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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 18, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Nick Galifianakis takes his Campaign to Hrc. Campus at left is family Friend pc student Jackie Mangum staff photo by Sonny had Acock Nick meets old Friend at pc by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer rep. Nick Galifianakis met a family Friend and another candidate when he brought his Campaign for election to the United states Senate to High Point College tuesday. Among a group of students who questioned Galifianakis for about 30 minutes in the student Union lounge were Jackie Mangum and Pat Jobe. Miss Mangum who is a freshman student from Bohannon. Near Durham is the family Friend. Her Mother at one time worked with the Law firm in which Galifianakis was a partner. Jobe a freshman from Forest City is the other candidate. He is seeking election As president of the freshman class at the College. Galifianakis recalled t h e time he ran for a student government office when he was at Duke University. A i campaigned on the issues of soap dishes in the showers and Pencil sharpeners in the rooms. Those were great issues a he told Jobe. But Galifianakis spent most of the session with the students answering their questions about his views on the War in Vietnam the presidential Campaign of democratic sen. George Mcgovern the role of Young people in politics and his Republican opponent for election to tile Senate Jesse Helms. Galifianakis repeated a proposal he has made previously for a partial Exchange of prisoners in Vietnam a on a certain Date. This will bring Adverse opinion to Bear on the communists a he said. A i think this proposition finalizing an Exchange of prisoners is the Best Way to get the Paris peace talks off Center. A if i am elected to the Senate. I would do All i could to prevent such entanglements in the future a Galifianakis said about the Vietnam War. The Mcgovern Campaign for the presidency is experiencing difficulty because of a Lack of identity Galifianakis said. A it is losing Impact on the important issues such As the Economy the financial crisis we Are facing with a $37 billion deficit this year. A i Don t believe defense spending can be Cut that much a Galifianakis said about a proposal by sen. Mcgovern to Cut defense spending by $30 billion Over a period of three years. A i do think we need greater justification for much of our defense budget. We can Cut some in every category for there is an inordinate amount of padding in the Galifianakis said he would like to see each Congress establish a list of priorities for the Federal government to accomplish. Such a priorities list would be a helpful guide for allocation of funds and Fol see Nick meets on 2 b Section b wednesday afternoon october 18, 1972 Pruette dislikes new Law by Ray Hubbard Enterprise staff writer the new teacher tenure Law which became effective july i of this year has left a lot of questions in the mind of High Point school superintendent or. Dean b. Pruette and he wants to begin now to seek out some of the answers. A this is a terrible Law a Pruette said. A there Are so Many fuzzy areas. I think the general Assembly is going to have to make some changes for clarification a he continues. Pruette has put the matter on the Agenda for thursdays regular meeting of the High Point Board of education. The meeting is scheduled for 2 . At the administration building on English Road. The new Law entitled a the orderly system of employment and dismissal of Public school personnel act a was designed to replace the old continuing contract Law. Its passage was strongly backed by the North Carolina Assn. Of educators and its aim was to give stability to the teaching profession in this state by insuring certain rights and Job Protection procedures for teachers. It became effective july i and. In effect on that Date All teachers in the state went on a probationary status for at least one year. The act provides for a three year probationary period for becoming a career teacher in the states Public schools but special provisions were included to accommodate teachers who gained experience before the Law became effective. But Pruette contends that the Law is so a a fuzzy that these provisions Are unclear. He is suggesting that t h e school Board May want to request the state attorney general for clarification now while there is still time. The act involves the school Board actively in the admin i s t r a t i v e process of determining whether a probationary teacher in to be employed As a career teacher. There have been reports that some teachers also Nave concern about certain aspects of the new Law. A National representative from the american federation of teachers in High Point a see Pruette on 2b Phil Pii ii j ups in congratulates Murphy Osborne first United Appeal division goes Over the top staff photo by Sonny Hedgecock a division mayor says he s not tops goal boosted by the example of division 200. Which has surpassed its goal High Point s United Appeal Campaign stood today with nearly 70 per cent of its total in hand. Tallies turned in at the third report meeting in the Campaign tuesday showed the Appeal with $ 3 8 1 ,462.47 collected or pledged. This is 69 4 per cent of the goal of $549,396 the Money will be used to support the programs of 26 Community and social service agencies in High Point during 1973. Murphy Osborne chairman of i vision 200, reported that his unit had collected $15,298 this is to 9 per cent of the divisions goal of $15,000. Close behind division 200 is division 170. Its chairman Duncan Mcintyre reported $22.00209, for 94 i per cent of its goal of $23,369. Division to reported $146,241.79. For 91 per cent of its goal of $160,678. Other reports submitted were As follows division 120, Guy Kinney chairman $ 4.017 60. For 62.2 Lier cent