to accept a teaching Post at Mississippi state also his Alma mater. A the first half of the split season on doves ended on october 7, and the second part will open at noon december 13 and close january 15. Could be Best Ever enough owners of medium and Large boats Are now using some sort of mechanical system to keep their boats ice free during the Winter that its fairly Safe to say that most of the a a bugs have been taken out of these devices. The first systems were these Are perforated plastic pipes Laid on the Bottom under a berthed boat. Compressed air is forced through the perforations and it bubbles to the surface carrying warm Bottom water with the bubbles. A newer and belter system uses a Small submerged electric motor suspended in about five feet of water. The motor is water cooled and water lubricated. It drives a Small propeller which keeps a steady How of water from the Bottom to the surface. One such device called Lee away will keep a 40-tool Circle of Waler open All Winier even in Zero weather. Naturally the ice prevention systems arc required Only in places where ice forms in such thicknesses that a boat can be damaged if left in the water. Its apparent that not Many Are going to be sold in Florida or Southern California. Ice prevention systems work because of a very simple scientific fact. Water is at its most dense at 4 degrees centigrade. Or 34 2 degrees fahrenheit. This Means that at the Bottom of any body of water the temperature is never colder than 34.2 degrees. This is considerably warmer than the .12 degrees at the surface where the water is freezing into ice. All it takes is a device to keep bringing this warm Bottom water to the top. And ice will not form. Although bubblers and other ice prevention systems Are becoming More popular with big boat owners ifs still a fact that far More boats Are taken out of the water in the colder months than Are left in. The problems of storage Are Manv As the questions we get indicate. Q should i clean All the Marine growth off the Bottom of my boat now that i have it stored in the backyard or is it easier in the Spring a. It will be ten times As hard to get the mess off in the Spring. Do it now. The longer Marine growth is left on the Bottom of a boat the dryer harder and More stubborn it gets a # q i have a couple of Gas tanks a Battery Box. A few life preservers and All our boating gear stored in the boat for the Winter. A Friend tells me that this is bad is it a. Yes ifs bad for two reasons. First unless the boat is adequately supported All this weight in it could conceivably put it out of shape so that it will not run properly next summer. Secondly some of this stuff could Mark the Interior of the boat indelibly with rust and stains. Q is an old unheated Well ventilated building a Barm a Good place to store my big wooden boat0 a. This is the Best possible place. When wooden boats Are stored in heated buildings they tend to dry out excessively. The Only thing you should be sure to watch is that the boat has Good support. Make sure the keel is blocked up in Many places so that the Hull wont change shape from its own weight. Q my Friend says that i should cover my Bright red fiber Glass boat to protect it from the Winter Sun. Will it fade a. If it does no to fade it is almost sure to change color in some Way under the actinic rays of the Sun. If you done to want to cover it be sure to store it so that each Side gets the same amount of sunlight. Then at least it will fade or change color evenly and you probably wont notice it. A a # q is it All right to leave the outboard motor on the transom of my boat which i am storing on its trailer behind the garage a. Yes. This is All right As Long As you service the outboard motor a winterize it a and cover it. Be sure to put a Block under the Skeg of tile motor so that it takes All the weight off the transom of the boat. A q. I have no garage to store my wooden boat in. Can i leave it outside with a Canvas Over it a. Theres a danger with Canvas that it will tend to keep water in Contact with the Wood. Tar paper or thin plastic sheeting May be better. Canvas or Tarpaulin is Best if you build a Light Frame and make a sort of tent to keep the teat under. Q do i need to do anything to the fittings and deck hardware a. Not usually. Most hardware is either brass Chrome plated brass or stainless steel and even a Minnesota Winter can to do much to harm those materials. Q. What do you consider the most important thing to watch for in storing a fibreglass teat a there a no question about it. The most important thing is support. The resins in the fibreglass teat Are really viscous liquids and they change shape when pressure is applied to a few places for a Long time. Metal will usually Spring Back into shape but any a a set imparted to a plastic or wooden teat is Apt to be permanent. Any distortion of course will cause the teat to run poorly next summer. Area Man by Benny Phillips associate sports editor outdoor notes Alex Dusenbury of Gibsonville who operates a business in High Point has been elected Commodore of the Hatteras Marlin club. The club held its annual meeting recently and other officers were James Hackney or. Of Washington n. C., vice Commodore and Sam Clark of Tarboro rear Commodore. The club held a fun tournament weekend before last but because of bad weather most boats stayed in. Only a few ventured out and Pete Schultz of Washington won the event with Phillips the Only fish caught an eight Pound Blackwin tuna it a Brad Myers fires at Low House target off no. 8 station staff photos by Sonny Hedgecock Ken Workman Brad Myers Charlie Clay Jay Ward Joe Allred lineup manager Charlie Clay keeps score theres smoke when the target explodes by Stan Davies

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