of its goal of $158,363 division 130, ixe Cain chairman $14.13316. For 40.3 per cent of its goal of $35,000 division 140. Don Gilstrap chairman $44.990 72, for 49 9 per cent of its goal of $90,000 division 150. Sallie Phillips and Nancy Lyles chairmen $7,137, for 54.9 per cent of its goal of $13,000, division 130, Dick Meadows chairman $11,990.65, for 41.3 per cent of its goal of $29,000 division 180, Jordan Washburn. Annie Mae Powell and j. Paul Ingle chairmen $10,689, for 69 5 per cent of its goal of $15,378. Division 190. Phil Dixon chairman. $10,324 60. For 46 2 per cent of its goal of $22,306 the next report meeting in the Campaign is scheduled for oct. 24, at 12 15 ., at Adams memorial Owca. Myca cools on Leonard St. School Purchase by Ray Hubbard Enterprise staff writer the High Point Myca s enthusiasm for purchasing the Leonard Street school property apparently has cooled under careful consideration and the Idear May be put in the deep freeze for Good. At least that is the impression Given by a Myca spokesman following a meeting of the Board of the Central y tuesday. Max Cooke executive director of the Central a said that Purchase of the property from the High Point Board of education is still under consideration but that further study is required before a decision is made. He did no to say when a decision would be made. The Myca appeared before the school Board about a month ago and expressed a keen interest in purchasing the property and urged the Board to make a Quick decision on whether it would sell a he school closed at the end of last school year. At the same Board meeting. Guilford technical Institute and developmental Day care inc. Asked the Board to consider leasing the property to them. The school Board went into a closed session following the regular meeting sept. 21 to consider the offers b u t reached no decision. In another closed session five Days later it decided to put the property up for auction. The Board reserved the right to reject All bids and said that a minimum bid of $210,000 would be required for the 14 classrooms and just Over six acres of land. The Board decided that it would not conduct the auction unless at least one bid was assured and said that he property was not a a lease arrangement would be considered. Myca officials expressed some concern at the minimum Price set by the Board but unit tuesday it bad appealed that the Purchase probably would be made. Cooke said that there Are two main considerations which have caused Myca officials to have second thoughts about the Purchase. A there Are certain restrictions on the use of the property. The school Board bought part the Lance rom the redevelopment commission. The deed to that portion of the property restricts the use of the land to educational or educationally related purpose for 25 years from the Date of the East Centeral Urban renewal project approval. That will run Well into the 1980s. Cooke said that Legal consultants to the Myca have questioned the Wisdom of purchasing land with such restrictions. The planned use by the Myca probably would meet the restriction requirement but might greatly hamper resale of the property if the Myca wanted to sell prior to the end of the restriction period he said. A the other major hangup under consideration is the City s advanced plans for developing a recreation Center on about to acres of adjoining land being acquired from the redevelopment commission. A this is a real Bugaboo a Cooke sap1. A frankly some of our Board members think it would be ridiculous and downright foolish for the y to develop a recreation facility requiring Community support in the Shadow of a tax supported facility offering the same Type program. A i done to think the Public would stand still and i done to think they should for such duplicate facilities a Cooke said. The Parks and recreation dept has an architect drawing plans for two recreation centers one in Oakview and one for the Leonard Street area. Parks and recreation director Marvin Keith says he Hopes the plans will be ready for advertising for construction bids Early next year. Issuance of Bonds to finance the centers was approved by the voters several years ago. Full scale recreation centers Are planned for both areas. The purpose for purchasing the school property would be to move the Carl Chavis facility from fourth Street and turn Over that building entirely to the Mary Bethune Owca. Both organizations share the facilities now and All agree the building is inadequate to do the Job. Cooke said however that there have been some second thoughts about financing the changes. He said that the Carl Chavis operation now is being subsidized for 65 to 70 per cent of the total Cost of operation. The National trend now is not to develop new facilities in areas which receive marginal support from the users he said. He said that any facility which requires 50 per cent or More subsidy is considered marginal. Cooke pointed out that it is highly unlikely that financial support by users of the Myca facilities would increase if the Carl Chavis facility is moved particularly in View of the recreation Center planned by the City next door. A they Are not going to pay us when they can get the same thing next door Cooke said. Another aspect of the Leonard Street proposal not mentioned publicly but discussed privately by some of those concerned is that a move in this direction would continue separation of y functions Here by race. There Are no prohibitions to integration but the Carl Chavis operation is Black and the Central operation White for the most part. This would continue if Carl Chavis was moved to Leonard Street in a predominantly Black neighbourhood whether see Myca on Page 2b concerned mayor Bill Bencini said today he was a not at All concerned Quot about a complaint filed by the High Point Enterprise inc. Asking for an injunction to prevent the mayor and City Council from holdings it Cret meetings. Tile complaint was filed in Superior court yesterday. It asks for the injunction on the in rinds that the mayor and members of Council violated the open meetings act of North Carolina when news reporters were barred from a joint meeting with Davidson county commissioners in Lexington on oct. Ii. Purpose of that meeting the complaint alleges was to discuss disputed extraterritorial zoning by High Point of prop erty in Davidson county within one mile of the City limits. The complaint also alleges that the mayor and Council held a secret meeting on aug. 31 to a discuss the status of the High Point police department and whether or not there was to be an outside investigation of said police the High Point Enterprise inc. Publishes the High Point Enterprise and the Thomasville times. Bencini said today a we knew what we were doing in and at the meeting in August. I do not think there Are any grounds for this complaint. A no. I am not concerned ill the Enterprise is interested in a harassment this is a Good Way to do it a Bencini continued. In a television newscast last night and in a Story in a morning newspaper today Bencini implied that the complaint was filed because of a personal conflict Between him and one of the owners of the High Point Enterprise inc. Bencini declined today to identify who this person is. A the knows who he is and i know who he is. He can Tell you a Bencini said. A i done to know if he meant anything by be mayor on 2-b amendment gets Chambers Okay High Point chamber of Commerce directors tuesday endorsed a proposed constitutional amendment calling for the general Assembly to prescribe maximum age limits for service As a Justice or judge. Directors acting on recommendations by the state and local legislation committee headed by Hunter Dalton took a position against a proposed amendment authorizing the general Assembly to prescribe procedures for the censure and removal of justices and justices of the general court of Justice. They voted to support an amendment to the Constitution to limit incorporation of cities and towns on fringes of existing cities. In All chamber of Commerce directors meeting for their regular october session took positions on three of the five proposed amendments which will go before the people of North Carolina nov. 7. _ directors did not discuss nor act of a proposal to reduce voting age to 18 and they did not discuss nor act on a proposal a to conserve and protect North Carolinas natural in other action. Irvin Black chairman of the Coffee club committee reported that Lindsay w. Cox executive director of the Piedmont triad Council of governments will speak oct. 25 at a meeting of the chamber of Commerce Coffee club on the work of his regional Agency. Ernest of Bannion chairman of the tourist and convention committee reported a new brochure on High Point should be published Early next month and Clyde Vaughn chairman of the religious affairs committee reported on plans for publication of a brochure listing High Point s More than 160 houses of worship. Vaughn also said the next tour of Faith will be conducted in the Spring. Don Gilstrap chairman of the Highway and traffic set amendment on 2-b Hardin Keever Cassell Marsh Mcguinn Wood Hardin is elected president of chamber Edward r. Hardin a member of the local Law firm of Lovelace and Hardin. Tuesday was elected 1973 president of the High Point chamber of Commerce. Hardin who is serving As first vice president this year was selected during the regular october meeting of the chamber of Commerce Board of directors. Other officers elected were Clarence c. Keever first Vic president Arthur Cassell George m. Marsh and j. William Mcguinn jr., vice presidents and Frank h. Wood sr., treasurer. Directors approved election of seven persons who will serve three years As directors including the first woman Ever elected to serve on the Board. They chose mrs. Virginia t. Jackson Secretary treasurer of the Southern furniture exposition building As a director. Other directors chosen include r. T. Amos Cletus h. Kruyer jr., George m. Marsh Edgar h. Snider and a. Jordan Washburn. Earl n. Phillips or. Was elected to serve out Harding a term on the Board of directors and Calvin t. Rice was reelected As executive vice president. Election of officers and the action approving directors chosen by members took place under the leadership of w. D. Lee jr., 1971 president and chairman of the nominations committee. The new officers and directors will take office in january. They and directors who will continue in office will take part in a weekend of planning at Quail Roost in november. Hardin who is the son of now retired methodist Bishop Paul Hardin jr., and a graduate of Duke University will take the Post now held by Phillip Dixon. Hardin is a member of the Wesley memorial methodist Church and the High Point rotary club. He has been Active in the work of the High Point Community concert t h e United Appeal the red Cross the salvation army youth unlimited and the High Point arts Council. He is married to the former miss Elizabeth Crawford. Hardin has been serving As first vice president of the chamber of Commerce for the current year As director of the Community affairs division. Keever who is currently a vice president is president of the patrician furniture co. He ennui Kooch i a affairs division within the chamber of Commerce. Cassell president of Casard manufacturing co., is currently chairman of Tho congressional action committee Marsh president of the Marsh furniture co., is chairman of the fire prevention committee and Mcguinn a vice president of the first citizens Bank and Trust co., is chairman of the economic and political education committee. Wood who is president of George t. Wood and son was re elected to the Post of treasurer

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